Customer Reviews: PDP Kinect TV Mount - Xbox One
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on December 13, 2013
Fantastic mount, sturdy and supportive. Doesn't feel cheap or unsecure once mounted. Well worth the "actual" price of the item, which should be around $15 to $20.

That being said, do NOT buy it for the prices listed here (currently showing $70), because you can order it from the PDP website and pay for overnight shipping and it'll still be less than half that price. The marketplace vendors are price gouging on it because Amazon has none to sell themselves. The Marketplace vendors should feel ashamed for that level of price markup.
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on December 4, 2013
I bought this piece 3 weeks ago when it was available pre-launch. This thing works GREAT to secure my kinect to my television set at the top. It has a sturdy construction and an extraordinarily easy way to get it on. Basically you lower the kinect on to the mount, and then there is a large plastic wheel to turn the flat screw to go into the kinect with its' already prepared female hold for the screw to go in to. I am VERY impressed with this mount over the mount I used with the 360 kinect. Well done PDP.

I was looking at the old kinect mount, and I think there are some things I might want to bring to your attention. The old mount had legs that would go literally three feet or so. I mean these things just simply got in THE WAY! Aggravating! This is no longer the case. Of course my application may be different than yours. That being said my application is a 55" LCD tv. So it's not too thin. I would imagine that an LED would play with this mount even better, but my LCD did great.

The only thing that is maybe a little disconcerting about this mount is the way that you adjust it to fit snugly on your television. It has those resistance gears, where you have to kind of push and pull the thing into place, and when it moves a gear it sounds like it has broken. That's unpleasant and scary at first, because you think you are going to break the thing. But fear not, it's just how they've designed it. I understand why they designed it this way: to make it more simple so people couldn't mess up and drop their very expensive Kinect.

The difference between the new school and the old school is that the new (this one) offers a much higher point of pressure for where it puts the weight, rather htan using those long long arms to redistribute the weight throughout the entire length of your tv.

I also like the cover for the camera that is provided if I choose to, you know, play checkers in the same room as the kinect!

Xbox, Record that. :)
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on February 21, 2014
The PDP Kinect TV Mount - Xbox One sits nicely on top of my Vizio 55". It was very easy to install. In my opinion it's design better compliments the Xbox One Kinect than some of the other models I have seen available. The privacy sleeve slides on and off easily and does inhibit the Kinect's camera while still allowing the use of voice commands. I'd recommend this product to anyone trying to manage the space around their television
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on May 12, 2014
I bought this, not because I'm some paranoid schizo who feels the need to hide from Big Brother, but to simply mount my Kinect on while I play Xbox Fitness, I was not disappointed.

The stand takes a bit of force to get the part that clings to the TV down, but after that, it's quite simple to place. It extends a bit if you've a larger TV (not box size, mind you, you wouldn't need one if you had such a TV) and the Kinect "screws" in as well to help keep it in place.

My TV is a flat back, so there's not much for the back part to grasp on to, but the rubber like material holds it nicely so it doesn't slip or fall, gravity plays a key part (at least for my and my TV). I frequent;y rotate my TV and it has yet to fall or even give the impression it will. It (Kinect) can also be adjusted, as you'll need to do re-calibration, to get the perfect angle.

Overall, this is a very nice mount, I don't use the privacy slide, I don't care if the NSA sees me watching TV. if you need a good, inexpensive mount, look no further.
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on December 13, 2014
This mount is everything i wanted and more. . . or pretty much exactly what i wanted. i was looking for a mount that would keep my kinect off the ground and this does the trick.

It's a very well built mount and sits on top of your tv. it's fairly secure as long as you don't have anyone tugging on cords or anything like that. So basically you're fine but don't forget you have this just resting on top of your TV when you have to move your tv or move your xbox one and kinect. could spell disaster.

I like that don't have to worry about it scratching my tv as well. i have a very thin bezel on my samsung tv and this mount pretty much reaches the end of that bezel with a few mm to go, so it doesn't interfere with the picture.

overall i'm extremely happy with this purchase and the kinect camera cover is a nice addition too.
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on July 20, 2014
I have been using this mount for a few months now, and have been really happy with it. It keeps my kinect on top of my TV, which keeps it out of the way, and prevents it from getting accidentally bumped out of position. I've had better luck with the kinect being raised up a bit, which I think helps the camera get a better view of my room.

The thing has a lot of adjust-ability to it, so you should have luck attaching it to any flat screen. My TV is around 3.5 to 4 inches thick, and I had no trouble getting it extended far enough to feel stable. Once attached, you can still tilt the kinect itself up and down a bit, to get it orientated properly for your room. The kinect screws into place, so I'm not at all afraid of it falling off. I rotate my TV all the time and haven't had the kinect budge one bit.

The stand is a glossy black that perfectly matches the kinect, and is compact enough to hardly be noticeable. I don't use the camera-covering sheath, because I'm not as paranoid as others, but it does slide on rather nicely, and again matches the look pretty well. I don't think it does anything to prevent the kinect microphone from listening in on all of your conversations, though, so for those truly afraid Microsoft cares about what you do, you're still better off just unplugging the kinect.

My only complaint is that, although it is very adjustable, I felt like I was going to snap it in half when initially setting it up. The unit feels strong and sturdy, so it isn't a materials issue, it's just the way they have you set it requires quite a bit more force than you'd think. This isn't so much of an issue, because I haven't adjusted it since setting it up, but I'd be paranoid if I ever had to move it around again. Still, for the price, I doubt you could find any stand better than this one if you want your kinect mounted on top of your TV.
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on December 11, 2013
First off I did not buy this product on Amazon, found one at my local Best Buy. It does its job very well. The only thing to be careful of is that TVs with rounded bezels don't provide much surface for the front to apply friction to which makes finding the right balance somewhat of a challenge. Other than that this is well made product that I would recommend to almost anyone who has or is getting an Xbox One.
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We have a pretty active household. Things get moved around, bumped and re-positioned quite frequently in our entertainment center. Leaving our expensive Xbox One Kinect sitting on the edge of a shelf or the top of the TV without proper support just wasn't an option. We needed some sort of Kinect mount that was attractive, not very noticeable and durable. I also wanted a privacy cover for the Kinect camera. Of course being a single father I also wanted all of this at an affordable price. This Xbox One Kinect mount from PDP has been the perfect solution.

The glossy black finish is low key and matches the Xbox One and my TV perfectly. I really think it looks great.

Installation is very easy. As others have stated, you do need to pull the arm down on the Kinect mount with some force to get it move. Its has a cam/gear grip system that clicks very loudly when the next cog is engaged. You have to pull just hard enough you feel you're going to break things. Things get a little easier to move after you've moved them a time or two.

The kinect has a tripod mount style screw hole on the bottom and that's how this mount secures your Kinect. This mount is very adjustable and fits a wide style of TVs. It may be slightly more suited for thinner flat screen TVs but still functions on many/all. We have a little older thicker flat screen with an odd humped bump out on the back. Of course it curves out exactly in the area where this mount's arm wants to "grab" the back of the TV. As a result our TV doesn't present this mount with a flat surface to grab where it hits the back of the TV. Our mount rests on top of the TV more so than it clips or grabs on. Even with this curious design the Kinect mount holds everything securely. The mount still has a great grip and the weight of the Kinect is substantial enough that it all works toegether fine. We frequently rotate the TV, and it has been knocked around and the Kinect has never moved. I'm confident you'd have to intentionally try to knock the Kinect off our TV to get it to budge.

The privacy cover is a soft rubber/plastic end cap that covers the regular and IR cameras on the Kinect. It slides on and off within seconds and simply rests on the end of the Kinect. There is no need to remove the Kinect mount itself to remove or reinstall the cover. It slimply slips on and off the end of the Kinect sensor. The privacy cover is raised away from the actual front of the Kinect slightly so there is no worry about it scratching the lens or front surface of the Kinect sensor. That's a feature I really appreciate. The privacy cover is more of an added bonus and it doesn't have to be used if you don't want to.

Why a privacy cover? I have privacy concerns with the Xbox One Kinect. Unless you turn it off in within the settings, the Kinect is always on. It listens and can power on the console for you. The thing can even "see" in the dark with an IR camera. Being somewhat involved with the IT world I've seen what knowledgeable and determined individuals can do what it comes to accessing Webcams, Laptop cameras and other devices that are constantly connected to the Internet. Some may call it paranoia. . . but do some research and talk to some knowledgeable folks in the world of IT. You'll see quite a few disconnect or tape over laptop webcams etc.

Is it LIKELY some unsavory soul is going to hack into your home network to watch you play COD in your underwear? Is it likely Microsoft is watching you eat cereal on your couch at 4 am? Probably not. That being said it IS possible. I don't like people watching me eat, sleep or pick my nose. I also don't want to have to disconnect my Kinect or turn it off and on in settings constantly. I'm also pretty hooked to the conveince and fun factor the Kinect adds to the Xbox one. A privacy cover for the Kinect offers me the perfect compromise between function and privacy. The Kinect can still eavesdrop constantly for voice commands (I just take my covert conversations to another room ;) ) but it can constantly watch me either. The privacy cover simply slides off and on the camera in a second or two should I need to remove it.
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on January 20, 2016
I have been using this mount for a year or so now, and have been really happy with it. I didn’t like to have the Kinect at the bottom of the tv, specially with a toddler. I opted for this mount also because I think when the Kinect is on top of the tv, the camera gets a better view of my living room, I am also a tall guy so I had to be further away from the tv and living in an apartment I couldn’t quite do so.
The mount matches perfectly with the Kinect it almost looks like it came with the XBOX, it’s glossy like the Kinect too!
This mount can be adjusted in lots of ways so it makes pretty easy to attach to most flat screen. Although It takes a while to get it setup right and snugged on top of the TV. Once attached, you can still tilt the Kinect itself up and down a bit, to get it orientated properly for your room. The Kinect feels solid on top of it and haven’t had any accident with it. The part that goes on the back of the TV has a rubber material that doesn’t make the whole thing slip or fall from it!
Needless to say, I recommend you recalibrate your Kinect once you mount it to place, I actually think it works better than the original position in front of the tv!
The item also comes with a cover, which is great if you are one of these people who thinks Big Brother is always watching, I think I have used a few times after that is just annoying that you have to get up uncover the sensor and then sit down, specially when you have controllers and remote by your side and game is already in (big couch potato!!!) also it doesn’t cover the microphone so guess what?!?! Big Brother might not see you but he can still hear you, so just unplug it at that point weirdo!
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on February 13, 2016
Works perfectly! I was worried this wouldn't work with my ultra thin LG 4K LED but it's perfect. Super simple to properly fit to the TV and it feels very secure. The privacy cover is a nice addition!
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