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on July 6, 2015
Wow, this is the best wine opener I've had so far! I've had about 5 others (I've lost count) and this one by far excels above the others. Powerful motor and takes about 8 seconds to pull the cork out of the bottle, and another 4 seconds to release the cork....done! I like how the foil cutter is part of the top of the opener as shown in my pic. With a half turn, the cutter is removed from the opener so you can use it to cut the foil off, then simply twist it back on the opener for storage again so you won't lose it. And, this cutter has two 1-inch curved blades for cutting, not only it is very efficient and quick at cutting but should last awhile, very nice design. Another cool feature not mentioned is the opener has two blue LED's light up pointing downward when you turn it on and when you are charging the batteries.....again, shown in the attached pic. So far, I love this wine opener and highly recommend it for anyone who no longer wants to struggle and waste time with the corks.
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on December 21, 2016
I purchased this a gift for a Yankee Swap, however ended up keeping it for myself. First of all, this wine opener is awesome! I purchased the silver one, and although it was slightly more, aesthetically it was well worth it! I can not even say how many times I have snapped a cork when trying to open a bottle of wine with a regular wine opener. This little gadget will eliminate your broken corks and allow you to open that bottle with ease! Quite honestly, what attracted me to this gadget the most is the blue light that goes on as it opens (hey, it's the little things!). In addition to the wine opener itself, the top come off so that you can remove the foil from your bottle (no more little foil pieces in your wine glass), plus you get the spout and the stopper which is great! Overall I would buy another one of these in a heartbeat. I do think that I will be getting more of these as gifts for my wine loving friends in the future! Cheers!
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on August 3, 2016
At first, I didn't think much of it. At first, a 4-star review was warranted for this product. After using it for a few times I decided to upgrade the score to a 5-star recommendation.

All things considered, the wine opener is a solid 4-star performer. It is efficient, fast, and powerful. I like the electrical system as it does not run on replaceable batteries (AA or AAA). There's nothing more disappointing on a dinner night where everything is all set, mood, music, flowers, everything, and your wine opener quits on you AND you don't have batteries. So, it's a plus to have wine opener that can be charged OR run directly plugged in. At first I thought that would limited where I open my wine (e.g., what if I want to open my wine in bed?) After a few uses I realize that despite how I *THINK* I will open a bottle of wine in bed I actually don't--I'd open the wine already and bring the bottle to bed (the cork will be loosely on). Why? Opening wine is more involved than just popping the cork. You have to take off the foil with foil cutter. Then you have to throw away the foil. And so on. So, as it turns out, most of us actually open our wine in the kitchen to get it prepared and then serve at the table. Again, if you want to pop the cork at the table, sure, this opener can do that for you. The opener can be operated cordless. So, there!

In addition, you get a foil cutter and a pour spout. A complete set. The pour spout is not that important as I hardly use the pour spout anyway. Reason: once the spout is in, you can't recork the bottle. Also, a bottle of wine usually serves 4 (large) or 6 (regular). Often a bottle won't even last so there is no need to spout it. Also, if you are really into wine then you know you need to decant the wine to let it breath. You'll be pouring the bottle into a decanter. Again, no pour spout needed for that. So, the spout is a good $2 gift that is not going to be used.

On the other hand, the foil cutter is a must! No wine opening set is complete with a foil cutter. The foil removal process can be far more annoying than screwing the cork and pulling it. Trust me.

For about, what, $15? You get a complete set of the two most essential tool: Foil Cutter and Cork Puller. I estimate this $15 will last at least 2 years or more. Absolutely worth it. The VALUE of this product is what earned it 5-star.

The time it takes to pull the cork is about 6-7 seconds. That's typical speed for most electric wine opener. It really doesn't matter. It's not like we are in the World's Fastest Cork Pulling Contest.

For $15, this is a great buy! Especially if you get it shipped for free.
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on March 1, 2011
What can I say? I read the reviews and they seemed very positive. I bought this as a gift and after trying it out I was impressed. I have a nice steel folding opener with a knife and corkscrew which works well for me. This opener is quite faster though and does the job great. The metal cutters cut the foil wrapper in just a couple good twists and the top wrapper slipped right off! When decorking I simply placed the corkscrew on the cork, pressed the down button, and drilled swiftley and easily into the cork. I was actually amazed at how easily the cork unscrewed. I pressed the up button and without any pulling on the cork the power of the motor speedily uncorked the bottle. This was so easy to use a 90 year old grandmother could quickly open a bottle of wine.
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on March 13, 2017
So the first thing I want to mention is, like others have stated in their reviews, the motor seems a little weak. If it was even 20-30% more powerful this thing would be perfect. If it wasn't for that it would get a 5 star glowing review. It's a shame because out of probably ten uses, 2-3 times it struggled to the point I almost gave up. But, I would stop the motor, then start again and after a few times it would finally pull the cork free. The design is great, the removable foil cutter is really a nice touch and SO nice you don't have to find a place to store it.
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on April 11, 2017
I've used this twice so far, and am pretty happy with it. The foil cutter works well, but the way it is designed makes it uncomfortable to hold in your hand as you use it - it digs in to your hand and makes it awkward to hold as you try to squeeze and turn it (I've never had that problem with a foil cutter before). The corkscrew isn't flimsy, and I think it will last. It does slow waaay down and sound as though it is going to die for a few seconds in the middle of pulling the cork out, but so far it hasn't. It was fully charged both times, so I am assuming this is how it is supposed to work. *I will update if it becomes a problem.* It is nice that it stands on it's own, and that you can see the corkscrew going into the cork. I haven't used the wine stopper/pourer yet.
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on January 28, 2014
I've opened a few bottles of wine with this device, and it has worked well every time! Sometimes, it sounds/looks like it's working hard, but it always gets the cork out, no problems.

The pourer and stopper are nice, however the little rubber part of the pourer that helps fit to all size wine bottles fell off somewhere in my 2nd/3rd bottle of wine, and I didn't notice. So now it doesn't really fit snugly, with just the metal exposed.

The foil cutter is really nice, but it usually take a couple of tries to get it right.

Overall, this is a lot easier than a cork screw!
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on November 22, 2016
This thing was a serious life saver!! And bonus, it came charged so I could use it right away...

Let me take you back to last St. Patrick's Day...
I was home...watching a movie...cause let's be honest here, that is only a holiday created for amateur drinkers.
Anyway, my movie was interrupted by a hard knock on the door. I open it, surprised to find a sloppy drunk lipstick smeared across her face.
As she stood there, desperately trying to keep her balance, she managed to spit out the slurred words "Um, I just moved in to apartment 1058 a few doors down. I don't have a bottle opener. Can I borrow yours? I'll bring it back."
Part of me wanted to tell her, "No, you've clearly had enough." Then another part of me thought, "It's her liver...let her live her life. YOLO."
So I went in my kitchen and grabbed a manual corkscrew/bottle opener that I had purchased from a grocery store a while back ago. That bottle opener and I went through a lot of alcohol together. The good times we had. forward to a week later...she never brought the bottle opener back and she didn't live in apartment 1058...weeks, then months went by...still no corkscrew. I eventually moved out of those apartments, coming to terms with the fact that I would never be reunited with my trusty opener.

So now, here we are in October of 2016...I had a bottle of wine and nothing to open it with. In a moment of urgency, I ran to my nearest dollar store and got a replacement corkscrew/bottle opener...only to have the friggin corkscrew break off inside the cork of the wine I was trying to open. It was a sad day that day.
I immediately logged into Amazon and ordered this Godsend of an opener. And let's get a round of applause for Amazon Prime. I don't know what I'd do without that quick ass shipping.
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on March 17, 2017
Awesome wine opener!, Purchased as a gift and I like it better than my electric opener. It is easy to use, lights up into a cool "spaceship" blue color when plugged in and would look awesome sitting on a bar top. The foil cutter is integrated into the top of the opener, so you never need to look for it!
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on March 22, 2017
This is our third wine opener and it is the best by far at this point in time. The opener hold a charge very well and is very easy to use. We have only had it a short time but are very impressed with it.
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