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on July 14, 2017
The standard by which all other power meters are judged. Can't go wrong with one of these, buy one.

at least, i THOUGHT you couldn't go wrong. But I just plugged mine into a 110v AC source which came from an inverter in a solar PV system, and the "modified sine wave" seems to have immediately fried it. It now is dead as a doornail.

So this is a little easter egg for those who actually read the reviews on devices with scads of reviews. Beware of using with modified wave (cheap) inverters. Worked fine with my pure sine wave inverter. Wish there had been instructions noting that it requires a pure sine wave.
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on July 5, 2017
I used it on my computer and it nearly melted. Computer was drawing 11 amps max and this device is rated to 15. Don't trust this with high currents for long amounts of time.
review image
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on May 10, 2016
The device works great -- it measures things and the display gives feedback on power draw almost instantly, and it's great to watch the display change when you turn things on and off. There are two problems:

1. The LCD display can only be read from head-on maybe +/- 20 degrees. I have this installed on the wall next to my desk so I look at it from roughly a 90 degree angle (I can access the outlet fine but I can't look at it head on because the desk is where my head would need to be) so I can't read the display without moving my desk. If I unplug it forgets everything. A swivel screen or an angled or top-mounted display would be really helpful. I might try to find another model that has something like this.

2. When you plug this into a 2-plug outlet it covers both plugs. I can imagine it would also cover a 4-plug outlet. I only have one wall outlet where I want to use this but in order to use it I have to unplug my lamp, which has an awkward connector that doesn't fit into my power strip. Also because of the large size and plug orientation I can't plug the meter into my power strip either because I would have to unplug everything else.

Overall the components are good quality and it's fun to watch the meter respond, but it doesn't fit where I want to use it so it's not as useful as I'd hoped it would be. I will fiddle around with it a bit more and may get some value out of it but I would like to find another model which is easier to position and read from other angles.
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on September 8, 2016
I used this to measure all sorts of devices to prepare for my generator setup on our house. It's amazing how much certain devices draw. But I was also shocked to learn that no, contrary to popular belief, most electronics do not pull 70% of their wattage when they are in sleep mode. Whoever started spreading that rumor didn't think people would buy a watt meter. My TV, PS4, and other entertainment devices pull 0.5 watts while everything is off, and over 300 when everything is on.

If I had any improvements it would be a backlit LCD screen so you can read the numbers when it's at an odd angle under a dresser or something.
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on July 5, 2017
 It is an excellent option, to measure the consumption of everyday equipment, such as the refrigerator, microwave and things like that, I use it to measure the consumption of my electronic equipment, especially my PC, this helps me to control the monthly energy consumption .

Note that the screen is not back lit, which makes the data readability a bit difficult, in my case I need to use the mobile screen to light it, for the same price, you can find another with this feature, if you ask yourself why I chose, simply because they sent it faster.

In short, it has several functions, but the only one I have tried and used, is to measure consumption in Watt, and it works great.
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on August 11, 2017
I bought a P4400 in 2011. It showed which household items were power vampires, some using as much power off as on. I could switch them off with power strips or unplug them when not needed.

By measuring the power consumption of internet-related equipment, I could estimate how much time a given UPS could give me in the event of a power failure.

I kept a spreadsheet of wattage of various items under different conditions, to help future troubleshooting. When my internet speeds slowed down, the P4400 showed me the culprit. The power consumption of the $4 power supply of my VOIP telephone adapter was abnormally high.

For the refrigerator, I measured KWH per day for a summer kitchen temperature and for a winter kitchen temperature. After that, the P4400 could show me if the refrigerator was still operating as efficiently, or maybe I needed to check for dust or ice.

If a refrigerator wasn’t cooling, the P4400 was a quick way to see if the compressor was drawing current.

Last year, I bought a smart charger for car batteries. It had no ammeter. Clipping in a multimeter would have risked a short, a disconnection, or damage to the meter. I plugged the charger into my P4400, and with the multimeter, I determined how many watts the charger needed for each amp out. Then I didn’t need the multimeter. By showing me input wattage, KWH, and time, the P4400 let me know output amps, amp hours, and charging time.

The other day, my P4400 was in the engine compartment of a truck as I charged the battery. In case of an unexpected shower, the hood was up only three inches. In a sudden, heavy shower, enough drops blew through the crack to wet the P4400. It still gave credible wattage readings, but not KWH or amps.

I bought another one immediately. The P4400 has proved its value.
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on November 15, 2016
Quite interesting to use. 1800w max rating, and the highest watts I've measured was from a 1980's microwave pulling 1450ish watts. It's just very fun to guess and then check the watts that appliances use. There's more than wattage, of course, as you can see amps, volts, and even measure kilowatt hours... which if you're serious about monitoring your electricity usage, that setting will probably come in the most handy.
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on January 14, 2018
Got this so I can see the actual power usage of my crypto miner. Before I had to go with some estimates for my cost vs earnings analysis but now I KNOW exactly what my cost is. It has been a huge boon to know that I can make approx 34 bucks while only spending 4 every two days. And the power company saying I should unplug smartphone chargers while not in use is another thing I learned, had 3 chargers plugged in to a bar and they use NOTHING when a device isn't plugged in to them.
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on November 21, 2017
Works exactly as advertised and I really like it, but it is missing one vital feature... A battery backup. Battery backup you say, why? Who on Amazon has not had a brief power glitch that required one to reset all of the clocks and and reboot the computer? Well, that's exactly what happened to me. I had this electric usage meter hooked up to an automatic water distiller to calculate how much money it was costing me to distill water over the course of a month. The meter was working great keeping track of my total Kwh... Then came that irritating power glitch and erased all of the accumulated data. Now with a battery backup that would not have happened. Oh well, no big deal I guess. I still like this little gizmo and would buy it again. BTW, This company does make a meter with a battery, but I cheap(ed) out... My bad. This device has enabled me to find several power wasters that surprised me.
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on November 22, 2017
Performs well. Easy to understand. No technical skills required.
However, I recommend you purchase a six foot 12gauge extension cord to use with the monitor. This meter is hard to read when it is plugged into the typical wall receptacle. Far as I can tell, the screen is not lit. Shining a flashlight behind furniture doesn't help viewing the screen. And, you lose all the data as soon as it's unplugged.
So, an extension cord would solve those problems. If you intend to monitor a device such as a space heater or toaster oven, you need a heavy duty extension cord. 12 gauge should be OK, but I am not an electrician; so don't rely on me for any technical advice. Common sense tells me you should NOT try to use a skinny Christmas light cord when testing a compressor, power tool, or any thing that heats up.
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