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on December 30, 2013
bought a house in Florida in July and began to see dirt mounds in the yard. one day a little gray vole was near the surface kicking up dirt. A few evenings later raccoons were digging up the yard on search of voles. I bought one mole chaser and it cleared out the backyard. We just bought another for the frontyard, just in case. No more tunneling rodents.
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on July 5, 2012
I have a really bad gopher problem with at least 3 new gopher holes in my front and back yard per day. I bought 2 of these sticks, put on in the front yard, and one in the back yard. I gotta say... I've noticed a huge change in the gopher activity. My front yard is pretty big and is divided by my drive way. I just placed an order for (2) more today. I'll let you guys know how it goes. Btw, I can't here any beeping unless I'm standing right above the darn thing. So idk what the others are talking about.
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on November 28, 2012
I had an older competitive product that used 4 C size batteries. The product was good but battery usage was becoming expensive and the batteries were hard to replace without pulling the chaser from the ground and having to reinsert into the ground.

I like the P3 P7911 because it is fully sealed and uses internal rechargeable battery and sunlight to charge the batteries. This has made the product completely install and forget. It does have an on / off switch but living in the southwest USA, I have a gopher problem year round and have not had an occasion to turn it off yet. The only downside to this type of product is that you must fabricate a hole the correct size in the ground to install it. The top mounted solar panel and 100% plastic construction means you can not "drive" chaser into the soil as I had been used to doing with the older metal / plastic models. The savings in batteries and time replacing the batteries make the installation a very minor inconvenience.

I highly recommend this product.
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on July 9, 2017
I really was hopeful that this product would last more than a year. i purchased 7/12/16 and it is now 7/9/17 and the unit no longer works. Like other users, i suspect corrosion due to the switch design which appears it might allow water to intrude from due and rain.

The Good
When it worked, it completely eliminated my vole issue in my back .25 acre back yard. It was placed by a pear tree which was almost dead from the vole activity and after putting this in the ground, I immediately (within the first week) noticed new life starting to grow. The tree has many fruit this year and up until it stopped working, the voles has stayed away.

The bad.
It has not been in the ground for even 1 year and it has stopped working. I checked the charge by turning it off and letting it charge in full sun for the day before turning the switch back on but it still does not make any more sound. Unfortunately I expected that it should last more than 1 year.
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on November 16, 2014
Update 1 Year Later - Still works
It's been a little over a year since I purchased the Gopher chaser. I didn't have any problem last summer or in the winter. A few weeks ago I saw a gopher mound at the fence line between my neighbor and my yard. I was wondering if it was back to start activity and if one of my transmitters had stopped working. I listened and it was still beeping. That was the only mound. It didn't go any further into my yard..but my neighbor is complaining about her area. I told her about this product. I know there are other negative reviews saying it does nothing, but in my own case I know it did. My backyard was full of gopher mounds. Once I installed them around the yard and leveled out the existing mounds, nothing has reoccurred. You must hear the the periodic soft tone. If you don't, it's not working.
So far so good. I had a real problem with a gopher(s) pushing up mounds of dirt in my backyard and killing shrubs and grass for the past 4 years. I had a professional service come in and drop poison peanuts into their burrows. That was a waste of money. I went to a hardware store and tried some other remedies with no success. We had a neighbor down the block tell us she put in a few of these solar transmitters and hadn't seen any activity afterwards. I put three of them in my back yard earlier in the year and I haven't seen any activity since then. So the only conclusion I have is they work.

The Solar Chaser emits a high pitched tone every few minutes into the ground. You can actually hear it if you wait and listen. Like a dog who starts howling when a siren goes off, the frequency/pitch of the solar chaser must annoy the little varmints and so they find another neighbor's yard to tunnel through. If you find it isn't working, I suggest you make sure it is generating the tone by waiting and listening. If you don't hear anything, then that is most likely why. Just like with any solar product, it has a rechargeable battery underneath the solar panel head. The sun charges the battery during the day and the chaser will continue to operate at night as long as the rechargeable battery keeps working. There is going to be a limited amount of cycles. So count on replacing the battery at some point. I have to say this has been a minor miracle for my backyard.
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on August 7, 2012
This is a truly wonderful product. My wife and I have learned that this product works like they say, 'IF', you put it in the ground deep enough. We started out with it in the ground about 4 inches, NOT enough. It must go in the ground about 8 inches and it will work wonderfully. We have also learned that if there are things in the way, in the area where you are having problems, like cars or rock flower bed - surrounds, then you should consider moving this product to another location. BUT it works WELL. We are mole FREE!!!
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on May 22, 2015
I bought two of these to keep the gophers away from my plants and to not tear up the new lawn I was putting down. We have a pool so I got one device for each side of it. In the sun, the unit will not turn off as others have said. I buried them well with just the solar panel flushed with the top of the soil. They were loud. They buzzed at different frequencies and loud enough to hear from across the yard with other sounds going on. My cats and dog didn't mind was more a combo mole/people annoyance device. I finally bought two of their original battery unit and it's much better. They discontinued it too which is a shame since they are better made than the solar one, and the inner piece that makes the sound is located way down in the very tip of the device. This solar one it seems like the noise maker is right under the cap. Also, these solar ones didn't seem to keep the gophers away...first they dug a lot of holes around it like they were checking it out, then they seemed to disappear. I planted a bunch of flowers and the gophers came and ate some two feet from the unit. My hope is that the battery powered ones (which you can't hear at all) will have the power and range to make a real difference in my yard. I buried them this afternoon and I can't hear them at all. Avoid this solar unit.
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on March 17, 2015
Well made, and when buried up to its head, the beeping is almost inaudible (and somewhat reassuring).

I ordered two of these when I spent an afternoon watching a gopher give me the finger as I developed my garden. I recently moved into this new house and the previous tenants have obviously had problems. There's netting buried all over the yard (useless, though), and my entire neighborhood appears to be a warzone. We live in a loamy/sandy soil area and the neighbor yards are RIDDLED with gopher condos. I figured it was time to try stuff.

I first tried spreading rodent repellent phosphate all over and it "kind of worked" in that the gophers seem to have moved out of the garden for at least the meantime. And then there was the little guy above.

When I got the first one, it didn't come with instructions - and this is key, because the second one did, and it warned you that you might see increased activity in the first couple weeks after you install it. I stuck it in the ground where I saw the little fella give me the finger and he quit. For a bit. Then he moved into the garden and tunneled a bit - and the garden is NOT 1/6th of an acre away, more like 20 ft away, but giving the stick a benefit of the doubt, I moved it closer to the center of the garden, and then activity ceased.

I was so psyched on this, that when moles showed up in the front yard, I got another and stuck it in there. So far so good.

Except two days ago, I had a bunch of celery and a few days later I only had a little in the garden. The celery is maybe two feet from the stick. It was nasty celery, and the most hated plant in the yard, so I didn't mind so much that the little guy targeted it, but . . . I JUST BOUGHT A SECOND STICK - and THERE HE WAS, GIVING ME THE FINGER.

There is literally NO celery left.

As I was writing this review, I thought that it might be a good idea to show you a photo of my lack of celery. So I went outside . . . and I found a new hole. Celery gone, looks like Mr Caddyshack is targeting my arugula. Not a foot from the stake.


Bottom line? This doesn't work. The sound carries, it's well sunk, and those little bastards are still at it.
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on October 17, 2013
I came back to buy two more and thought I'd leave a review. I trapped two moles earlier this summer but still had 4 active tracks. This had been an ongoing ordeal as they kept coming back to my yard. So I bought two of these.

I have a pretty good sized yard with a detached garage in the middle of my lot. I placed one noise maker in the front yard and a second between the house and garage leaving the back yard unprotected. The mole in the front yard became very active and I was able to kill him in his tunnel a couple days after I placed the noise maker. Since then I've had no moles in the front yard. The mole between the house and garage became inactive in the area two days after placing the noise maker. The mole in the back yard moved to the corner of the yard farthest from the noise maker.

I'm buying two more for my backyard. I have pretty dense soil, not sure if that helps. Regardless, these have worked good for me.
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on January 19, 2016
I bought this after my yard became ground zero for a complete take-over; I was ready to invite friends over to play whack-a-mole! There were a few new holes after placement, but this was warned about in the product description. After two or three weeks there were no new holes. It was very easy to install, just turn it on and push it into the ground. If you have a large yard, or one that is oddly shaped with barriers you may need two. (before picture attached).
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