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on May 31, 2016
My wife has never been able to master a traditional cork screw, or any other opener for that matter. I have bought many different types of openers and she still struggles.

If I am traveling for work and she needs to open a bottle after a trying day with our children, I immediately will get a phone call with harsh language about her need for wine. I have even reduced myself to letting neighbors know when I am traveling in case she needs a bottle opened.

After seeing an opener like this at a friends house, I decided to try yet one more type of opener. I didn't hold much hope for it performing well since she has not been able to master any before. After spending hundreds of dollars in openers over the past 10 years, I had given up hope that I would ever have another business trip without being chastised for not being there to open her wine.

I may be the father of her children, the home handyman and many other things, but opening wine may be my most important job to my wife. And I never hear the end of it when I am not available.

This opener however, has given me the freedom to travel. Dare I say it even gives me the peace of mind to go to a baseball game with my friends and not be in the doghouse for a week because wine could not be opened in my absence.

It just works that good. And it has saved my marriage. At least for now as I am sure some other shortcoming will be found, but at least I know she will be able to open her wine, and hopefully forget about that shortcoming.
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on April 18, 2016
Well we loved it while it lasted. Bought it 11 months ago. Just this week it stopped working. We don't open that many bottles of wine. It certainly did not open "40 or so" on a single charge. When it stopped this week I figured it was out of juice and plugged it in over night. However, now it does just what this other reviewer described:
"... the battery no longer retains enough juice to make it work properly. The motor spins and makes a 'working noise' but the power isn't sufficient to even scratch the surface of a cork." I cannot locate any information on how to contact the company, not even on the company's website. I liked the general idea and hope I can find a better one that works longer.
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on January 10, 2016
i love this! what a great price too. it's SO easy to use. you just use the foil cutter by pinching the sides on top to release and then put it around the foil and squeeze and turn. then put the screw on top of the bottle and push. then to get the cork off the machine you push the other buttton. it's so easy and no twisting and turning manually. great for anyone who has trouble opening wine bottles and just a great look to have out for a party. i use it every day and it lasts weeks before i have to recharge. there is a cool blue light that it emits while it's charging. i love this. i've had it for weeks now with no issues whatsoever. i highly recommend! great for a gift too!
review image
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on May 15, 2016
So loud but so worth it! I can open a wine bottle pretty quickly with a wine key but I just don't want to... The foil cutter makes this especially easy and I hardly ever have to charge it. In fact I've been using it for months and don't think I've had to charge it once!
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on February 13, 2017
This little gadget is a lifesaver. I broke my previous manual wine opener inside a cork (i.e., cheap), and the metal part of the opener was deep inside the cork. I placed this one on top and it managed the pull the cork out intact. The little light show that it puts on is a nice effect too. Now, it does take a little elbow grease, as you'll have to help it just a bit to pull the cork out, but it's nothing compared to manually screwing in an opener. I find that I usually have to push the 'down button' until the screw is completely in the cork, and then wiggle the opener around just a bit to loosen the cork, before pressing the up button. I've opened about 7 bottles with the original charge that was on the opener when I took it out of the box.
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on January 28, 2016
The silver one is actually much better than the black Ozeri. I Blame it on the Chinese factory over producing the black so the same flaw become prevalent in the series. But I have owned 2 black wine openers and they both end up getting the same failure. The charger seating is loose, over time it will not be able to charge when you plug it into the charger. Where as the two silver wine openers I bought are much sturdier with the charge connection. Right now my last black wine opener is on its last legs I can get a charge going but then I can't move the wire or device in anyway. I think the Ozeri is a good brand for the price but stay away from the black version.
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on August 2, 2013
I wanted to like this item but it did not work for me. The screw would go into the cork but would stall when it tried to pull the cork out. The red body was nice--colorful. I like the blue light. The foil cutter was integrated into the unit nicely. But if the Wine Opener doesn't open wine, then it is useless for me. I have purchased a different brand that does work.

Update #1:
After writing the above review, in spite if the fact that the invoice indicates that the unit was "Sold by Amazon," I was contacted by Moderna Housewares with an offer to replace the defective product. I informed them that I had already returned the unit for a refund and purchased a different brand wine opener. They continued to stand by their offer, no strings attached. They did not even ask me to update my review, but I thought it would be the right thing to do. This is customer service "to the max," far beyond what is expected. I have been informed that I will receive a replacement unit in 6-8 days. I will update this review further once I get the replacement unit and test it out. Once again, GREAT customer service by Moderna Housewares!

Update #2
I got the replacement unit. I charged it overnight (actually a couple of nights) and have only had opportunity to try it on only one bottle. The corkscrew went into the cork just fine and when it hit bottom and was supposed to start pulling the cork out, it hesitated/strained for just a half second or so and then pulled the cork out as it is supposed to do. It doesn't seem to have quite as much torque as the Oster unit I purchased in place of the original Ozeri unit, but it does work.

I originally rated this product as 1 star because the original unit failed to pull corks out of the bottle. If the first unit worked liked the replacement I just received, I would have been satisfied with it and given it 4 stars (I very seldom give 5 stars except for extarordinary service or product, far above what I expected). If I had received the original defective unit and sent it back and immediately ordered the same brand replacement (without customer service involvement) and it worked, I would have given it 3 stars due to the original defective unit. However due to the excellent customer service (which I rate 5 star due to being far above what I expected), I am changing my star rating to a 4 star. I would definitely purchase from Moderna Housewares again if the opportunity arises.

I have used this wine opener since I got it (see above) on one charge until it finally lost it's charge. I don't drink wine all the time, but fairly often. It's been so long since I originally charged it, I lost the charger. Since it has given such good service on one charge, I got a new one. Now I have a charger and two charged wine openers. I hope I don't lose this new charger before I need to charge oner or both of these again.
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on August 2, 2016
First, I almost never write reviews choosing instead to just rate the product by clicking a star. But this time I was so disappointed that I'm taking the time to warn other shoppers. Why? Because I should have listened to the other reviewers who warned that this electric wine opener would suddenly stop working. And mine just did. No warning, no hiccups, nothing to make me go "uh oh." It just stopped. The "up" button that releases the cork still works but the "down" button that drills into the cork just stopped working. I've been using it a couple of times a week for a little over a month. I'm guessing I've used it roughly a dozen times at most. So definitely not excessive. And I was so happy with it the first few weeks. It was perfect. Then it wasn't. I wish I could return it but I'm pretty sure I cannot. So it's my loss. Don't make the same mistake that I did.
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on November 8, 2017
It is a good looking opener and it worked great on ten bottles or so. Now it will only penetrate the cork, bog down and then stop when trying to remove it. I have to back it out of the cork and then use another opener. I am going to contact the manufacturer since the item is under warranty. If they stand behind the product and replace it with a functioning model, I will report back.

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on November 13, 2017
LOVE IT!! I'm a wine consultant and I open a lot of wine bottles. I got tired of twisting a manual one and got this one. Why did I wait!!? This is a amazing opener. Works like a charm. All you do is line up the worm in the middle of the cork and press the button and hold it until it stops. It goes in easily and comes out slowly. It might sound like it's running low on power when it's bringing it up but that's only for a second. Once it gets all the way out, press the top of the button and it unscrews the cork. Everyone at my wine tastings wants one!
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