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on November 16, 2013
 (Watch video for demonstration on how the card works and shows how to the card reads on the PS2)

One of the most amazing things is when you can, not only find new ways to bring your old consoles back to life, but go even further and find ways to STILL find more uses. Ever since the Playstation and beyond, companies have put out tons of items that help give new life to an old thing.

This memory card is no exception to that rule. I have had this memory card for well over a year now and it has not failed me yet. (This is not to imply that it will last forever, you should always make backups just in case) Imagine now being able to save ALL your game saves on 1 memory card instead of having to look for spare room on an existing 8-meg memory card. Being able to hold 16x more than what a normal memory card can is pretty remarkable. Although there have been a few odd moments that make this a bit of a... well... not so much a problem as it's more of an annoyance.

(One example of annoyance you will have to deal with is that certain games will "READ" your card first before it will "WRITE" to the card to save. This can take as much as 2-3 minutes before it will finally do anything, and that can cause a problem if either you are not a patient person or you suddenly get a power spike to hit while in the middle of a save where it READS before it WRITES.)

Other than that, the card works on just about every game I have played (Numbering 150+ games on my PS2)

Overall, all I can say is I have not had that much of a problem with it and it has kept working for well over 1 year now. Of course, like any electronic device, experiences will vary from person to person. But for the price, you can't beat it.
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on July 7, 2014
1st. We received 1, 64MB and 1, 128MB. It was supposed to be 2, 128MB. Neither are labeled like in the picture. We had to figure it out through card management. Which we then discovered that...

2nd. This is listed as new. We received used. One already had previous game saves on it.

I still need the cards, so I won't return them because they will do as I need them to. But it's either false advertising, or poor quality control.
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on March 12, 2011
Okay, lots of people have said this here so I'm repeating.

This card works. Period.

This card does have a problem however. Fortunately, it can be worked around.

This card is very tight, ergo, slightly smaller than the Sony card. Loosening the screws fixes this problem. Once you do this, the card will operate properly for the full 128MB that the card can hold. (Yes, I've actually filled it up with this many saves and things.)

If you are using homebrew programs that operate at boot time, you might run into another problem with this card. Because it has so much memory, the PS2 has trouble addressing it all immediately. It gets there, but these homebrew programs (FMCB, for instance) need faster access. If you are using some homebrew programs you will have problems when using this card. The best thing to do is to install homebrew on a standard, 8MB card, and to keep this larger card for other things that don't need to have full access at boot time, like your game saves.

Other than that it works perfectly! I haven't had any data corruption or other errors once getting the above sorted out after much trial and error. Highly recommended card.
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on May 17, 2014
I had no idea that PlayStation stopped 3rd party memory cards from working for the PlayStation slim, I just figured a memory card is a memory card. So I ordered it but it wouldn't work. I contacted the seller and told them it was defective and simply would not work. They were very kind and said that they would replace it. by this time I figured out that it wouldn't work for this PlayStation slim all together. So I asked for a refund ( not actually thinking they would give it to me, considering I had already open the package) and they gave me a full refund. It was very nice of them and they did not have to give me the refund but they did, and that's why I am giving them five stars, they are a great Amazon seller. But just remember, 3rd part memory cards do not work for the PlayStation 2 slim consoles! If you do have a slim then you might want to look for a memory card made by Sony. I also think Magic Gate memory cards work as well. They may cost a little more and you wont get nearly as big of one but you wont be wasting your money.
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on January 19, 2013
As others have stated, this memory card is dubious at best. It does work, though formatting it with the system it only displayed having 7999k free. This of course is unacceptable. I formatted it with the FMCB installer app and the first time it failed. The second time it formatted out to be 64 megs. I used Memory Card Annihilator 2.0 to wipe it and it still showed as 64 megs. I decided to install FMCB on it and it failed to install so I decided to format it one more time and finally I was able to use the full 128 megabytes and install FMCB.

I've heard reports that FMCB and other homebrew apps don't work with it, but in my experiences Open Loader and Free MC Boot seem to work fine. It took repeated efforts but in the end I have a working 128 mb memory card with more than enough room for FMCB, OPL, and all of my game saves.

Can I give this card a recommendation for most people? No. I cannot. If you aren't familiar with homebrew apps there is a chance this card might only show up as an 8 meg or 64 meg card. When it works it seems to work fine, but there is no way to know how stable it is going to be over long term.

If you like playing with homebrew and want a good amount of space to work with, then I say this card is worth the money if you can get it to work at full capacity. If you don't want to take the risk I recommend either the official Sony 8 megabyte or one of the other third party cards.

On a final note, the product description says it's an official Sony product, but it isn't. Whoever the manufacturer is, they went through some effort to make the card appear official, but it is very obviously a clone.

Buyer beware.
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on January 19, 2014
The memory size of the product is exponentially more then I would ever predictably need for use with my Playstation 2 games as well as a secondary data source for all of my game saves in addition to the Playstation 3 Slim which still accepts Playstation 2 Memory Card data even though it cannot play Playstation 2 games.

The only reason why I had not rated the product higher is that it requires the Playstation 2 to format the hardware to utilize it for game saves, otherwise it is a useless paperweight. Though I am sure that those who are interested or even purchasing this device would have no doubt already have acquired the necessary console for use.
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on September 13, 2014
All I can say is... wow. This works perfect. It is more space than I will ever need, but the more the merrier. Right? Oh, one more thing: A lot of people said that it takes a long time to save, and boy they were right! Plus, I unscrewed the screws slightly so the little PCB chip moves around a bit. It came in an OK time, but gosh it was worth it.
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Seems to be working fine. Although, not all the games we have are recognizing it, as an available memory card. I have read, in other reviews, that if you copy saves over, from a smaller capacity memory card, those games will recognize it. I don't have a smaller capacity card, with which to test this.
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on June 22, 2012
The memory card works perfectly and is a very great product. The 128MB was a great improvement from my 12MB and 8MB memory cards. I had grown tired of erasing my save data to get space for other games. So I was very happy to find this. Also the delivery was a lot faster than I expected, which was great since I had also bought a few games that required the space. Thanks for the great product and I look forward to seeing what else you have in the future.
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on April 23, 2014
So I came across an old PS2 game at my parents while visiting, that for one reason or another, never made it back to my place (and thus was never played. For the record it was The Godfather game). When I returned home, I played it a bit before bed, then tried to save it- only to find the memory card had was full (and no I wasn't willing to delete anything on it to make room). Here comes Amazon to the rescue! (with Prime 2 day deliveries, even), I decided to go the smart route, and for a few extra bucks, got the 128MB instead. Smart move. I kept the game on (and tv off) and sure enough, the next day the memory card arrived and I was able to save my game. Amazon, you are my personal gaming savior!
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