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Size: 52 mm|Color: Close Up Filter Kit|Change
Price:$12.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on November 3, 2011
I occasionally dabble in macro, but nowhere near enough to justify the outrageous sums dedicated macro lenses go for. So, I thought I'd pick these up.

First, a nice bonus was that it comes with a compact filter case with 4 lens slots. I ordered this product without realizing it came with that, so that was quite the pleasant surprise, as it's actually a pretty nice, albeit small, filter case. I actually connect the 1 to the 2 and the 4 to the 10 when I store them, opening up two slots, which allows me to carry a UV filter and a polarizing filter as well. Which is really nice when I'm just carrying a small camera bag to not need two separate filter cases. The lens cloth is reasonably good.

On to the actual filters. If you go into them with reasonable expectations, it's hard to be disappointed with them. Attaching them to my 55-200 nikkor telephoto lens results in pretty good, pretty sharp pictures. The more you stack them, the more your image will degrade, but you can still get reasonably decent images even with all four stacked. if you stack, stack from most magnification closest to the lens to weakest magnification furthest from your lens, otherwise your focus and depth of field will go crazy and you'll get all kinds of weird aberrations in your image). Also, make sure you regularly clean them, as any smudges or dust will, shockingly, get magnified.

Be aware that these will make your camera have a difficult time autofocusing, as the computer has no idea that these things are on the end of the lens, and thus its normal tricks don't work as well. However, if you're doing macro, you want to use manual focus anyway, even if you have a dedicated macro lens you want to use manual focus, so that's not really a negative in my eyes.

Also, be aware that like any macro filters, they reduce depth of field, meaning you'll want to shoot with as high of a number f stop as possible (that is your aperture as small as possible, high f/stop = low aperture), otherwise you'll find yourself with a depth of field that can only be measured in milimieters (literally, with a small (wide open) f stop, and all four stacked, your depth of field will be less than a about a half millimeter!)

Also, be aware that since things are magnified here, that any camera shake is magnified as well. Meaning that you'll want to use a tripod if at all possible. You can occasionally get good results hand shooting, but you'll get more consistently sharp results with a tripod. And a tripod will also be beneficial because, due to the high f/stop you'll need to get the depth of field you'll want, you may need both a high ISO and a long shutter speed.

If you buy these thinking you can just throw them on the end of your kit lens, use autofocus and BAM, get pro level macro photos, you'll be pretty unhappy. BUt if you know what you're buying, they're a pretty outstanding little set. I almost gave these 5 stars, because they're a great value, and you really can't expect anything more than what they give you from any macro filters, regardless of price. However, I didn't want to mislead. If macro photography is your thing you WILL need a macro lens to get the type of sharpness that field really demands. If you just occasionally dabble in macro when you happen across something interesting, they really are hard to beat.

edit: I think a lot of people newer to macro photography try these out, and thus, I see that a lot of reviews are complaining about things that don't really have anything to do with these filters, but just have to do with macro photography. Three complaints stand out as being complaints about macro photography more than these filters:

First, when you're zoomed in and magnified this much, you HAVE to shoot from a tripod. Any camera shake is going to be magnified. SO, I think a lot of the 'blurry' complaints stem from people trying ot use these handheld. Don't bother with macro if you aren't going to shoot with a tripod and a trigger release (remote control shutter button) or a timer.

Second, don't shoot macro on autofocus. autofocus isn't made for macrophotography. It has nothing to do with these filters. The camera just gets really confused by macro photography. Even a dedicated macro lens will only get you roughly in the ball park focus wise, and many of the best macro lenses don't autofocus at all. If you're going to do macro, then you need to use manual focus.

Third, your subjects need to be relatively still. Because macro involves relatively long shutter speeds, you'll need to shoot still subjects. Or at the very least, take a ton of shots and hope that the object stayed still in a few of them. Again, this has nothing to do with these filters, that's just the way macro photography is.
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The reason I purchased these filters is because I did not want to purchase an expensive Macro Lens. While I'm sure a Macro lens is the best option for shooting small subjects close-up, these filters will also do the job. I use these filters on the standard 18-55mm lens for my Canon DSLR. The +10 filter is the one I use the most, it gets pretty close to the subject. And even better, you can actually stack the filters for greater magnification.

It takes a little while to get used to these lenses. You need to be pretty close to the subject in order for the shot to be in focus (and even then the whole shot is often not in focus). Depending on your shooting distance you might need to zoom in/out with your lens in order to get the subject in focus. If you're going to be shooting small insects or wildlife, then you'll need to practice with these filters in advance so that you don't miss that great shot when the time comes.

I've included a slideshow in my review, where I shot various objects with and without the Macro Filters. The first shots of each item is with the 18-55mm lens about as close as it can go without any filters; the second shot of each item is with the Macro filters in use (in most cases they were obtained by stacking to 10x and 4x filters).
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on July 21, 2015
This product is absolutely amazing. I will tell you why people give it negative reviews: any person who negatively reviews this product expected a $1000 macro pro series lens. If that is what you're expecting, get ready to be disappointed. But I will then call you an naive and slightly delusional.

This product cost me $13 with free shipping. I would have to be an absolute idiot to expect full macro quality from four products that cost me less than a lunch at McDonalds. The reason this product got any negative reviews is because the people who wrote them expected a pro series macro lens that is tac sharp and quick. If that is what you're looking for, start saving, because you won't get that here.

That being said, these filters are REMARKABLE. For less than $15 I have a versatile set of filters that turn my 85mm 1.8 to a full macro lens. Is it as sharp as a pro series lens? No. Does it vignette when you stack them all? Yes. But come on guys. How many times can I say it? $13!!!

I'll attach some pics for you to see what these can do. The pics are on my 85mm 1.8 which, if you haven't used it, is slow as hell and has a minimum focus distance of a mile and a half. And look what the filters do for these shots. Amazing. (Anyone who uploads pictures that are blurry using these filters, they are clearly a photography novice. You need to use manual focus, pull it to infinity, and zoom with your body.)

I will say one more time: if you are a pro looking for the sharpest and quickest macro lens, save a couple thousand more dollars and don't buy these. But if you are a photographer who likes versatility, like me, get them without a second thought. They work, they're good, and, you know it, THEY"RE $13!!!
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on July 8, 2012
I just take photos for fun and was looking for a cheap way to get really close up shots without having to crop my images. I looked at extender tubes and weighed the pros and cons and decided that filters were a better fit for my needs.

Once you find the "sweet spot" of each filter, it takes pretty decent photos. It was a cheap way to make my dslr take super close up photos. With these, you should use the smallest aperture possible or expect a small depth of field. The filters give a nice background blur to anything behind the object. Anytime you put another piece of glass in front of your lens, you should expect a little distortion. I'll post some photos I took to make it easy for people to see if the distortion is too much for their needs or not.
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on June 13, 2015
For an inexpensive macro lens set, I've had a lot of fun with these. I'm using them with a Nikon d7100 on a Nikkor 35mm, 1.8 lens. I'll let my macro money shots speak for themselves. They were shot with these inexpensive filters using ambient light with a white sheet of paper in the background. All on the kitchen table.
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on February 13, 2016
I bought these lenses because despite I own 1:2 50 mm compact macro lens from Canon, I was not able to achieve the level of detailed results I was looking for in small still objects. Since I cannot afford a 1:1 mm macro lens, I decided it was worth to try these since they are very cheap.

After doing some testing I have to say: these close up lenses are excellent for the price and you can obtain very good results if you set up your camera the right way (Of course never will be like true macro lens, but again, the price!!). That means: use your camera in manual mode and be patient (which is something you also have to do with a true macro lens or you end with mediocre results as well). I'm a begginer but I believe my first experienceso are fairly decent

For free-frustration shoots, consider the following:
1. Do not expect a good picture if you are attempting to shoot handheld, is almost sure that it will be blurry or out of focus and that is not the lenses fault. Best results are obtained with a tripod. Use the timer function or a remote controler to avoid slighty shakes that will affect the image.
2. Use manual focus and also manually setup your camera aperture and speed.
3. With the use of these close up lenses, the depth of field may become very shallow and will be more pronounced if you use the +10 lens. So you have to set a high f/stop, otherwise you will end up with a blurry image. To demonstrate this, I used a coin as a test subject and took a series of pictures using the +10 lens at different f/stop, look how blurry is the coin at a f/2.5 while the details are very sharp at at f/32 which is the maximum and minimum apertures of my 50 mm lens. Of course I modified the speed acordingly.
4. If you stack all of them, you will end up with +17 dioptries but also you field of depth will be ridiculously shallow so use your maximum f/stop and be very very patient while focusing.

I also tested them with my 75-300 lens, in that case, I liked that they reduced the minimum focus distance which may be handy sometimes when using it and not specially for macro photography. Also I was able to take some macro shoots but it was very difficult to focus, the best results were between 180 and 75 mm. Just for fun, I stacked all the lenses and attempted to shot at 300 mm, I got nothing, there was no way to focus. At 100 mm I was able to focus, but again the field of depth was very shallow and the result is a lot of distortion from the center to the corners.

My conclusion is that used properly, you can get excelent results and considering how cheap they are, I definitely would recommend them to anyone.

Finally, if you are wondering why I gave 4 four stars is because the 4+ lens is loose from the frame, which is clearly a defect. I It does not affect its performance but I hate the broke-glass noise it does when it hits its metal frame. I'm not returning them because I'm in Mexico and the returning shipping charges will be very expensive, and again does not affect the functionallity, but cannot give 5 stars to something that came with a minor defect.
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on August 21, 2016
These work very well, lens are clear. For people that have never used macro type lens before: Depending on the focus range, you will see some blurring and/or fish eye distortion of the image. They allow you to really get up close to small images. Great for people interested in small objects like, stamps, coins, jewelry, flowers, bugs, etc. Attached pictures are of a fly that landed on my shoe. The hard part was getting close enough to the fly to get the picture & not scare it off. Forget that it's a bug, and Notice the detail of the hairs on the fly's body. Pictures were taken with the 10X lens.
Great price for lens of this quality.
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on January 29, 2017
I wanted to LOVE these filters and purchased it for the 10x macro to use for ebay photos. The 10x feature, itself, was nice but the fish-eye effect was not what I was looking for when I purchased this item. I also had to get SUPER CLOSE to my target to be able to get as close-up as I'd wanted. I've been faithfully using this product for ever but recently switched lenses - Opteka Achromatic 10x Diopter Macro Lens for Nikon D5, D4, D810, D800, D750, D610, D500, D7200, D7100, D7000, D5500, D5300, D5200, D3300, D3200 Digital SLR Cameras (Fits 52mm and 67mm Threaded Lenses) and wanted to try the Polaroid set out before repurchasing an adapter to use the Opteka set. Looks like I'll be purchasing an adapter for the Opteka after all. Boo! :(
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on September 27, 2013
I had read a few reviews about the filters getting stuck on the lens and a few commented about the ring around the photos.. . Well, if you don't want the filter to get stuck, just don't screw it in so tight. :) All you need to do is turn loosely it till it won't turn no more. There no need to force it to tighten up. Now as for the ring around your images, this only happens when you zoom in too much, but instead of using zoom, just get slightly closer to the object. To give you an idea how much this actually zooms in, I'll be uploading a sample image after I submit this review.

The sample image was actually a X10 zoom photo of my fish tank (Nikon D5200):
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on June 22, 2013
I recently spent so much getting myself a DSLR that I just couldn't spend another cent upgrading the lens to a Macro. I sell jewelry on Etsy, and pictures are everything - so I thought throwing $14 to the wind on these lens would be worth it. The reviews had great things to say, and I was confident it would be just what I needed. WOW! They are everything I needed and more. Easy to use, takes great shots of my jewelry, and contrary to what some have said I find my auto focus still works great. I am still learning the ins and out of my Canon Rebel, so I know once I tweak settings I will get even more fabulous pictures, but right now - out of the box - I'm thrilled at what these lenses do for my jewelry.
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