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on April 18, 2012
This product was a little bit tricky to install. If you don't pay attention to the small hook-shaped tab, you can easily plug the device in incorrectly, which will cause it to feel wobbly and loose. Once it is installed correctly though, the usb hub/card reader fits very securely.
The device blends in with the system perfectly and you can barely notice it's there, which is a plus. I plugged in an Eye Toy camera, charged 2 controllers and a bluetooth headset, and everything seemed to function just fine.
The main reason I chose this Expansion Bar is because I used to own a 60GB model ps3 that had 4 usb ports and a multi-card reader, and this add-on attachment basically brings those features back.
I used to always keep a memory stick pro duo plugged into my 60gb ps3 and I used to routinely back up my game saves to it. The cool thing about the 60gb ps3 was that there was a plastic door that concealed the card reader and you could keep the memory cards plugged in at all times without worry of dust or having the sticks accidentally bumped. After testing out the card reader for this "Media Expansion Bar", I noticed that the pro duo memory card stuck out almost an inch out of the front like a flimsy diving board. I was hoping to leave the memory card in there at all times, but the memory stick can easily be bumped and possibly damaged because it sticks out so far. The ps3 detected the memory stick just fine and I was able to import and export game saves, music, and other files with ease. Another problem with the card reader is that there is no door or covers to keep dust out of the open memory card slots, so expect a lot of dust to build up after a while.

Overall, here is what I loved and hated about the "POWER A Media Expansion Bar":

- I can finally charge multiple accessories without having to unplug something else (4 USB ports)
- The device blends in with the console, not too bulky
- fits very securely into the system (if installed correctly)

- the "hook" part can be a little tricky to install (and uninstall)
- memory cards stick out too far, putting the cards data or the card itself at risk of damage
- no way to keep dust out of card reader

In the end, this is great USB hub and I am mostly satisfied, but if you are looking to keep your memory cards plugged in at all times, look elsewhere.
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on December 30, 2010
Bought this to get some extra USB slots and it works great.

I was a bit hesitant after seeing the other review mentioning that it wasn't that snug...I found that at first as well then decided to read the manual before throwing it away, there is a hook on the right hand side that fits into the PS3, then you hook up the USB side...this makes it a lot tighter and a better fit.
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on May 9, 2011
This was the best accessory I ever purchased for the PS3. It fits perfectly and is completely snug IF INSTALLED CORRECTLY! Make sure to install the hook end FIRST then the usb port SECOND. If installed that way, it works absolutely perfectly! I tried every port and it read everything that I plugged in and quickly too.

On top of it all, it's aesthetically pleasing which basically it doesn't stick out far and fits perfectly. When installed, it looks like its part of the system naturally! No large jutting pieces or anything like other media expansions.

I would recommend this to anyone, its cheap, and literally perfect! A MUST BUY FOR ANY PS3 USER!
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on September 2, 2014
This device is manufactured for the "original" PS3 Slim, NOT the most-recent model, which I believe is still the newest in the U.S., the Super Slim model sold with bundle-packed games around Christmas of last year. As such, with the USB properly plugged into the second slot per the instructions, the "hook" on the right-hand side doesn't have one of the cooling vents to latch onto; the fit isn't as snug as it should be. However, the expansion bar DOES sit flush against the underside of the PS3 domed top.

With a few evenly-spaced pieces of good-quality tape, strip off little square pieces of tape, roll them into tubes with your fingers, and stick them onto the front underside of the console, spacing them from just past the second USB slot to the other end of the console's face. Next, affix the bar to the front underside of your console, pressing with your fingertips to ensure fullest coverage area. I then taped the media bar to the machine on the bottom with another strip of tape; easily removable yet sturdy enough for my needs.

Also, this was a little pricier than I'd have liked, given the required workaround above. I've learned to expect quirks in third-party add-ons, but you'd think by now at least a degree of quality control would help the market.

Lastly, be forewarned that this whole expansion bar is USB-powered by one slot ONLY; if you have a lot of devices running simultaneously through the slots, chances are that something won't get enough juice. Just another cut-corner that we consumers have to deal with. For all my complaining, at least this device does seem to be working properly, and I can't wait to try my SD cards on it - I have no reason to doubt them.
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on March 29, 2014
I bought this because i needed more space. This works great. The first USB port on your PS3 is still accessible. The ports on this powers two remotes in a dock, runs a Skylanders base and charges our Turtle Beach headphones. As others say, it hooks in from the right side so if its hanging, you didn't attach it right. I didn't use any of the media card readers and probably never will. For the price, this was well work the ports it give you. It also looks natural as it's designed seamlessly. Highly recommended.
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Overall I like the product; for the money, it is a nice way to add some additional ports and memory card slots (which I miss not having after owning an original PS3 "fat").

The fit and finish in my opinion is just fine - snaps right in fairly tight. It took about 5 seconds to install, and seemed to work flawlessly for the last month.

So why only 3 stars? I went to plug in my PS3 SingStar USB microphones (branded and sold specifically for PS3; not some cheapo aftermarket thing), and the SingStar program continually kept recognizing and then dropping the microphones. I finally unplugged my new media expansion bar and just used the original PS3 USB ports, and the microphones worked perfectly. So bottom line, all of your accessories may not work with this product, which is a major flaw.

Still, overall for the money it is decent. If you just play normal games (no singing) and need the memory card slots for slideshows, etc, then this product will be fine for you. And it detaches fairly easily, so if you have to temporarily disconnect it, it isn't a big deal.

Overall recommended, but just go in knowing that it isn't a perfect product.
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on October 27, 2012
After having two of the fat Playstation 3 systems die on me, I gave up on the extra features of that model and purchased a PS3 slim for the reliability/better build. The memory card reader in the old system was something I used frequently, and I really missed it. I tried using a USB memory card reader, but the cord from my external HDD and the card reader couldn't both fit side-by-side in the PS3 at the same time.

Enter the POWER A Media Expansion Bar.

I hooked it up in about 10 seconds. I can't believe anyone had trouble putting this on...there is a little hook on the right side that hooks into a vent on the PS3, and then the USB part plugs into USB slot #2 and you're done. I can now plug SD cards right into my PS3 again, hooray! A nice benefit also is that it turns USB slot #2 into three additional USB slots for a total of four, just like the original fat systems had. It looks like part of the system, too. It does not stick out or look strange. The only thing I don't really like is that there is a little red light on the front of this unit that is kind of distracting, but that is easily covered up with a small piece of electrical tape, and you'll never notice it again.

Highly recommended! Glad someone out there had such a great idea and design.
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on April 20, 2012
Does what it claims. Charges my controllers fine, and reads my sd cards and memory sticks. People complain about it not reading the eyetoy, but you can install it so that one usb port is open directly to the ps3 and not through this device. I would have given it five stars, but there are 2 problems that kinda bug me. First, the card slots don't ever give the sense they have the card, you just slide the card in until it stops. No click or even a light to indicate that the card is in there. Doesn't even feel very secure for the card, but I didn't experience any problems with the card not being read or anything, more of a quality issue. Speaking of lights, the more notable issue was the red light that turns on when you plug the thing in. Its HUGE...and very bright. There are holes...or windows or something...that show the ps3 hdd and internet lights, but they are dimmed a bit by having to travel through the device, and can hardly compare to the bright red sun on the device itself. Granted, the thing snaps on and off easy for me, and it felt secure to the ps3 when attached (at least for me). If you miss your card readers and usb ports of the old ps3, I'd highly recomend this, if for a couple minor problems. Its better than what the current ps3 offers already...which is none of these things.
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on May 14, 2014
Great USB Hub + card reader for the PS3 Slim.

It only takes up one USB slot so you can leave one open leaving you with 4 free usb slots like the original PS3 was.
Plus, it also has card readers like the original PS3. a must buy for any PS3 Slim user.

There is a design flaw in this USB Hub that you might have better luck with.
The tab that holds this HUB in place on your PS3 slim breaks easily... and I treat all my thing with a great deal of care.
It snaps off and its impossible to keep it from hanging off of your USB port from this point on.

What I had to do was actually tape it to my system to prevent it from causing damage to the USB ports on the PS3 Slim.

That is the only reason this got a 4 star.
Maybe you will have better luck.
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on May 29, 2013
As a heavy user of the built in card readers of the original PS3, I was very disappointed to see that the PS3 Slim lost that functionality. This item restores the functionality removed by Sony. It fits the PS3 Slim perfectly. I "installed" it in seconds by simply putting the hook in the correct vent on the console, and then plugging in the USB. It worked instantly to read and play AVCHD video from an SD card. Just like the original PS3. The only thing that keeps me from giving 5 stars is that the attachment doesn't sit flat on the same surface as the PS3. It is slightly raised which I think might put undue stress on the console's USB port as memory cards are inserted and removed. I may look into a simple fix such as attaching a couple of those small stick on rubber feet underneath. To be clear, it's not loose but just moves slightly up and down which could be solved easily in design and also with the rubber feet I mentioned. I would still highly recommend this item, especially if you use CF and SD cards as I do.
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