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on December 15, 2015
Recently I bought a Samsung Gear VR for my Galaxy S6 Edge+ and I wanted a gamepad since VR contents are limited and some of the good games won't run without a compatible controller. The official Oculus site lists only 3 supported brands:-
- Samsung
- MOGA Pro Power
- SteelSeries

Samsung controller was out of stock and SteelSeries didn't have many descent reviews so I was left with only Moga Pro Power. At first I was a bit skeptical since the official Amazon listing images of the product didn't give me an impression of a quality product but either way I just ordered one for $39.99 and received it 2 days later.

So here's my impression:-

- The packaging was great. It's like one of those packages which you pick up to realize that you've chosen a quality product!

- Inside, I got the controller, a tiny USB Cable to Charge my phone, a long USB Cable to charge the controller and an excellent quality Tab holder. Ofcourse there was one user manual too.

- I imagined the controller to be of generic quality, however, it was no way inferior to even a PS4 controller. Its a very well built full size controller with 2 joysticks, 1 D-Pad and 4 triggers. It's a bit bigger than the PS4 Controller (more like XBox 360 Controller) but weighs same. Check out the comparison images I've uploaded along.

- The SMRT locks system works great for holding any smartphone upto atleast 6 inches. The lock system consists of a solid retractable clamp along with a grip on top and bottom to hold on to the device.

- The MOGA Pivot isn't the best android app out there but it gets the job done very well connecting the controller in both modes separately. The controller has A mode and B mode (HID). If you're buying it for Gear VR, you'll be using B mode to pair the unit and play VR games but for other games, you can connect in A mode. The modes can be changed by either turning the orange power button to left (A) or right (B).

- I also wanted to try this controller on PC games, so paired the controller in B mode with my Windows 8 gaming notebook and it worked great without any additional drivers. Although the 2 back side triggers didn't work and the A,B,X,Y buttons were detected in a different order in the game (Mortal Kombat X). There are other ways to map all the buttons of the controller (in A mode) using external tools and it did work but it wasn't detected as a game controller anymore though. It was as if I was using the controller as an alternative to the keyboard

- I could play all the games in Gear VR and trust me, its much easier with a controller than the inbuilt touchpad. And its not just the games, the entire Oculus store and its contents could be controlled with the gamepad, no need to use the touchpad anymore!

- It has a built-in 2200 mAh battery and it claims that it can charge your smartphone but with just 500mAh output, all it can do is slow the the discharging process if you're playing a high-end game on a flagship. If not used for charging the phone, the battery can power the controller for weeks!

Usually I write such long reviews only for review units but this one deserved it! Also, I've uploaded several images to give a good impression of the inbox items and the quality of this controller ( the listing images didn't do justice to the product)... If you're looking for a game controller primarily to be used for Android, do not look anywhere else but do not buy this for PC Gaming. Atleast not till MOGA lifts it's lazy ass to write & distribute a good set of drivers for Windows! In linux it works flawlessly (all buttons including the triggers) as far as I've heard!
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on September 19, 2014
I have a Galaxy S5 and this thing works PERFECTLY. When I say perfectly, I meant that it works exactly as good as you want it to. I have several emulators for my phone including PPSSPP as well as MD.EMU, NES.EMU, SNES9X, and all of them work with this controller without having to keymap a thing. The Moga app has a section that shows you compatible games and links directly from the Google Play store. No downloading games from some iffy 3rd party app, it sends you to the real deal. It also comes with a tablet stand which I can see would be useful, but my tablet case already has as stand so I would not use it.

It is EXTREMELY well made. It is very sturdy and doesn't creak when you try to flex it (Like the PS3 controller). I have had this for a couple weeks now and I am very happy with it.

Your results may vary based on your phone of course, but when playing games using PPSSPP with the Galaxy S5, the battery still drains ever so slightly. Over the course of my one hour lunch break, it drained by only 2 percent. After lunch, I had it plugged into the phone still, but emulator off, screen off, and it charged a little bit. For the S5, it really just looks like it can extend the life of your battery while playing, but does not charge per se.

This has a very solid construction, and though I would not try it, I would think that this could probably survive being tossed in the air and land on concrete, then still work. Just an opinion, use your own $70 to test this yourself ;) . The phone fits securely. The only thing I could forsee going wrong with this is the little grips on the inside of the clip eventually falling off, but this is nothing a couple of rubber feet for use with desk furniture couldn't resolve.

I didn't get any special deal, I paid the $70 for it. I am not going to lie, it is a very expensive controller. Know this when I say that I was hesitant to pay this as I was not sure that it would work. If I had known what I do now, I would not hesitate at all. Understand that I never write reviews and I feel good enough about this product to write one. There is also a 2 year warranty included.

In closing, if you are on the fence about this one or another controller, don't hesitate in buying this. It is more expensive, but the solid build and ease of use is just incredible. I hope you found this review helpful!
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on February 24, 2017
If you like the controls of XBOX but in a more portable form factor to keep in a backpack, this is the best quality value you'll probably find.

+ Works in HID (bluetooth) mode
+ All the buttons of the 360 included
+ 2 analog triggers
+ High-quality plastic feels good in the hands
+ All day, rechargeable battery that also charges phone for a bit more game time
+ Nice, grippy stand holds a fairly large phone (not tablet)
+ Doubles as a phone stand
+ Perfect for emulation

- Will BARELY ever connect in "A" mode. Don't bother with it.
- Crummy Android app support. Ignore MOGA PIVOT.
- No rumble
- No media control buttons (volume, play, etc)
- ONLY for ANDROID and not iOS. (Windows support with software listed below)
- If you have buttons in the middle of the side, this will hold your phone awkwardly
- Not all Android apps support controllers the way you'd hope (but many do)

This is my third MOGA controller. I've had the super tiny, AAA-powered first gen; the awesome (but slightly overpriced) MOGA Power PRO; and now the more portable MOGA Hero Pro.

This is tinier than Moga Pro Power with all the same bells and whistles with the same flaw of the PRO Power. That is, never, ever bother using "A" mode. The "B" mode on the controller is the universal HID mode and everything will work great with it. MOGAs original Android app is inconsistent and totally unnecessary in the last two years since the controller came out, but thankfully MOGA hedged their bets and "B" mode works wonderfully with a simple Bluetooth connection that works and connects without much hassle. I like the tiny form factor. The device sits nicely in my hands thanks to the small wings and placement of the buttons. The analog triggers are a little stiff without as much movement as an Xbox controller, but they work fine considering the form factor. The + pad works great, as do the smaller analog sticks. The twin sticks have a nice range of motion and the rechargeable battery lasts quite a while.

Pro Tip: I'd recommend if you need to charge your phone that you just plug it into a wall and let the gaming session go as long as you like, since phones these days are power hogs with games and even with a battery you'll only gain an extra hour plus two dead batteries instead of one. You can recharge the controller days later that way.

Pro Tip 2: If you have Windows, you can actually Google and download some software (MogaSerial 1.5.1 on Github) that will let you emulate a 360 controller with ease. Apart from rumble, I often play on my laptop from my bed with this Bluetooth controller in place of my 360 controller, no dongles necessary. Initial setup is a little bit of a one-time tinker, but it IS a nice little value addition, and the only way to get this controller working on anything other than Android.

I expect this to last as long as my last MOGA controller, which was about a year of heavy game play before a button started sticking from a billion presses.
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on September 12, 2016
Amazing controller, especially if you go against the manufacturer's wishes and use it for more than just Android mobile gaming (hint: Google "MogaSerial"). Battery lasts at the very least about 10 continuous hours of use, probably more (I didn't care much to write down times). Phone charging is more of a gimmick, especially with current generation of power-hungry phones.The controller fits just great in your hands and everything works just fine. Fits big phones without any issues. Honestly one of the best purchases I've made, but not everything is perfect. The things I would complain about are:

1. They could've made the controller optionally work (as in, send controller signals) via USB as well (Bluetooth is all it uses). Would be nice in some scenarios where you don't want to (or can't) use Bluetooth.
2. Moga could've stepped up their game with multi-platform support and released drivers for more than just Android. Nice people have donated their free time into making it possible for you to use this controller on windows in 5 seconds and without issues, but that's a big failure on behalf of Moga.
3. The Moga Pivot Android app absolutely sucks, and game support isn't exactly there, either. You'll enjoy this controller on some games via Moga Pivot, and you'll enjoy games that offer controller mapping, but the controller support isn't really there (new versions of Android mess with the Moga drivers and Moga isn't quick to fix these things. GTA: SA is a great example of a game that supposedly supports these controllers, but anything past Lollipop will render the controller useless).

I've personally seen past these flaws and use it mostly for gaming on Windows, but these may be a deal-breaker for you if you don't plan on using it for anything other than gaming on your phone. I suggest you do your research on the games you want to play before you go for the purchase.

In conclusion, the build quality is great and, should you dig around the web a bit, this controller can serve you well for a lot more than just mobile gaming. In contrast, the company has failed miserably on the software and multi-platform department, and game support for Moga exclusively is a bit limited.
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on March 10, 2017
- Pretty durable material. Dropped it several times, hasn't broken yet
- Buttons have a tactile feel, which is the complaint with using a touchscreen as a controller
- Can charge devices during use. Lasts for hours
- Decent battery life w/ built in battery saving features
- Quality for the price is outstanding
- Option to use as direct controller or HID making this quite versatile
- Small package, so it's easily portable

- Triggers don't feel tactile at all
- Lack of extended hand grips makes for hand cramps on trigger happy games or a very uncomfortable time holding the device
- Lack of textured back to compensate for the lack of hand grips
- No charging devices when controller is off or in sleep mode
- No wired controller option for devices, in the case that I can't use bluetooth
- Device holster doesn't pivot any more than roughly 135 degrees
- Cannot check battery life if device is off
- Pivot App last updated a year ago and lacks any features that make the app useful other than a second pairing menu
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on March 15, 2016
I purchased this not knowing for sure if it would work with the S7/Gear VR combo and it absolutely blew me away. It even works well with some other games as well. I'm finally able to use a helicopter sim on my phone and it feels great.. I didn't have to download the pivot app at all, just configured using Mode B. No hassle at all. I Definitely would recommend this to others.
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on July 28, 2016
The controller was unable to connect to my phone. I followed all of the support articles on their site and tried to find a solution through various forums, all to no avail. The consensus was that it is a defective product. This can happen sometimes, I understand that. So I reached out to MOGA support to get help and possibly get the item replaced. This was over a month ago, and, as of writing this review, I still have not received a response to my submitted ticket.

I returned the product and bought the SteelSeries controller instead. That connected to my phone right off the bat, and it works perfectly. The only thing I wish it had was the phone holder like the MOGA.

I am sure that if it worked, I would have been very happy with this product. Unfortunately, the lack of customer support leaves me with no desire to support this company or recommend it to anyone.
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on April 2, 2016
There are a couple of reviews that say this didn't work for them. Perhaps it was a bad unit or what not. So far I've been very pleased with the controller. My steps were:

Unbox and verify the unit was charged.
Turn on the unit in mode B (Afterwards I read I was supposed to pair in mode A, but I didn't need to)
On phone: Open Bluetooth and scan for devices
Pair with MOGA unit

I installed none of the extra software.
So far I've tested the controller in:
All Gear VR Menu's
ESPER2 - I originally bought this controller just because of this game
EVE GunJack

I've already beaten Dead Secret but I suspect it would work just fine in that game as well. I've put a couple of hours on the device and haven't had to recharge it yet. The only issue I've discovered so far is that it lost connection with my phone during the second day of use. I couldn't force it to reconnect so I un-paired it and went back through the pairing process.

Common mappings I've discovered on my own:
A: This is essentially the equivalent of tapping the touchpad
Left Top Trigger: Seems to be equivalent to double tap on pad although it is highly game dependent

A: Activate ESP
Left Top Trigger: Throw Object
Left Analog Button: move items closer/farther away

A: Cast / Reel in / Select (Basically the only control in this game)

A: Fire
X: Reload
Y: Menu
Left Top Trigger: Use Power Module (Rockets/Repair, etc)
Most of the other triggers just fire as well.

It even works in touchwiz on the S7 but I wouldn't recommend it as the primary means of navigating the touch screen unless you're pairing it up with your big screen to play other controller friendly games on that display.

Other reviewers have also complained of buttons breaking. I obviously haven't run into that issue yet, but I could see how the lower triggers might be prone to breaking. They have a stiff feel to them and I have a tendency to want to squeeze harder on them than I should when I'm testing button mappings. I haven't run into a game that used them yet so my review may change once I find a need for those buttons.
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on October 14, 2016
Not worth the price, please reconsider purchasing this controller. The directional pad is too stiff and unresponsive to play fighting games like Snk vs. Capcom, Street Fighter Alpha, or Marvel vs Capcom. This controller is only good for action or adventure games that doesn't require complex directional pad motions like doing a dragon uppercut in street fighter with Ryu. Your best option in my opinion would be to get a OTG on the go cable and connect it with an Microsoft Xbox 360 original remote to get the best arcade controller for fighting games. I've tried Moga Pro, Gamesir g3, and phone joy, they are a complete waste of money and don't offer true console controller experience. Do not buy and don't be fooled.
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on July 15, 2016
I hate to say it, but I wanted this to work. Same experience on Galaxy S4 (4.3), Galaxy S (4.4.2), and Galaxy S7 Active (6.0.1).

First, it seems to make you download and launch the games through the Moga app before the controller will work on them. Ok...

Even then, only Shadowgun: Deadzone (the multiplayer version) worked for me.

Nothing else. Ever. On none of my phones.

And believe me, I realize the game must support it, first. Nothing mattered, it just did nothing inside the games.

To me, it's just a glorified battery charger, but even then, I don't use it for that. I don't use it for anything.

The little tablet/ phone stand that cane with it gets more use than the controller, now.
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