Customer Reviews: Owl City: Live From Los Angeles [Blu-ray]
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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
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on September 18, 2012
If you like Owl City's recorded material, then you should enjoy this DVD. The songs, while mostly faithful to the album versions, do include some very creative intros/outros/transitions and instrumental sections that definitely put the "rock" into Owl City, as well as showcase the stellar musicianship of the whole band (not just Adam Young).

I went to one of the other shows on this tour ("All Things Bright and Beautiful"), and this DVD is an accurate representation of the great show that I saw, i.e. it's not a carefully-spliced-and-edited DVD of best-takes from multiple shows. That tour (and this DVD) should erase any concerns people have about Owl City being a "studio band."

The performance is spectacular, no doubt. But as a musician and a sound geek, I have some issues with the production...

Mix: Some parts of the mix are missing. You'll always hear Adam, the guitars, main drum kit, loops, synth strings -- but you won't always the REAL strings (violin, cello), backup singers, and sometimes the second drum kit (where they tear it up on a couple of songs!). I heard all of these elements during the concert I was at, so I know they were mic-ed! So either those tracks didn't get recorded, or they weren't mixed high enough to hear on the DVD. This is a shame, because the band sounded even fuller in person than what the audio on the DVD implies.

Auto-tune: Despite a heavy-handed use of digital pitch correction on his albums, Adam Young actually has an excellent live singing voice, which I appreciated from 15 feet away. UNFORTUNATELY, they've taken that lovely live voice and auto-tuned in post-production, so you'll never hear it on this DVD! His voice sounds dead-center "corrected" throughout the performance, just as it does on his albums -- perfectly familiar to album listeners, but unfortunate for those who remember (or want to hear) what his voice sound likes without the auto-tune.

Guitars: To the reviewer who mentioned that "The distorted guitars seem too perfect, too close miced and intimate." Notice the lack of guitar amps/cabinets on stage. They use digital amp modeling; probably with the processors rack-mounted offstage, plugged directly into the soundboard. This technology has really come a long way [search 'POD HD Pro' or 'Fractal Axe-Fx'], but yes, they still don't sound EXACTLY like a real guitar amp + mic.
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on November 1, 2015
Our teenagers are really the fans of Owl City, but if you've never heard of them you owe it to yourself to check this band out. High energy, uplifting spirited presentations from the next generation. Good production in a great live performance with the quality only Blu-ray can provide.
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on February 24, 2012
I'm a big fan of Owl City. This dvd is so amazing with HD video and sound quality. There is also an exclusive interview at the end!! Totally worth it <3
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on May 11, 2012
Excellent, excellent, excellent! This concert is awesome and I'm over 45yrs. Not just for the young ones. If u love Owl city, this dvd is a MUST!
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on February 25, 2014
I’ve only been an Owl City fan for about a year, and I can’t get enough. I’ve purchased everything I can find by Adam Young. He brings a breath of fresh air to the Synth Pop genre, not to mention that he’s a genuine, talented individual who knows much more than simply the fundamentals of orchestration and music theory.

I’ve heard comments regarding “auto-tune” use, which I believe are absurd. I believe there are those that condemn the use of vocoders as a form of style, which most synth and pop styles use in that manner. They’re pretty obvious to detect, and the only time I’ve heard anything like this was for style, and not for correction of the tuning in his voice. He’s proven himself as a gifted vocalist, over and over, be it through impromptu radio performances, and other such endeavors.

But on to the “Live From L.A.” Blu-ray video concert. Video is very good, but I wouldn't call it reference quality. You’ll see some amount of video blocking as cameras sometimes turn directly into the stage lights and darkness of the audience, a mistake I see often in concert video recording. But it's nothing that interfered with my overall enjoyment of the concert.

The audio is superb, and the mix, credited to Adam Young, is perfect. Now I realize that some may not hear as much of the live cello and violin as they would have liked, but I think this may depend on your audio playback settings. The concert video includes a non-compressed, PCM track that I listen to using Dolby Pro Logic IIx (7.1 speaker setup) and I am blown away by the ability to distinguish the clarity of all of the individual performers. I find Young to not only be an outstanding composer, orchestrator, and performer, but very proficient in audio mixing. (I spent many years as at a sound board and understand how much is involved in producing optimal sound levels for a large number of microphones and digital inputs.) I was amazed with how well I could hear the cello and violin among all the other instruments that were playing.

If there is one critique I’d mention, it would be the modulated vocal effect used on Breanne Düren’s vocal was sometimes too intense, and her voice became a little too synthetic; but I only noticed this with some of her solos; harmonies were beautifully mixed and sounded spot on and smooth.

Overall, I felt this was a five-star performance! The music flowed perfectly from one song to the next, and though there was limited re-arrangements to some of the songs (which were all breathtaking – as far as I’m concerned), Adam didn’t stray far or often from the original compositions. For me, this is one of those rare performances that makes you smile and applaud throughout the whole concert, as you watch from the comfort of your home. I only wish there was more on the way!

I have to add one final comment: I’m nearly 59-years-old, and I’m not very impressed by most of the stuff I hear these days that passes itself off as music. Owl City, Ke$ha, Katy Perry, and a few others have given me new hope that there are still talented composers and performers out there.
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on November 9, 2013
Wow, wow, wow. Really great production. I don't usually expect much from "concert movies" -- you weren't there in the room to experience things right as they were happening -- but this Owl City fan was VERY pleased with Live In Los Angeles! The sound quality was pristine, and the videography was very immersive; you actually do almost feel as if you're in the concert hall, right up next to the stage. Definitely recommend for Owl City lovers!
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on August 3, 2012
This concert is the best concert ever!!! I love this movie so much :) The picture and sound quality are amazing! If you are a true Owl City fan you will BUY this DVD. I was amazed at how many musical instruments Adam Young can play so beautifully: Electric and normal guitar, Piano, Drums, Etc. For I myself am a Piano player and love the songs he played. His songs are so unique and just plain wonderful! He sings lots of songs including one from his first studio album Maybe I'm Dreaming, (I'll meet you there) And one from his very first musical release Of June (Swimming in Miami) As well as many other singles and songs from his albums: Ocean Eyes, and All Things bright and Beautiful. You will Adore this DVD!!!!!!!!! I Love it so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Owl City is the best singer/band ever on planet earth!
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on February 17, 2012
Iam a big Owl City fan, I got to tell you this is worth it.I enjoyed the show so much it was not boring at all,I got this on Blu ray. I was trying to decide wheather or to get it on Blu ray or dvd because I thought to myself man Iam an Owl City fan I ll get the Blu ray. Man it was a good choice the picture is amazing Iam like at first it was going to be ok but then when I watched it I was Blown away How good it looked like 5 out of 5 stars good. If I had to pick it would be Blu ray because you get so into it, you feel like your there. Ill be watching over and over again thats how good it is. Everything is so clear on blu ray I cant stress it enough BUY THIS ON BLU RAY YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED.Everything is perfect on it in every way on the main menu you can pick to watch the concert with an interview or with out.You can pick what song you want to watch to, thought that was great like if your looking for a song you want to listen to you can just go to the scene selection.Thats pretty much about it for the Blu ray its worth the money.
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on October 12, 2012
I really enjoyed this show. My husband wasn't even a big Owl City fan until he watched this with me. He awoke the next morning with Fireflies in his head! I was very disappointed that Saltwater Room was not included. That is one of my favorite songs but the rest of the show was great.
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on January 31, 2012
My kids of ages 5 through 10 years old are in love with this BluRay. All the hit songs are there along with Bonus interview sections intermixed during the performance (Blu Ray option). Adam is very skilled at every instrument he touches during the performance and really connects with the audience. I think the release captured the essence of the evenings performance very well.

Being part of the music production culture though, I notice many inconsistencies in what you see visually and what's being mixdowned in production. Many segments you'll see multi-percussionists playing intricate parts but only a few mics are 'on'. I'm wondering if the majority of what got mixed down were strictly the foundation backing tracks. Often seen is the multi-instrumentalist or the drummer improvising on drum pads but nothing is being heard.

The lady keyboardist is often seen singing directly into the mic but without anything going through the audio feed. The distorted guitars seem too perfect, too close miced and intimate. I am really curious if they laid the guitar tracks down the tracks in post-production - e.g. the intro to Fireflies (and yes, many live DVD production houses will do this) In addition, I think the string instrumentalists were mixed way too low if they were even part of the mix at all. For a curmudgeon like me, this live performance seems a little too sonically sterile. But I say all this if you're into the magic of audio-production, but I hope 95% of the fans that purchase this DVD/BluRay can see past these relatively minor issues and I do hope the majority of listeners should find the overall experience very enjoyable.
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