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on March 17, 2012
As a member of Outlaw Platoon, I can not stress enough the importance of this book to our nation's forgotten infantry soldiers. Outlaw Platoon is an honest and compelling account of life and death in the trenches and does true justice to our combat experience.

As you read this post, there are thousands of men on battlefields around the world killing and suffering for the preservation of American ideals. As a civilized society and beneficiaries of our nation's might, we must meet their sacrifices with unwavering support. It is not enough for us to adhere a yellow ribbon to our cars, to shake a soldier's hand, or even to send care packages to the front. More than anything, these men need our understanding. They need to know that we are aware of their plight, that we are invested in their success, and that we are willing to help shoulder the burdens of combat, just by listening and caring.

Outlaw Platoon is a window into the world of America's infantry warriors. In the book, Sean puts you on the ground in Afghanistan, straps 100 pounds of gear on your back, and injects you into the fight. However, he also introduces you to the human side of the war, highlighting the exceptional diversity of the platoon and the strength that it generates, as well as the horrifying realities of life for Afghani civilians.

Not only is Outlaw Platoon a thrilling, emotionally-charged read, it is a tool for healing the wounded souls of our discarded patriots and reuniting the American people with the guardians of our way of life. It is our undeniable duty as Americans to share the load of our foreign wars, and by simply reading Outlaw Platoon with a compassionate heart, we are doing our part for the men we put in harm's way.
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on August 2, 2016
Outlaw Platoon is one of the most outstanding books I have read. It combines the grit and detail of The Outpost: An Untold Story of American Valor, with the take-you-there and grab your heart memoir style of Angela's Ashes. Sean Pernell tells his story without sparing himself from the difficulty of remembering the hardships, the losses, and the shining moments that can never come again.
This is more than a story of physical courage. It is a story of the kind of spiritual courage it takes for men to love one another without stinting, to give everything they have for one another and then dig down and find some more to give. The courage it takes to allow yourself to get close to people you might lose at any moment. No experience except perhaps parenthood can even compare to the risks to the heart that these men faced, the wrenching losses the experienced and the courage it took not to face the next battle, but to know that people who mattered so much to you were facing it too.
This story of a grueling deployment in the under-supplied, under-manned and unforgiving Afghanistan theater is told with amazing compassion and vivid language that is powerful without ever becoming overblown.
For every American who did NOT serve, I think we almost owe it to those who did to read this story and appreciate what true valor looks like. The men of Outlaw Platoon meet the most exacting definition of "heroes."
Thank you, Captain Parnell, for sharing this very personal journey with us.
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on March 12, 2012
Having experienced war, I can say that Outlaw Platoon is the closest to reality of all the war books I have read. It took guts to put down what actually happens and how it affects the mind and the body. I could almost feel and smell the fear, anxiety, love and hatred one experiences when their life is on the line. The bond these men formed in the midst of a deadly environment, so brutal, goes far beyond that of a mother and child. It is with us forever.

This book should be mandatory reading for every politician. Maybe, just maybe they will not be so quick to send our troops into "fog of war."
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on December 26, 2017
I don't normally write a lot of product reviews , however after finishing this extraordinary book I really don't have a choice. First off, I've read numerous real life accounts of men's time in the military. I have come to expect these stories to be different versions of the same story with perhaps a few personal wrinkles added in. What sets this book apart is the authors courage to let us inside his psyche as he bears his vulnerability, strained allegiences, and own moral character as he leads these men into battle. The units dynamics as laid out in clear, concise, stages for all to see. The author does a truly professional job of letting know how irratating many of the platoons internal and external challenges were without ever losing site of his overall responsibility to lead his men professionally. I was amazed by his ability to not give in to more immediate primal instinct for revenge in lieu of the long term physcological scars his men would had to have endured. Not simply a recounting of military skirmishes but a commentary on who we are .
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on November 7, 2016
Book is the best minute by minute accounts of firefights ever written. It is heart rendering, suspense filled, adrenalin pumping and tension filled recounting of firefights and bravery. A book that I could not put down because it is so exciting to read.

It also recounts the type of experiences that I also had with the frustrating idiocy, and stupidity of the US ARMY command structure.
I am retired Army Medical Corps and deeply frustrated that despite multiple requests I was never allowed to be deployed. In my experience, if there is an intelligent thought running around anywhere the Army then the command would stomp on it like a cockroach.

I was fortunate enough to serve under a General who recounted his experience in the Army. He stated that when you start out that you are at the back of the bus and you assume that someone is driving the bus. Finally, when you get close enough to the front of the bus, you look at the front of the bus and realize that there is no one driving the bus.

There are several instances in this book where the moral of the Outlaws was destroyed because of these idiot decisions. One of the worst was the execution of the dogs that were such a comfort to the troops when they returned to base between combat missions. This was done because of false accusations by the female "postal bitch" that she had been bitten by one of the dogs.

Sean Parnell is a brilliant combat leader and one of the bravest, wise and caring combat commanding officers that has ever existed. I thank him for his service and for giving us this fantastic book. I will know that I will read it several times.
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on June 15, 2017
A very well-written, wonderfully descriptive book about an Infantry platoon's 15 months in Afghanistan. The descriptions are vivid, the action non-stop, and the environment unforgiving! These soldiers obeyed orders and valiantly performed their duty, even though American rules of engagement prevented them from engaging the enemy when they slipped across the Pakistani border, and continued firing on the Americans from Pakistani military positions. Their platoon combat patrols were conducted endlessly, day after day, even when the men were wounded from earlier action or so tired that they could hardly stay awake! It would have been so easy for them to become discouraged and filled with self-pity, but that doesn't happen to the soldiers within this well-trained, courageous platoon. They are totally focused on performing their duty and taking care of each other.
Reading this book sincerely made me question just how our American National Interests are at stake in this war in that desolate, primitive country. And, as we should have learned in the Vietnam War, if we are going to send our finest young American men and women into harm's way, for God's sake, go to win---don't be constricted by unrealistic rules of engagement and borders that the enemy ignores! I will predict that in the years to come, Outlaw Platoon will become a descriptive classic about this war---it will stand as a monument to the young 21st Century American warriors who loved each other and their Country so much that their own death was the last thing on their minds.
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on June 18, 2017
A great decription of a platoon in combat in Afghanistan, touching and engaging. It portrays both the greatness of American soldiers, as well as the nearly as breathtaking pettiness of cowards who are their mirror opposites on the bases. It also shows that no matter how great is American might and ability—and this book shows it to be great indeed—the attempt to save Afghanistan from itself and its neighbors seems hopeless, especially if we hamper our power by refusing to destroy Pakistan for its support of our enemies and even attacks on us.

Those who bemoan the lack of Bands of Bros greatness in this generation especially need to read this book.

As others show too, if we are not willling to unleash the full power of our might and destroy all enemies, we should not enter into the fight.
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on September 14, 2016
This is such an amazing book. I hated for it to end. If you are having second thoughts about purchasing this book don't, you will not regret it. Sean is such an amazing author. You literally feel like you are right there fighting along side of these great men. I went through all of the different emotions with these men. When Sean is telling about the battles they fought, your heart beat is racing and you find yourself holding your breath. They are the sit on the edge of your seat kind of battles. You don't know if they are going to live or die and when one does die it is like one of your own brothers were taken from you. At the end of the battle I would catch myself fist pumping in the air. I was so upset when this book ended I wanted it to go on forever. This book will be read again in the future. Thank you Sean for writing such a great book so we can know all of the struggles, sacrifices, and different emotions you all face. Thank you for all Military men, women, family, and friends of yours for your sacrifices you have made to keep us all safe and for fighting for our freedom. We could not make it without you.
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on July 6, 2016
This is a very good depiction of combat. It isn't necessarily new, as combat has been around for many years, but it is once again a reminder to (mostly) the youth that combat still exists and is as intense as this shows. The author showed excellent insight and learning as he progressed; I could have told him some of what he didn't know as it hasn't changed since I fought in Viet Nam (like carry LOTS of extra ammo!) but overall he did well by his people. He was extremely lucky none died while under his command.

And he was silly to not get his head wound treated, although if any of his description of the medical personnel there are even close to true, the Army ought to be doing a full investigation. Such blatant mistreatment is criminal - even for the Army.
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on May 12, 2017
Normally I don't read war books, but only because I don't have a general interest in the topic. I heard about Sean's book via Twitter as I ended up following him through other members. I found that Outlaw Platoon was a real page turner because of how descriptive the narrative is. I felt like I was actually in Afghanistan and could get a picture in my mind all of the battle fields. The men in the platoon really came alive, and Sean's unabashed way of describing events and other various circumstances gave me what I felt was an inside look into his mind as the events took place. I would definitely recommend reading this book; and I think it would be great assigned reading to college students.
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