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on March 11, 2016
First of I would like to say that if you don't have an open mind, this book will do very little for you.
It blew my mind completely and I feel it has changed the way I see things. Many of you will wonder why he choses to interview the devil rather than God and there is a brilliant reason behind it (the which many of you will see as "controversial"). You see, the devil is the one that everyone fears through life and in the prospect of death and I will assure you after you read this book and take a good look around your life and surroundings, you will not only find that "the devil" (in the sense of corruption withing humanity) is so minuscule and easy to defeat but you will also find a great sense of empowerment that will draw you closer to God, if you are a believer like me.
The amazing facts Hill talks about in this book are so deep in tune with our modern science and society that it really makes you question how in the world he came to the knowledge of such information in his time period. I recommend this book 1000 times and I will surely embrace his principles and apply them to my daily life.
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on August 3, 2016
I have the original hardcover and audio book of this title. This "Uncommented Original Manuscript" omits editor Sharon Lechter's notes and commentary. This is basically Napoleon vs. The Devil all the way through. It's a quick and eye-opening read. I consider it top-tier Napoleon Hill and should be required reading alongside Think and Grow Rich and The Laws of Success.
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on January 3, 2017
You might never see the world the same way.A brilliant writing. Captivating. Wondrous that the family kept it secret until long after his death.If you read it, you will see why. Hill was concerned that the powers-that-be would destroy his ability to publish it until after after his successes elsewhere became bigger than life.

Truly revolutionary thinking.The organization is a little lacking. If read as a series of "let me get this straight..." over a period of days or weeks of interviewing, it's reasonable. If you read it as a book, as if it's meant to clearly deliver a straightforward message, you might be disappointed. Sharon Lechter might not be the best person to act as commentator. Her other work is good and respectable with Robert Kiyosaki. Just not the right spot for her.
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VINE VOICEon December 17, 2013
First of all, because of the nature of this book do not purchase the print version unless you have no other options. I highly recommend the audio version because this book is a dialogue between Napoleon Hill and "The Devil." The voiceovers are excellent and the tonality really helps convey the messages Hill is trying to communicate.

Now that said, I loved this and look forward to listening again and again over time. The insights are very reach and help illuminate both the challenges Hill went through to bring his work to the world, as well as the challenges we all face in living our best lives.

He leaves no stone left unturned as he interviews "The Devil" to figure out all the tricks and mindsets that are used to limit us from reaching our maximum potential. He also looks at some potentially controversial issues such as religion, education, and government and shows how certain influences might not be in our best interests.

Fortunately, Hill doesn't just stop at educating us. He also gives us practical suggestions on exactly what we can do to step forward in the face of adversity as well as those who do not act in our best interests.

Even though this was released only a few years ago, it is destined to become another Napoleon Hill classic.
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on April 28, 2016
I love this book!!!!SUch a good read. It amazes me how on point it is. It definitely needs a couple of reads to get everything is has to offer. I have read Think & Grow Rich from Napoleon Hill and someone recommended this one as well. It is separated by topics and it is written in a Q&A format for the most part. I actually enjoyed it because after a while and when you are really into it, you are reading the important stuff without a lot of the "fluff". i enjoyed how he goes into how this book came about. I got the version that also has some commentary throughout, and it wasn't bothersome. I can see why they contemplated releasing the book when it was first written, since it talks about religion, the school system, lust, gluttony, drinking, etc. It really covered a lot about how we just become numb to everything around us and how we can be different. I have recommended this book to quite a few peope
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on April 4, 2017
Incredible book. Napoleon Hill is far beyond his time, by recognizing issues in the 1930's that currently plague our nation. Not published for over 70 years out of fear of public retaliation from political figures, schools and religious groups this book sheds truth on a lot of life's troubles. If more people got their hands on this book, perhaps there would be more enlightenment and less suffering.
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on April 8, 2016
We would be so much further evolved if the world had taken Hill's lessons to heart. Teaching children how to think and work with their unconscious mind would avoided loads of pain.
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on May 24, 2017
I've always been a fan (and shill) of Napoleon Hill. I've read a lot of his material in the past. I never knew about this book until I heard it mentioned on a radio show. So, naturally, I had to purchase and read it. It was edited and annotated by Sharon Lechter. The format of the book is presented as a narrative conversation with the "devil." The book speaks for itself with a lot of truth which some will find quite unnerving. This unnerving is of course due to how each and everyone one of us is controlled and manipulated by the devil. Perhaps this "truth" is why the book wasn't published until a few years ago. Yep. The devil has many tricks up his sleeve and devices which he uses to keep us in "fear," enslaved and unhappy. Sharon Lechter does a great job with her annotations throughout the book by paraphrasing some of the more mentally challenging questions asked by Napoleon and the given responses by the devil. If there is any time in history which is the most important time to read this book is right now: It's because this book is about spiritual warfare just like the book of Ephesians. Do yourself a great service and get and read this book today.
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on January 29, 2013
This was a great read.
A little wired in that its written format was an actual interview with the Devil.
But once I started reading I was completely fascinated with the information and concepts.
This book introduced the "drifter", I immediately identified with my grown son. It helped to give me some insight into his personality and motivations... err rather, lack thereof.

The Characteristics of a Drifter
~Total lack of a major purpose in life
~He will be conspicuous by his lack of self-confidence
~He will never accomplish anything requiring thought and effort
~He spends all he earns and more too if he can get credit
~He will be sick or ailing from some real or imaginary cause and calling to high heaving if he suffers the least physical pain.
~He will have little or no imagination
~He will lack enthusiasm and initiative to begin anything he is not forced to undertake, and he will plainly express his weakness by taking the line of least resistance whenever he can do so.
~He will be ill-tempered and lacking in control over his emotions.
~His personality will be without magnetism, and it will not attract other people.
~He will have opinions on everything but accurate knowledge of nothing.
~He may be jack of all trades, but good at none.
~He will neglect to cooperate with those around him…even on those he must depend on for food and shelter.
~He will make the same mistake over and over again never profiting by failure.
~He will be narrow-minded and intolerant on all subjects ready to crucify those who disagree with him.
~He will expect everything of others, but be willing to give nothing in return.
~He may begin many things, but complete nothing.
~He will be loud in his condemnation of his government, but he will never tell you definitely how it could be improved.
~He will never reach decisions on anything if he can avoid it, and if he is forced to decide, he will reverse himself at the first opportunity.
~He will eat too much, and exercise too little.
~He will take a drink of liquor, if someone else will pay for it.
~He will gamble if he can do it on the cuff (meaning on credit.)
~He will criticize other who are succeeding at their chosen calling.
~The drifter will work harder to get out of thinking than most others work at making a good living.
~He will tell a lie rather than admit his ignorance on any subject.
~If he works for others he will criticize them to their backs, and flatter them to their faces.
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on June 8, 2017
I have this book last year stock in my small library of books! I never even imagine that it has a tremendous LIFE CHANGING LESSONS!!!!! it does really change my point of view in life. I found out who was THE REAL ENEMY! AND TAKE CONTROL OF THEM! no one is perfect but napoleon will share you the real secrets to FREEDOM AND SUCCESS!!!! I am very glad i read this book of napoleon hill, i did understand now why his wife's afraid to publish this book during their time. I do respect that and i really appreciate that they made the decision to publish it to public. DONT HESITATE MY FRIEND, GET A COPY NOW AND LIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE FULLEST...
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