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on January 22, 2014
I was going for PS4 but: games for PS4 are toooooo expensive!!There arent many games available like those for PS3!
More like that the thing about NEW things is that they are going on a test run from first users- think about the cars and those times you get called back for some BRAKE sensor issue they have found after the car is just released..Its the same here- If you want to play it safe just give it some time. And it might get cheaper also after 2-3 months. So I went on this PS3 with the LAST OF US included. The fact that was sold by Amazon counted a lot and I turned down the offer wich included BATMAN too. The item got in AFGHANISTAN fast- like 10 days- not damaged. I tried it here and works- The only thing is that software version on this one was 4.40 and the game requires 4.41- That is not good at all- since i cant go online here to have any updates. But we'll take care of that once I get back home. Seems to work on 110v and also on 220v- i'm on 220v back home! Plays Blurays no matter the region code(see it somewhere on the manual- has region 1 and ALL)- but I'll have to double check that too. So I got a BLURAY PLAYER and a console and multimedia station in the same time- And I have also a remote control for this console from Sony..looking good and even better than my Tv remote..Great product and I'm happy with the price 249$..home is more like 390$. Also get an HDMI cable and an DIGITAL AUDIO OUT for your TV or HOME CINEMA if you run with COMPOSITE and want someting else playing the sound other than the TV set.

PS: No worryies about the noise and heating- You can hear the drive working but only if you are really close to it..and about the heating just place it closer to the ground, because heat goes up and the cooler intake air will be more effective in lowering the console temp. Else means you got a problem with the console, your room is too hot or something else I cant think about now.
One more thing: the front loading door is great because if it gets dusty on the lens- you can easily clean it! You dont need to take down the unit for cleaning- so keep the console in a non dust environment, use a air spray cleaner once in a while.
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on January 20, 2014
I purchased this bundle because i really wanted to play the last of us and being a PS3 exclusive, the xbox just wouldn't do. So i decided to give the playstation a try and thanks to Naughty Dog's The Last of Us, this has been the greatest decision i have ever made. This game is unbelievably good! The story is so captivating, it will get you emotional within the first 10 minutes. Honestly for the price and the package this is a very good bundle. Really recommend it to someone looking to move in to the world of PlayStation while also looking forward to a game with an intensely good story.
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on March 16, 2014
I decided to pick up a PS3 recently since I had some cash to burn and had never really owned a Sony gaming system before. I had also heard that The Last of Us was a really good game and decided that the bundle was cheap enough that I could buy both and a whole bundle of games to satisfy my needs for some time. Ignoring that I've been playing FFVII on Steam recently, I've played through TLoU once and have since picked up a myriad of other games.

The system itself has served me fine. It's allowed me to immerse myself more fully into the realm of Survival Horror between the Silent Hill HD Collection, as well as picking up Silent Hill 1 and the first two Fatal Frames via the PSN. For some reason, my bundle came with a free month sub to PS+, but I can't justify the subscription to myself to really take advantage of it. I'm a college student, so having 1 month to play through all of the games that it has to offer me for free just isn't enough.

But of course the real draw for this particular product should really be TLoU. To be really blunt, it's a fine game, but I wouldn't come close to saying that it's the best the system has to offer. Soon after picking the bundle up, I went out and bought Journey, and I'll just leave that as it is by saying that Journey is probably one of my most favorite games of the last 10 years. It would probably be my most favorite game of all time, if not for Metroid Fusion, Cave Story and Rome: Total War existing.

The Last of Us, however, while not a bad game, is just merely good. It's not terribly average, but it's also not really all the amazing. The one thing that it does amazingly is atmosphere, but it doesn't have enough really tense and atmospheric moments to break up the stupid zombie swarm portions and the annoying firefight scenarios. I just can't really call it anything more than good.

By all means, though, pick this up if you want a PS3 bundle that also comes with a good game. Even if it's not for you, the system has plenty more to offer.
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on May 27, 2014
The PS3 worked fine and was in good condition. Wow!, as far as The Last of Us goes. Great storyline and is a must own and a must play if you have a PS3. However, this is a very challenging game and a survival game. Ammunition and supplies are very scarce and you have to look everywhere in the area around you to find the ammunition and supplies that is critical in order to get through the game. I played this game on the " Normal" difficulty level and I probably died about a hundred times. This game is very challenging and I was really cussing on certain parts of the game. Stealth is key in certain parts of the game. The enemies in the game are very hard to kill and in some ways stealth is the best way to kill an enemy in the game, especially with some of the infected human creatures in the game. Stealth can be very challenging in this game because its easy to get detected by enemies. This game may not be for everybody, but its certainly meant to be played by everybody. The storyline in itself will wow you.
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on January 2, 2014
...I've never been an advocate of the Super Slim design. I bought it because it was cheaper then the regular Slims still circulating out there, plus it came with The Last of Us, which is something I've been wanting to play.

My 120GB Slim got YLOD so I was forced to buy a new PS3, and this was the best deal out there for the money. Personally I think the Super Slim design is ugly, I've been saying that since they launched, and now that I own one I can confirm just how ugly the thing is. I hate the top loading, its just very tacky and not very modern. Also they removed the green WiFi light...I'm not sure what the point of that was. All that aside though, it works how a PS3 should work, and that's really what's important.

I haven't got around to playing The Last of Us yet though, I'm backed up on other games...so it had to go in my Backlog. Thank you PS+!
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on January 2, 2014
This is a good price on a great bundle. PS3 is still a top gun in gaming and will be for at least the next 5 years. With their net support and huge customer base, it's not going anywhere. Don't get anything less than 250GB, you Will need the space.

The Last of Us, is a cinematic adventure that keeps you wanting more. Like a book you can't put down or a movie you can't take your eyes off of. Only this time you are there. Check out the movie on youtube, don't watch too much and spoil the game ... it's awsome to go through not knowing what to expect. I spoiled the first 1/4 and when I hit virgin territory it was a whole new ball game.

At $250.00 it's a great buy!
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on March 23, 2015
Excellent attention by the seller (zephyrrsu), the PS3 came sooner than expected. Very well packaged, everything was as it appeared in the publication, I do not feel disappointed.

My disappointment comes to Sony for not including HDMI cable, but I can say that everything is in excellent condition, cables, control, console, I'm very happy.

Despite being a console Old gerneración, is very good, came with the Games of The Last Of Us (the best game I've played) and Batman Arkham Origins in excellent condition, you can activate the codes of passes to play online, great !!

I hope that Sony no longer get this excellent game console, which has given her best to make way for his brother PS4
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on February 9, 2014
First off, the console arrived on time and intact. I chose next day shipping and by 4 PM the following day I was unpacking my new PS3. I had waffled between buying new or refurbished and the difference in price was just a few more dollars for new.

Now for the game that was bundled: The Last Of Us. I can see why it was a game of the year. The graphics are top notch and the characters are very engaging. Please take heed on the ESRB rating if you buy this for a younger child. The language and violence are graphic. I especially liked the fact that resources were scarce and because of that sometimes it was better to just sneak by an enemy which can be very challenging in and of itself. There were times when I was just 'scrounging' for supplies and times of intense heart pounding combat.

I highly recommend this game for an appropriate audience.
ps: I say this tongue in cheek but if Amazon truly cared about us they would hire psychics so they could ship us our 'stuff' and have it arrive the same day that it was paid for. In other words Amazon, I wanted it yesterday. :D.
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on March 25, 2014
(No spoilers ahead)

This game...THIS GAME. Seriously one of the best storylines I have ever played, some of the best characters I have ever played, some of the coolest combat I have ever done, some of the most interesting missions that I've come across. This game has a lot of amazing and great things going for it. My girlfriend and I sat down to play this game together and watch it as some sort of 12 hour movie. The cut scenes are great, the graphics are good, the whole feel of the game is addicting and its hard to stop playing. I mean I sat and played this game through in 2, 7 hour sessions, then my gf sat down and did the same.

The only thing I did not like about this game was the ending, I mean everything in game is amazing, but that ending. The most disappointing culmination in a story line I have ever experienced. It almost ruined the game for me but I decided to give it 5 because 99% of the game is incredible.
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on March 12, 2014
My system finally came in after some delayed issues, but other than that it was brand new out of the box. System came in a box within a box filled with some bubble wrap, which was good since I heard reviews of bad shipment process and used system that was ship to costumers who bought the system new. The system was functioning like new, just had to update the firmware. Other than that, the game had a good story line in my opinion. The system is a top loading CD drive which is good and bad so be careful when playing because it will open if you somehow bump it hard enough. It can be open manually or by pressing the eject button. System frame is kind of cheap but its good for the price, got mines for $249 plus shipping and stuff. I would recommend this bundle since the PS4 is pretty expensive if your waiting to get it down the road but it would be your choice to get it or not. Have fun!
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