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"Outpost" is a fairly low budget but reasonably well produced zombie horror movie that zombie fans will likely enjoy. I tend to like Grade B horror movies and this one is far from the worst and even had a few very clever elements.

No spoilers from me; the story follows a team of mercenaries that have been hired to take a scientist to deserted bunker is a fighting hot zone. The mercenaries soon discover that the site has an unpleasant history and the former inhabitants haven't all actually left. The creepy location and dark lighting worked fairly well to set the mood, even if it was a little hard to see some the action on occasion. The acting was actually better than usually found in most of these types of movies, which was a pleasant surprise. There is an interesting, but somewhat weak, explanation for the zombies but it really does not hurt the plot.

This is quite watchable if you like bad zombie movies, like I do.

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on April 21, 2015
Yeah, it's ok. It's a clever take on the zombie movie genre, in that it doesn't contain zombies but undead, that are still alive? It didn't really work for me -- I lost interest halfway through, the actors were good and it was filmed professionally, it's just that the story runs out of steam quickly and you never get to know the characters well enough to care what happens to them. If you're interested in Nazi occult technology, check out Nick Cook's book "The Hunt for Zero Point", and Joseph Farrell's numerous works. I think the Nazi device in the movie was supposed to be loosely based on "The Bell", but the real thing was probably a lot more interesting... Someone should make a movie about that.
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on January 17, 2014
(Possible Spoilers)

Sometimes, keeping things simple works. Outpost kept it simple and it did work, even spawning a few sequels to try and answer leftover questions.

Small group of mercs is hired to escort an intellectual to an isolated location to find 'something'. The location turns out to be an old bunker from world war 2 and the 'something' happens to be the research done in the bunker. Unfortunately, when they get there, they turn on the power and wake what remains of the former tenants of the bunker. A ton of speculation and unanswered questions regarding how the former tenants are there are raised, but not really answered.

Putting aside the unanswered "how?", the film is solid. Mercs are developed barely enough for the audience to tell them apart. Why they cannot leave is glossed over, but is enough to make sense. The enemy fairly well done for practical special effects, though you can tell they hide a lot with light and camera tricks. Main merc is likable, not the best, but at least it is a character you want to see survive.

The open ending of the film left plenty of material of opportunity for the franchise to develop sequels. Their quality is a different review entirely.

If you like what is basically a merc vs nazi zombie film, give a go. Won't be the best film you've seen, but it is certainly worth the runtime.
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on December 6, 2014
How do you kill what is already dead? It probably is not too easy. In the war with Germany and the Nazis, soldiers meet their match in occult horror. Hopelessly outnumbered and behind Nazi lines, these soldiers enter an underground bunker but find a rather large surprise waiting for them. Genetic experiments, occult rituals, and other atrocities all occurred here. When you play with Satan, you tend to get burned. All but one Nazi soldier is left after summoning occult forces to raise the dead. They raised the dead but not in the good way(Heaven, Jesus, etc.). Now the good soldiers must fight for their lives, if not their souls, to defeat the walking dead(shameless ad and reference to the famous AMC TV series on my part). Ray Stevenson, Brett Fancy, and more star in this too often overlooked horror film. I highly recommend it.
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on June 4, 2014
This movie is excellent, it has the intreague, it has the scares, it has the suspence, it has the awesome creep factor and a really good story involving Nazi experimentation. The acting is great, the film quality is great and overall it is a wonderful horror film and started a great series as part 2 and 3 are available now and each one is great.
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on January 7, 2014
At a glance, this looked like low-budget trash, but the good reviews prompted me to watch it. I'm glad I did. Despite the low budget, this is actually a very good horror movie. The acting is far better than what you can expect from most horror films, and Ray Stevenson and the rest of the cast make a very convincing group of soldiers/mercs. What makes this movie work is its atmosphere. Like Alien, much of this movie's ambience is dark, creepy and oppressive. And while this is a zombie movie, you don't actually see the zombies until late in the story, making the apprehension that much more intense. If you like zombies with some military action, give Outpost a try. You won't be disappointed.
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on April 14, 2016
Atmosphere is an important part of a horror movie and this film had it in spades. Unfortunately, that's about all it had. The premise was an interesting one but I felt like it left something to be desired in terms of a payoff. When you are talking undead Nazis, you expect a little more from them than this film delivered. I appreciated the slow buildup but unfortunately I felt that the end result wasn't worth it. Not a terrible choice but not a great one either.
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VINE VOICEon August 25, 2009
. . . and if it took place on a secret moonbase it might have been even better! (Okay, maybe that's pushing it.)

Ray Stevenson of "Punisher: War Zone" and the "The Irishman" along with TV's "Rome" does another fine job in this as the leader of an eclectic mercenary team in Eastern Europe. He and his men are tasked with taking an engineer to a WWII German outpost for a grand total of [...], a supposedly 48-hour easy in-out job that, of course, turns into something quite different.

The low budget of this film doesn't really show except, perhaps, for the drab colors, but that's not really a big deal, considering everyone is dressed in camouflage and surrounded by sky that is either overcast (in the day) or dark (at night). And, of course, they're also in a dimly lit concrete bunker the rest of the time.

The only plot issue is that the events at the outpost could--based on the movie's "science"--happen within seconds, rather than over the course of the night. If the Nazi killing machines are strictly just that, then why do they take their sweet little time going about their business? (This is reminscent of the laser tunnel in "Resident Evil," which first sends a single beam down to slice people, then a different beam, then a web of beams. Was the tunnel designed to kill, or to play with its meat first, then kill?) Same question for the Nazis in "Outpost."

Good story, good script, good movie. If you like a well-done horror flick with science and Nazis, then this movie fits the bill. Just don't expect any face melting a la "Raiders of the Lost Ark."
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on November 15, 2015
Holy zombies!! One of my favorite zombie movies now. Great, great acting, great zombies and storyline. If you like your war movies with zombies, or vise/versa, you'll thoroughly enjoy this movie.
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on November 17, 2013
Keeping in mind that this is a "B" movie.....the acting is good...typical mercenaries...their views are easy to relate to.
They fall victim to Albert Einsteins "Unified Filed Theory". More theoretical than his Relativity Theory...but equally as important.
What could be more scary than being trapped with Nazis that cannot die. WWII was a bad time...and these guys are reliving it.
Not too much gore and blood...the movie survives on decent acting and a decent script.
This is not Saving Pr Ry...this is a guy movie that is smart enough for a female to appreciate...and macho enough to hold a guys short attention span.
Just watch it and have fun for what it is.
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