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on July 18, 2012
I bought Waterhouse's earlier book, Outsmarting the Female Fat Cell when I was 24. I'd never been really overweight as a teen and young woman but I was regularly going on and off diet and exercise plans trying to get down to an ideal weight. Nothing had really worked for me; either I was hungry and thinner or hungry and not thinner but I was sick of being hungry and sick of feeling as if I had to constantly police what I was able to eat. OFF got me off diets and on a reasonable eating/exercise plan; and I went from 5'4" and 126lbs. to 120lbs. without suffering for it. (Yes, I know that is not a dramatic difference but when you're a single girl in your 20s, it seems dramatic. And the big deal was that I was eating what I liked and feeling good about it.) It took several months of being on the OFF plan but it worked.

Years went by and I got married and got busy and got less concerned with how much I weighed. But recently, I decided that 140+ lbs. was not a weight I was comfortable with and I went to my bookshelf and started rereading OFF. I'd been on the OFF plan again for about 2 months, and working out at least 4x a week, and after I dropped a few easy pounds the scale stopped budging. I'm 42 now and remembered that I'd seen Waterhouse's new book on Amazon; I ordered Outsmarting the Midlife Fat Cell about a week ago. In the past week, I began drinking soy milk and increasing my protein intake as Waterhouse advises, and I've already dropped a pound of fat, down to a total body weight of 135 lbs. (I have a scale that shows the percentage of muscle, water, and fat weight.) I don't know or care if I'll ever get back to 120lbs. but I'm confident that if I keep following the midlife OFF, especially the weight training component coupled with conscious eating of high protein/high nutrient foods, that I can get back to a body size/composition that feels more like me.
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on September 17, 2012
I started gaining weight about 15 years ago. I had always been a relatively healthy eater and very active. I rode my bike almost every day and averaged about 250 miles a week. When I started putting weight on, I couldn't understand why. My reaction was to diet and I have been on every diet since then. Nutri-System, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Bistro MD (this was by far the most disgusting food I have ever eaten), Atkins,.... Well, you get the idea. I also tried diet pills but never lasted very long on those. Also, the more weight I gained the less I felt like exercising. I figured what was the point. I gave up many activities that I actually really enjoyed because I felt fat. In all I gained about 20 pounds.

After reading this book I now realized I did exactly opposite of what I should have done. I should have continued my healthy eating habits and kept up my fitness routine. I would have gained weight because that is what women's bodies do but I probably would have gained a lot less weight.

I read this book in a day and I felt like a weight (no pun intended) had been lifted off of my shoulders. I have started working out again and eating normal foods in moderation. It is liberating! It is to early to know whether I will lose weight but my guess is I will. What I do know is I feel happier and more in control.

Read this book - the earlier the better. Don't wait until you are 50 and have gained 20 pounds. Your life will be better because you will understand what is going on, you will keep your weight down AND you won't waste your time, energy and money on stupid diets.
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on July 7, 2016
This book was excellent!! I am currently going through peri-menopause and this book was very enlightening and eye opening. Informed me about things I never knew. As since your fat cells are 3X's the size they are normally when no peri-menopause is present. I was flabbergasted to hear that, no wonder its so much more difficult to loose weight, but I also learned I should not over do it on the exercise during this time, based on my body type because long intense workouts don't produce any results, they do just have just the opposite effect. So, I found out that 30 minutes of moderate exercise or 3-5 minuted of interval training works best in trimming me down and burning the Fat. This book is so very informative. Great book!
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VINE VOICEon July 26, 2010
If you are well beyond menopause age, as I am at 61, you have to be careful trying out this book. I think it is very good and makes a lot of sense. However, an older body is going to put up a lot more of a fight converting to these methods than a younger one will. Also, changing habits at this age is difficult but not impossible. I am discovering that a better way of using this book is gradually adopting on a one by one basis the ideas she has in this book. By trying them all at once, your body can overload as mine did. The food is mainly a matter of habit and is long term doable. I think her maxim of you should be eating no more than you can comfortably hold in your fist is a good one. However, the exercise area is where you need to be cautious. I got into trouble with the hour long swims and the using of weights. Specifically, I strained my shoulder and my neck. I think I was overenthusiastic and that did not help. I frankly do not know if I ever will be able to resume using the weights. I hope to recover by Fall and hopefully substitute her cross training idea of walking, cycling and swimming being used 3 hours a week over 3 different sessions. In sum, I think this is a very good book with very good ideas for the post menopausal woman, but baby steps not giant steps are needed in adapting it to a more senior body.

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on September 1, 2010
I found this book to be extremely beneficial to me and very glad I read it. I'm 57, going through menopause and have gained nearly 20 lbs in the last year and a half. I tried every eating style out there to lose the weight, high protein, low carb, low fat, low calorie, and not one of them removed one pound. I also have a job that allows moderate daily activity but I still haven't lost a pound of weight. Dr Waterhouse's approach to removing the fat cells is something I didn't have a clue about and makes perfect sense so I'm following her advice. Although I'm quite disappointed in the review from "Dr. Mom" who's a Doctor herself who advises not to buy the book or believe what it has to say. She couldn't be more wrong. Most, if not all, women have no clue as to what's going on with their weight gain and become worried and anxious over their appearance and health. We suffering gals are not Doctors like Dr Mom, so to get sound advice from someone like Dr Debra Waterhouse, who is willing to tell us exactly what's going on and what to do about it,is a godsend. Dr Mom didn't offer any advice of her own so why should we believe her knock on this book? I say "BUY THIS BOOK!" You will be very happy you did and you'll love Dr Debra Waterhouse for her treasure trove of information that you'd have to spend $$$ getting at a Doctors office or from a GYNO :-)
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on May 6, 2010
This book has had a huge impact on my life and the way I see and think about myself as I am going through this life transition. First of all, it was helpful to read about what is actually happening to me as I am going through menopausal changes....that alone helped me to start being more accepting of my body as it's changing (which is something that I have been struggling with for a while now). The author is strongly against dieting (....even talks about how dieting backfires on you...), but instead tells you about what you can do to help keep your body healthy and more fit and, hopefully, minimize weight gain during this time of life. She is realistic, however, in explaining that success will be different for everyone.....she doesn't suggest a "miracle cure," but the information she gives is very helpful. After reading, I realize that I need to do things very differently now to keep my body healthy and in shape as I go through menopause. Following the guidance of the book, I have adjusted my eating habits (...eating more small "meals" during the course of the day, instead of eating a few larger meals...) and made significant changes to my exercise program to help keep my metabolism going (...not just walking, but doing some other types of aerobic exercise...). Also, I am doing strength training for the first time ever, which I am enjoying very much (....also check out a book the author recommends on that subject called, "Strong Women Stay Young" by Miriam Nelson). Even after a short time, I am seeing positive results from all my efforts. The author's writing style is very "user-friendly" and easy to read. I also really enjoyed her positive attitude and the encouragement that I felt while reading the book. It has made me look at myself very differently as I move forward into this new phase of my life. I would highly recommend this book (....and have given it to many friends already...) to any woman who is struggling through the life-changing experience of menopause. It's fantastic!!
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on April 20, 2013
I bought this because I was starting to struggle with my weight. It has some good information in it. But the advice just didn't work for me (particulary adding dairy.). I gained more weight from it. Very disappointed.
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on March 18, 2017
Full of great advice and the science to back it up.
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on February 24, 2017
great item
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on May 16, 2011
Really good book. I went from a size 2 (my entire life) to a size 8 in a matter of 2 years. For the life of me I could not figure out what was going on. I have always been an active person and I eat pretty good. This book gave me a lot of insight into my own body. My mother had finished menopause at 42 and at the age of 38 I was at a loss. I would recommend this book to all women between 35 and 50.
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