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on October 23, 2016
I honestly had this darn thing for a month and it would NOT work. unfortunately OZERI customer care agent was useless when they ended up sending me another that ALMOST ended up in my garage sale ! READ ON

Last night my artist , discovered that I have an OZERI . I told her that its a worthless gadget that does not work. Really? she said..hmmmm I have one exactly like yours and mine works but let me show you how to use it.
I was 110 percent sure the darn thing was not going to work, after all, OZERI had already sent me a second one.
AMAZING, worked perfectly!

So the directions are UNCLEAR!!


Hold on to your bottle with one hand. Place the wine opener on top, like directed.
ok, here is the part they DONT MENTION...UGGG
Press the lower part of the push lever and HOLD HOLD HOLD ! DO NOT LET GO...
You will hear and feel a THUMP, CLICK OR will think "ok what just happened? Did the cork fall into the bottle?
At this point, you can release your hand and pull your OZERI off the bottle.

What ends up happening is that the cork screw digs deep into the wine bottle and it will automatically retract back on its own.
DO NOT PUSH THE "up" LEVER...Until you have removed the opener from the bottle completely . The up lever is only used to simply release the cork from the bottle opener.
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on March 24, 2015
THIS IS THE BIGGEST PIECE OF JUNK I HAVE EVER USED! I've had this wine opener for just over a month. The second time I used it, and nearly every time thereafter, the cork wouldn't eject and I had to manually remove it by inserting a tiny screw driver into the cork and pulling on it while holding the eject button. I emailed the manufacturer who stated, "PLEASE NOTE: THE ELECTRIC WINE OPENER MAY EXPERIENCE PROBLEMS WITH A SMALL PERCENTAGE OF PLASTIC/SYNTHETIC AND UNDERSIZED CORKS. IF THIS IS THE CASE, THE CORK SHOULD BE REMOVED MANUALLY." I had the eject problem regardless of the type of cork! This is not acceptable, and the manufacturer will not refund my money; they just want to send me another one of these inferior wine openers. The Brookstone wine opener I have had for years worked like a charm on every type of cork, however it recently started to struggle, so I thought it was time for a new wine opener. I sure made a mistake when I purchased this Ozeri opener. In addition, I prefer to keep the wine opener on the charging dock; however, the Ozeri charging station has an irritating red blinking light that starts flashing every time you use the opener and put it back on the charger, and continues to blink until the opener is fully charged again. I noticed that several others who wrote review on this product have had the same issues. I would like to see Amazon drop this product.
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on January 3, 2016
Although I think this is one of the better looking electric openers on the market, I've experienced a couple of disappointing flaws:

1 - It it much louder than my last opener (an Oster)
2 - It has a hard time ejecting some corks.. it will remove them from the bottle just fine, but when trying to eject the cork from the opener, the cork just continues to "slip" and never ejects. I had to use a pair of needle nose pliers to hold the cork in place while ejecting it. This seems to be particularly problematic with those high density foam-type corks.

Too bad they can't put the guts from a better opener in this better looking shell.

UPDATE - After a few weeks of using this, its failed to eject the cork about 1/3rd of the time, so I have to return it. I do think this is the bst looking opener on the market, but unfortunately it fails too much.
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on July 5, 2015
Ozeri OW05A prestige electric wine bottle opener with aerating pourer and foil cutter is an okay wine bottle opener. You don’t have to take a century to open up a wine bottle yet there is a formidable solution such as this one. The wine bottle opener goes for $28.95 and $6.50 as shipping fee. This is an incredible price considering the fact that the wine bottle opener works as advertised. Furthermore most of the electric wine bottle openers cost more or less the same. The opener is advertised as having the capability of opening 80 bottles on a single charge. While I haven’t gone that far I can confidently say that it opens around 20 bottles. 80 in my opinion looks like a marketing travesty but if the claim is true then the opener is very convenient. It is very simple to use the bottle opener. You push the button on the opener and voila! It first removes the seals using the foil cutter and then the cork. You don’t even need a manual to know how the opener functions because everything about is pretty straightforward. Another good thing with this opener is that it is cordless which is convenient because you don’t want to end up having to deal with a corded wine opener. There is however a recharging base that has a LED charging indicator. The indicator will alert you immediately the electric opener finishes charging. The rubber grip feels good on the hand because it doesn’t permit gliding. You can therefore open as many bottles at a go without tiring and by extension without having to keep on re-adjusting the opener in position. There is even no elbow grease required to operate this electric opener. This is a wow factor for your guests that will keep them talking. I believe this is the kind of electric opener that you will find in commercial bars. The electric opener removes natural and synthetic corks. The amount of time taken to open the corks varies a bit. The synthetic corks will take a prolonged amount of time to open. The only annoying con with this opener: The corks tend to get stuck inside the opener and it takes time to remove them. This is especially true for synthetic corks. When this happens use the knife to get the cork down since the top part of the button that’s supposed to release the cork is often more dead than alive. But I still prefer the number one best seller in this category. It is called Oster electric wine bottle opener and costs $19.99.
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on May 19, 2015
Would not recommend purchasing the Prestige model! Bought this to replace another Ozeri model (Pro) that gave up the ghost after a couple years (we drink alot of wine ;)...)
The Prestige has a killer motor and extracts all corks (synthetic and natural) from the bottle with little effort. However, and its a big deal for us... this model will not "release" synthetic corks from the unit after they've been removed from the bottle. . We had to use a butter knife to wedge between the corkscrew and the inside body of the unit to prevent the synthetic cork from turning while the corkscrew turns to get the cork to "release".
Returned the "Prestige" after only a week and a half after all three synthetic corks got stuck inside the unit. Ordered another Pro model today. Don't think the "Pro" is as powerful... but we never had any corks get stuck inside the unit!
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on December 21, 2015
I love using corkscrew openers, but I wanted to give my parents something as a gift that would convenience them. So I decided to get the Ozeri Electric Wine Bottle Opener. So far it has been excellent to use!

The wine opener itself has a rubberized plastic exterior and a nice weight that makes it feel high quality. Just make sure to hold the bottle and press the down button and the cork should come out in around 7 seconds. Make sure to hold the bottle, or the screw will get stuck in the cork and it will be a hassle to redo. Pressing the up button allows the cork to be released once you're done uncorking.

I've used this around 10 times so far, so I haven't been able to verify the 80 bottles per charge claim. But so far it looks to be holding up. I'll keep an update on if it manages to underwhelm

The wine opener comes with a charging stand, electric plug, foil opener, and aerator.

Overall a fantastic tool as long as you use it right. Make sure to hold the bottle and you are all set!

I want to thank the manufactures for providing me with a free review unit in order to give an honest evaluation.
review imagereview image
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on August 24, 2015
I had high hopes for this - not that I've heard of this brand, but it's my first electric opener - my parents have one and it's worked for years. Well my very first time charging it to full term, reading the instructions (although I've used my parents) and opening a bottle of wine, the cork got stuck! It went all the way up into the unit and wouldn't come out! My hubby had to stick a butter knife in it and was able to get the cork out. Then I tried another 5 bottles of wine and only once did the cork come out the way it was supposed to. It was disappointing however this is why I love Amazon. I am easily able to return if I need to. I have since returned the unit and have ordered an Oster instead. So far haven't had any issues.
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on February 18, 2014
I was excited to get my new opener. I had a Waring and finally the battery was not longer strong enough to open any more bottles. Obviously, batteries whether recargable or not, have a life. I loved my Waring which opened 80 bottles before a charge.

The Ozeri Presige Electric Wine Bottle Opener was rated so highly that i had to buy it. It also was a little smaller than my Waring, but not a big deal. I got it from Amazon, and the very first bottle I opened, the cork got stuck. The "screw" is very sharp, so when i tried to get it out, I cut my finger. Anyway, since then, I have opened 6 bottles and 3 corks have gotten stuck. This NEVER happened with my Waring Pro WO50B Cordless Wine Opener with Vacuum Sealer and Foiler Cutter, Black therefore i would recommend buying the Waring and NOT the Ozeri, despite the high reviews for the Ozeri
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on February 22, 2016
I bought this as a gift for my mother, who always has a hard time with corkscrews, but drinks wine often. She absolutely loved this opener. It worked as advertised, and she never reported a cork getting stuck as some others have. Unfortunately after about two years of use it just died. I don't know if the battery or the motor died, but it just stopped working. I'd expect better longevity from something that gets used for a few seconds at a time.

Like many drinking related gadgets, I think electric wine openers are more of a gimmick than a helpful tool. They're great for people who are clumsy or not strong enough to operate a mechanical opener, although in those cases I think a Rabbit opener would probably be better. This is the sort of thing you buy your mom when you don't know what to get her, and then replace it with a Rabbit two years later.
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on January 31, 2015
On a full battery charge, the Ozeri wine bottle opener removes corks from bottles without issues at least half of the time. However, the stated battery life isn't even close to what this device achieves in real life. In our experience, it actually opens around 6-10 bottles per battery charge. If the battery dies in the middle of operation -- which happens frequently -- you'll end up with a mangled or stuck cork. So, it isn't safe to simply charge the battery and put the base away. To keep the battery topped off, you have to leave the bottle opener in the charging base at all times. If you have a small counter like ours, you'll hate this because the bottle opener is much larger than it appears in the pictures.

Aside from the poor battery life, the Ozeri wine bottle opener is quite unreliable. It isn't particularly sharp and will occasionally destroy corks rather than removing them cleanly. Other times, the cork will fail to eject properly. While I'm sure that there are some electric wine bottle openers out there that are worth the money and work reliably, this one isn't it. I strongly suggest buying something else.
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