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PED05020-BRK UltraClamp
Style: 1.5 Inch|Change
Price:$24.39+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on September 29, 2015
A sturdy and durable mount. I'm using a couple of these mounts as well as some Smallrig® Cool Ballhead Arm V4 Multi-function Double Ball Adapter with Bottom Clamp & Standard 1/4" Screw - 1138 for attaching cameras on a boom mic stand, and while I prefer the Smallrig for some things, the Pedco is still very good and solidly durable, and can attach to a wider variety of objects than the Smallrig can handle (e.g. the Pedco attached to a 2x board inside a cabinet incredibly well, where the Smallrig wouldn't fit, and wouldn't likely be as solid on, due to shape of clamp). The Pedco clamp still attaches quite well to rounded objects (e.g. pipes) as well as being able to handle square/flat objects as well, and can handle a variety of different sized objects. The clamp can be a bit large and get in the way a little bit on smaller objects like the boom arm of my mic stand, but it's nothing major.. The base of the adjustable arm has a screw to lock the angle adjustment into one of 8 positions, but if you're dying to more fine-tune that angle, you can just take the screw out. While most everything on the clamp is plastic, this isn't thin cheap plastic... it's a very solid durable PVC type construction that's holding up very well through several adjustments and I'm confident it's going to take a lot of wear and tear, if not downright abuse.
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on August 23, 2017
I didn't take heed to the other one-star reviews stating the exact same problem I encountered. When the item arrived, I eagerly tore into the package so I could test out my new toy. I found a 1.25" x 1.25" long piece of wood to test the clamp on. I tightened the clamp using the thumb screw. When I started to feel resistance, I tightened it some more to ensure a tight fit. That was when the plastic knob started to spin freely while the screw didn't move. Now it is not like I have vice-grip like strength and I destroyed it by being a brute. I can't even do a push up yet I was able to strip the thumb screw. Luckily I didn't have my $3,000+ worth of camera gear attached to it. Who knows how they would have turned out. Do yourself a favor and spend the $5 more to get the Manfrotto Super Clamp.
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on July 10, 2017
Cheap feeling, but works very well for light cameras. A value item for sure. Very light weight and stow-able relative to the Manfrotto Superclamp. You also don't need a separate ball head. I would not recommend in a high vibration environment due to slippage. Good for impromptu B-roll in static shots.
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on April 11, 2014
This is a very clever little device. It's well made, and super adjustable. The ball-clamp bit that a camera can mount to is great. When you loosen the nut a little bit you can move the camera end around without moving the end that attaches to the clamp. It allows for really precise adjustments without getting too floppy. I dig it. A+

One star off for the clamp end, though. Notice what I didn't in the picture: The clamp can't close all the way. I was expecting to clamp this on to the end of a light boom to get my camera up high. Unfortunately the clamp's smallest gap is a little over an inch, which is too large for my boom. C- I have to mount something on the end of the boom and then clamp to that. It works, but given how super clever the rest of the device is, I would like to think the engineers could have figured out a way to get the clamp to close down onto smaller objects. I'm sure they could even come up with a clever way of doing it without making the screw an inch longer.. Maybe including a half-inch wide plastic bit that slides over the inside of the clamp.. They're clever.. They could do this.

If you just want to mount a camera to a light stand, the little one should work for you. If you think you might also mount one to the roll bar in your race car, the larger sizes are probably fine. But if you want to do both, you'll probably need both, or at least something to put between the larger clamp and your smaller stand.
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on November 3, 2017
This is absolutely not sturdily made enough to take on the weight of a DSLR and lens. I needed something capable of holding up that and then some, namely, a Canon 6D + MPE 65mm 1-5x + Yongnuo YN-14EX-C Macro Ring Lite + cheap focusing rail. I knew it was a lot to ask, but my Acratech ballhead I can practically stand on and it won't move. Even overtightened, the very cheap plastic ball head assembly on this unit gave way immediately and everything clunked onto the table. Thankfully a 1-inch tall piece of a 2x2 wrapped in electrical tape props it all up and makes it usable. 3 stars because once macgyvered it does almost exactly what I bought it for, but the build quality is definitely not high.
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on February 13, 2011
the Pedco clamp can be used to attach a SLR or lightweight camera to an automobile side window (the clamping jaws have soft pads), table top, or chair back. The jaws open to a maximum of 1.5", which means you could probably attach it to a fence rail as well. A version with larger jaws (2.5") is also available.

It's small and portable so we typically carry it with us in my photo bag on cruise ships.

This is a made in the USA, very high quality components, such as an aluminum base, and even well-thought out features as a C-clip (my dad called those oh-my-god clips), to prevent loosening the top clamp too much, preventing the ball from falling out.

While the clamp is a bit pricey, it is well made, and is refreshing to be able to purchase something other than the typical Uber-cheap made-in-China junk.
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on January 19, 2018
This holder is just OK in my view. I tried to use it to attach a action camera to the windshield on my GoldWing and it does not do a very good job gripping the windshield even though I have tightened it about as much as I can with my bare hands. I also tried using it on the dash of my GoldWing and I could not get it to hold the camera in one place. In addition to the gripping issues, I also find it awkward to get the camera where I want it pointing in the right direction. I would not buy this again.
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on November 25, 2014
I got these to mount several Sony CX220 cameras to a large beam where we are streaming inside a gym. I must say these worked great! The CX220 cameras are VERY light especially since I am using an AC power cable (no battery). It says it has a 6 lb capacity but I just do not know how well it would do with 6 pounds on it (possibly just fine). If I take time to mount up my CX900 camera I can post back how well it holds it there.

I did notice that it is much harder to unscrew (loosen) the screw if there is any pressure on it. I was careful not to overtighten it as well. I have 5 and on one of them, the round "pad" that fits on the end of the screw popped off. I found it in my equipment bag so the lesson is to always transport them (or store them) with the screw turned all the way in so the round pad can not get knocked off. It just clips on the end of the screw.

Another nice feature is the very adjustable swivel mount. You have a good bit of adjustment there to meet your needs. The camera mount can screw into the short side or the long side of the clamp (threaded hole on each). So for smaller cameras I think this is the ticket. If you have a large camera or DSLR with a big honkin lense on it, I do not think this will be the best. But for lighter weight cameras this is the ticket. Even if you do have a larger camera, if it is mounted wisely it would probably work ok for that as well.

I give it 4 stars because there are just some quality aspects that could be improved to make it a top of the line device. But certainly worthy of 4 stars.
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on March 28, 2017
Love it! I don't think there isn't any angle this mount can't adjust to. It can clamp onto my desk lamp, shelf, and table. I use this to record time lapse videos with my Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 HS (which is around 1/2 lb) and it holds up very well.
review image
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These clamps are not cheap but they work great. I need to mount temporary TV cameras in odd places, I've had several crash to the ground and break due to other flimsy mounts, but never these, I finally bit the bullet and bought seven of them for all our cameras. When you clamp a camera with one of these it will stay there. I clamped one to the fender of my car and drove up and down our bumpy road to demo it.

They are very adjustable. I'm using Panasonic DV cameras on them for reference.

Good luck and good filming to all!
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