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on November 4, 2015
I got this book to get a quick intro to PHP. I'm glad to say that this book was very thorough and touched on a lot of subjects from basic language data structures to more complex topics such as file manipulation, email, and MySql database connectivity. This book is about 900 pages long and contains examples that illustrate the topics. It was perfect for me. I learn by seeing/doing and the CD-ROM the book comes with is loaded with the samples/examples that are in the book. So you can quickly copy/paste into your new project. I have over 15yrs of software development in various technologies and I found this very helpful.
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on February 20, 2012
This was my textbook for an online "Web Scripting with PHP" college credited class I took. The book is broken up into logical sections, starting with a simple practical application: someone wants you to build a web app for them. The chapters continue building the users knowledge of php by introducing them to basic concepts using the simple customer web app, building on what was done previously. The topics are important and standard, (data types, variables, operators, loops, control structures, conditionals) and move into more advanced topics (file IO, MySQL database development, authentication, OOP development). At this point the user can look back and say, "Now I know how to do some pretty useful stuff". It doesn't stop there, however. The user is moved onto more advanced admin-like topics (building a shopping cart, php and mysql administration topics, PHP and AJAX, web app security, building a web forum, etc). By the time you go through this book, doing all of the projects, you can call yourself a php developer. What the book doesn't cover is any specific framework such as PEAR, or methodology such as AGILE or Design Patterns. I felt, However, that these omissions are a strength of the book rathar than a weakness since what it teaches is the core library, uses, and functionality of PHP/MySQL and didn't get side-tracked or distracted by anything else. I felt this was a great introduction (and well, WELL beyond) to PHP/MySQL web development and made learning this language very easy for me. The book is well laid out and follow a logical progression, the examples all work, the language is realistic, the projects are practical, and overall the book prepares the reader with the necessary knowledge to get hired and learn a specialization, use a design pattern, or work with a team of developers on a great project. I still use the book in my projects and will continue to do so for years to come, I would imagine. BTW, I got an A in the class!
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on May 18, 2017
Pro - cover a lot of material
Con - topics are explain vaguely with little examples.

The author try to cram in too many topics, but he doesn't go into detail on any, so you left not understanding the material clearly and can't use the book as reference. The books talks about security, but the code are written unsecurely. I suggest reading https://www.amazon.com/PHP-MySQL-Dynamic-Web-Sites/dp/0321784073/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1495143766&sr=8-3&keywords=larry+ullman, though Larry doesn't cover as many topics as Luke, Larry does a better job at explaining the important concept with code example to help you understand the concept.
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on February 1, 2015
I haven't gotten through enough of the book yet to be able to comment on its handling of the subject matter, but so far it seems like it will be great in that regard. I wanted to address a few of the negative comments about the Kindle version though. The formatting isn't very good as far as Kindle books on programming go, with some text running right into code snippets. Also, there's no electronic/hyperlinked Table of Contents, which makes it much more difficult to navigate through the book and really needs to be remedied in the next edition. Hopefully the release of the 5th Edition (which won't be released until this summer) will fix both of these issues in the Kindle version. As to other critiques about the source code being unavailable, that's just not true. Anyone who buys the Kindle version (and this is likely true of the print version as well) should flip to the front of the book and look for the "Reader Services" section located right before the Introduction. It comes shortly after the printed Table of Contents and Acknowledgements sections. That section contains all the information anyone should need on how to acquire the source code, which weighs in at around 725MB in size. Granted, this info is a little more difficult to find considering the substandard formatting and the fact that a newly-purchased book automatically opens to a point just past this blurb. Nevertheless, this isn't the only book to offer source code on a physical CD that (obviously) can't be included with an electronic copy of the book, so if you're interested in buying any Kindle books about coding, I'd recommend keeping a lookout for information like this near the front of these types of books.

All-in-all, this looks to be a great book that just needs a little more attention on the electronic copy.
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on October 1, 2012
After searching for basic primers on PHP and MySQL, I settled on this book due to the many positive reviews. I'm glad that I did, as I now have a basic understanding of how to use these two technologies to build a web site.

Make no mistake, unless you have previous experience, this book is only a beginning. I can tell that it will take many more hours of work before I am able to implement these concepts. However, I can now look at existing code and understand what it is doing "behind the scenes." I also feel confident that I could modify existing code to meet my needs.

A few notes.

First, you CAN download the CD content. Just go to [...], set up a free account, register your book, and download the content.

Second, there are mistakes sprinkled throughout the text that have not been corrected in the errata. You will need to do some basic troubleshooting to get some of the scripts to work, but it's nothing drastic.

Finally, this book is written for PHP 5.2. If you have 5.3, there is one specific function the author uses that is deprecated. When you get to this section, it will be quite obvious, because you will get an error to that effect. It took an additional fifteen minutes of research for me to find and implement the updated function.

My only complaint is that, after the "PHP Crash Course" at the beginning, there are fewer coding examples throughout the book. I would rather type up many smaller scripts and test out each concept throughout the chapter rather than one or two longer scripts at the end.

I'm only 2/3 of the way through the book, but I believe this was a worthwhile purchase, and I will definitely look for titles by this author again.
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on July 12, 2013
The book is very good in the sense that it touches a lot of important topics for creating real world applications. Its goes in depth in most subjects but:
1. The book teaches SQL but goes very fast on the subject so do not use it as your main reference
2. Some code has errors in it such as in page 276 where it shows you should pass an object reference in the method fetch_rows(); but you should not because it doesn't take an object, the procedural method does.
3. It is not the most fun book to read and the wording could be better. Sometimes it explain in a long sentence what could be explained in four words and it gets very confusing at times.
4. The book itself shows very good examples of applications that we all want to program like forums and what not, after all what is the reason we learn a language if we have no use for it.

If you are a complete beginner with no knowledge of how programming works and want tot start with this book, go elsewhere, asides from that this book is a must have.
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on August 1, 2015
One of the best books I recommend for the new PHP developers. It focuses on how to build the applications with PHP and MySQL, so it is like the book teaches you how to build the application rather than teaching about the language itself. The author can explain the rich technical knowledge with full details.
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on July 28, 2017
I would not make it your first PHP read. I am switching to another php book I purchased as this one crams too many new things into one sentence with out explaining what they are and what they do before their use. It then trails on and on with out explaining how things work. Got stuck reading the same 10 pages over and over trying to understand just what was going on and the problem was that some simple things had not been explained as to their definition which made the operations very fuzzy. Went online and found definitions that were excluded that then made the operations make sense.
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on July 23, 2015
Excellent Book for begginers like me. However, since I bought the Kindle version, there seems to be no link to download the source codes for the examples (the printed version apparently comes with a CD-ROM). No big issue, since there are places where you can get it online, but I think Kindle versions should have all info easily available. This is the only reason why I give it 4 stars instead of 5.
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on September 28, 2011
I recommend this book to anyone who has prior experience in any programming language and want to learn how to develop PHP and MySQL based websites. It gives a very in-depth approach to PHP and MySQL, explaining easily what you should and should not do, enabling to get a good understanding about both of them.
It comes with a very handy CD containing all the examples source, and even a PDF version of this book, that's awesome!

Warning: some people might find this book "a little too slow", but I really appreciate all the explanations and advices, because I think they teach you what PHP and MySQL really are, and how they work. But it also has a clear explanation of what topics you will cover in each section, so you can skip to the ones you want, and then come back to the ones you missed, so that should help for the ones that are anxious (or need a quick primer on this topics).

Conclusion: Highly recommended
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