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on March 8, 2013
As soon as I got the directions out and started to read them I knew this would take a bit of work. They were very vague at best. They refer to up/down buttons. They are left/right buttons. However I did figure it out by experimenting. If it works I will change the star rating. It did block a few calls on the #'s I put in, so it does seem to work. I hope it blocks the prefix #'s (888, 866, 855 etc. ).I think I programmed them in. I think. Like I said the directions kind of suck. Keep in mind it will only stop the phone it is hooked up with from ringing, any other phone in the house will still ring 1 time. I will change the star rating up or down after I test out this baby. Stay tuned.

After about a week I changed the rating to 4 stars. It seems to work well. It has made the house much quieter. I still think the directions could be a whole lot better. It is amazing the tenacity of the marketers. If their number is blocked they just keep changing the number they call on by one digit. I will probably need the 1500 number capacity at this rate.
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on August 23, 2013
I purchased Pro Blocker 2.0. The inclosed manual is virtually worthless. Download the manual from It will save you time in set up. The set up was done correctly and everything appeared to be working as described until I made outgoing calls. After 35 -45 seconds into the call, the Pro Blocker repeatedly dropped the calls. This happened with different phone numbers and different locations. I finally called tech support and was told that many people with Verizon FIOS are experiencing the same problem. They recommended trying the parallel connection. That rendered the Pro Blocker inoperable.
The unit is cheaply made and way overpriced, however I was prepared to accept this to avoid the robo calls. There is no illumination and the display is difficult to see. The concept is good and would be worth the money in spite of it's drawbacks.
I was really hoping this device would work.
I guess it's back to the drawing boards.
I returned the unit to Amazon and received full credit
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on August 18, 2013
I was anxious to get this unit due to all the spam calls I get. It arrived with the shipping box in good condition but the box the unit was in was severely damaged. The unit itself did not appear to be damaged so I set it up per the instructions. All seemed well but it would not work in the "series" mode so I switched to the "parallel" mode, set the date and it seemed okay. I got a couple of calls but nothing showed up on the unit. I called my home number from my cell and nothing registered on the unit. I checked the Caller ID on my home phones and they all displayed my cell number. I tried different phone jacks, different cords and different splitters and nothing helped. So, I decided to send it back.

I have a few comments about this unit. It is very cheaply made and in my opinion certainly not worth the price charged. Maybe half that would be more appropriate. It is awkward to program and set up by the fact you have to use a telephone handset to enter the setup information. It is so light that the telephone cord nearly pulls it off the table. It is line powered, which means the power is derived from the DC voltage present on the telephone line. Some Telcos prohibit that I think. All in all not a very good unit in my opinion.
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on September 13, 2013
11/13/2013 update:

Still like the product. I did have one major issue which the vendor addressed promptly. For some reason, after a few weeks of use, my wife's cell phone was blocked. It wasn't on the blocked number list, but when you called from her phone, it would ring once on the cell phone end and not at all on the home phone.

I emailed the vendor and received a response the same day. I was given a reset procedure for the box. It worked, but I lost the 30 or so blocked numbers on the block list. I could have written them down before the reset and re-entered manually after, but I was too lazy. The vendor also offered to replace under warranty if it happened again.

If it weren't for this issue, I would be tempted to raise to 4 stars. Must admit, though, I'm down to 2 or 3 unwanted calls/week instead of several each day.

Original review:

Despite being on the DNC list, I was getting 5-7 calls/day. Also, the person who had my phone number before me is a real deadbeat, so I was getting collection calls constantly for that person.

After installing this a couple of weeks ago, I'm getting maybe one unwanted call every other day, and I can still block those occasional numbers. It seems to have blocked most (but not all) of the numbers with weird/fake caller IDs. I've blocked maybe 20 numbers so far. One blocked number still gets through for some reason, but overall, I am pleased with the product. Another issue is that a couple of friends' cell numbers info does not come through although they do come through if you disconnect the box. Finally, I'm having the "2012" date problem others have mentioned, but it's not a big deal to me so I haven't tried to troubleshoot that problem.

I installed it "in series" with a cordless phone base. I have one corded phone and the cordless base with 4 handset charging bases. Because I installed it in series, the corded phone does ring once before the blocker either blocks or allows the call, but for now, I grin whenever I hear the one ring, knowing someone's getting blocked. In the future, I may change to a parallel install or simply mute the ringer on the corded phone.

I would have given this 4 stars, but it's really expensive for what it is/does. I'm glad I bought it for the peace of mind, but it would have been much greater value at $30 or even $40.
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on May 15, 2014
We got this little box back in September of last year. It has performed excellently. The device itself is small...4 inches x 3 1/2 inches and about 1 1/2 inches tall. It is also very lightweight. The display screen on it is small and could be difficult to read for folks with poor vision. You may want to keep a small magnifying glass near it.

First: Ignore the instructions that come with will go crazy. Go to for a much, much better set of instructions.

*once again...ignore the enclosed instructions...*

Once I got it set up (took about 5 minutes), blocking numbers became a no-brainer! My provider is Comcast and it only allows 12 numbers on the block list. Pretty funny that...considering there are already 100 numbers on my current block list on this device. Once a number is on the list, your phone doesn't even ring once. Done deal!! When a new number comes it, it rings. Then, just push the blacklist button if the number isn't known to you. That's the last time you'll hear the phone ring on that cool is that? Or, if you've been away from home, you can page thru the numbers that called...if you see an unknown number, just press the blacklist button and you will see 'Save...Succeed' on the readout.

You can also block up to 10 area codes. (I currently have 2 on that list...just make sure you don't know anybody in that area You can also block prefixes in a particular area code! I have a few of those, too. Many telemarketing companies
use an entire block of numbers. You can kiss them goodbye, too!

I have looked for a device like this for years. It was money well-spent.
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on June 18, 2015
Compares very favorably with much more expensive models. Easy to install. Basic features easy to use as well. However, manual shipped with unit is not worth paper printed on. Get on-line manual from Happy to find out that device uses (and keeps to itself) first phone ring to make decisions about caller. Our service provider is Time Warner. We use device in series with with an answering machine and blacklisted calls show up as missed calls there, because the caller id appears to be passed, but they are not announced or rung. Once we blacklist a caller, we never hear from him/her again, not a single ring.

Easy to remove caller from black list if you get over zealous. Some of the more advanced features require that you actually use the handset on your phone as part of the process and you should get the on-line manual for those, but you shouldn't need those them too often.

Now that we've started to blacklist callers, we realize how many of those calls we really had and we are beginning to feel lonely and unloved.
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on August 15, 2013
This can only be a partial review, as I have yet to contact the seller to see about a replacement.

I bought the unit on Amazon from BeatSeller800 and received it on Monday Aug 12th. It was installed then in parallel mode and set up was simple. Within two hours took two spam calls and I was able to set up the blocking feature. 2 more hours, another spam call, and I noted the unit was frozen up, no buttons working, no time advancing, just the last phone number dialed in. I had to unplug the unit, allow it to drain, and start again, abet with the blocked numbers still retained.

Cycled through this behavior and had the identical result on Tuesday and Wednesday - a total of 3 identical failures.
On Thursday I switched to series mode, and so far no lockups, but also no calls, so no comment at this point on if this mode works, but still half a ,machine, not a whole one.
And that note about not needing batteries? Pull the line for more than 5 seconds and you'll be back to resetting the year date (it will pull the rest - month and time - off the first phone call). And you can't install batteries, the contacts at least are missing. A better saying would be "it should have batteries, but it is no longer equipped to support them".

Now for the weird part. The packaging provides a contact address and from there a support page. I provided the above information and asked:
"Is there a fix, or should this product be returned?"
This is the reply I got back:
"BeatSeller800 is a different company, which by the way is not an authorized dealer of this product -- since he's not compliant with the manufacture's pricing policies. Since you ordered the product from this company, should should get support from them.
If you like to get support from us, you should return the item to BeatSeller800, and order it from our store in Amazon.

Alfredo Purrinos

Seems like the printed warranty and service is up in smoke
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on November 28, 2015
This is probably the MOST ANTI-CUSTOMER FRIENDLY device I've ever seen. The "instructions" appear to be written in some form of Chinglish that is nearly undecipherable. An example: "Press SET button and LCD displays 1234567, pess 1 to enter time and date setting, press UP or DOWN button for selecting corresponding digits. During this course, press REMOVE button to return to frontal menu or Exit setting, call blocker will return to standby if user has not action within 20 second. Call blocker will display week and calendar according to setting of the time and date. The time will be renered when the FSK signal come in, but DTMF won't."

Does anyone have any idea what the heck that means? I sure don't.

Point #1 - where is the "1" key? There are only 6 buttons on the device, and none are marked "1".
Point #2 - The box says there are 5 levels of LCD brightness, but the instructions only say 4. This isn't a true "brightness" control either as all it does is make the intensity of the LCD black characters stronger (eventually lighting up ALL the segments and making the display unreadable.
Point #3 - unplug the device from the phone line and you start all over again from brand new. There is NO battery backup.
Point #4 - The "instructions" keep mentioning the "HF" button. I have no idea what that button is and where it can be found.

So, unless some kind soul here can shed some light on this device from Hell, it is going back posthaste.
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on September 13, 2013
I purchased the PRO Call Blocker a month ago and have used it enough to review.
After reading many of the other reviews, I was unsure about buying this device. However, I can say that I would recommend it to others.
It does seem that a little of all the reviews seem correct.
First, it does a great job of blocking unwanted calls once they have been blacklisted. And that is easy. I believe someone complained that the phone still rings, but on my system (ATT u-verse phone service) the phone will ring once and stop. We have just conditioned ourselves to not worry about the phone unless it rings twice. Plus, we have Caller ID show up on TV and the phone to help out. The instructions give you two ways to hook it up, but either way gave me one ring.
Something else mentioned was that the year always changed back to 2012. Yes, mine does this, but the date and time are correct, so it's no big deal to me. I'm not concerned about the time or date someone called. And this info does show up on my Panasonic handset if I need it.
A few people said that the system locked up and would not work. Mine did this a couple of times about a week after hooking it up. However, when I unplugged it and let the display go blank, it came back on and all the blocked numbers were still in memory. After this first couple of times it has not done that since.
The instructions that came with it are terrible. However, someone posted a website that had the instructions in a much easier to read form. I printed these and it did help a lot. It is listed as the T-Lock instructions, but they work the same as far as I can tell. The address to that is [...]
Another complaint is the display. I have to agree, it is almost impossible to read at an angle.
It was reported that calls that came up unknown could not be blocked. Have not seen that happen. I even blocked a number that Caller ID said was 1, and another that said it was all 0's.
Last thing to mention - you have to use a phone handset to program the unit. My cordless did not work, but since I have a corded phone, I could plug it in and use it.
Four stars due to the hard to read display, wrong year, and poor instructions. Other than that, it's a good little unit and I am glad I purchased it.
UPDATE April 2014.
Nothing has changed in my review. I have a bunch of blocked numbers now. Yes, the display sometimes locks up, but when you unplug it for a minute it starts to work again. And nothing is lost. But I love this unit.
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on April 13, 2013
Skipping the false starts and using the updated manual, we got the call blocker working in the serial configuration. While most calls got blocked including some that should not have been blocked, there were still some robo-calls that got through. We rewired the call blocker in the parallel configuration using a line splitter so we could switch between serial and parallel by moving the connection to our base station between the second output of the splitter and the output of the call blocker when programming the call blocker. One number with an 855 prefix still gets through occasionally although we have set up blocking for all 855 or 1855 prefixes and also for the specific caller. From several calls a day, it is down to once every 4 or 5 days. While it would be nice not to hear the single ring as happens in the parallel mode, it is satisfying not to get junk robo-messages on the answering machine.

We give it 3 stars because it does seem to work most of the time, but not all. If it worked all the time, we would give it 5 stars even with the awkward programming. The incoming call list does not seem to work correctly and the date and time stamp resets without disconnecting the unit.
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