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on April 5, 2015
As good as you are going to get at this price point. Takes some setup work but once you are through that it is a beast. Once android tv comes out it will be even better.

For all of you new guys, here is my quick run down on how to set this up.

Start xbmc and it will prompt you to download the update to kodi. Once that is complete search youtube on setup directions for fusion on xbmc/kodi. After that go to settings in kodi and change the skin to eminence. Go to play store and download xbmc launcher, once installed hit the home button and select xbmc launcher as your default launcher ( when ever you start up again it will launch directly in to xbmc/kodi). Then you have a great basic setup.

From here you can go to programs then android apps and select netflix, youtubd, hulu, hbo go, play store, clash of clans, show box, etc (as long as you have installed them from play store).

Or go to live tv button then video add-ons which will have navix ( live tv and movies), prime wire, ice films, ustv now, yify, etc. Which all have very good content including live tv shows or recorded tv shows without the commercials in hd streaming minutes after they aired.

Movies and tv shows buttons has all of your personal video content ( once setup) at your finger tips. Xbmc automatically goes online and grabs the proper name of movies and tv shows, plot, dvd/banner cover, and background images.

This is just the start but a great beginners setup
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on December 16, 2014
I purchased this for a friend in need of a media center box, but wanted to set it up, test it, tweak and configure it, and just in general ensure it was a good product before sending it off to him. I took a chance on this after watching several youtube videos (of this and other competitor products) as well as meticulously reading the amazon reviews here. Amazon's excellent return policy in the past is what pushed me over the edge and convinced me to give it a shot.

The result: I would very highly recommend this box to anyone looking for a solid android powered, pre-rooted, google play marketplace included, ready-to-rock system for their TV. This thing is just awesome!

The included Remote+ is really very good! If you own an android box but are in need of a simple controller, you really can't go wrong with this. While I would like something with a physical keyboard, for the simple "navigating xbmc menus" or "navigating the android operating system", this mouse really does the job very well. I've tried other "aim at the screen" type "fly mouse" solutions before and none have been as perfectly responsive as this. It's not as "fast" as say, a wii-mote, but it's also not as finicky, allowing you to get what you need accurately and smoothly. This is not really an "FPS" shooter style controller or anything, but it really worked fantastic for navigating on-screen menus. After a couple days of using this, I was completely used to "Fly Mousing" around and dragging the edge of the screen to pull "fly out" android menus and such. This was purchased as a gift for a friend in another state that I wanted to introduce into XBMC (I know I'm awesome), and wanted to make sure I could set it up and use it properly and easily. After a couple days of me tweaking settings and forcing my wife to use it instead of our existing media center, I am convinced that as a media-box, this is a fantastic solution and I had no major gripes. All android applications I loaded opened quickly and ran smoothly.

The one I ordered included XBMC 13.2 Gotham, which I prefer since that's what I currently use on my system and I was able to quickly set it up with the same exact addons just how I have it. From other reviews, it sounds like it can include other versions, but honestly it doesn't matter since installing any different version is an extremely easy and painless process. This was very stable, and I only ever encountered an issue with it when trying to "live stream" video in an addon and accidentally bumped "fast forward" (since obviously that's not possible it freaked out and I had to hard-reboot the system).

Spotify also installed and worked wonderfully on this device, so I loaded him up a playlist with some classics like "the land down under" and "Guy Love (from the scrubs tv show)" to enjoy.

Internet browsing on here was fantastic. It really worked well. If you are looking for a device to load "out of market" apps, this device can pretty much do that no problem by navigating to whatever sites you want and getting them. Ventriloid for example, didn't allow me to download it from the marketplace because it wasn't listed as a "compatible" device, but downloading it from the google code repository and installing it let it work perfectly fine.

I saw someone somewhere else mention this is so fast it's nearly a desktop replacement... and I have to say that with a proper mouse and keyboard, and some solid office apps on it, it really could be. This is a solid machine and if it "stands the test of time" (I.E. no hardware failure), I'll probably end up buying one of these for myself someday in the not-to-distant future to replace my old laptop currently functioning as a windows 7 HTPC.

Being a rooted high powered android device... the things you can do with this device are pretty much endless. I mean, even if it exhaust's most of it's usefulness in the next ten years, it has a feature to act as a wireless hot-spot, which while I didn't play with it, I thought was a pretty smart feature since if this was positioned properly, it could easily act as a wifi extender in a household that needs one, thus, after the thing is useless or replaced as a media box, it can continue as a wifi extender or web server.

I did have some "wants" though:
1) (the main one) It'd be awesome to have the mic-button on the remote actually trigger "talk to type" mode automatically from all applications. I'm not sure how this could be done easily, and would most likely require another app running as a service at all times, listening for that mapped key/button press to trigger some sort of floating text-entry window that would run the command of copying the completed text entered after talking, and automatically executing the paste function wherever your current cursor location is when the function is complete. If an app like this already exists, it'd help tremendously, since the "talk-to-type" functionality is not currently usable in XBMC, for example. That being said, when I COULD use it, it worked great.

The mic quality was better than expected. I installed Ventriloid and connected to ventrillo with this (you can map the mic button as a push-to-talk from within ventriloid, which was awesome) and it sounded as good as any other mic I've ever used coming through my PC that was also connected to vent in the room next to me. I don't see my friend using ventriloid regularly, but I threw it on there as a bonus for him in case he wanted to.

2) when powering off, often when I'd turn the box back on, I'd be presented with a screen that said "standby or power off". I believe this is a bug in the software, and it isn't a huge concern, bit it's annoying to have to hit the "back" key after turning it on again via remote, and confusing because if you accidentally hit enter you can end up re-suspending the box or shutting it down completely. This is a super-minor issue and interferes with almost nothing, but it is confusing.

3) Remote delay. I loaded a free regular Nintendo emulator on there and popped in Mario Brothers as a test of the "controller mode", there was a half-second to a second delay on Mario "jumping" from the time I pressed the button to when he actually performed the action on screen. This made just about all use of the "controller mode" useless for me, since if we can't play simple mario games, there's really no point. I also played a "super-meat-boy" like game I downloaded for free, non-emulator, and it saw the same response delay. (After the fact I have now realized that I didn't switch the TV to "game mode", so there is a very real possibility that this could have just been my TV, because I didn't change it to "game mode" where refresh is faster - I'll test this with my PC as well tonight and see if I experience the same thing outside of the TV being in a faster refresh mode)

4) This could just be me being an idiot, but I couldn't get Airplay or any of the included similar to work with my samsung galaxy S4. I tried several airplay and airplay-like apps on my phone and none detected the device. If anyone has any instructions on how to make use of that feature I'd love to hear it, since when I toggled it on in the "media center control" (or something along those lines) it didn't seem to make a difference.

5) I couldn't get miracast to work with my S4, I could detect the box and connect to it, but then I'd get an HDCP error on my TV (that I could only read half of because the text started at the bottom of my screen and got cut off). A couple weeks prior I purchased an amazon fire tv stick to sideload XBMC on and I did not have the HDCP issues with that device. There may be another step I was overlooking or something, but I felt like they were just acting "incompatible"... any tips here would be appreciated. (Amazon fire TV stick was returned however, and I would reccomend one of these more powerful android boxes any day, this thing just blew the fire TV stick out of the friggin' water - well worth the money)

6) The on-screen keyboard layout being "staggered" like a normal keyboard was really inconvenient. There are lots of other good android keyboards out there, but I didn't have time to explore them before wrapping it up and mailing it for Christmas. I would find a keyboard that has all the keys "flatly lined up", so up takes you to the key directly above your current selected character, down to the one directly below it, etc. As it is "out of the box", the stock keyboard is annoying because you press down on the remote and it shoots down and to the left, so then you have to press left again to select the key next to it. Then you press up to get back where you were and it shoots up and to the left, so you have to key right again. It might not sound like much, but when you are trying to quickly type via the arrow keys (which is already annoying compared to keyboards), it becomes super frustrating really fast.

All in all, the positives of this machine FAR outweigh the negatives. The remote is excellent and sort of "makes" the whole experience. That being said, I'm going to recommend my friend buy a good wireless keyboard with touch-pad, as that's what I use on my media center and love it, there is just no comparison to a good regular old keyboard with touchpad, it's the best "couch" experience for a media center (especially one with an internet browser) I think. Oh, and it also worked great with the "google remote" app when the feature was toggled on in the Probox2 settings. I mention this because although probox2 includes it's own downloadable remote control APK, it kind of sucks compared to the google one. At least with this, if my friend doesn't get a wireless keyboard and mouse, he'll have an excellent free alternative.
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on July 8, 2015
Pros: It works... kinda.

Cons: Moody sound, difficult to set up with stock controller.

The (long) story: I bought this unit to replace a faithful NeoTV 550 that suddenly gave up its electric soul. I did some research and found that nowadays there's nothing like the 550 in terms of playability of different media formats. I stumbled upon these "Android Boxes" and decided to try one.
As I live overseas, I had to pay a hefty price in order to have the unit delivered to my door. When it arrived, I was a bit annoyed that the manufacturer didn't include some batteries with it. I mean, you WANT TO play with a new toy right away, don't you? Anyway, I had some spares so inserted them in the stock remote and powered the unit. It takes about a minute to load. I started to set it up and I was stuck in the part where you are supposed to enter your WiFi password. I checked the manuals, check the remote, pressed a key with a letter on it and nothing happened.
After some Googling, I took the batteries out and inserted them in the "bonus" remote that you get with the unit. This remote worked beautifully and after using its "air mouse" you will definitely throw away the stock remote and control the Probox with this "bonus" remote. I had no problems setting my WiFi so it was time to try the unit.
The Probox's menu is basic but functional, just like using an Android phone or tablet. No problems installing apps from the Play store or other sources as the unit comes already rooted. I did little gaming since I was more interested in using it as a media player. I played a bit with a game that is already installed on the unit and I found it a bit slow.
Anyway, playing MKVs, AVIs, VOBs, etc. wasn't a problem MOST OF THE TIME. Sometimes the unit couldn't find a file on my network or directly on the USB stick I had connected to it. I had to use a different file manager to browse for the file, or use some other convoluted method.
The deal breaker was that for no reason, the unit would play a file fine and then it would give me picture but no sound. And not only with files on my USB stick or network but also YouTube or other sites would get no sound or choppy sound. After a couple of hours this became quite annoying.
I tried solving the issue on my own changing the HDMI cable, HDMI input, updating the firmware (although the unit was already up-to-date) to no avail. The official forums for this things aren't easy to navigate as they are swamped with korean messages. The English community is nice, but they couldn't offer me a solution (I wasn't the only person with these kind of problems)
Disappointed, I contacted Amazon who guided me in the process of giving me a refund for the item. I packed it in the same box it arrived and sent it back to America. 5 stars to Amazon for its friendly chat.

The (short) story: The unit presents sound problems and there isn't a fix (yet). You'd better invest your money in something that works out of the box.
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on July 13, 2015
After deciding to get an android TV box I researched all my options extensively. They will continue to get better and better, but as of early 2015 this is the pick of the litter. The hardware is pretty similar between units but this thing is running really non-buggy, solid firmware. Only a few of it's competitors can make that boast.
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on July 6, 2016
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on January 5, 2015
I bought this device after my popcorn hour media center took a turn for the worse. All I really wanted was a box that could run an ftp server and XBMC w/USB port to attach an external drive. This should have done the trick. Unfortunately, after the first bootup the device crashed and wouldn't reboot. After an hour of tinkering and trying to follow extremely poorly worded instructions I'm left to believe this is made in China garbage.

Before buying this box take a look at the product support pages below. The awful directions and translations are evidence enough that the product is complete crap.
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on December 15, 2014
I've had this box for about a day. Previously I owned out, Minix x5, and Minix x7 mini. Ive owned them in that specific order. This box is absolutely worth every penny paid. It is lightening fast. I would consider it the best box I've owned. The software is stable and functional. Everything worked as it should righteous of the box. It came loaded with several software xbmc included in the bunch. I use xbmc on all my other boxes, I must say the speed with which videos load on this are twice if not three times faster than the others. I've used it to stream Blu ray discs I ripped into an image on my network it played the videos flawlessly. It suffered no buffering. Keep in mind these are 25+gb files . All movies were streamed wirelessly over my network. That impressed me more. This has always been an issue with many Android mini pc's. I was very impressed with over functionality.

I would highly recommend this box to others. I compared it to Draco aw80, tronsmart r28 and Minix x8 plus. All of these have software or hardware issues. That made me choose the probox over the others. You can install a custom built image from one of the several websites. I wanted something that just worked out the box. This box did it outstandingly.
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on May 12, 2015
For the past month I've been exploring several android smart boxes including DragonBox DX4, MaxOne A80 Octo-Core, OTT M8 and Probox2.
Although they're all pretty similar, I would have to rate this the best of the 4 largely due to the awesome remote it came with. I found the box/remote very responsive and easy to navigate thru the applications. By far the best bang for the buck. I struggled with remotes that were included with the other boxes which were pretty frustrating. I ended up buying a Rii I-25 remote which I did not like. I haven't had any problems with the Probox2 but it's only been 2 days .... I highly recommend this android box, once you learn how to configure Kodi... You won't be disappointed.
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on November 25, 2016
Best android box for streaming I recommend it had my for 4 years and still going. The air mouse that came with it is awsome. I can go to my apps very easy. Plus it's a controller to play games too. Love my box had no issues with it so far have done all updates on it and still working great.
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on December 6, 2014
The Probox2 EX came in yesterday and it is quite impressive. This is the first time other than BB that I am looking at 1st generation 4K playback of the AX100 video in full 4K and it is stunning!
Sony did a great job on that camera, it may not be full 4K but it is 3.8 K for sure. A far cry from the HC1 that I bought in 2005, it was only 1440x1080 yet looked pretty darn good.

My 4K stuff in 264 MP4 format is parked on a 2TB hard drive and PB via the probox is straight forward, connected to the VIZIO P 70" 60Hz HDMI 5 input.

The TV's 30Hz input does not quite make it, there is an occasional hesitation. Probox output is set to 4K2K 30HZ, the SMPTE output stutters.

Have you or anybody else tried an external optical player on the probox USB port to see if it is possible to read files from it ?.

The Vizio itself has a excellent picture, provided the sharpness is set to zero and gamma to 2.4 plus some tinkering with color, contrast and brightness. Smooth motion control set to low, it makes a huge difference to the AX100 image when panning. FALD is on, but even turned off, the VIZIO TV due to its VA panel, produces excellent inky blacks. All other pic. controls are off.
The image is still slightly peaky, some overshoot is visible at times, but Vizio has begun correcting that with firmware updates on some of their models.We wanted a larger TV than the 55" Vizio we had, so now we have a 4K set that will not be obsolete in the near future.

TV watching is in a darkened room, max viewing distance 7.5 feet or less. I view from a wheeled computer chair.The somewhat limited viewing angle due to the VA panel is not an issue in our set up.


PS I bought extra warranty just in case.

Edit:: Box still works fine but I wish it would totally shut off the power so that the hard drive stops spinning too.Have to unplug the HD USB separately.
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