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on February 28, 2016
This flea, tick and bot spray is one of the best that I have found. Living in an area that is heavily populated with mosquitoes I do everything I can to make sure my dogs are protected from them. This product definitely works and it gives me peace knowing that my dogs are safe.

I do use this on my cats as well, but sparingly, as well as only applying via a washcloth and not near as frequently on them as on the dogs.

I do spray the dogs outside as the smell can be a bit overwhelming after spraying multiple dogs back to back in the house, but one dog is not bad at all and it quickly dissipates. It's nothing like some natural brands I've tried that use oils that linger for days and are completely useless with their protection.

I've used this product for 10 years now, and I will continue to use it for as long as it's made, it's a definitely staple in my house and I recommend it to every pet owner!
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on January 28, 2015
does everything it says. there is a smell but it disappears in minutes. I use on all furniture and even my pillows and mattress and have no allergic reactions of any kind. I also spray the front and back doors and entire frames. I then spray the screens (after I have washed them and the windows) then put them back. I have sprayed my patio furniture and never a flea or flying thing if I spray the inside of the sun umbrella. Used for 2 decades. You can find better prices on line but this isnt too bad depending on where you live or if you compare online pricing.
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on January 28, 2015
This product has the exact same ingredients as a spray we used to have called Petcore. Petcore came highly recommended from a local exterminator at a good price. It worked well-but since we got it about 3 years ago, I'd say it's potency has diminished. The reason I decided to purchase this is that it DOES have the same ingredients (I learned from one the questions answered) as the PetCore. When I had the Petcore I was told that it's safe for their bedding and areas where they sleep, etc.
We have a dog and a cat, but about six months ago, we had a wild possum get under our mobile home, and of course they're notorious for carrying fleas, so you can imagine the rest of that story! We had the exterminator come out, had both animals flea dipped, gave them medications, the whole nine yards. We're not exactly flea free yet, but I really believe it's because the cat recently discovered the dog door, bringing more in, and because we waited too long to get on it.The exterminators may have to come out again and actually spray beneath the mobile home (free this time thankfully). But I would recommend this product.
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on June 3, 2014
I have a Lab Alaskan Husky (Sled dog) mix who reacted poorly to the topical spot treatment that repels ticks/fleas/flies. We have her on a fipronil based spot treatment now that she does well on, but we have a LOT of ticks out here in Maryland and wanted to save her and ourselves the trouble of trying to pull them off. We got this stuff and we spray her down with it every couple of weeks or so (several days after or before we put on her monthly spot treatment) and it works... so... incredibly... crazy... well! The only downside is that the ticks immediately hop off her and onto me or my husband. To cure this... I sprayed this stuff on my legs and arms... I grew up with horses and typically used the horse spray on myself before going for a ride, so I didn't think much about spraying my own legs with it. Guess what... no skin issues (I'm an auburn-type haired lady with freckles and pink-red skin tone and I tend to be reactive to chemicals also) AND it repelled ALL the bugs. Super safe/gentle (don't spray this on your kids or your face... use some common sense for God's sake) and works. DEET really eats away at my skin and I always break out in hives after I've used it. Neither my dog nor I have had any issues. I ordered this stuff... and reordered it.... and will probably order it in bulk so that if they stop making it I'll still have some.
Also... they ship it pretty fast, which is great. AMAZING product and great sellers.
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on September 24, 2014
We left our little dog with a pet sitter for one night while we were on a business trip. She came back to us with a heavy flea infestation. This product was extremely effective. I placed her on a new white towel before her first treatment and you could watch the fleas drop as I massaged this into her coat. We treat her about every two to three weeks now and have not had another flea problem despite my dog loving to be outside. I love the product and will certainly buy again when needed.
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on May 24, 2015
I really try to avoid putting unnecessary chemicals on my dogs but last year my fur kids got fleas for the first time (the oldest dog is 12 yo). I tried every natural remedy I found with so so results. Then I tried Ovitrol. None of us liked the smell but the results were immediate. I sprayed the dogs, floors and furniture with this stuff maybe every 5 - 7 days while continuing the natural remedies. Within a week the problem was under control and I didn't see another flea after a little over two weeks. Now I keep a bottle on hand in the house and one in the car for when we go on walks and to dog events. Keeping my fingers crossed this far so good. :) The daily regime includes the dogs taking brewers yeast supplements. They get baths every other month (more often if they get really dirty and a wipe down won't suffice) with various all natural shampoos. They also get sprayed every few days with a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water which also gives them extra shiny coats. They do get the occasional tick but I rarely find one alive on them.
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on August 10, 2013
My cat hated being sprayed and I am not sure if this product actually did anything BUT using this product, in combination with:

-Zodiac Carpet & Upholstery Pump Spray, 24-ounce
-Little City Dogs JUMBO PACK - 100 CHICKEN FLAVORED Flea Killer Capsules
-Bayer Advantage II Purple 6-Month Flea Control for Cats, 9-Pound
-Flea collar

I was able to kill all fleas without bombing my house within 3 days!

My house was INFESTED. I mean, BAD. On any given time I would have 30+ flea bites on me. No matter how many flea baths I gave my cat, nothing would work. You could see the fleas crawling all over his face. There was flea larva all over my tables and counters. I would spray them down with windex and there would be THOUSANDS of red dots of larva blood. It was really, really bad.

So, if you think there is no hope, go for this killer combination. You won't be disappointed.
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on July 6, 2015
***View photo to see PROOF that it works!*** I've been using this stuff for the last few months to prevent another horrific flea infestation... My dog is allergic to fleas and chews her self raw. For months now, I've simply sprayed this stuff light onto her coat (she's a double coated Shiba Inu, so she has very dense fur) and assumed all was well. I figured it was working, because we never had any fleas. Fast forward to this past Saturday, 4th of July, and we took our dog to the in-laws 100 year old building/workshop/home in Oregon. Fleas. FLEAS. OMG THE FLEAS. I've read reports of people claiming to have near immediate infestations on their animals and didn't believe it was possible. It is. I had brought the Ovitrol spray with us as a preventative measure (she's sensitive to everything else) and had sprayed her immediately before walking into this building. It did nothing to deter them. She was chewing and scratching herself incessantly. We had intended to stay until Monday, (we live in the Seattle area) but decided to leave a full day early because our poor dog had started running around and CRYING while chewing her tail and legs. This hadn't even happened previously with other flea issues. I was about to give up on this Ovitrol stuff, but there wasn't any other option around for other flea shampoos/meds (tiny tourist town on 4th of July weekend=no open stores) so I decided to give this Ovitrol stuff one last try. I put her on the counter next to my in-laws sink and soaked a cloth in the stuff and rubbed it into her fur, around the base of her tail and every other nook and cranny I could find. Then I sprayed her until she was evenly coated in a nice sheen of mist, and rubbed it in some more (avoiding the eyes, nose and genitals). The. Fleas. Jumped. Off. And. Died. Pure shock and joy. It worked. My pup was saved!

TL;DR version: These reviews that claim the stuff works with only a few light sprays. It doesn't. It WILL work, however, if you spray a TON, and work the stuff into the fur. It needs to get to the skin/fleas near the skin. Once that happens, TADA! Flea-pocalypse. Only reason I gave it 4 stars is because the directions are vague. WORK IT IN. BEWARE, though, the stuff smells like rubbing alcohol, and I would advise using it outside. It reeks.
review image
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on March 11, 2015
This works. Last summer we had a horrendous flea infestation! We had to flea-spray the yard five times!!! Our poor pets suffered. Even with their monthly doses of flea meds they still had fleas. We sprayed their beds, area rugs and them. The Ovitrol played a major role in ridding the house and pets of fleas.
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on October 14, 2016
It smells awful and my cats want to run away from me and I have to wear a facemask and rubber gloves for protection for myself. It seems to irritate their skin at first and if I put enough on there to do a good job, my favorite cat foams at the mouth/drools from licking his fur so that is alarming. I am also not thrilled with its effectiveness. I tried putting it on a cloth to rub around my cats' face and head but fleas are not even phased by it at all and they are scratching all over by day 2 of spraying it on them. I am disappointed it doesn't work that well.
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