OxyLED -- Lights You Can Live By

​“Sometimes the simplest things are the most profound.”Carolina Herrera

Natural light is an essential part of our lives. It influences our mood, our, health, even our ability to connect with one another. Think about how great it feels to wake up on a sunny morning, or hit the trail for a weekend date with mother nature. 

OxyLED took its first breath in 2011 with two college friends who wanted to bring natural light and clean living back into an increasingly urban lifestyle. Starting with the humble desk lamp.  

With that first light bulb moment, OxyLED began to spread. Making use of only the greenest technology, the company branched out into every kind lighting imaginable. From innovative motion lights with OxySense, to groundbreaking photosynthetic technology with OxyGrow, we made it our mission to bring back the sunshine, one bulb at a time.  

OxyLED runs on a set of 3 core values we call the L.E.D principle: Lighting Made Natural, Efficient Power Consumption, and Design that Innovates. As we expand, we hope to flood people’s lives with the same natural illumination as waking up on that sunny morning. Light that is embedded with our philosophy of natural living, long life, and endless efficiency. It’s been our brightest idea yet.