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on February 26, 2014
I integrated these with my real cameras for purposes of confusion. After reading and talking to Security Installers and looking at my 3 real cameras, something I learned, the thieves have these figured out already, but you can fix that.

First off real cameras do not have a blinking red light on front. To thieves this is a dead giveaway. Leave the battery out. Real Camera's have a green light on the back, and it does not blink and is only for the purpose of showing that the camera's are activated. But, as soon as a knowledgable thief sees a blinking red light on a security camera, that tells them this is fake. And to note, I am not giving away anything here, that information is available on many of the Security sites.

Secondly, real camera's can be wireless but if they are they do not necessarily have a visible antennae. None of mine do. But they all have some power source, not batteries. They will not have the single thick wire that you see on these (At least the camera's I received). They will have two thin wires going into a hole behind the camera.

Blinking red light and single thick wire is a dead giveaway to the thieves.

Drop the battery and drill two tiny holes behind the camera. Get yourself some red and black thin wire and attach it to the back of the camera (I used a small piece of electrical tape) and stick the other ends of the wires in the holes.

Thieves wont know the difference between real and fake.

Otherwise they look absolutely real and were pretty soldily built, even compared to my real cameras.
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on September 8, 2011
I live on a farm, miles from the nearest town and neighbors. My place has been hit a couple of times, quick grab and go scoundrels and not much more. I purchased 6 of these to place around our property and I used lithium batteries, not the cheaper types that you might install in a flashlight.

The lithium batteries power a small red LED light that blinks on and off and give the impression the cameras are "on" and "seeing" what might be in their view. The LEDs have been blinking reliably for a month straight and at night they look VERY real.

I'm impressed with this device because they resemble true cameras that emit an invisible infrared light for night viewing. They have held up well in storms and are easy to adjust and rotate. If someone looks close at the front of the camera, it appears to have built in infrared illuminators. These are the new technology "lights" that provide an invisible light that the eye can not see, but a professional crook might understand and know is the same style of light used on expensive "game cameras" that hunters use to capture images of animals at night.

I'm happy with my purchase and I feel these "fake" cameras do a good job to discourage thieves.

(UPDATE... NOVEMBER 2013. These "cameras" are still working well and in the 2 years since I wrote this review, I have not had any crooks steal anything from me.

Some points...
* Lithium batteries. Sometimes they will run the camera for 3 weeks and sometimes they run 5 weeks. I surmise this might have something to do with cold or hot season.
* Some discussions here stating "no wires" and my thoughts are "no big deal" because WiFi cameras look a lot like this and, cameras placed around by deer hunters have no wires, because the have SD cards that can record video.

Bottom line... in two years, I have not had a failure in anyone of the 6 "cameras" I bought, and the little red blinking LED light is easy to see at night. They have been sitting outside, unprotected and have been rained on, snowed on, have stayed out in the Texas sun (it was 111 degrees here one summer) and they haven't missed a beat.
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on August 6, 2013
First off, I am an electrician. I have installed hundreds of these types of cameras in the past. I can assure you that these cameras look EXACTLY like the REAL THING. It does come with a blinking red LED light. Personally, if you are concerned with this camera looking authentic, I would highly suggest that you DO NOT activate the red light. It has been a long time since camera's like this have utilized any type of flashing light. If you want to "announce" the presence of the cameras, then purchase the package of plastic signs to post around the camera's location. They are BIG, RED and WHITE with an image of a camera on them. Hard to miss.
This camera looks very realistic even upon close inspection, mostly due to the "infrared" illuminators that are present in both this item and in the real thing. Just be sure to thread the wire THRU the mounting bracket, then push it back inside...so that it looks like the wire then goes "into" the wall. Just like the real thing!
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on February 17, 2015
These are cheap quality plastic cameras. However, they are dummy cameras, so if you follow this advice they should work for you. Don't put batteries in them!!! If you do, a red led light will continuously blink on the cameras face. Security cameras don't do that, and most thieves know that.
Second, install them up high enough where they can't be reached w/out a ladder.
Do not use the cheap sticker included in the box.
If you put these outside, seal around the mounting plate with a silicone sealer, like you would a motion flood light. This will help make it look more realistic.
Las, but not least, strip back an inch or so of the black sheathing on the cable, and put in a black wire and a red wire running out of it. The objective is to make it look as real as possible.
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on August 23, 2015
Just order 3.....30 LED all light up at night. Very nice looking.
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on April 18, 2016
I purchased the original version of this cam that had the blinking led over a year ago and it still blinks today on the original batteries. I pole mounted it near the mailbox at the front of my property as a deterrent for the early morning dog walkers that left daily 'calling cards' there. It has proved very successful. Today I have installed three new model units around the house to provide fake security in my absence. These units have had their flashing leds exchanged for a photocell that turns on red illumination behind the phony infrared display that stays lit continuously throughout the night. They create a fair but somewhat bright facsimile of the the red glow produced by real night use security cams. The company now claims a battery life of months even though the photocell draws power 24/7 and the light runs 12 hours a night. I am a bit dubious of this claim but will update this review at a later date when I know for sure.
Update: August 2017- Amazingly these cams are still lighting up at night more than a year later on the original batteries. Well beyond my expectations.
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on July 15, 2017
New one arrived and right out of the box did not work. That is a problem as it is simple wire and a battery compartment but the wiring is sealed and the battery connections are so cheap you dare not try to bend and fix them. However, I am returning it for a replacement as it looks OK and does the job. For that and the price 2 stars. I will try one more time. For the factory in China where it is super cheaply made, zero stars. That said, I bought it to replace a similar one I had up for over a year. It was haunted. Again, so cheap the batteries pop and shift, the battery door is problematic, and connections are poor. It would light for a few days then go out or fade. I would climb up and clean the contacts, move the batteries around, slam the hood, and it might or might not work start working - or then it would spontaneously come on again a week later????? Then off. When I ordered this one the picture looked different and it was the multi-bulb so figured it would be a different brand or unit - but when it arrived, low and behold - same as the haunted one I battled the past year! Cheap. It looks good but so far I am zero for two.
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on May 15, 2015
These are great. Look very real, easy to adjust and install. I have 4 of them around my house and it makes my wife feel comfortable. the only negative is that the 30 lights do not light up as the description states. Only one light at the bottom continues to blink full time (on all 4 units). Not a big deal to me.
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on February 8, 2016
Bought thes about a month ago due to a string of break-ins in our neighborhood. These things are great, Iv already had a couple neighbors come up and ask me about them (as far as they know, they are real). I added a red wire to accompany the black one that came with it, makes it look a tad more authentic. I also choose not to turn on the red LED (most cameras now days don't have lights on them to indicate they are on, so using the light on this one would only hinder it effectiveness I feel). All-in-all 5 star product in my book, good price, good quality, does its job.
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VINE VOICEon July 12, 2014

There have been some break-ins around our area recently and in order to help keep our home and property safer, my husband and I bought five of these cameras.

They look like the real thing! The red blinking light makes them very obvious in the dark. You can adjust them to the exact place you want them to point. The cameras were very easy to mount and the screws needed for this were included. The cable coming out of the camera adds that extra touch of realness. One camera takes only two AA batteries.

These cameras were well worth the price. We purchased five and placed them in strategic areas around our yard and home; however, they do not in any way look out of place or tacky.

It seems that there are not too many places any longer where crime is not a problem. We feel much more secure with these cameras doing their job.

Thank you.

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