Customer Reviews: PS3 250GB The Last of Us Bundle
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on December 10, 2013
UPDATE: 5/13/14 I just received and email from Xbox Live stating that the Gold membership will no longer be needed to get access to entertainment apps such as Netflix and Youtube beginning this June.

With the PS4 and Xbox One coming out I decided to get a PS3 to play (bargain priced) games exclusive to it and have a blu ray player rather than take the plunge on a new console with limited titles available.

The Console: The PS3 (super slim) is a pretty good console. I think the blu ray drive is a little louder than my friends' older model and the older slim. It loads on the top which I don't love. I have lots of room for it in my entertainment center but those with more restrictive shelving options may have trouble loading disks without a pop out tray. Also you have to close the cover manually (not a huge deal but it is kind of lame). The lack of a drive tray and weirdness and limitations of top loading are my only concerns with the console at the moment.

This version of the PS3 will not play older PS2 games. They have/are coming out with a lot of remastered games for the PS2 games I wanted like God of War and Splinter Cell and things like that so the lack of backwards compatibility isn't an issue anymore. I'd rather play the remastered versions in HD anyway.

The Last of US: the game is really, really good. It's very cinematic and emotionally engaging. I really didn't care about this game when I bought the console it was just the cheapest one but I have not played a game this good in a long time.


Graphics: The games all look great. Surprisingly, though a lot of popular titles are actually not in 1080p. This may be why they look so good. When I played PC games I used to commonly use a lower display resolution (with the same aspect ratio) than my display's default in order to up the quality.

Controller: The PS3 controllers connect much faster to the console than Xbox 360's and they are numbered with actual numbers so everyone knows exactly what player they are.

Stereoscopic 3d: This console will tell my tv to go into 3D mode, my xbox 360 doesn't (with the games I've played for both) so I don't need to look for my remote. Netflix 3D access also, more on this below...

Slim: It really is quite slim...

Media: Netflix and stuff does not require a paid Playstation Plus account compared to Xbox Live Gold being required for Netflix on the Xbox 360. Also, if you have a 3D TV the PS3 gives you access to Netflix's elusive (though limited) 3D movie library which is not available on the 360.

Library: Has most of the same games as the 360. I would argue that it has more exclusive shooters (Killzone, Resistance, etc) than the Xbox 360 (Halo <3, Gears of War).

Light Gun & Move Shooters: Those who enjoy light gun games are just out of luck on the 360. With the PS3 there are some Guncon and Playstation move games that work like light gun games. If you enjoy this type of game this is pretty much the only way to play them since flat HDTVs have killed of cathode ray tube tvs.

Cost: Relatively cheap, not requiring a paid account for media options like Netflix gives it a much lower cost of ownership for casual gamers who want blu-ray and Streaming videos.

Blu Ray: It has a blu ray player.


Controller: I prefer the 360's controller with it long play-and-charge cable and thinner trigger buttons. I find it to be much more ergonomic and realistic feeling.

Top Loading: I don't like the way it top loads. Makes loading blu-rays and games cumbersome. Those with small shelves on their entertainment center just won't be able to load a disk without pulling out the console.

No PS2: Does not play PSone/PS2 game disks. Limited PSone and PS2 "classics" are available for download in the Playstation Store but you'll have to pay for them again.

User Interface: The user interface is kind of a lackluster experience. Its mostly text with some icons unless you are looking at your games library. The Xbox 360 has a much nicer interface that is much more interesting and makes use of the controller better to get around (like on the Xbox they let you page down and over with bumpers/triggers).

Move: Playstation move is NOT included. I am not interested in move but similar priced Xbox 360 bundles come with Kinect (granted they have smaller hard drives). Kinect is much more compelling experience than Playstation Move.

Dust: This is kind of nit-picking but it has ridges on the top and they collect some dust so it's more difficult to wipe clean than previous versions and other consoles.

Overall I think it's a great console. You may want to look for an older version if you have a small or cluttered entertainment center due to the drive tray. You'll get all the games and all the media streaming without any extra costs and you'll have a blu ray player. I'm not going to tell anyone to choose this over a 360 as I think they both can live under one roof. If you must choose only one console you'll have to look at the games exclusive to each and decide what you would rather play. If you already have a 360 the PS3 doesn't require a paid online subscription so you just have to pay for the console and go raid the bargain bin for it's ample selection of exclusives packed in trilogy and collection boxes.
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on December 18, 2013
This console performs great, after owning an Xbox 360 for two years I picked up a PS3 and PS4. The PS4's review we can save for another day.
The PS3 performs amazingly, with The Last of Us, the graphics seem almost real, especially compared to the Xbox 360. The graphics seem more realistic, sharper, more details in places that were lacking on the 360 such as foliage, building, and ground textures. I love the fact that I can play Blu-Ray discs on it without having to spend another $50 on a player, and I can stream my subscriptions to Netflix and Hulu on it.
Let's talk about the operating system. If you want simplicity, this may be a little disappointing. Although the OS is relatively easy to navigate and control, I feel it could be more user friendly and customization; this is where the X360 surpasses it. I would love the addition of more themes and colors, but I suppose that's just aesthetics of the menu and doesn't reflect the gameplay or overall quality of the device.
Now onto the controller. The Dualshock 3 disappoints me, I have small hands yet this controller still feels microscopic. The two triggers keep making my hands slip off the controller as I struggle to press them, and the thumb sticks seem to wear incredibly fast.


Graphics- greatly detailed, much better than expected

Design- the console looks sleek and fits right into my entertainment center

Media- keeps me up with all my shows, movies, and games

Titles- The Last of Us is an incredibly good game, and with more exclusives like Beyond: Two Souls and the Uncharted Series, it makes for an impressive library.

Price- affordable and met my budget


Controller- the dual-shock 3 is the one major flaw, it kept me fumbling around it, and I dropped it multiple times before getting the hang of it. If you have small hands, then it should be okay for you.

OS- kept me thoroughly confused for the first day or so I had it, but overall not that bad.

This is a great Current Gen console has great graphics, game play and price, however the OS is confusing and the controller frustrating. It's pros are more than its cons.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon February 19, 2014
**NOTE: The Video Review included shows a slightly different PS3 Bundle - although it contains exactly the same console. The bundle you see in the video review is exactly the same as this "PS3 250GB The Last of Us Bundle", except in this bundle you do NOT get the Batman game.

I purchased this PS3 bundle around Black Friday weekend, and this was my first experience with the PlayStation 3 (although I did own a PS2). The console was easy to setup right out of the box, and everything seems high quality and durable. For those who aren't game-saavy, this console is very easy and fun to use; it would make a nice gift for the casual gamer.

The bundle features the best-selling and critically acclaimed game: "The Last of Us". This game is great to get you started, but there are a number of others games that you'll want to look into. Sony has quite a few good PS3 exclusive games - I'd recommend checking out "Gran Turismo 5", "God of War: Ascension", and "Journey".

A DualShock Wireless Remote is included - the remote's wireless signal reaches well over 20 feet. The only thing to note is that you will need to connect it to the console via a USB cable in order to charge it from time to time (but it sure beats going through AA batteries like the XBOX controllers). Additional remotes typically cost $30-50.

This PS3 bundle also includes all required cables to get the unit working right out of the box - this includes a power cord and composite A/V cables. Unfortunately, an HDMI cable is NOT included, so you'll want to buy one if you wish to play/watch content in HD.

One common question is this: Will PS2 games will work on the PS3? The answer is NO - this console will not play your prior generation PlayStation game discs. Fortunately, many of the classic games from PS2 can be purchased for the PS3, some in disc format and others as digital downloads on the PlayStation Network.

Another frequent question is: Can I watch movies on the PS3? The answer is YES. You can connect wirelessly to many of your video streaming sites, such as Netflix. The console also plays DVDs and Blu-Ray discs. It can handle 3D blu-rays as well (provided you have the necessary setup, which includes a 3D TV).
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on December 27, 2013
A few days ago, my Xbox 360 finally decided it didn't want to read discs any longer. I have been an Xbox owner since they were first released. Before I was an Xbox fan, I owned the Playstation 1 and 2. I loved them both, but I was pressured into the Xbox market because about 99% of my friends were Xbox fans. Who wants to play alone?

These days I'm all about the best bang for my buck. This is it! Although I'm late in the game, I still love the exclusive titles to the PS3 and hope that they continue to be released far into the future. My PS3 250GB The Last of Us Bundle arrived today! I ordered one day air delivery and wasn't disappointed. After setting it up and playing a few rounds of Battlefield 4, I can honestly say, I wish I had done this a lot sooner. Buy this!
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on January 20, 2014
I purchased this bundle because i really wanted to play the last of us and being a PS3 exclusive, the xbox just wouldn't do. So i decided to give the playstation a try and thanks to Naughty Dog's The Last of Us, this has been the greatest decision i have ever made. This game is unbelievably good! The story is so captivating, it will get you emotional within the first 10 minutes. Honestly for the price and the package this is a very good bundle. Really recommend it to someone looking to move in to the world of PlayStation while also looking forward to a game with an intensely good story.
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on January 23, 2014
O.K., the good:
Unit works as advertised, just like my other two generations of PS3 consoles. (40 GB “Fat”, and 160GB “Slim”). So you have all the great things that come along with a PS3.

250GB is an awful lot of storage. More than I’ll need, but nice to have it just in case.

The bad:
Why do I have to load the disc from on top? This console is in a TV stand, on top of my DVR. This doesn’t leave much room for me to load and unload discs. I have to contort my hand to load and unload discs on this thing. The sliding door has a very cheap feel to it. Hopefully it will hold up. Definitely not the same solid feel as my other two PS3’s. I MUCH prefer the ability to load the discs from the front of the unit. Why, Sony, why?

The Good/Bad at the same time :)
The unit is virtually silent when not playing a disc, or when playing the main film portion of a Blu-ray. This is very nice. The drive on this unit makes a good amount of whirring, zipping, whining noise when seeking for information on a disc. This is especially noticeable when skipping through menus or chapters on a Blu-ray.

Overall, it’s a step down from the previous “slim” version in my opinion.
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on January 9, 2014
I've always been a Playstation girl, I owned a PS1 & a PS2. Was planning on getting a PS3 when it first came out, but I received a Xbox 360 [as a birthday gift] and decided to try that console out.

Well 6 years later, my Xbox 360 started acting up and got the RROD so I decided to go back to Playstation.

Shipment was fast and the box was sealed with no tampering - I got it today [01/09/2014]. Everything was packaged properly, there was no damage to the product. I received:

1 PS3console
1 power cord,
1 control [with charger cord]
1 3 prong cord [yellow, white and red cord, lol, sorry I don't know what it's called]
1 game [The Last Of Us]

Once I started putting everything together I realized that I didn't have the proper cord to hook up the PS3 to my HDTV, so I had to order 1 HDMI cord [NOT included in the box]: You can find the cord at this link: B005QP3LGE

I'm currently waiting on that to arrive, so I will update when I receive it. But so far, so good...
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on January 2, 2014
This is a good price on a great bundle. PS3 is still a top gun in gaming and will be for at least the next 5 years. With their net support and huge customer base, it's not going anywhere. Don't get anything less than 250GB, you Will need the space.

The Last of Us, is a cinematic adventure that keeps you wanting more. Like a book you can't put down or a movie you can't take your eyes off of. Only this time you are there. Check out the movie on youtube, don't watch too much and spoil the game ... it's awsome to go through not knowing what to expect. I spoiled the first 1/4 and when I hit virgin territory it was a whole new ball game.

At $250.00 it's a great buy!
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on February 1, 2014
A sexy & stylish super slim 250GB PS3......With 2013's Number 1 Game: The Last Of Us....It was a great Deal - Everything worked flawlessly.... I also bought 2 another games( NFS The Run & Sports Champions 2) & I also bought A Play Station 3 Move Bundle-That also worked great with this PS3 250GB....It also plays BluRay Discs.....

It Includes:
1 PS3 250 GB Super Slim Console

1 DualShock 3 Sixaxis Wireless Controller ( Sony's Official)

1 A/V Component Cable, But the preffered method for HD viewing experience is to connect with HDMI Cable
( Does not includes an HDMI Cable)

1 Power Cord

1 The Last Of Us - Game for PS3
Some Manuals & Guides

Link for PS3 Move Bundle:
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on January 22, 2014
I was going for PS4 but: games for PS4 are toooooo expensive!!There arent many games available like those for PS3!
More like that the thing about NEW things is that they are going on a test run from first users- think about the cars and those times you get called back for some BRAKE sensor issue they have found after the car is just released..Its the same here- If you want to play it safe just give it some time. And it might get cheaper also after 2-3 months. So I went on this PS3 with the LAST OF US included. The fact that was sold by Amazon counted a lot and I turned down the offer wich included BATMAN too. The item got in AFGHANISTAN fast- like 10 days- not damaged. I tried it here and works- The only thing is that software version on this one was 4.40 and the game requires 4.41- That is not good at all- since i cant go online here to have any updates. But we'll take care of that once I get back home. Seems to work on 110v and also on 220v- i'm on 220v back home! Plays Blurays no matter the region code(see it somewhere on the manual- has region 1 and ALL)- but I'll have to double check that too. So I got a BLURAY PLAYER and a console and multimedia station in the same time- And I have also a remote control for this console from Sony..looking good and even better than my Tv remote..Great product and I'm happy with the price 249$..home is more like 390$. Also get an HDMI cable and an DIGITAL AUDIO OUT for your TV or HOME CINEMA if you run with COMPOSITE and want someting else playing the sound other than the TV set.

PS: No worryies about the noise and heating- You can hear the drive working but only if you are really close to it..and about the heating just place it closer to the ground, because heat goes up and the cooler intake air will be more effective in lowering the console temp. Else means you got a problem with the console, your room is too hot or something else I cant think about now.
One more thing: the front loading door is great because if it gets dusty on the lens- you can easily clean it! You dont need to take down the unit for cleaning- so keep the console in a non dust environment, use a air spray cleaner once in a while.
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