Customer Reviews: PS3 320GB Uncharted 3 Bundle
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on November 1, 2011
Okay, the hardest part of any review to me is an introduction. I am primarily an Xbox 360 owner, and that is what I use for most online games such as Battlefield or Call of Duty. However, I can now confidently say that spending $300 for a PS3 is worth it just for the sake of the Uncharted series alone. I would literally throw down that kind of money just for these three games, something I have not done since the original Xbox when Halo came out. I played the first two games on my buddies PS3 a few years back, but only recently decided to claim actual ownership over a PS3 system with the purchase of this bundle. I like the system, its controller feels great, feels reliable (basically it doesn't feel cheap). I like the fact that the system is silent when playing games, I also like that the online is free (but I feel Xbox Live is more organized, and yes I'll admit, there is a bias to my statement, sorry guys).

I'm going to go ahead and close this review, making it a short one. Why? Because I feel I summed up that I obviously like the system and the Uncharted series. I also feel that there are already plenty of reviews that go into explicit detail over the system, online, Blu-Ray and games. If you don't own a PS3, but want to jump into the PlayStation community, while experiencing a great game series such as Uncharted, buy this bundle. Playing Uncharted has done something to me that no other game has done since Halo ten years prior or Shenmue for the Dreamcast twelve years prior, and that is spend hundreds of dollars to play one game. That comment alone I believe sums up this review and any review from any individual or game site. Uncharted is the PlayStation's Halo - its "killer app", and to me, worth spending the money to experience.
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on January 10, 2012
I'm breaking down this review in 3 catagories which are the saving cost of buying the bundle, The PS3 System itself, and the UNCHARTED 3 game.

1. Savings as far as buying as a bundle:

This is actually a really good deal for 2 reasons. One, the PS3 320GB system normally cost anywhere new between $290 and $300 dollars by itself which means your getting Uncharted 3 (As of this writing the retail is between between $50 and $60 dollars) for free. Second, is with the cost of Hard drives having doubled and in some cases almost tripled due to the current hard drive shortage the hard drive alone is worth anywhere between $150 to $200 dollars by itself. the overall cost savings on both items mentioned more than justifies this purchase.

2. The PS3 Game Console System:

This is actually our family's second PS3, the 1st one my son got an almost pristine PS3 1st Generation 60gb CECHAxx Launch model (November 2006) from his 2 best friends as a Christmas Present, not realizing at the time what a diamond in the rough he was receiving. I'm not going to lie to you, If anybody still owns one of this original launch models and it still works, KEEP IT! They are vastly superior to these newer "Slim" Models that Sony is now selling. The reason for the additional purchase is Problems started to arise with "play time" on the PS3 with my son so I decided to go ahead and purchase one for myself and the rest of the family. With that being said, I will move on with the review of this 320GB 4th generation PS3 Slim Model (CECH-30xxB series).

The Hardware on the inside is the same reliable PS3 Hardware Sony has sold since almost after the launch of the original PS3 in North America (Once they fixed the Blu-Ray defect). Starts right up, plays my PS3 Games perfectly, works with my blu-rays, and works perfectly with my home Network. The Dual Shock 3 wireless Controller that comes with it works awesome and is easy to use. The HDMI and Sound are also equally awesome (Has to be plugged into a "amplifier/receiver" to tap into the Dolby Digital sound experience). As far as the drawbacks go there really is only 1 that stares you right in the face and that is the New "Slim" Design, It's God Awful. The Best way to describe is as my oldest son put it; "Dad, That looks Ghetto!"; However, due to its size it was easily hidden inside my entertainment center and barely noticeable to the naked eye. The only other minor problem is sometimes you can hear the hard drive on the PS3 when it's being written to and read to.

Features of the PS3 4th Generation Console:
* 802.11b/g Wi-Fi
* 2 X USB 2.0 ports
* BRAVIA Sync XMB control (CEC)
* Slimmer form factor
* Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio bitstreaming (available Through Optical Sound Cord with an open optical port on your Home Theaters "Amplifier/Receiver")
* 320GB 5400 rpm Hard Drive (Upgradeable up to 1TB 9.5mm form factor laptop hard drives)
* 3D Capable for both 3D Blu-Ray Games and Movies (You muat have a 3D capable monitor or TV in order for this to work)
* Plays normal CD and DVD movie or Music ROMS
* 10/100/1000 built-in NIC
* Playstation 1 (PS1) Backward Compatibility. Updated 11-13-2012: Just FYI the AMAZON Description of the this PS3 Slim Bundle is WRONG concerning NO Backward compatibility for the PS1, I just tested Duke Nukem: A Time to Kill for the PS1 just recently (about 2 weeks ago)and it worked like a champ.
* 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p Resolution (Up to 1080p with HDMI cord and 1080p monitor/TV, 480i with RCA plugs only)
* Reduced Heat Output

Features Removed/No Longer available on this generation PS3 console that was available in previous PS3 Generation Models:
* 4 USB 2.0 ports
* SACD playback
* Linux support
* Flash memory card readers
* Playstation 2 (PS2) Backward Compatibility

Accessories that comes in the Box with the PS3 Game System:
* Dual Shock 3 Wireless Controller (1)
* USB Recharge Cord for Dual Shock 3 Controller (1)
* AC Cord (1)
* Modified PS3 RCA plugs (1)
* Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception (1) - Only comes with the Uncharted 3 PS3 Bundle

Recommend additional Accessories at time of purchase:
* Additional PlayStation 3 Dualshock 3 Wireless Controller (Black)
Eforcity HDMI Cable, 10 feet
Mediabridge - Toslink Cable - Optical Digital Audio Cable - 6ft (Only If planning to plug your PS3 into your Home Theatre Receiver Sound System)

Another plus to this Game system is the feature rich applications that are available for use that come with the PS3 Standard like Netflix (monthly fee), Video & Picture Editing, Use of the PSN Network, and Internet browsing. Also Additional Accessories like the MOVE Package can be added to this system as well.

3. The Uncharted 3 Game:

For those who have played the previous Uncharted games you will not be disappointed, it bigger and badder than before. Nathan Drake and mentor Victor Sullivan are once again traveling around the world to such places as the Rub' al Khali desert, in search of the legendary lost city, the Iram of the Pillars. Elena Fisher and Chloe Frazer also return in Uncharted 3. The plot draws from the archaeology days of T. E. Lawrence.

Several new features have been included in the game, including mechanics that create gameplay situations designed to assist the losing team, improves ability enhancements and augmentations that must be purchased for each use, special abilities that are made available when a certain amount of medals has been attained within a match, and "Uncharted TV", a small video window that appears throughout the multiplayer menus, creating a video that can be uploaded to Facebook, YouTube or the XMB. Multiplayer also includes a character creation system, allowing a user to extensively customise their in-game character. Co-operative multiplayer also returns from Uncharted 2.

Other than that it's like most everybodys review of the game, graphics are aewsome, game play astounding, you will be playing for hours to play the game.

4. In Conclusion: Wether you are buying a PS3 for the first time, adding a second one, want the game and would not hurt to have another PS3, or just replacing a no longer working PS3 this is the bundle to get. I would overall highly recommend picking up.
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on November 23, 2011
It took a deployment to Afghanistan to finally break down and purchase a PS3, but I'm glad I finally made the decision.

The 320GB Uncharted 3 bundle is perfect for the adventure/action game types that really aren't interested in the Move bundle. I already have the Kinect for the 360 back home, and while neat, I found it to be a bit of a gimmick. Add in that space is a premium out here, I felt that the Move was an unnecessary premium.

I owned the original PS3 a few years back and I have to say that the fit and finish of the lighter slim doesn't seem as nice as the original (IE, satin black versus the nicer looking Piano Black) but I wouldn't go so far as to call it cheap. It seems this time around, it's just the basics, but you have to ask yourself: How often are you staring at your gaming console anyway?

I probably don't have to tell you that the graphics are on par with the 360. I haven't had the two side by side, but nothing has been so significantly better to stand out from what you'd expect from the competing console. Really these days, with an exception of a few rare exclusive games, your decision is probably more on what controller you're more comfortable with.

Speaking of controllers, the tried and true wireless Playstation controller is still mostly unchanged and feels like it could still take the beatings that most controllers do.

But that's enough about the console.

Uncharted 3 is probably one of the most enjoyable bundled games I've played since the days when Sonic 2 and Super Mario World were the standard issue. The controls are easy to pick up, the storyline is intriguing, action packed, and character development is quite good. I hadn't played the first two games, but with the plot of the number 3 installment being pretty self contained, I was able to step right in without feeling lost in the events. I likened the game to Indiana Jones or The Mummy, set in modern times. You follow the footsteps of Nathan Drake and his friends as they search for lost treasure by puzzle solving, fist fighting, and shooting their way across the globe. Throughout the game, you wonder if he also moonlights as a parkour champion, as you spend a good deal of your time climbing and making death defying leaps over obstacles in your way. The game's pace is very good at going from highs and lows, and not staying in either for too long. You may find yourself solving one of the game's many puzzles only the next to end up in an epic shoot out as you try to escape a burning building. I will say that the game is not for the faint of heart. Even on normal, you may find yourself dying... a lot. There are just certain ways to do some things and the game doesn't always reward brute force. Despite this, the single player campaign gets a 5 out of 5 in my book.

Multiplayer, for a tack on feature is actually pretty fun. I haven't tried any of the online features yet, but the split screen offers co-op modes of a separate story line, as well as deathmatch-like scenarios such as capture the flag, base defense, and survival. It's no Halo or Modern Warfare, but I'd give the multiplayer a high 3 out of 5.

So in conclusion, if you have been on the fence about the PS3, love adventure/action games, and not really interested in gimmicks like the Move, this is definitely the bundle for you.
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on January 13, 2012
I thought I would write up this review and cover some of the things I feel others have left out of their reviews of the PS3.

First thing, PS Home. It's a full-on virtual world for you and your friends to mingle, play FREE games within PS Home, customize your house (which if I had this nice of an apartment with this awesome of a view in real life I would be one very happy camper), customize your avatar (which is 100x more realistic than your cartoony Xbox avatar), among other cool things I'm sure, all for FREE. My only complaint with PS Home is the pricing of some of the avatar and apartment extras, but this is a complaint on Xbox too. I mean this is digital clothes and furniture we are talking about here, not physical! I shouldn't have to pay a real dollar for a digital shirt for my digital avatar. I guess they have to make money on something though.

Second, PS+. Sure you can play online with your friends free (which is a major plus for PS3). So why pay for PS+? I'll tell you why. The wealth of freebies! Already in my 30 day PS+ trial I have downloaded; 3 PSone games (Syphon Filter 1-3), 4 Minis (sort of like small XBLA games), also both PSone games & Minis can be played on PS3 and PSP. Saving the best for last, Back to the Future: The Game Episodes 1-5 (which is a PS3 exclusive, and was a big disappointment for me when it came out and I didn't have a PS3 yet, as I am a huge BTTF fan). All for FREE! What I'm not 100% sure about is whether you can still play these games if you cancel the PS+ subscription, but if Sony keeps it coming with the freebies, it more than justifies the cost of PS+.

Third, DC Universe Online. It's FREE! Free to download & free to play! I'm currently downloading it, clocking in at around 15GB, and with my slowish DSL it is gonna take about 5 forevers, but I have no doubt it will be worth the wait time. I will say this though, I'm not 100% sure if it currently being free for me is due to the PS+ subscription or not, but if you need PS+ to play it, it's still cheaper than most pay-to-play MMOs.

When you buy a new PS3 these days, you are given just a wealth of extras. I am highly impressed! I haven't even hardly cracked into the Uncharted series, which is the reason I bought a PS3 in the first place. Sony has won me over, and while Xbox Live has impressed me over the years, PS+ definitely gives you more bang for your buck.

Will I get rid of my 360 now? Not a chance! Most multiplats work/look better on 360. Besides, I have WAAAY too many 360 games that I love. I have always been a multi-console kind of guy anyway, and now my current generation family is complete, and this newest family member brought gifts with it! Hooray! My PS3 looks quite dashing next to my Xbox 360 & Wii...

So in closing if you don't have a PS3 yet. What are you waiting for? Go for it! You will not be disappointed!

EDIT: The freebies from PS+ do expire with your PS+ service, but you can play them as long as you are a PS+ subscriber. They also renew when you renew, so if you let your PS+ membership run out, you can always get your games back once you sign back up. Now going on 2 months of PS+ service I have well over 20 games from the service that didn't cost me an extra penny, so $50 a year is well worth it in my opinion. PS+ is also shaping up to be a way better value to me than XBL Gold, I have never received any free games from Xbox in my 5 years of being a XBL Gold subscriber.

As for DC Universe Online, it's free-to-play whether you have PS+ or not, so it's a decent alternative to all the pay-to-play MMOs out there. Sure WoW might be a tad more fun, but seriously who wants to pay $10 a month just to play 1 game. Unless you have unlimited time to play games you are simply wasting money with pay-to-play games.

So there you have it. You are getting a lot of bang for your buck with PS3, so what are you waiting for? I noticed the price on this bundle is going up, which means they probably aren't making this particular bundle anymore. Although I'm sure there is another similar bundle out there.
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on November 12, 2011
I started having issues with my fat 40gb PS3 a little while ago(overheating, screaming cooling fan). I decided to buy this package because I really wanted a slim PS3 and I love the Uncharted series. The newest slim model is incredibly quiet and runs much cooler than my fat 40gb PS3. I have completed Uncharted 3 and Heavy Rain and the PS3 has hardly made a peep. I got so tired of my fat PS3 cooling fan going full blast, drowning out the game or movie sound. I love the compact size, the buttons and the lack of LED lights. I am a firm believer that a game system shouldn't be a center piece that is crying out for attention. A game system should be as concealed and unnoticeable as possible. It's the game that should have the attention. I wish I purchased a slim earlier. I love the minimalistic approach. Some have complained about the Blu-ray reader being loud. I barely noticed. In fact, if it hadn't been brought up on other reviews, it wouldn't have crossed my mind. I have put it through a lot in a short period of time and am very satisfied.

Minor Spoilers.
I was really looking forward to this game. The reviews and the hype were all there. Unfortunately 'Uncharted 3' can't hold a flame to its predecessor. The single player campaign is much shorter and the story lacks any real depth. The bad guys are weaker and less impressive. The bonus' were lacking and the intrigue wasn't there. It has epic moments. Graphics are amazing. Acting is amazing. Just seemed more repetitive than the previous games. Similarities with movies like 'Lawrence of Arabia' and 'Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade' can't be missed. In fact, this game is almost an homage to those movies. Seemed like Naughty Dog Studio was under more pressure this time around to pump a game out. I think when Uncharted 4 comes out, I will be waiting for it to drop in price considerably or perhaps rent it.
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on April 5, 2013
Got this for my son for his birthday and we are both very happy. It arrived in 2 days from the seller and worked straight out of the box. He is only 11 and I know very little about playstation. He opted for this model as all his friends have this console and he is familiar with it. Plus he felt the super slim looked a little flimsy and the reviews about the disc door/lid put him off having the latest model even though it had more memory. This was also a better option for me as the game with the 500GB is not for kids. (Assassin's Creed). Although Uncharted is rated Teen, its ok for a kid who is 11. No blood and guts and obscene language from what I have heard/seen. The main character is a bounty hunter so whilst he does get into some shoot outs and high speed chases, its more like Inidiana Jones than anything else. He's been playing it non stop since it arrived a few days ago, so I have ample time to observe the game in action. Thankfully school is out at the moment. :) I think he will get many years of enjoyment out of this unit. Its a great deal especially with the game included as I have come to realise that PS games are anything but cheap!!! It's apparently the 'best birthday present ever'!!! :)
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on January 9, 2012
I'm primarily an Xbox junkie - longtime Halo fan, I have two 360s for 4-player coop, have logged many an hour fragging on Live with my younger brother, have poured far too much money into XBLA games and addons - you get the picture.

I didn't conceive of myself getting a PS3 until the pricetag was at least sub-$200. But then, you see, a funny thing happened: my parents got a 3D TV. And I bought some stereoscopic 3D games for the 360. And I was totally blown away.

Before long, I'm looking for more 3D games like a junkie who needs to feed his habit. But shoot, I've bought all the S3D games for the 360, and... for a brief few weeks, I'm lost. In a daze. Not sure what to do with myself and the money I'm earning that I'd promised myself I'd save to finish the last year of my college education.

Except... one day, I find out the PS3 has become the PS3D. And there's a nice library of PS3D exclusives that are... well, 3D. Not just that, but I quickly find out that Shadow of the Colossus -- a game I have loved for many years and will continue to love for years more -- was recently re-released in glorious HD and stereoscopic 3D.

The rest of my life quickly unfolds before my eyes: I think of the girl I've loved all my life, the one I've been thinking of proposing to - and I forget her instantly in favor of this black chick I'm going to pick up on Amazon for $300. I wasn't even planning on shelling out another $50 for more head, but I saw the normal 320gb model went for $300, and this bundle had a free sterescopic 3D game thrown in for the same price. Hawt.

Fast forward to now. I have beaten Uncharted 3 and SotC in S3D. Both games are astounding. Amazing. Awesome. Ridiculous. Mind-blowingly immersive. No number of adjectives will do justice. (Aside: I cannot believe that none of my PS3-owning friends ever recommended the Uncharted series to me)

My finishing statement: words cannot begin to describe how fulfilling this purchase was for me. I mean, I don't think I've felt this warm and fuzzy since watching Azumanga Daioh. This purchase is a win.

I am happy :)
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on July 9, 2013
People ask why did I buy another PS3 when I already have one and 2 Xbox 360s and a Wii and the PS4 will be out this year.

Yep, if nothing else, the PS3 is an awesome Blu-ray player. Fast load times, plays 3D, web connected and updated, tons of apps. And if you already have a PS3 and a bunch of games, a back up console now is not a bad idea.

I'm not gonna go all into the details of a PS3. Honestly, they've been out forever and what hasn't been said already?

This particular 320GB Slim w/ UNCHARTED was a daily deal for $250 and it would have been about $120 just for a comparably good BD player. I do still take issue with the fact that 99% of downloads cannot be done in the background and the controller sticks have convex tops which lets your thumbs slide off. I gotta knock it one star for those stupid controller sticks, non-removable batteries, non-background downloads and still no IR. Btw, the PS4 controller has concave sticks and background downloads.

Anyhow, this was an awesome deal. Probably one of the last chances to get a Slim since Sony replaced it with the Super Slim. Which I read to be of lower quality.

For those wonderring about the differences between the Slim & Super Slim:

The Super Slim is the newest, smallest and slightly more efficient (10 watts less usage) model. It is also considered the "cheapest quality appearing" model with it's super thin plastic case and manual slide open door. Often suggested that Sony made those changes while keeping the selling price the same to make a better profit. It also has a slightly louder disc reading sound due to the thin case, but quieter fans. Hard Drive size can be 160 or 320 for the Slim and 250 or 500 for the Super Slim. All else is the same between the two.

I wrote a rather negative review a few years ago on the PS3 because that PS3 went in the theater room where we often entertain and where putting up with long downloads that tied up the device and dead controllers was unacceptable. While that remains an annoyance, if you're putting your PS3 in a set-up where those annoyances don't mean much (like me placing THIS PS3 in the bedroom) then there really isn't much to complain about.

And as far as buying a PS4 or Xbox One, NO WAY JOSE. Learned my lesson with the 360 RROD fiasco. I will never buy another gaming console until it's been out at least 2 years. Up yours Micro$oft!!
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on January 12, 2012
I have hardly even ever touched a PS3 controller until I bought this bundle. I immediately bought the other two Uncharted games as a dual pack and have yet to play Uncharted 3. Here's my review so far:

The system is great. The menu system was a little confusing at first, but I already created an account online for PSN and signing in was s breeze. The pack comes with a free month of Playstation Plus and it seems like it's the same deal as the extra stuff with xbox live. Might keep it, might not.

Uncharted games are fantastic. One was a little slow/painful at certain parts but the quality ramped up in 2 and 3 looks to be better.
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on January 18, 2016
playstation great bundle the part that accepts the disc makes a noise and doesn't seem to work smoothly right from day one but otherwise nice and is great for my grandchildren to play little big planet and uncharted of course is just wonderful loving it for many reasons i had purchased one for my son for xmas a few years ago awesome i deducted one point due to the disc function shakey altho works makes a noise when you insert the disc
it should function smoothly as my sons did
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