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on May 24, 2017
Surprisingly it really works well. - and it's easy to operate. Before purchase, I read a review about short battery life, so I read the instructions carefully. Although not very clearly stated in the manual, here's how to get longer battery life from these units: Store it in the stand, but * don't leave the charger plugged in all the time*. The type of batteries used in these units like to be used until they are drained and THEN recharged. If you recharge them after every single use, they will only take "a surface charge" and will refuse to charge deeply. So, just recharge it once a month (or every three weeks if you are drinking a bottle a day ;-), you wild thing, you!)
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on March 16, 2014
We got this opener 20 months ago and it worked well for about a year. Then it started not fully charging. We tried wedging the opener on the charger to see if it would help alas it gradually got to the point where after 18 months it didn't have the power to open a bottle of wine. I decided to take a chance and contact their customer service and the person contacted me with a couple of hours on a Sunday! After a few emails back and forth she claimed I should not have been leaving the opener on the charger since that causes it to overcharge. I told her it didn't say that anywhere in the instructions, only to run the opener manually occasionally to run down the charge. She told me she was sorry but because I was past the 12 month warranty period that I was out of luck. I told her I understood but I would need to write a review on Amazon to make others aware that this is a throw away item after 12 months. She responded back that she 'checked' with her manager who offered to replace my opener if I would return the defective one. So I agreed and got a new opener in 5 days and returned the old one. Maybe mine was a lemon but I suspect rechargeable items have at max a 2 year lifespan. Regardless I did get great customer service and if my opener lasts more than a year this time I will be sure to update this review then!
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on April 2, 2012
For some reason I just expected to have to pay more for an electric opener. Now first of all, I would have NEVER gotten this for myself. However, no matter how much I tried to show my wife how to use a bar / waiter style opener she just struggled with making it work.

I decided to surprise her with an electric opener. After seeing how much these cost I was surprised. I thought they would cost more. So now that I was sticker "un-shocked" I was looking for the highest rated. Well that's where I found that maybe a good quality, highly rated, electric wine opener just didn't exist.

After reading through many reviews for many different openers I took a chance on this unit, and now only time will tell. I can report back and declare it does handle synthetic cork with no problem (at least from Apothic Red). The process is so easy, I could train a chinchilla to open wine with this thing. Step one: put opener on bottle. Step Two: Press down button and hold until it stops. Step Three: Remove opener from bottle. Step Four: Press up button until cork falls out. Done.

My Wife loves it. And now no more of her asking for my help in recovering a chewed up cork from her failed attempt at using the bar screw.
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on February 28, 2015
Holy Sh*t!!! This thing is awesome. I had some friends from Italy dropping by for some wine and cheese the next week and I ordered the Ozeri Pro on a whim. The reviews were much better for the Ozeri Pro than the reviews for other electric bottle openers, but not really great. But I thought it might get a laugh from my friends whether it really worked or not. On the advice of one of the reviewers, I bought a bottle of wine immediately to "practice" on so I wouldn't fumble around with the gadget in front of people. The wine I chose had a "synthetic" cork.... rumored to be more difficult to extract. So I re-read the instructions, positioned the bottle, and WOW, the Ozeri Pro was amazing. No practice needed, no fumbling, no partial or broken corks. Just perfect cork extractions every time. Easy! Wow!! I love this thing. Oh - turns out my friends from Italy have a Ozeri Pro --- NO KIDDING. Got it as a wedding present and they love it, too!
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on February 17, 2018
I love to give these wine openers as gifts. They work beautifully. You can open a whole lot of bottles, before you need to recharge. I just keep mine in the charger in the counter because I like the way it looks. The seal cutter and breather wine pourer are another plus. Everyone I have gifted this wine opener with, tells me how much they love it. I have had my original purchase probably a couple of years now. They are durable and well made. I definitely recommend buying one or more of these.
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on January 5, 2017
What a nicely built and well-designed wine opener! After trying several other name brands and having them break, jam up, or fail to charge--sometimes within a year of purchase--I went online to a few forums and wine review sites and saw this Ozeri as very highly recommended and rated. We've only had it a few weeks, but so far so good. I especially like the foil cutter that sits cleverly in the back of the charging stand--no rummaging through a drawer to find one--and the stopper that comes with it is great as well. The cherry on top is how nice it looks on our counter (we bought the black one) and how comfortable it is in your hand to hold. Highly recommend this product!
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on October 10, 2017
This is a wonderful product, especially for someone such as myself who is having problems with tendonitis in their hands, making it a hurtful experience opening wine bottles with conventional openers. I've only used this electric opener once to date, but it was really amazing how easily the cork came out with no effort on my part at all. Added bonuses that came with the wine opener are the foil cutter that has its own slot on the back of the charging unit and the bottle pourer/stopper. I purchased this particular opener based on previous good reviews which were totally correct. I give this item the highest rating for its convenience, satisfaction, and ease of use. Buy it!
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on October 26, 2012
I have tried several manual wine bottle openers; simple designs like a metal corkscrew on a wooden handle through sophisticated mechanisms such as the "Rabbit". The Rabbit, in my opinion, has too much plastic in it for serious wine drinkers. I open one bottle almost every night, and my Rabbit lasted less than a year before the plastic around one of the pivot points cracked and broke off. My simple corkscrew is still intact, but with recalcitrant corks it is a bad choice because you have no leverage.

This is the first powered wine bottle opener I have purchased. I have been using it for almost two months, so it's fair to say I have opened about 50 bottles so far. The foil cutter is great; it stores conveniently in a slot on the back of the base charger unit. The pouring spout is very nice; I thought initially it was a bit of a gimmick, but I now use it all the time since it is almost drip-less and the stopper fits inside it to close up an unfinished bottle.

Operation is simple, although there are some potential improvements here. But on the whole I am very happy with the unit.

Here's a snapshot of using this opener:

1) Remove the foil using the foil cutter. Only moderate pressure is needed in my experience since it is sharp!
2) Place the opener over the neck of the wine bottle. Hold the bottle to prevent it from rotating. Push the opener down with moderate pressure (the corkscrew will not drill down into the cork otherwise) and depress the lower (extract) button.
3) When the corkscrew has started pulling out the cork, switch to applying very light upward pressure on the opener. This is so that you can tell when the cork is out, and take you thumb off the "extract" button. The unit does not auto-reverse. You only need to apply very light upward pressure, since the unit will do all the work of pulling out the cork, you just need to be able to tell when it is done (it's obvious, don't worry).

You will know when the corkscrew has begun to pull out the cork, because the hand holding the wine bottle will feel the difference in torque (rotational force) the opener is applying to the bottle. Once the cork breaks its seal to the glass bottle and starts drawing out, the torque drops off dramatically. One bottle and you will see what I mean.

4) Once the cork is out of the bottle. Stop pressing the lower "extract" button, and press the upper "release" button. The cork will fall out of the bottom of the opener in a few seconds, and you are done.

Here's what prevented me from giving this opener a five star rating:

1) The user has to take some special steps to get the corkscrew started. The body of the unit does not apply any significant pressure to the wine bottle itself, so to start it you have to hold the bottle firmly and press down firmly on the opener (in order to apply pressure to the corkscrew). If you do not hold the bottle firmly, it will rotate with the corkscrew, and if you do not press down firmly, the corkscrew will not begin drilling down into the cork.

2) It does not auto-reverse (to release the cork) when the cork is out of the bottle.
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on March 11, 2015
WOW! This is the greatest thing ever!! You simply remove the foil seal with the little seal remover in the back of the unit, then align the corkscrew to the cork and gently apply even pressure and press the down arrow (not pushing down or allowing the bottle to swivel) just hold in place and viola as it pulls the cork up! No muss no fuss, no magic, no painful hand and wrists.. just a breeze. I was a little concerned because while there were good reviews some were very bad and it wasn't until a friend showed me theirs that I was sold! Gone are the days of traveling sales people, but I guess there is an advantage to seeing a demo, right? Anyway, I highly recommend this product. I got the black unit and I love it. It is like a suede feel and very stylish in the upright stand. I am a very happy customer!
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on January 3, 2012
I needed to replace a Rabbit lever corkscrew and thought I'd give this a try. And I have to say that overall it works great - and if you have issues opening wine bottles, this will do the trick. Plus, I have had it more than a month, opening many bottles over the holidays - and have yet to recharge it.

I have, however, 2 complaints that end up being significant enough to me that I can give the Ozeri only 3 stars. First, it is big - 10 3/4" tall and 6 1/2" circumference at the top - so it takes up a lot of space for a wine bottle opener. And second, the opening (where the top of the bottle fits) is large (since it must fit as many bottles as possible), so the corkscrew almost never enters the cork in the center, which means that the cork comes out damaged. This probably won't matter to many folks, but if you have a nicely aged bottle of wine or one with a long cork, I wouldn't suggest using this opener.
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