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on February 9, 2012
In general I love this scale; for the price it tells you a lot and seems fairly accurate. I bought this when my 3rd child was 3 months old because I didn't have a scale in the house and wanted to see how well I was getting back to my pre-pregnant weight. Plus I wanted to monitor my hydration, since, as a nursing mom, I sometimes forget to drink plenty of fluids. I also looked at this scale as a long term investment. Most similar scales only allow 4 profiles, but I thought as my son gets older it would be nice for all 5 of us in the family to have our own profiles.

Enter the quirks of this scale. You should be aware of the following before purchasing. They aren't all that big of a deal but might be a deal-breaker for some people:
1. Although you can store up to 8 profiles, you cannot set any profile age for younger than 10 years old! My oldest will be 10 soon, so I figured it would be close enough for her, but if you envision this as a family scale and have young children, you might want to be aware that you will not be able to program an accurate profile for them. That said, I don't know if that factors into any of the ways it calculates things. For my 7 yr old, I just put in age 10 and her height and it *seems* to work, but just how far you can stretch it, I'm not sure. Will it believe you have a 3 ft 10 yr old or will it malfunction?

2. Despite what the manual claims, you cannot just step on the scale if you want an accurate weight measurement. We have been sure to put it on a hard level surface, but when it turns on upon stepping on it, it's actually never zeroed properly at first. It usually reads about 4 lbs before going to zero. I discovered this by trial and error. As a scientist, I like to get a feel for the measurement error in devices such as this, and I soon discovered that the first measurement was always about 4 lbs more than subsequent measurements, and that the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. measurements were all within about 0.2lbs of each other. I even experimented with which foot I put on the scale first, figuring that maybe I was leaning weird somehow, but it seemed to make no difference. Then my husband told me that he always steps on it just hard enough to turn it on, then takes his foot back off for a moment. He notices that when he does this, it reads 4lbs instead of zero at first, then it goes to zero, then he steps on to weigh himself. After following this procedure, the measurements I get when weighing myself give good agreement, no matter how many times in a row I weigh myself.

3. The "unit" button. I admit, I didn't read every word of the manual at first, and skipped over the part about changing the units the scale measures in. Thus I was unaware that there was a unit button on the *bottom* of the scale! This is a really stupid design, because often when you grasp the scale to move it, you inadvertently depress the unit button. The scale need not be on for this to register, and I was perplexed to find the scale suddenly measuring my body weight in "stones," til I read the manual and discovered the unit button. Again, as a scientist I am definitely in favor of being able to change the scale so that it reads in kg instead of lbs, but "stones?" Who the heck needs to weigh themselves in "stones??" Plus I think they could have found a better placement for the unit button.

So bottom line: I've found a way to work around these quirks and get good use out of this scale, and I don't regret the purchase, because, again, it was so affordable for what this scale does. But personally I'd have liked to have been aware of some of these quirks before purchasing. Thus why I'm passing them onto you, the potential customer :) Cheers!
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on January 30, 2014
This is great, but has no "memory" mode, nor does it have an ANT+ or Bluetooth or WiFi upload feature.

The price reflects that, as does the description - just pointing out the almost-obvious.

This has slots for 8 people. Entering your stats allows it to calculate your fat/muscle/water/bone percentages.

If your weight varies by more than 8 pounds since your last weighing, it will not figure out who you are and you'll have to reset your profile.

If your weight is within 8 pounds of another profile, it will not be able to figure out who is who.

You cannot pick which profile you're weighing under except when you reset a profile.

All of that being said, when it works, you just step on and it knows... Give it a couple of seconds, and the other stats print out. The screen is very easy to read.

It is glass, so if you drop it, it can break. Otherwise, it's pretty stable, stepping on, tripping over it, etc.

I really like it vs my Omron, because it's faster and doesn't require the use of handle-bars for the bio-impedance metrics. Its measures are more consistent than the Omron too. If I'm straight out of the shower, or have been dry for hours, the body fat percentages are within a tent of a percent on this, vs being 4-8% off with the Omron.

As to accuracy, I've not had a professional measure. I'm a big guy, but it's all in my abdomen. Since I started cycling, my legs, arms, face, and chest have become very lean. My BMI is about 30, I'm 6'6 and 266 pounds. I can put out almost 1300 watts on the bike for 5 seconds, and average in the 130W range for rides over 40 miles. This scale says my body fat is 20%, and the Omron says it's 32%. Realistically, I think it's somewhere between the two.

Also, I cheat and sometimes use my bathroom scale to measure me plus another item, like my bike, then subtract out my weight. This scale, on a hard, level, smooth surface with even distribution across the 4 corners can handle 440 pounds. My Omron scale can only handle 310, so it's easy to top-out with other things. I know, off-label use, but just something to know.

Lastly, this scale was half the cost of my Omron scale.
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on June 2, 2017
It's nice looking and seems to do what it says, though I have no idea if it's accurate. I like the easy to read digital numbers and that it lets you set up profiles for different people. The only thing is it seems to give a different number for my weight- sometimes varying by as much as 5 pounds within an hours time. It's quite the emotional rollercoaster, lol. This is my first ever scale- I'm 42 and never owned one or stepped on one outside of the doctors office or publix occasionally so I am just kind of fascinated with the ever changing numbers and all the interesting stuff this thing tells me, though I don't know what most of it means yet- it's still -pretty cool.
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on December 8, 2013
I absolutely love this scale. Not only does it look great, but it's pretty stinking accurate. I even have it on linoleum flooring and it still is accurate. The body fat seems way off at the lower levels (under 24%), but its good enough for keeping track of weight loss and staying motivated. In order to keep an accurate measurement of my weight loss, I have been weighing myself upon waking. My only advice for others is to also weigh themselves upon waking after using the bathroom. I measure myself every day to look for changes. If guests come over to weigh themselves they simply just step on and it will display the weight in around 6 seconds. For those who took the 8 seconds to setup their profile it will detect you based on your weight and then it will scan your body for the other measurements. Just make sure you aren't wearing socks if you want those measurements.

The life span of this scale has been good so far. With my abuse of this scale it has lasted 4 months so far, and i'm sure it will last for much longer since it looks brand new. Most of my older scales have had accuracy issues at this point. I even used it recently to weigh my luggage by standing on it and measuring my weight then measuring my weight while i lifted my bag. The scale is dead accurate. The only maintenance so far has been cleaning the occasional dirt/dust that builds on the glass top, but that is a known cleaning task on anything with a glass top. Since mine is by my kitchen i just use my Clorox wipes.

Occasionally this device will forget who i am. Which is pretty bad since i only setup myself as a user. Normally this happens if my day to day changes has been over 5 lbs. So, if you weigh yourself at different times of the day or if you go long periods without weighing yourself then you may face this quite often. Fixing it takes only a few seconds as you have to run through the age/weight/male/female screen again, but the settings are saved you just have to get to the weigh screen again to set it for your current weight. Overall this is a great scale that looks and performs well (up to 257 lbs that I have tested), and it only costs a little more than normal scales.
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on November 8, 2017
I purchased 2 “Ozeri Touch 440 lbs Total Body Bath Scale – Measures Weight, Fat, Muscle, Bone & Hydration with Auto Recognition and Infant Tare Technology;” One for my home and one for my sons home. The scale looks great. I’m quite satisfied with the product. I would also even recommend the scale if it was under $25. The only reason I gave it three stars is because I don’t feel the auxiliary features, body fat measurement, total water weight, and bone mass work accurately or are dependable. The reason I don’t believe these features work accurately/dependable is because I found large changes from one day to the next; for example, I doubt I’m losing a half a pound of bone or gaining a half a pound of bone within 24 hours!
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on May 8, 2015
So far I have had this scale for a few months. I like it for the most part. It is an attractive scale and it seems pretty accurate in regards to measuring body weight.

Here are a few cons that kind of bother me:

1. It's attractiveness lends itself to the glassy top. As such I am paranoid that my kids are going to break it. They picked up and moved around the previous scale quite a bit and have dropped it quite a bit. I think dropping this scale would break it for sure.

2. The scale takes a few minutes to re-measure once you have let it measure your body weight and body fat. I cannot seem to figure out if there is a quicker way to cycle it or clear it so that I can re-measure. It cycles through all the readings 3 times I think with no way to turn it off.

3. If you are close in body weight someone else it requires you to pick a profile. I wish this could be bypassed. I realize though that these scales likely need to know your age, gender, how athletic you are, in order to guess the appropriate body fat. It does make my wonder how accurate the body fat percentage portion is though.
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on November 27, 2016
I bought this scale a little over 7 months ago. A few days ago it stopped working so we changed the batteries. After battery change, it appeared to require resetting. That's when we discovered the "down arrow" no longer worked. In order to reset the scale for my height, we had to use the "up arrow" until the height was over 7 feet. Then it restarted at a little over 3 feet. We managed to get it working again for now. We checked the manufacturer's warranty which requires the customer to repack the unit and pay the postage to send to manufacturer. It doesn't seem to be worth the effort and cost. So, we decided to continue using the scale until it quits again and replace it with a different brand.
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on April 23, 2015
So far so good. My previous body fat scale was a 20 year old Tanita which cost about $100 when new. It was still working but it's readings were a little suspect. Turns out it can only be calibrated by sending it back to the company. New ones are so cheap, are much nicer, and have far more features, so I took a chance.

The Ozeri is easy to set up and the display is bright and clear. I compared the Ozeri's readings with the old Tanita as well as the mechanical scale at my gym. The Tanita and Ozeri were in agreement on my body fat percentage, but the Tanita was about 4 pounds lighter on my weight. The Ozeri agreed with the mechanical gym scale on my weight. This suggests the Ozeri is right on the money. Sorry, old Tanita. out you go.

I like the additional information the scale shows (hydration, muscle mass, bone weight), but the way it displays the bone weight is confusing. Mine says 6lbs. This can't be right. Maybe that's percentage of my weight? I can't figure out how the number 6 could make any kind of sense with my bones.

Everything else seems great.
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on April 10, 2015
I just received this scale a few days ago, and already I am hooked. Of course, it is easy to love a scale when I stepped on it the first time to realize I have just lost 35lbs in 5 months! That aside, the scale itself is really great. The directions to program it the first time for each user are pretty simple and just requires some button-pressing and weighing. Once that is done, you are ready to go. I bought this scale for two main reasons. First, of course, is that it weighs me, and even checks things like body fat percentage. My second reason for purchase, though, is that this scale can weigh things like shipping boxes, and will do it accurately. Being disabled and homebound, I cannot make it to the post office. So, I just set the box on the scale to weigh it, print my postage online, and the postman picks up the package. Easy! One of the best things about shipping using online-printed postage is it is MUCH cheaper! So, THIS SCALE WILL PAY FOR ITSELF in postage savings, and in just a few months! Gotta love that. I also love the appearance of the scale. The platform is nice and wide, making it easy to step on. Even though it is very thin, it is quite sturdy, and has an overall look that is both sleek and modern. As my eyesight is not great, I really appreciate the large numbers, which are easy to read. Overall, I am thrilled with the purchase, and would recommend this item to anyone.
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on January 11, 2015
Inconsitent body composition readings. Higher hydration levels after a long night's sleep while eliminating over 3 cups of water? (I'm a Med Tech. Sometimes I measure body fluids) I had to program my height as being 5 inches shorter to get a realistic body fat reading of around 22%. It has formerly read out at 11% when my true height was entered. Contacted them twice but they are disinclined to do anything about it. I did not press the point about returning it as I suspect the shipping would not be refunded so it would not be worth my trouble. Weight does seem to be acccurate.
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