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on September 8, 2014
I wanted to write a review that would help NP students/graduates that are in the position that I was a few months ago.

1. AANP vs. ANCC? I put a lot of thought into which board exam I wanted to take and why. I ended up choosing ANCC-FNP for the main reason that I feel nursing, in general, encompasses many different areas other than just medicine, including ethics, legal, culture, theories, etc. To me, the AANP exam seemed kind of geared towards the PA & medicine realm. During my conference, a lot of people were turned off by the new questions that were appearing on the 2014 ANCC exam. By this I am talking about the questions that have 3 correct answers, pictures, and matching. There were many of these on the exam, but don't be overly concerned about this, it all works out in the end.

2. How long do you prepare for the exam? There is no right or wrong answer to this. On average, I felt that my colleagues studied for ~8 weeks. I, personally, studied for 4 months only because of the fact that I was going through many life changes during my study period (e.g., selling my house, moving out of state, working FT, looking for a new jobs, etc.). I tried to study 2 hours/day, with 1 study-free day. I do have to say that I felt overly prepared during the exam and that 85% of what I studied was not even on the exam!!

3. LEIK: I have to say that this was the BEST, most HELPFUL book that I purchased for my studies. I referred to it as my study 'bible.' I read through the whole book, front to back, highlighting things that were important. Things that I loved about this book: it goes through a lot of "REAL LIFE" information during the first chapter. It gives you MANY inside TIPS throughout the book. It is very easy to read. I found the pharmacology section helpful. Although, not very extensive, this book had the best professional issues review. Lastly, I found the questions in the back (1,284 total-I did them all!) to be very fair and helpful.

4. A CONFERENCE: I highly recommend attending the Fitzgerald conference LIVE. It was extremely helpful, never a dull moment. It was a 3-day conference. Well worth the $$. It comes with a review manual which is also a must-have!

5. BARKLEY AUDIO CDS: Audio CDs were a must for me b/c I commute 2-3hrs/day. The Barkley CDs were really good and kept my interest throughout.

6. HOLLIER: I recommend this as a book for solely practice questions. The questions are not overly hard and a good starting point. The book is laid out so that you can do 5 ?s, look at the answers, and so on. I rented to 2009 version from my library. Renting front a library is a great idea, but you can't write in them of course!

7. FamlyNPrep.com: I bought 10 practice exams from here. I ended up not being able to take all 10. I would recommend buying 5, but unfortunately they only come in packages of 1, 10, 20. While the questions were just ok from here, I liked being able to (a) do practice tests on the computer (b) practice doing 200 ?s straight through and (c) get scores that were similar to the real test.

8. FITZGERALD book: I also bought the Fitzgerald book and would not recommend reading this book front to back, like LEIK. The questions, while some information was duplicate from the conference, were fairly helpful.

9. BROWN: This is a book completely practice questions. There were overly challenging and towards the end of my studying I was only getting 50-60% correct, which starting to make me concerned. I realized that I was not the only one who thought this. There are many questions about surgeries which aren't covered anywhere else, and quite frankly are not applicable! I didn't get a chance to use the CD that it comes with.

10. FNP Secrets Study Guide: Don't waste your money. While it did have a decent sized section on non-clinical issues, I did not find it overall to be very helpful.

As you can see, I utilized many different resources to study for this 'dreaded' test. Failing was not an option to me. To summarize, the recourses that helped me the most were: LEIK, Fitz conference, Barkley audio cds (if you are auditory learner), Hollier, and FamilyNPrep.com. If you are taking the ANCC, think culture, culture, culture!

Here are some blogs/posts that I found helpful:
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on July 14, 2010
Today I passed the FNP AANP certification examination with the aid of this book and Fitzgerald's Audio CDs. Woohoo! So, in summary, it works. However, there are a few things that could be excluded/included in this version (3rd) of Fitzgerald's Nurse Practitioner Certification Examination and Practice Preparation that would make it even more superior to other review texts/courses. Hence, that's why I gave it four out of five stars.

1. As one previous reviewer pointed out, the question formatting was less than optimal as the questions were at the beginning of each section and subsequently followed by the answers (hard not to cheat). Suggestion - locate the answers at the end of the chapter/text. Also, this may just be me, but the questions should come after the related section's literature not the other way around.

2. Though she clearly states that the generic and trade names of drugs are given on the ANCC and AANP exams this does not hold true in this text. The majority of her questions listed either the generic or trade name of a drug. Found this distracting as there's only a million different drugs names out there. A little help please.

3. The tables. First let me say that most of the tables were straightforward and concise. However, some of them were cluttered with needless information and hard to follow (i.e., Treatment of Sinusitis). I'm a big fan of algorithms (hint hint). Again, just a suggestion.

4. Very comprehensive but still lacking. When I took the AANP exam I found myself cursing the review book as a great deal of information on the exam was never mentioned in this text. I had to reach into the deep recesses of my mind (scary) to retrieve some gray/foggy/probably incorrect information to answer some of the questions. Now, I know that cramming two years of full time graduate study into just under four hundred pages isn't feasible. So, I would suggest to future candidates to briefly (and I mean briefly) skim their graduate texts before dedicating majority of their time to this text.

5. Which is which? Let me elaborate. I know that the name of the book entails Certification Examination and Practice Preparation but it would be nice if the difference in the material was eluded to in the text. Example - knowing the equiopotency of corticosteroids is great for practice but would that really be on the exam? Perhaps practice preparation material could be labeled as such so that future candidates would not feel so overwhelmed with needless (for the exam that is) information.

With all of that said this book is still far superior to other review texts that i've encountered. I highly recommended utilizing it for exam preparation with a minimum of six weeks preparation (with about two hours a day on average of study). It can be used as a singular study tool for board preparation but must be studied intensely. Also, I wish all of those who will be sitting for the AANP and ANCC exams in the future the best of luck. Study hard. Don't let this test intimidate you (even while you're taking it). Just focus, breathe, chew on a peppermint (worked for me), and push forward while in the exam room and all will end well. Good luck!
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on February 25, 2011
I just passed both my Adult certification with AANP and my Gerontological certification with ANCC!!!

Initially, I used the Fitzgerald book. It is EXTREMELY detailed and serves as a great study guide. I found that the questions in the book were a lot harder than on the actual exams and that the information in the book is more information than you need to know for the exams. However, it's better to be overly prepared than not prepared at all right?

After going through this book, I felt extremely overwhelmed and underprepared. I was getting a lot of the questions incorrect and I started getting worried. So I also supplemented my studying with the Zerwekh book. Zerwekh book has a CD that randomizes questions and is structured the same as the exam, so you get a good feel for the program.

Back to Fitzgerald- I actually wish I had this book while I was in school. It does a very good job in focusing you on the important aspects of every disease process. Loved this book and is a must have when you're studying both for the certifications as well as for school!
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on January 11, 2014
Ok, im kinda siked up because i just passed boards today. Actually just a few hours ago. But i wanted to take the time to write this review for those with all that test anxiety like i had. First and foremost, buy this book. Next step buy the certification practice question book by amelie hollier. These are the only two practice books you will need. If i could do everything all over after taking the exam tonight here is what i would do. I would get this book by fitzgerald and read it from cover to cover, and ill tell you why. In this book you are proposed the questions first, then the material over the subject is presented. Now i would not spend my time trying to memorize the questions etc. I would focus on the subject material and explanations in this book because alot of it is basically evidence based articles or publications from a certain group ie: diabetes= ADA. And guess where alot of the questions on the exam are from ? thats right, the specialized group who makes recommendations. Basically in a nut shell, you have alot of articles and guidelines from the specialized bodies ie: ADA, AHA, all in one place. Now with the education you already have in A&P, peds and adult, i cant see any reason why someone could not read this book from cover to cover and pass the exam. Often i would read something in the articles that i did not understand ie: a type of sign or exam finding. I would then access youtube for a video demonstration so i could incorporate a visual learning style. For medical terms or definitions that i had forgot or did not understand, i would quickly look is up on wikepedia. Using this format will greatly expand your understanding of anything you might encounter on the test. The other book i recommended above, is also very useful. It is full of nothing but questions and rationals. The reason i say to incorporate or buy both books is for this reason. Lets say you read the chapter over COPD in the fitzgerald book. Now obviously when you look at the questions again in the fitzgerald book you are going to know the answer because the questions are taken from the reading. Now if you have the other book i mentioned you are going to be proposed a completely differently worded question over that subject. If you answer it wrong a rational is supplied with this book. You can use this to direct your areas of weakness and know what you need to study more. I hope this helps. And just so you know how good this book actually is....i am NOT selling mine. i am going to keep it as a reference... Yes it is that good.
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on June 21, 2014
I can't say enough good things about this book. It was recommended to me over a year ago by a fellow FNP student who was a year ahead of me in the program and has since graduated and passed boards using this book exclusively. Luckily, I was convinced to go ahead and buy it for use during my classes, and it's made a huge difference in my understanding of information, my studying style, and my preparedness for testing. I've improved my grades thanks to using the practice questions in my exam prep for Adult Health I and II.

There are 16 sections, from health promotion to geriatrics to childbearing, and each one has multiple practice questions, rationales, and helpful info tables such as immunizations and common medications. There's also a section for FAQ about Boards. My only concern is that some of the information is becoming outdated, such as the JNC 7 HTN guidelines. However, 95% of the information remains relevant and will be for years to come.

I will likely research and purchase at least one more book with practice questions prior to taking Boards next year, but this book is my #1 resource. My professors sing the praises of Fitzgerald and consider her to be the leading expert in the NP field. Please do yourself a favor and get this book as soon as possible for Boards prep, or better yet during the program for use throughout.
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on December 20, 2013
I can't say enough about Dr.Fitzgerald's NP review book. It pretty much is a solid refresher for many of the things that you forgot in graduate school and gets you prepared to take the test. I not only recommend buying this book, but buying it early (1-2quarters before graduation) and reading it COVER TO COVER while answering EVERY QUESTION in the book. I feel like this was an excellent preparatory lesson prior to taking my certification exam with the AANP, which I'm pleased to say I passed on the first try. I can't say for sure if I would've passed without this book, but I believe this book gave me the confidence and additional information I needed to succeed. I would recommend this book to EVERYONE without hesitation.

If you've read this far into the review I don't know why you still are reading, you need to have it in your cart and checking out.
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on August 6, 2016
Margaret Fitzgerald's books are a must have for any nurse practitioner student. I used this book to help my past my boards. I can't say enough about how helpful this book was for me. I actually read each section and then answered the questions which is reverse of how it is set out, but it worked great for me. I past both the AANP and ANCC boards the first time!
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on March 19, 2016
This is a great book with lots of practice questions and explanations; however, I expected more questions in each category. It's a good start, but you will need many more questions with answers to properly prepare for the exam.
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VINE VOICEon October 10, 2012
I used this book a lot to study for my in-class exams during my Adult NP program. I found it very helpful and some of my exam questions were very similar to Fitzgerald's. I like the way she is able to distill the material down to "what you really need to know" and doesn't waste time on complexities that are not likely to be on the exam.

While studying for my ANCC ANP exam, I used this book, plus Fitzgerald's audio CD course. And then I used Hollier's book to do lots and lots of questions. The combination worked for me, as I passed on the first try after studying every day for 2 weeks. There are some aspects of Fitzgerald's audio course that are better than this book, and she gives a wonderful, easy mnemonic for remembering heart murmurs in her audio course.

I do have to echo others' sentiment that the book falls far short of the theoretical material (ethics, health policy, etc.) covered on the ANCC exam. But I found that problem with nearly every other resource I turned to.

Overall, it was a very good purchase. I am looking forward to her AGPCNP book whenever it comes out!
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on September 14, 2017
Item as described. Fast shipment. Very satisfied!
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