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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on May 2, 2015
Just want to write a quick review. I did not buy this monitor from Amazon but rather Microcenter. I bought one back in 2013 which was perfect, no backlight bleeding or color issues. It is still perfect today. I recently decided I wanted a dual monitor set up. I bought another one a few weeks ago; it had backlight bleeding that took up 20 pct of the screen. Photoshop was unusable. I thought it was just that one monitor, so I exchanged it. Same issue with the next one, then I ended up just returning it and keeping my one monitor set up. I'm writing this review because I did some research online and it is not just me that is having these black light bleeding out the issue, but something about the models being ship in 2015. So be aware of this issue when buying. I'll post a picture of the problem. The monitor on the right is the newer one, now returned.
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on April 1, 2015
i am on my 3rd of these monitors, monitor roulette. 1st one, pretty bad bleeding, especially in the lower left. i returned it on amazon, got a new one, slightly worse on the replacement. what is odd, is if you very gently touch the lower left and upper right corners, the bleeding is reduced dramatically. almost like the screen isnt secured well enough. seems to be fine on the lower right and upper left, which makes no sense.

anyways heres a pic, do see. it mostly is ok if you have a light on in your room, but trying to play a game with dark scenes or a movie, it is very noticeable, which is after adjusting the monitor settings (like brightness at 20/30 %) and enabling tracefree at around 60 which is supposed to be the ideal setting for this monitor.

hope this helps someone buying this monitor, from the reviews i have read some people get no bleeding (but with standard ips glow), which others have some crazy bleeding like mine. guess it really is a lottery buying these kinds of monitors, which is a shame because it really is a nice one.
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on December 7, 2015
I had this monitor for about 2 weeks and it was pretty awesome.

Then yesterday morning it didn't start up right away, and after 25 minutes of playing silly buggers with rebooting and cable swapping such, it came up with a 1 pixel green line about 4-5 inches (didn't measure it) from the right hand side.

I tried to open a case through the ASUS online chat, but that required I open a case over the web. However their search box gave an "Access Denied" error.

S0 I called in. Apparently their Tech Support line was overflowing, because I got someone who took my name and phone number and promised a return call within an hour.

And I know you'll be SHOCKED to find out it didn't happen.

So I tried their email support form, which refused to let me through on a perfectly ( see RFC 822 or google "email plus addressing" ) valid email address.

This morning the monitor again failed to start immediately, so it's going back to Amazon (thanks guys) and I'll be buying from Not Asus for a few years.

I realize with modern manufacturing that not everything is perfect, but if you can't properly size your technical support lines, either your assembly lines need to be fixed, or your product design.
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on November 26, 2014
This monitor is absolutely amazing for the price. I was initially very disappointed because my mouse seemed to have a delay as it moved across the screen despite the fact that I have a very powerful computer. This was because even if you're using a DisplayPort connection, the monitor is set to use DP v1.1 by default. As you may know DP v1.1 only allows for a 30Hz refresh rate. If you have a video card capable of utilizing DP v1.2 you will need to make sure the monitor is set to use DP v1.2 in order to utilize the full 60Hz refresh rate. Once properly set everything feels extremely smooth and there is no delay.

Monitor Settings:
Menu -> System Setup -> DisplayPort Stream -> DP 1.2

Computer Settings (Windows 8.1):
Right Click on Desktop -> Screen Resolution -> Advanced Settings -> List All Modes -> "3840 by 2160, True Color (32 bit), 60 Hertz"
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on January 9, 2017
Purchasing this monitor has been one of my worst experiences. I should have paid attention to the other negative reviews. The first monitor I received had the problems other people mentioned. The display was terrible and had some sort of bad bleeding/ghosting from the edge, especially on gray colored backgrounds.

Because I just received it, I still had the box it shipped in and still had my old monitor. Amazon was of course great at replacing it at no charge with no questions. It is why I like dealing with Amazon rather than any other retailer. I just used my old one until I got the replacement.

After receiving the replacement, it seemed to work so I got rid of the box and my old monitor. after a few weeks it started having a sever problem. Every few minutes it would shutoff with a loud static from the speakers. Every time it startles me and interrupts my work. It makes for some long days.

I contacted Asus and they agreed to replace it under warranty. I expected them to ship out a replacement and I could then use that box to ship back the defective one. Asus calls this their 2 way free shipping (cross-ship). They tell me there is no inventory and they can only do a standard RMA. This would mean that I would need to purchase some sort of box and packing material. I would then need to ship back my monitor and wait until they have a replacement which could be weeks, month, who knows.

Unfortunately, I can not be without my monitor for hours, let alone months. I need it for my business. They told me to check back. I have cheeked back every week for nearly 3 months now. Every time it is the same story. So the take away from this is to pay attention to the 1 star reviews. It is very likely you will have a problem with this monitor. They will replace it, but you will need to be without a monitor for a very long period. I have been a ASUS fanboy for a while now, but it looks like I need to purchase a new monitor now (which I don't have money for) and will be switching to a different manufacture. I HIGHLY recommend you go with somebody else so you do not find yourself in this stressful predicament
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on August 5, 2017
This is for the ASUS PB328Q 32"

I was a little bit hesitant about ordering this monitor because of some of the reviews. Some reporting that the monitors that they had received went through poor QC. Spending close to $500 on something that may be faulty is a little unnerving. But... I really wanted a monitor with these specs so I pulled the trigger. Low and behold this is a beautiful monitor. I loved it so much, that I ordered 2 more. My first 1 was ordered April of 2016 and the other 2 May of 2017.

Previous setup was 3 ASUS VS247H-P 23.6" TN panels. They were great monitors. But, I was a little disappointed in them with using Lightroom. When I received my first PB328Q I was amazed by the size, colors and how deep the blacks are compared to the VS247H monitors. I can't stress how big of a difference their is in the black levels.

Viewing angles are also very impressive. I notice very, very little color or brightness changes when moving side to side or up and down. Looking across the monitor at an extreme angle text is still perfectly readable and color is slightly washed out. The menus are very easy to navigate with
the toggle on the back right side.

The stands are very sturdy and allow for a great range of adjustment. Monitors can be moved up and down with 1 finger and they turn from side to side with ease. With the heft of the these monitors, the bases do not slip and slide when adjusting them. Putting them into portrait mode is great for if you want to look at a whole Word document and not have to scroll to read an entire page.

PB328Q's are connected to a GTX 980ti graphics card via AmazonBasics 10' DisplayPort (DP) cables (which are compliant to DP version 1.2). I had to go into the NVIDIA control panel and change the refresh rate from 60Hz to 75Hz. Also change DP input version from 1.1 to 1.2 in the monitor settings itself.

Having extra USB ports come in handy for plugging in web cams, flash drives or even a dongle for XBOX One controller. Each monitor has 4 USB 3.0 ports on the left side. Witch is great, but... If having a multi monitor setup they do get blocked by the other monitor sitting next to it. So you just have to be mindful of what and where you may want something plugged in the ports. Also be careful if you have something such as a dongle for XBOX One controller plugged in. They stick out few inches and could potentially damage the port of dongle when turning the monitors.

With a resolution of 2560x1440 I am able to display 4 720p YouTube videos perfectly on each monitor (added photos to show how much screen space is on 1440p). Games are also so much... How shall I say... Prettier??? The level of detail that you get with 1440p over 1080p is truly awesome. With the 980 TI games are all set at highest settings and still get between 70fps - 120fps (games such as: BF4, BF1, GTAV, Titanfall 1&2, PUBG etc.). As for the 75Hz for gaming... I can't say weather or not it actually makes much of a difference, perhaps slightly. But being a weekend gamer, when I can, I'll take whatever advantage I can get.

I highly recommend the ASUS PB328Q monitor for anyone looking to upgrade to a larger monitor with good colors and blacks and don't want to spend the money on the ultra high end, ultra wide monitors with an ultra high price tag that comes with those monitors. I was able to purchase 3 of these with 10' power, DP and USB 3.0 cables for about the same price as a single ultra wide costs. And I get a lot more screen real estate for the price. I sit roughly 36" away from the center monitor and with a 32" monitor, it's a perfect size for reading text, using MS Office, playing games, editing photos or anything else.

I would also like to point out that their size is not small. At about 28.75" wide, with 3 of these sitting on my desk they take up around 75" of desk space.
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on July 14, 2017
Monitor came with a large (20+px) grey "blemish", under the screen - in addition to minor scratches across the entire left side. Box was undamaged, not sure how something makes it out of the factory in this condition.

Having a new one sent, I'll update if there's any improvement.

EDIT: New unit sent. So far so good, no deads, stucks or blemishes - light-bleed is minimal. Default color balance is... poor, at best - would highly recommend a screen calibrator to go with this, but it can be corrected and looks great once it is. I'll call it 3 star for now, factory calibration should be better than this and the state of the original I got was totally unacceptable - but the replacement is exactly what I expected it to be and performing well so far.

Now, getting the old one returned is going to be a royal pain...
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on December 21, 2014
This monitor is very sharp and clear as you would expect. Unlike some of the reviewers with negative comments I was able to get it running at 4k resolution with 60hz. My fundamental issue is not with those things like many others. My issue is like one reviewer called a "Milky white" hue over the entire monitors image. I've tried every combination of cables, Calibration on my 15 Retina Macbook pro (Summer 2014) and there is nothing that i can do to get this monitor to produce the color black or anything close to being acceptable as black. For this reason I can't give it more than 2 stars even though in every other way (only after 2 days using it) it seems to be pretty darn good for the price.

My next issue is that I spent an hour submitting and resubmitting my case to the Asus website... which did everything it could to make my entering of information difficult and ensure I was human but didn't do nearly enough to actually accept and process my case. All I could get after doing this approximately 4 times with a ton of issues along the way, was an error after the submission with no other feedback. I assume that because i never got an email from them saying the case was received that I had done this so many times for no reason at all. And I refuse to sit on the phone for hours and hours getting little to no help like the other reviewers with issues did. I'm extremely technical and did everything possible to save this monitor from needing to go back but not having the color black and living with everything looking like it has a white film over it is unacceptable for a 600 dollar piece of equipment, especially when the 170 dollar Samsung WUXGA monitor next to it has much better color while not being special enough to sit on the same desk.

I really really wish I could fix this issue but this doesn't appear to be driver related etc.

Just to frame it up I used DP 1.1 and 1.2 configurations (Monitor's menus), am using a 2014 MBP retina 15 (4k@ 30 and 60hz) and a 2013 MBP retina 13 (only runs at 2560x1600). I went through the Mac display expert mode calibration process and managed to get the monitor to the best image i could manage. After not looking at another monitor while using it this yielded semi-acceptable results.... except when you put up anything with black being a major part of the color palette. This is where it all falls apart and i become Extremely disappointed and highly annoyed for every second i have to look at these 'dark grey blacks'.

The image i have attached is the result of many hours of tweaking and calibrating. The picture was in a poorly lit room so the monitor is getting more credit than it deserves but the one on the right is the Asus PB287Q and the one on the right is a 170/dollar 24 inch samsung with hardly any inputs of features (running at 1900x1200). You can see that this 'best' image i could derive out of the Asus hardly passes for black when compared to the Cheap Samsung.
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as of 02/2016 this was the way to go for 4K for me. I am doing photo editing so I need the extra resolution for pinpoint accuracy. You get that. In the box is the power cable and an HDMI cable as well as a Display Port cable. I NEEDED the Display port cable to get the 4K . ONCE you can figure out how to set your video card, some smoke and mirrors, watch a few video tutorials, call ASUS who are about NO HELP at all! Play around, study the internet and 7 hours later Whala! DisplayPort 3840 X 2160 @60 HZ. (The obtaining the 60HZ was the hard part to get.) ASUS Support on the internet gave me some clues but I found it not to be windows 10 friendly. I called them and was on hold for over 45 minutes 3 times with no answer. The first (Live Chat) Johnathan Ended the conversation soon as I typed out my problem. Appilonia Only got me to the you need the Display port cable part and bailed out on me. And after that They never answered the phone, Live chat or by e mail again. I figured it out. (By accident so I can't even tell you how) HOWEVER once it is set up. What a pleasure to work Photo editing with. The stand is incredible. (As well as the picture and controls menu) The stand allows you to lift the screen from 1.5 inches off the desk to almost 7.5 inches off the desk with ONE finger! Once you get it up you can Rotate the screen from horizontal to vertical view! This is GREAT for photo editing as you can look at pictures taken with the camera in a vertical orientation without compressing the photo. Makes for easy editing. And it's also a great feature to flip the screen this way for the 50 times you will be dealing with the cables while installing, or later on when you want to add or switch cables. This articulation of the screen is a great feature and I might mention it tilts greatly in both vertical and horizontal. You can get the perfect height, angle and orientation with this display! EASILY! Paying over $400 i feel it was certainly worth the money, really wish ASUS was more supportive. I actually always try to buy ASUS because I never have to deal with their support, and good thing. Gamers you CAN get this to do 60HZ and this will be a great gaming display, but I hope you are better at figuring out how than I was.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on July 13, 2016

Oh forgot to update. I got a new panel. This time it was double packaged (in Fedex box and then within that, the ASUS box). This one was definitely new. Keep in mind I ordered straight from Amazon both times.

The second panel had, you guessed it, a dead pixel. I didn't mind it too much actually. The monitor OC'd to 75hz easily and the picture quality of movies were gorgeous because of the wider color gamut/saturation and the amazing contrast ratio. Honestly I really couldn't complain about the picture from my GTX 1070 through displayport.

The reason I returned for good finally was that the input lag and ghosting is really bad. Asus claims 8 ms grey to grey, but even in game mode, I measured the lag in the high 20s, the ghosting didn't help either. I couldn't play anything too competitive. Also if hooked up my PS4 or PS3, and played a game or watched a movie, it didn't scale well. The picture was fullscreen but it looked really fuzzy and "ghosty" for lack of another word. I'm not sure if it was the VA panel or the anti -glare film they attach, but the picture again, looked "ghosty".

Anyway I read numerous forums and all the amazon reviews. I didn't want to wait for the panel to develop new dead pixel and then Asus throw their nonsense 5 dead pixel limit needed requirement at me.

My 2 cents, hoped it helped.

Original Review:

I just received this monitor and the first thing I did after reading all the complaints was to check for stuck pixels. Lo and behold I found two instantly. Then it dawned on me that the whole unboxing process felt a little weird. All the cables seemed to have been in there, but there was no instruction booklet and nothing was neatly placed.

To be honest, I think Asus is repacking units that were returned because they had stuck pixels and then telling the customer to shove off when they don't meet the "3-5 stuck pixel policy."

I'm going to ask an RMA from Amazon. Am not sure whether I should exchange it or return it flat-out. Everything else about the monitor seems nice, mainly the 75h refresh rate and usb ports.
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