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on January 18, 2016
So many people complain about the health quality of this product, the good stuff is all stripped out, GMO?, this, that, and the other evil thing. Honestly, I don't care. Ok, don't mix it with water and eat it on a spoon every day. Get a jar of Organic best of breed whatever for that. I didn't get it for health or daily use.

I mix this into dry-packed camp recipes. Try adding a little to oatmeal. Dehydrated bananas with the chocolate-PB powder makes a delicious quick just-add-water breakfast. Make up a Thai style peanut noodle dish. Lots of options. For my intended purpose as a flavoring agent to otherwise healthy home-made camp meals, I'm thrilled. I try to keep everything to just-add-water simple, and this works.
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on July 12, 2016
One of the single best products I have purchased from Amazon. The price difference alone is incredible. I usually buy my PB2 products from the military exchange but when we were stationed in Japan, they did not carry this. Only essential products. A co-worker introduced me to PB2 to mix in my shakes I was using with my diet plan. I had french vanilla protein powder, and with the addition of PB2, I was in heaven. I think I prefer the chocolate one better. They taste so similar, but it makes the plain seem lacking once youre on the chocolate! Awesome product, came very fast even to the ship overseas!!
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on February 24, 2015
I bought this to replace peanut butter in my smoothies. As just peanut butter, the flavor is mostly the same, though the texture is very different. Not bad, but different. Basically the lack of fat is obvious, though not necessarily in a negative way. It's just as smooth, but not as sticky. In my smoothies, it doesn't make a difference in flavor, but the body is noticeably changed. There is less body, which is missed, but all things considered it's a solid substitute when you consider the fact that there are fewer calories.

As for the chocolate flavor, it honestly doesn't add much, and if anything, the chocolate peanut butter tastes more like peanut butter to me than the regular peanut butter flavor.

If you're planning on using it as just a spread, the ratio of water to powder is very fickle, it's very easy to add too much or too little, and it's better to add a bit less (and I mean a bit, we're talking milliliters) than too much, and add a few drops in to get the consistency that you are looking for.

Overall, it's a solid product, and while it's not exactly the same as peanut butter, it's a good substitute.
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on August 31, 2014
I cannot sing this products praises enough! If you are reading this, don't hesitate - just buy it!

This stuff is clearly *far* pricier than peanut butter, but I can assure you, it's well worth the price tag! If you love putting peanut butter in smoothies or baking (or oatmeal!), this is for you. 45 calories, incredibly low fat, and almost as much protein as regular peanut butter in a 45 calories serving (so do the math - if you eat as many calories of this as you did a serving of regular PB, you end up with a very high protein snack). It's also much easier to work with since it's a powder (measuring a tablespoon of sticky peanut butter and getting it all off of the spoon and into your bowl is a pain - no problem here).

The taste is absolutely fantastic - both the regular and the chocolate. I was especially impressed by the chocolate peanut butter - a lot of choc ob products don't measure up, but PB2 has struck the perfect balance.

As other's stated, a spreading is not the ideal use for this, but honestly, I tried it, and it's not bad at all either. You could get away with having this be the only peanut butter product in your home.
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on October 27, 2015
This isn't bad, but not very close to real peanut butter, either. Of course it is lower in sugar, calories, etc., but it is also low in protein. I make protein shakes every day that use a small part of peanut butter in the blender. I swapped my regular peanut butter for the PB2 and it wasn't bad. There was a faint peanut butter taste and I did get some large clumps of the powder that didn't completely dissolve and blend into my shake. Now, I use the PB2 daily, but I do a 50/50 split: I put one spoon of peanut butter and one spoon of PB2 and it makes a nice combination. I'll keep buying this product because it serves its purpose, but it just wasn't as OMG-worthy as I'd hoped.
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on June 18, 2015
As someone who follows a low calorie, low fat diet, this stuff is great to get my peanut butter fix. It is super easy to mix and tastes great. It also saves me a lot of calories compared to normal peanut butter. The chocolate one is also very good. It reminds me of something along the lines of Nutella.

This product also is not full of different ingredients that I cannot pronounce. The peanut butter has 3 ingredients (peanuts, sugar, salt) and the chocolate version adds cocoa powder for a 4th ingredient. This is great for someone looking for a product not loaded with preservatives and such.

My favorite use for this is when I am making my protein shakes, but it is also great on fruit or on a sandwich. This adds a great peanut butter flavor, without the addition of a ton of extra fat/calories that comes with regular peanut butter.
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on October 5, 2012
The following review I wrote last week. The title was "better than so so" --without the awesome part which I just added. In the week I have had the product I have found a new use that totally makes the product beyond spectacular at least for me. So here is the "original" review--oh at that time I gave it 3 stars:
I bought this product based on a review in "Nutrition in Action" magazine, supplemented by the positive reviews here. Having been in the Army for 20 years I'm used to the "Unusual Presentation of Usual" foods. While I would still give this product a positive will NOT mistake this product for peanut butter! Yes, it's peanut buttery, convenient, and calorie saving. It is not however cheap. and as a slim athletic guy, I don't need to count calories so much--so this will NOT be my go to product for PB. I like the concept, but realistically it has an unusual "mouth feel". Somebody else said, if you want to use it on a PB&J sandwich you will be disappointed. I agree. Also--I was disappointed by putting it on celery, and if you let it set out after mixing for an hour or so the texture becomes very "set up". Still, If you're craving a tablespoon of PB it IS worth a try, and the chocolate one is better..kinda like mixing Nutella with PB..but not quite as good.
OK--that was the original review--I had tried the chocolate by itself, and it doesn't have a huge chocolate taste but it's there--anyway, I decided to use the chocolate with celery, and what a better stirrer than the celery stick. Anyway, when the chocolate and celery comes together there is magic, and it totally elevates this product to a new level. The chocolate peanut butter, placed in the celery rib after stirring is like eating chocolate frosting from the bowl without the guilt! It is such a nutritious, filling, guilt free snack--I'm sold!
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on January 17, 2012
Peanut butter is a trigger food of mine - once I start eating it, it's tough to stop - so it's been banned from home for the past 6 months or so while I've been trying to lose weight. Recently, though, I've missed the flavor and started researching low-cal substitutes and came across the excellent reviews for PB2.

I'm SHOCKED at how good this is. Not only does it taste good for 1/4 the calories of regular PB, but there's nothing artificial in the ingredients at all. Just peanuts, sugar, and salt! And 5g of protein and 2g of fiber! I've never been so excited about a food in my life!

A few things I've learned in the few days I've enjoyed my PB2:
- The chocolate is a bit sweeter. I find the regular PB2 a little bit plain but one packet of Truvia per 2 Tbsp fixes it for me.
- The ratio of 2 Tbsp PB2 to 1 Tbsp water does make it a bit runny for my tastes. A little less water can get you a pretty normal PB consistency.
- It can be messy. The powder is so light it seems I'm losing it all over the place. Use a narrow measuring spoon.

I do agree with others that this is an expensive product, but I'm finding if you shop around a bit and buy in bulk (which I totally plan to do next time) the price comes down considerably. It will never be as cheap as regular PB, but I'm okay paying an extra quarter or so per serving to save 135 cals and still have PB in my life.
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on March 8, 2016
I'm giving this 5 stars because my wife bought this and loves it. It's great to put in health shakes, just to eat, etc.

I didn't like it, not the taste (it tastes like peanuts) but the texture. It's peanut butter that has the texture of flour. It's weird, unnatural, unholy, and is probably used to summon demons from the underworld.

That being said, great product!
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on December 29, 2014
I tried a few different recipes I found online throughout the week and we have really enjoyed using these PB2s!

It has the consistency of powdered sugar so it works perfectly in things like cake icing, and it's a super-concentrated peanut taste so it gives amazing flavor!

Other than that, you can add it to protein shakes, make protein balls, pancakes, add a little water & maple syrup for the best pancake topping ever!

A tip from the company:
Just a hint... sometimes if you start out with using a little less than a tablespoon of water and then gradually adding the water to the PB2 you can get it more to a consistency that you like.
review imagereview image
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