Customer Reviews: GearIt 10-Pack, Cat5e Ethernet Patch Cable 1 Foot - Snagless RJ45 Computer LAN Network Cord, Blue - Compatible with 10 Port Switch POE 10port Gigabit
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on May 13, 2013
I ordered 140 of these cables for a data center upgrade because the pricing was very attractive. As soon as I took the first one out of the box I knew I had made a mistake. The insulation cladding was very thin to the point that the twist ties were denting the the insulation so badly you could see the outline of the individual conductors inside! As we pulled them out of the box, 14 (10%) of them tested bad for continuity. Having no other choice, we used the remaining 126 cables as planned and upon power-up found three more that would not link up even though they passed the continuity check. Over the course of the next three days two more stopped working and had to be replaced. By that time we were able to get Belkin replacement cables overnighted in and our IT department pulled a SECOND all-nighter to pull all the cmple cables out and replace them with the Belkin cables that I should have ordered to begin with. I have returned the entire shipment and am currently awaiting a refund.
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on May 7, 2014
I needed Cat5e cables of varying lengths to complete my data/comm/TV distribution panel in my new house. I bought 0.5 foot, 1.5 foot, 2 foot, and 3 foot lengths, all in this color, to perfect the installation. Eventually I will post photos of it, but as of today I am waiting for one last part to arrive.

These cables are manufactured well. Several of mine bend nearly 90 degrees just distal to the connector, with no sign of malfunction, or damage to the blue plastic jacket.

(I used gray Cat5e cables to distinguish POE utilizations.)
review image
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on July 22, 2016
I got this to go with my GearIT Ethernet Keystone. There was a small project I wanted to setup, which was to run a line from one room to another. However, this was to be done without drilling into the walls, or otherwise do anything to the wall for this setup. This was more of a flexible setup that could be taken away at a moment's notice.

The project was simple: I have the router in one room, and I need an Ethernet connection to reach to another room across the hall. While the keystone was unnecessary, it helped give it a bit of a more dressed up feeling. However, this also meant I would more than one Ethernet cable. At least one for the stretching from room-to-room, and one for the keystone. The unmentioned part of this was the use of some plastic sleeves that are formed into a triangle with the middle being empty. This helps to protect whatever wires and cables you push through it, and also helps to not be an eyesore.

I did check the cable and it seemed fine. It fit into my laptop without a problem, and hooking it up to the router proved it was working. The color is a nice touch if you have enough of them running and need them to be organized. For my project, this would be unnecessary, but if I added more lines, it could come in handy.

Overall, I am happy with the product and GearIT seems to make some quality items I am beginning to find out. Would I recommend this cable to someone else looking for something similar? Sure. Do I think the pricing is good? I find it within a decent range. For now, I am satisfied and think others will be too. I got this at a discount.
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on March 23, 2016
There is a certain pleasure one can only get from color-coded patch cables or always having the exact right length cable when you need it. We have wiring closets full of these patch cables and they are a delight to use and satisfying to view. (They are also well-made and meet spec. But that is almost beside the point.)
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on February 25, 2014
I ordered three 10-packs of these cables in different colors at the same time. Since they came from the same seller, I was hoping they'd be consistent quality and appearance across the board. However, they were not. The three 10-packs were all packaged and labeled differently, made of different cable stock, and slightly different connectors. It looks like they came from three different manufacturers.

Since I was not familiar with these cables, I decided to run each one through my tester before putting it into service. Out of 5 cables I tested, one failed. It turned out to be some plastic flashing on one connector that was preventing good contact with one of the fingers; once I cleaned that away with an X-Acto knife, the cable passed test and is working fine.

Since 10/100 networking only uses 2 of the pairs in the cable, and Gigabit uses all 4 pairs, a piece of errant plastic like this might result in a cable that works fine on 10/100 connections but not on Gigabit. This can make troubleshooting more difficult than it needs to be. Just a helpful hint.

I use a lot of patch cables at work and have seen cables from a lot of different vendors. I've done some further looking around on the Web and have found places where I can buy patch cables from well-known vendors that I'm familiar with, that have proven over time to be reliable, for basically the same price as these. So it's doubtful I'll buy these again.
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on May 4, 2014
Did a major wiring project during the building of our new church. Even though I ran CAT6 wiring in the walls, I used these small cables to run from the patch panels to the network switches mounted directly underneath because of the cost savings. These served the purpose quite well. However, as with most booted cables, the boot ends up just being more frustration than it is worth. I purchased a few "20 packs" of these cables and they seem to have sent two different brands with slightly different shades of blue. The darker blue that they sent me had a VERY tough boot to the point where I needed to jam a screw driver up inside the boot to be able to disconnect it. All in all I think the quality I received was fair for the price. If I had to do it all over again I would probably try to find cables without boots.
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on May 29, 2015
Seems to be high quality. Very Pliable and nice and short for short connections with no mess. I received this product in exchange for my unbiased opinion. It seems to be a very nice product and it comes in different colors for those who need more than one and prefer them to be colordoded.
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on September 24, 2014
Item just as described. These blue chords are great. Hooked up all my 'wireless' devices with hardwires and they run way better. Wireless is convenient but still can't touch cables for bandwidth. Git ya some.
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on June 16, 2016
I've receive this product from the seller at a discount or for free to review, To give my honest opinion and review the product. So here is my honest opinion on it.
The 3 FT RJ45 CAT 5E MOLDED NETWORK CABLE - BLUE by GearIT work great
The cable claim to have these features:
High-precision, CAT5e, ANSI/TIA-568-C.2 Compliant, ETL Verified, Ethernet LAN Patch Cable, pre-terminated with Cat 5e RJ45 connectors and available in a wide variety of colors for proper color coding of network connections
Premium quality category 5 enhanced cable, long-lasting materials, durable design, and a lifetime warranty for the price of a generic cable. ETL verified to ensure maximum reliability and compatibility
UTP 24AWG stranded conductors for flexibility and minimum crosstalk, 50 micron gold-plated contacts for high-speed data transfer and corrosion resistance, as well as molded, snag-less strain relief boots for long lasting, durable connections
Compatible with Ethernet 10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX(Fast Ethernet), 1000BASE-T (Gigabit Ethernet) and Peer-to-Peer, as well as any other devices that utilize 8C8P networking cables including Telephony, Home Automation and long distance video transfer technologies like HMDI over Ethernet
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The cable is just like your standard ethernet cable you may find out in the store. same quality and even the same look as the one you might be using. But it is cat5 molded no is is a nice upgrade and not to mention if your modem is close to your machine this short cable is perfect for cable management.
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on June 7, 2016
[I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review of the product. This has, in absolutely no way whatsoever, affected my review of the product, nor has it swayed my opinion of the product or its value. Also, whenever I talk about the value or worth or a product, I am taking into account the actual, full price of the product -- not the free or reduced price that I paid for it.]

This cord is great. I do not know what else to say about it other than how well it works. The connections fit perfectly into the connectors' slots on both ends. One end plugs securely into my laptop, and the other end plugs JUST as securely into my modem, and once both ends are plugged in, there is nothing to complaint about. As I have already said, the ends fit very snugly into the jacks. They do not wiggle or slip out or anything annoying and aggravating like that. Once they are in, they are in. However, all of that being said, once you get to the point where you NEED to take the ends of the cord out of EITHER jack, it is very easy to get them out. It does not take a lot of effort or anything else. You simply press gently down on the tab, and the ends of the cord slide right out. Perfect.

Furthermore, the length of the cord -- I believe it is three feet in length -- is perfect. It is just long enough that I can sit comfortably in my favorite chair and use my laptop while it is plugged into the router, but it is not so long that it gets tangled up or creates a trip hazard or looks crazy and out of place or anything. Plus, I just love the blue. It is such a nice change from the normal green and yellow cables, which are the only colors I have EVER seen on these types of cables.

Finally (and as I am NOT exactly a super tech savvy person, I can't be sure that this cord has anything to do with it, but I am not sure what else it could be) my internet seems to be a lot faster now. Maybe it is just a coincidence, or maybe I am just imagining it. But it truly DOES seem like buffering times take a LOT less time and that the resolution on my movies and things is clearer, less blurry and pixely. I feel like that HAS to have something do with this cable, otherwise why would it not have been that way before?

I do not know. All I DO know is that I am TOTALLY digging the cord. Really love everything about it. There truly is no bad here.
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