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Season 6 of Burn Notice makes up for a somewhat less than stellar Season 5. Personally I have never liked the plot device of inserting a primary character in prison. Sure it's understandable that writers want to amp up the drama by putting someone viewers care about into jeopardy but the prison scenario has been overdone and is so full of cliches that it's painful to watch. The season of the excellent "Justified" where Ava Crowder was in jail was the worst- everytime the action switched to that storyline it was tedious. That said, my fears for more of the same this season with Fiona in prison were not assuaged by the first few episodes. Fiona went through the usual prison stuff (threatened by other cons, dealing with corrupt guards, etc.) and it looked bleak but happily Matt Nix and company bail her out after a few episodes. Afterwards the show really picks up steam and was back to the great action packed series the fans love. Some crazy things happen and the killing off of a significant recurring character was quite a surprise too. So glad Nix and his team have redeemed this great series and I'll be sad to watch the final Season 7 knowing it's all over. Surprising technical glitch was when gun-happy Fiona threatens to give a guy a "9mm tracheotomy" when she's holding a Walther PPK on him. The problem is the PPK is not chambered for 9mm; .22 and .380 yes, but no 9mm.
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on March 9, 2013
My wife and I were strong fans of the early seasons: this season we now let episodes pile up and then we watch one or two. The writing is not as strong as it was in the early seasons: Michael's voice-over narration replaces on-screen character development; Sam no longer brings any life to the story; Fiona doesn't even seem to enjoy blowing things up any more (though the "Fiona in jail" episodes worked.) The humor is gone: no jokes, all grim faces. Michael's arch-enemies are increasingly over the top: the need to find new ways to make Michael unjustly persecuted -- new "burned" scenarios -- just isn't working. Even Miami doesn't have much of a visual role: one on-ramp or hotel balcony or warehouse looks pretty much every other one. Jeffrey Donovan's ability to "become" different characters and his communicative smile are lost in the new stories so far. We hope the writers manage to give everyone back a personality.
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on December 22, 2012
I'm a faithful Burn Notice fan and have convinced others to watch it. It was amazing how each season brought something new and fresh but to me the second half of season six is too narrowly focused. I know the producers think the fans want more action but enough already. each show is blending into the other and they don't put enough emphasis on the characters. It's one shoot em up blow em up after another. And Fiona and Michael, isn't this the great love of their lives? Fiona is bitchy and rude and Michael, well, he's character is the one best developed because he is going down this dark path. And now Sam is all shmarmy (that is a real word) and Jesse, still just the sidekick. I thought they might do more with him but then just let it slide. I like to watch shows that I really like over again because it's interesting what you miss the first time around. There's not one on seasons six that would entice me to watch again.
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While I found the first season season to obviously be the best overall the series still keeps entertaining me as it feels greatly like a current version of another series I enjoyed Alias. Though with the story of this season it also felt it left a little of its magic behind too as instead of doing the usual helping of people in trouble it focused almost entirely on Michael's estranged relationship with the CIA and the personal tragedy that befalls him this season. That's not to say the season is horrible far from it but it does feel a little lesser in quality to the previous seasons before it but it's still worth getting regardless. I give kudos to the cast as they still do a terrific job performance playing their character roles and it's sad that the seventh season is the last one for this enjoyable series but if a series is going to end it might as well end on a high note instead of a dead one.
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on July 10, 2013
What else can I say about it? I'm a guy! Beautiful girls in bikinis, everywhere. Explosions with bombs manufactured or made on-the-fly out of anything & everything (kind of like MacGyver on steroids). Jeffrey Donovan turns his character, Michael Weston, in to an American Spy version of James Bond-007, but better & smarter (maybe not better as in the International Playboy type that Bond is, but who cares? He's got Fi!,Shes the most perfectly, loyal, sexy, kick-ass female, anytime he wants it, lover a guy could ask for). Yachts, boats, helicopters, fast cars, airplanes & jets all over the place. Espionage & intrigue with all the acronyms... NSA, CIA, FBI & their foreign counterparts. Fiercely protective mommas impervious to fear & large amounts of nicotine. And, last but certainly not least, what guy would not want either Bruce Campbell or Sam Axe(or a guy like Jesse)as a loyal "I got your back" fighting & drinking buddy/best friend? Oh, and did I mention the beautiful girls in bikinis, EVERYWHERE? Burn Notice-the spy series all others should be judged by.
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on November 24, 2012
My hubby and I are hooked. We saw the previews and thought it may be a bit cheesy and like very other spy movie, but the characters develop well, their relationships and the action are not overly predictable. The twists and turns are a bit to keep track of, but I'm well pleased they aren't easily predictable.

We only use Netflix and simply couldn't wait for season six so we are paying for instant view. It is a bit grainy and you can't pause unless you want you wait nearly 60 sec for the picture and audio to sync. I love the show!
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on July 30, 2013
We discovered Burn Notice late in the game--after Season 5 had already started. iTunes got us hooked by providing several old episodes "free". I shared them with my husband and we found the earlier seasons streaming on Netflix. Burn Notice is a good series that both men and women will enjoy. Good personalities, enough drama and campy enough not to take itself too seriously. Plus the "tips on how to be a spy" are priceless. I found that Season 6 wasn't out in streaming and season 7 will be the end of the series. We didn't want to risk finding out "how it ends" before seeing this season. So, for the cost of a couple of tickets to the movies we bought the series and watched it all in a few-day marathon. The quality of the DVDs were fine on our DVD player and I was happy with the purchases and the quick arrival (Amazon Prime free 2 day).
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on August 18, 2017
This show is AMAZING!!! The sly humor, the story lines, and the how-to be a spy is so wonderfully put together.
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on November 3, 2012
Great show with action, humor, and a few life lessons. Burn Notice, is a good show with good actors who make spying look as dangerous as it should be. It is a treat to see Sharon Gless, former star of Cagney and Lacey, run roughshod over the group of spies as Maddy Western the matriarch. There are even episodes where what the spies do can be viewed as funny. What it best about the show is that the shooting and blowing things up are not glossed over. They are acknowledged to be awful realities of going outside of social niceties to achieve an objective.

My favorite character is Fiona the trigger happy bomber. Even she has standards of decency that can be respected. All in all Burn Notice on the USA network is a good show into its sixth season interesting enough for me to purchase it.
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on November 8, 2016
I stumbled upon this show by accident. Watching the reruns on ion television. My god, where was I when this gem was on? I just finished season 6 &7. One day when I can afford the whole set, I'll buy it and watch it from beginning to end. Amazing story line, characters, twists and turns, emotional impact and so much more. In my opinion, this has everything to keep you glued to television or tablet. I was addicted!!!!!
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