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on January 3, 2014
This is a more mature, more serious Katy than in Teenage Dream. I picked this up because of how much fun TD was, with its bouncy, silly songs that weren't much more than bubble gum fluff. But this album is not a continuation of that. Make no mistake, it is very good in its own right, but if you're looking for Teenage Dream The Continuing Confection, you will be disappointed by this. There is one token party anthem in This Is How We Do, but it feels at odds with the rest of the songs, which are more mature and better grounded than Katy has been in the past. She has grown up, and everything is not a party. Boyfriends are not interchangeable like Ken dolls. Friday nights are not about having the biggest bash you can muster. This feels more like real-life Katy, without the blue hair. But this Katy is strong and sensible, serious and self-sufficient. Katy, Plain and Tall; Katy, Medicine Woman; Katy of Green Gables. The music is quite good, but this is also a woman I can respect.
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on July 4, 2017
I loved Katy Perry right when she came out with her first album. Then the very famous album Teenage Dream came out. That album was really great. So of course I would want to listen to PRISM.

These are my thoughts of each track:

1. Roar - (5/5) This is a great empowerment track. Of course this is a Katy Classic. This is catchy and is a nice car jam song.

2. Legendary Lovers - (5/5) This song is cool because it almost has tribal vibes. The fast sing rap is pretty amazing to. She is talking about relationships and saying that the relationship she is in could be legendary. Great song.

3. Birthday - (5/5) Another good track. I Know it is a typical sex song. It is catchy though.

4. Walking On Air - (5/5) This is another cool track. A lot of dance vibes. Katy songs good on this song. Instead of her using her belting on this song, she uses breathy vocals.

5. Unconditionally - (4/5) I like the chorus, and meaning of this song. The beat is cool to, this is not a favorite, but I still like the song.

6. Dark Horse (Feat. Juicy J) - A great trap style beat. High energy, and clearly was a favorite for most people when it came out.

7. This Is How We Do - (3/5) There is a part of me that likes the song and a part of me that doesn't. It is catchy, but there is some weak lyrics.

8. International Smile - (4/5) Not a favorite but it is catchy. And the switch up is very unexpected, but I like it.

9. Ghost - (5/5) - This Is a very great song about how a lover kind of just leaves the relationship emotionally. She is calling him a ghost or stranger, and says she sees through him. So now she is seeing him for what he truly is now.

10. Love Me - (5/5) This is one of my favorite tracks. I love the line in the chorus. "I am going to love myself the way I want you to love me." I never thought Katy could be really emotional or deep.

11. This Moment - (4/5) This is a cool song, it is good, but not a song I play a lot. I like the message, she is saying live for today and all we have is this moment.

12. Double Rainbow - (4/5) I like the double rainbow metaphor about seeing eye to eye in a relationship.

13. By The Grace Of God - (5/5) This song is touching, and has a dark story. She talks about almost committing suicide after a failed relationship. Because I used to have those thoughts to it connected with me a lot.

14. Spiritual - (5/5) This song is one of my all time favorites. Great beat. Then the chorus just hooks you in right away.

15. It Takes Two - (3/5) Tis song has a great message, and I love how Katy is being honest by saying both partners are to blame, instead of just one. I just wish the chorus hooked me in a little more.

16. Choose Your Battles - (5/5) Tis track is really well put together and it has another great message, and I love the drum beat in this song.

I at least like every track on this album in some way shape or form. There is no bad songs, which is usual on a Katy Perry album for me. I will say that eventhough this is as strong as her past albums, but what makes this album different is there is a lot of emotional meaning to majority of the songs. Where on her past albums she had a few meaningful tracks, and a bunch of dance songs.
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on July 13, 2014
Such a great and meaningful album. I'll admit I did not like her previous album at all, what got me into Katy Perry was her debut album which was such a different pop/rock album with many catchy and meaningful tunes. It's definitely going down as one of my favourite albums of all time. This album is very different than the others, it has a lot of ballads, and I do mean a lot, but this album still remains great! My favourite songs on the album are: Walking on Air, Unconditionally, Legendary Lovers, Birthday, Dark Horse and Roar.

The Zinepak is great, the CD looks better than I expected, I thought it would be plain silver but it's a very reflective silver, very reminiscent of a PRISM. There are lyrics for every song on the album, short little messages, inspirations and dedications which were great to read. I definitely recommend this pack if you're a Katy Perry fan. Great value and you girls get a lot of extras: 3 Tattoos, Nail Decals, a Prism Planter, a Sample for Killer Queen and a PRISM patch. It's a shame there's no extras for me really, except for maybe the PRISM planter haha, but whatever it was worth it for the many pages of beautiful pictures and lyrics.
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on December 31, 2015
. This album is better than Teenage Dream in my opinion. This is because there are more songs I like without skipping half of the album. I'm a fan of Katy Perry's music because her voice is nice to listen to very smooth. Her music is catchy,fun, happy, and motivational. I think this album does stay true enough to her usual style in the way that her music is still motivational. For example, even her more serious tracks that are found on her album: By The Grace of God- Even in a dark place, at the end of the day, she decided she could get through it. It takes Two- She takes accountability for her actions, she is sorry it didn't work out the way she had hoped. but, you can still feel the love she had for him and their relationship within the song even if he couldn't take the same responsibility for his actions..

Some people described this album as darker but, I disagree I think it is a very positive album overall. However, That Dark Horse song would be a lot better without that awful Rap in the middle, it is inappropriate and that Jeffery Dahmer line is absolutely disgusting. She should release an alternate version without that rap especially on the deluxe format lol.

In conclusion, This album is full of catchy songs that I find positive and fun to listen to, and I look forward to hearing more from Katy Perry for sure.
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on August 7, 2015
This is Katy Perry's third studio album, and since I loved Teenage Dream so much, it was a no-brainer to pick this one up. I went ahead and sprung for the Deluxe Edition because those are often better. Well, let's see how this album holds up:

Roar (5/5) - This song is fun and uplifting, and unlike a lot of other “uplifting” songs, this one truly feels fun and empowering instead of dark and depressing. Also, it works much better lyrically than "Firework" (from Teenage Dream) did at being a motivational song.

Legendary Lovers (4/5) - This song's interesting; it has got a sort of “Asian” flare to its sound, and it makes for a nice contrast to the other songs and helps it to be unique.

Birthday (4/5) - I actually didn't care for this one at first, as it struck me initially as a bit bland musically, but it's really grown on me. It's a pretty obvious birthday/sex metaphor, but despite the cheesy lyrics, it's an enjoyable song regardless.

Walking On Air (4/5) - This one's nice -it's quite energetic. A few lyrics are kinda corny like rhyming "erotica" with “exotica,” but its pleasant to listen to.

Unconditionally (3/5) – I can't say I care much for this song. It's just okay – not terrible, not great, just okay.

Dark Horse (Feat. Juicy J) (5/5) – This is probably the stand-out track on the album – it's catchy, has a unique sound compared to the other album tracks, and is just generally nice to listen to.

This Is How We Do (4/5) – I like this song, too. It's not the best song ever, but it's decent and perfectly listenable.

International Smile (3/5) – This song has some vapid lyrics, and generally feels a bit like a filler song - however, it's saved by the nice chorus.

Ghost (4/5) – This is a tonal shift in the album since the song is a lot darker in subject matter than the previous entries. Normally, I'm not too fond of the slower songs, but this one is saved by it's catchy chorus.

Love Me (3/5) - Meh, this song isn't horrible, but not very interesting either. It's like "Ghost" but without an interesting/catchy chorus to keep it afloat, so it doesn't appeal to me much.

This Moment (3/5) - This one is rather dull, but not unlistenable. It really has the same problems that "Love Me" does, and doesn't really stick in my mind.

Double Rainbow (4/5) – When I first saw the song title, I was really afraid that this song would be about that stupid youtube video where the guy goes "Oh, double rainbow – but what does it mean?". Thankfully, that's not the case. It's actually a rather sweet love song, and is surprisingly good.

By The Grace Of God (4/5) - This song is reasonably good. It's a slower song, but builds to a strong chorus. It's a decent song, but not a must-listen for me.

Spiritual (4/5) - This song's actually quite good for a slower song, and I like it just fine.

It Takes Two (2/5) – I really find this song a bit grating, maybe because of the really repetitive chorus, or the fact that it feels like it goes on too long (even though it isn't particularly long in reality, it feels like it drags). Either way, I don't care for it.

Choose Your Battles (4/5) - This song's actually pretty good. It's got decent energy and is a good listen.

Overall Score (4/5): NOTE this score is not a mathematical average of previous scores; it’s my subjective overall score. It's too bad that this album isn't as high quality as the “Teenage Dream” album – it honestly feels like there are more "meh" songs here than there were there. This is certainly an album that's uneven in execution with the better songs towards the upper half, but it's still generally listenable all the way through, so I'm overall pleased. Her previous work, “Teenage Dream,” was certainly better (and I suggest the “Complete Confection” version of that album to get all the extra goodies), but this is a respectable effort, too. I suppose this all comes down to personal preference, as many people seem to enjoy Katy Perry's new more “mature” direction, but I don't listen to Katy Perry for poignant emotional songs – I listen to her music for fun, catchy, upbeat music, so this release didn't do as much for me. Nonetheless, it's a respectable effort, and I'd still recommend it to Katy Perry fans.
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on May 29, 2017
I would put 5/5 stars ,but the sound quality in some of the tracks is not that good .Actually there are 3 or 4 tracks that have a fairly BAD quality and tracks such as "International Smile" or "It Takes Two" whose quality is TE RRI BLE .So 1/3 of the whole LP is sadly of a bad quality .

Another problem is that the picture record sleeves (which look AMAZING) are made out of cardboard and cardboard is NOT a good material for record sleeves .

The tracks themselves are really good and the album is amazing as a whole .

The LP's representation is well thought and definitely of a good quality .

If it weren't for the bad sound quality in almost half of the tracks ,this album definitely would have gotten 5 stars from me .
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on July 13, 2015
This is by far the best pop singer CD I ever have and def. a collection though there are some other good songs missing like ET,....
Katy is not just a singer but really an actress. After watched her prismatic tour on Amazon,I decided to buy this CD then I watched more the tour and found out how she can be so varieties the way she sings every song.... Not like other CD where there are only one-three good songs as well as the same rhythm. But not this CD though is from her tour (collection, collect most her hit) which was well produced for
Song selection, staging, scene, costumes (7 sets) and I really kind of seeing 7 different Katy. Not like other singers, I only see "oh" that who and who sings different songs
There is very confident strong Katy for the first set starting with Roar, then there is the sexy Katy for the Egypt style (I favorite one), then there is the cat lady......I can go on and on but I guess I need to stop. Good ending with the firework from the tour.
Though she says two hours but shorter ( bc this is edited so .... Just to. Correct some other comments about not two hours. This is the tour movie. Perhaps there should be an statement at the beginning to avoid this confusion)
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on March 4, 2014
I have been a fan of Katy since I Kissed a Girl came out. And I love how her music reflects her own life experiences. This album hits a lot of emotion and you can definitely hear and feel the overwhelming strength it has taken to get over her divorce. For anyone who has ever had their heart broken, this album is a must buy whether you are a fan or not. I love all of the songs on this album and listen to it constantly. Katy reminds us in her lyrics that even when we don't feel strong anymore, our lives are extraordinary and brilliant and they are meant to be lived to the fullest. And we should love ourselves first before anyone else. And to have fun still lol!!!! Love this album, can't you tell?
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on November 14, 2013
The long-awaited third album by Katy is her BEST yet! Invest in the Deluxe Version, you'll be glad you did! It's Fun, Sexy, Cheeky, Clever, Heartfelt and Deeply Personal! You will love it, the very first time you listen! EVERY song is a potential hit! You can't say that about her prior work. I have to tell you, Katy had a lot to live up to, although she said she wasn't trying to outdo herself, well, she just did!

Track synopsis:

1. Roar*. A new anthem about female empowerment. We've all heard it. Even my elderly friend knew this one! Love the video, so cute, colorful and clever! The album's FIRST #1 song! (hear that GaGa?)

2. Legendary Lovers*. Wishing for that great love. Like those of legend, like Cleopatra. Love the tribal chant. "Aah, ooh"!

3. Birthday*. The first song I really gravitated toward. Listen closely to its subliminal message, it's not about treating him like every day's his birthday! The "love child" of California Gurls and Peacock! lol. Cheeky, fun and bouncy! "So let me get you in your birthday suit. It's time to bring out the big balloons!" (I can already see all the balloons coming out of her top from behind-!) A great song of celebration for the New Year. The 3rd release. Hear that Katy?

4. Walking on Air*. It's an instant club hit! Simple and infectious, a feeling of ecstasy in the ultimate love! (do I hear a Mariah note in the bridge?) Katy was said to emulate the queens of the 90's (like CeCe).

5. Unconditionally*. As of this writing, her current release destined to become the album's 2nd #1 hit! Accepting someone for whom they are. "Acceptance is the key to be totally free. Will you do the same for me?" Words to live by, wish I'd heard them sooner!

6. Dark Horse* (feat. Juicy J). Enticing! I have to tell you, I didn't like this one at first, now I absolutely love it! A Hip Hop dream! Even the rap is clever and enjoyable. "Once you're mine, there's no goin' back." I guess she's gonna get you with this one just like the familiar phrase implies. The song all of America is gravitating toward. (the 4th release?, if not 3rd)

7. This is How We Do*. A face paced clever, cheeky hit! The Song of the Summer 2014, so move over Miley! The ultimate party song. "It's NO BIG DEAL"...Tamer than, but not unlike Last Friday Night/TGIF..."suckin' real bad at 'Mariah Careyoke", lol! Ill bet Mariah's lovin' that!..."Uh huh, I see you!" lol I laugh every time! (release #6, just in time for summer-?)

8. International Smile*. THE stand out of the album for me! Great bass line, totally infectious! I dare you to listen to it just once!OMG, listen closely. It's actually about an international flight attendant friend of Katy's who gets everyone to join the Mile High Club! lol

9. Ghost. From my most favorite song, to my least favorite song. Actually, there's nothing wrong with it. It's a very poignant song about break up--by text! It reminds me of 'The One that Got Away', her first fall from #1 on "Dream". Cleverly executed, as if it were a loss: "Rest in peace, I'll see you on the other side." NOW she "sees-thru" him!

10. Love Me*. I love this one! Loving yourself when the one you loved didn't give you the love and respect you deserve. (#5-?)

11. This Moment. Learning to live in the moment by seizing the day. 'Thumpety'!

12. Double Rainbow*. The unofficial title track, it's lyrically stunning! It's even sung with vulnerable emotion! Walking a like path through life with your soul mate. Although it applies to everyone, I see it as a big Gay Anthem during Pride. "A double rainbow is hard to find...every step, I'm keeping you in mine".

13. By the Grace of God. Very Powerful and Emotional! Oh My God. This song is autobiographical! What? We almost lost Katy? She survived a suicide attempt! "I wasn't so tough, lying on the bathroom floor...I looked in the mirror and decided to stay. Wasn't gonna let love take me out, that way...Every morning, there is no more mourning." A very low key, piano driven, yet powerfully orchestrated song. A hard song for anyone who relates. One of her greatest songs ever! But, is it commercial?

From the Deluxe Version: (a critic wrote that these are the most forgettable songs on the album, when they're the BEST!)

14. Spiritual. WOW! This song is Magical and Spellbinding! I'm absolutely hooked! THE ultimate, most deeply spiritual relationship. Channeling her inner Sarah McLachlan! lol. Katy, "you make me float"! Will it be like 'A Part of Me' and become a separate release to get people to buy this extended version? (not to mention another #1 hit!)

15. It Takes Two. Honest and vulnerable. Admitting it takes two to blame, and to apologize. Both of you have to want to work on a relationship. (Yeah, again--words of wisdom, too late! lol) Hmm--do you hear Kelly Clarkson on the bridge? lol

16. Choose Your Battles. Wow--powerful! "Why are you trying to make me your enemy? All I really need is a little peace. I just want to be your lover. Oh, this is not a competition, so baby why the ammunition? I don't want to be the last one standing. Choose your battles babe, then you win the war. Stop digging your own grave when there's so much to live for." Enough said. Words to live by. Even the music sounds like a back and forth battle. Great execution Katy! Love it--but is it too intensely personal to be a commercial hit?

*denotes (future--hopeful) releases
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on May 1, 2017
still rock this in my mp3 player at the gym
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