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on December 22, 2015
The motor seems nice and worked without heating up. The two handles help with control, and there's an on/off switch you can hit with your left thumb while your hands remain on the handles. The clear plastic base helps with viewing the work. It has a 'soft start' which takes a couple seconds to spin up to speed, which also helps with control. It would probably work great mounted upside down in a router table.

Cons: 10,000 rpm is the lowest speed you can set. Also, the mechanism that raises and lowers the motor has about 1/8 slop, by which I mean, that after releasing the locking lever and turning the adjustment knob to a neutral position, I can side the motor up and down about 1/8" freely in either direction.

This caused a problem for me while once lowering the bit while using the adjustment knob for a few passes, and then unlocking to lower once again but inadvertently touching the motor in some way before the lever was locked. (powered down each time, of course) Unnoticed, the motor had slid down 1/8" further into the work than I had intended. Created a nice paperweight.

The problem is reproducible, but now that I understand it, and also after using thread lock on the single screw that holds the locking mechanism together, I think I might be able to make this work.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon July 20, 2011
a lot more power and less vibration than my P-C 690s. more power than i need for 90+% of my work. My model is the 892 fixed base with variable speed. I intended to use this with my router table, but when i found out that the new BenchDog router lift was designed for the P-C 7518, I decided to upgrade (I already had the BenchDog cast iron table). Now I have two variable speed P-C production routers - 2 1/4 and 3 1/2 hp. I'm satisfied with both.

That said, I agree with some of the reviewers that the quality leaves something to be desired. The first 892 I received was damaged in shipping (even though it was in it's protective case). The plastic parts in the height adjustment mechanism and lock assembly were shattered. These pieces are critical to the use of the router and really should be made of tougher material. However, the replacement arrived quickly from Amazon and in fine order. Although I'm satisfied, I'd recommend that a prospective purchaser also consider alternatives before purchase to make sure that they get the level of quality they require. If you're looking for a table mounted router, a popular alternative these days is the P-C 7518. I can say with first-hand experience that the 892 series is not in a league with the 7518 - the latter being of much higher quality, fit and finish. The 892 is a good enough router but not top tier For table use I'd recommend something like a 7518 or a Triton. The lift manufacturers must feel the same way, because they appear to favor them in their designs.

update: I bought this several years ago. At that time the PC7518 was one of the few games in town for 3+hp routers (the other that i was looking at was the Triton). The field is much more competitive at this point, with Milwaukee, Makita, Freud, Hitachi, Dewalt, to name a few joining PC and Triton with 3+hp routers, so you have a much wider range of options than I did at the time.
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on March 24, 2014
I did a lot of research and read a ton of reviews before buying. I thought this would be a quality tool, but I did see one review that noted that there was a plastic lever that immediately broke. Not having the tool in front of me, I didn't know what he was talking about.
I do now. The tool works great, is relatively quiet, and the micro adjustment is good. There is a spring loaded short lever (made of plastic) that releases the housing from the teeth on the motor for quick major height adjusting or total housing removal. The spring is obviously metal, and the housing where one end of the spring rests is metal, but the other end of the spring is connected to the plastic lever. When the lever is pushed it puts more pressure on the spring, and when you release the lever, the spring causes the plastic lever to re-engage the teeth on the motor. (Until the cheap plastic breaks from the pressure). Mine broke after about 10 months of occasional use. Still under warranty. I called Porter Cable customer service but it fell on deaf ears. They said take it to the closest authorized Service Center that was a mere 390 miles away. When they saw the distance, suggested I call the service center and mail it to them. (I didn't ask who was paying for that, but I can guess) I called the service center in Milwaukee, WI and they said they can't just send me the $4.41 part, that they have to do the warranty work. He said they sub-contract with other service centers, and advised me there was one 50 miles away. It would be cheaper and easier for me to just order the part online, but I'm willing to spend the $35.00 in gas to take it there and go back and get it, just so it costs Porter Cable the part and labor to repair it. Otherwise they will never change using such cheap materials for a part that is in constant use. I don't know who's brainstorm it was to make this part out of plastic, but whoever it was ought to be looking for a job right now. If you decide to order this, I suggest ordering a replacement part #81 on the diagram, part # 911797 when you order the router, as you are going to need it. On another note, the other things other people said about slop in the adjustment when going from inverted (upside down like in a router table) to upside right is true also, and when using inverted sawdust does get between the housing and motor and act as a wedge so you can't adjust the height till you get all that sawdust out and that can be difficult.
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on November 28, 2013
This is a decent enough router, but I cannot give it 5 stars due to a couple of flaws that were not well thought out by Porter Cable.

Porter Cable states this router can be used in the 690 spin down base. However, they neglect to mention that the socket gear on the side of the motor most be removed, and there are only 2 pins for the spin-down base. (The 690 uses 4 pins for a smoother fit). For me, the spin-down base I had permanently mounted in my router table was no longer an option. Taking off and re-installing the socket gear is sooner or later going to damage either the gear, or the 1/4 screws. The screws are soft, allowing for easy damage to their heads.

So I had to purchase another base for the 892. Unfortunately, documentation is anything but clear on the proper part number for a complete replacement fixed base. Even Porter Cable's support site lacks proper images to ensure you are ordering the correct base. Emailing Porter Cable gave me the correct part number (A23656). Wasted time that proper documentation would have prevented.

Used to the heavy duty sub-base of my 690 router, I find the sub-base of the 892 to be sub-par. The sub-base that comes with the router is cheap, brittle plastic which is flimsy, even with the reinforcing ridges molded into the sub-base. The bit opening is larger than the old 690, but this means that if you plan to use template guides (part number 42000), then you will need to buy the older replacement sub-base (part 42186). Thankfully the screw holes in the 42186 align for use with the 892.

So a nice enough routerm but be ready to spend a little extra cash to get the parts that should have come with the router in the first place.
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on May 11, 2017
Excellent- Could not give it 4.9 stars. Love the way the switch turns off the router when I set it down on it's top on a flat surface. Really like the clamping and quick release for the body & motor. I like the micro adjust except that it is a bit sloppy. I found that a 3/16" nut driver could be used to adjust the router micro from above the table- although I did not use it in that application. And I really like the soft start and the adjustable speed setting. Couldn't get a better router for the price.
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on May 3, 2017
These Porter-Cable routers are a standard in the industry, and for good reason. Perfectly balanced, gradual start up, and powerful enough to shrug off hard maple makes these routers perfect for the exacting wood worker. The variable speed option really helps to prevent burning the wood and the blade. I can't believe I waited so long to buy one of these. Well worth the price.
review image
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on January 5, 2017
Good quality router. The speed control is a must is you want to avoid burning certain woods with different bits. The chuck is easy to turn and locks positively without any play. My only complaint is that it has a safety mechanism that resets itself after each use and has to be switched back on before the unit will restart. This is not a problem if you will be using it as a hand held router but if you're mounting it in a router table lift with an enclosed dust collection box you'll have to reach under the table and reset it after each use which is a total pain.
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on May 30, 2013
Porter-Cable is the most popular brand of router and this is one of their best! Great power to get through the job, adjustable speed to handle big 1/2 inch bits, and adjusts depth in small increments to allow for cuts for a dovetail joint or a router table. I put mine on a Rockler router table with insert plate and with a Porter-Cable bit adjustment wrench ($20) you can adjust the bit depth by 100th of an inch through the insert plate. Normally this would be accomplished with a $200-400 router lift. What a great savings! The router comes with 1/4 and 1/2 collet. I have 3 routers and this is my favorite. Simple, straight forward, basic with just the needed features. This would be a great solo router and only lacks a plunge feature to be truly universal. I have a plunge router and still use this router more often and it can be bought with a plunge base or buy that base later if money is tight. Their are more powerful routers but their weight makes them impractical for use without a router table.
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on January 17, 2014
This P-C router is my workhorse tool. I bought it on the basis of all previous Porter Cable products I've owned with complete satisfaction. My application of the #892 is primarily on a router table. It has sufficient power and doesn't bog down routing oak, walnut and hard maple wood with large diameter bits. Yet it is light enough to handily use it off the table. It has been in use for about 3 years having replaced an old #890 unit.
There was one negative to report. On arrival, the shaft was out of true by about 0.002". Our shop requires spot-on dovetails and double dovetails, and so this tool had to be returned for warranty service. My local authorized repair shop quickly returned it to near zero eccentricity and it now performs as required. For most edging and pattern work, the small eccentricity wouldn't matter. Despite the needed rework, I still rate it with 5 stars
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on July 26, 2013
This is a pretty excellent router and I would really like to give it five stars but there is one huge issue that I can't overlook. When the router arrived it came with two chucks, as advertised - 1/2", and 1/4". The 1/2" collet works wonderfully, but the 1/4" chuck was far too tight to work at all. I then tried to pry it open a bit and the whole thing shattered in my hand (which is to be expected since it's hardened steel...). Moral of the story, I had to buy another 1/4" collet because the one that came with the router was too small to fit any of my 1/4" bits. Not a huge deal, and the router itself works wonderfully, but having to drop money on a new collet because the one that came with it was too small is something I would rather not have had to do.

Also, the slow start is a really useful feature. I have a belt sander with it and it is absolutely terrible, but in the case of the router it is a great feature to have

Only other gripe is that the collet does not fit inside the bushing sets that are made for PC routers so it rubs away at them and mars the brass.
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