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on March 24, 2014
Well if you are looking at this review you know that this is the last gen gaming system from Sony, and right now is a great time to own one as the library of games is huge. You start your collection with one of the best games released in a very long time. The Last of Us is a single player and multiplayer game. However, most of the focus for this game is the incredible single player found within. The story, characters, and environments are amazing the game play is intense, and it comes with the system to begin. There are a few DLC releases for it, and Left Behind is a single player prologue to The Last of Us, but the actual game should be played first as it contains some major spoilers.

The system it self is the 3 major refresh of the hardware it comes with a top loading disk drive, 500gb HDD, and a single controller. Whats really odd that even to this day they do not include a HDMI cable it is silly; however, one can't really complain about it as we all have some somewhere around the house 3 bucks on amazon.

I paid $269.99 and I am replacing a 6 yr console that is on its last legs, as I have a very large library I thought it was time to get a new machine to finish up some of these games. If you are buying this for a child of yours old enough to play a M rated game they will have a system with a vast library of games to chose at a very low entry price.
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on June 24, 2014
Its a little different looking than our original slim version but hey who cares as long as it works. This system does come with an actual game CD not a downloadable one as others have listed. We purchased this game bundle for $269 with free shipping from Prime. Item arrived in 2 days. Everything works great!
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on September 6, 2017
After dealing with garbage xbox products for a decade or so, I decided to try Playstation again. Ive yet to have one single issue with it. Meanwhile, ive been through two boxes that both had to have the disc drive changed, and several hard drive crashes. All together thats four xboxes ive had to work on or replace, just one Playstation thats still going strong. Not to mention free online function, that goes down waaaay less than xbox live.
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on November 27, 2014
this bundle is awesome, 500 gigs? awesome, blue ray player capable? awesome, the last of us? awesome
all in all this bundle was pretty darn cheap for all of this the game itself has a GREAT storyline, not just shoot all zombies because of a virus, like RE, its got more of a walking dead type storyline, the characters develope at a steady pace and you get a feel for all of the characters, even have a bit of emotion for some, i personally felt bad for afew this game gets sad, happy funny and just plain awesome, as for the 500 gig HD, im really enjoying it, ive put afew movies on it, you can even connect another external HD (i have a 1 TB back up drive) and the online features are awesome as well yes, this is the super slim version but its small enough to give you more space in your entertainment center i personally like the design of the ps3 super slim ive had it for about a month or so with no problems, it hasent overheated, but i suggest maybe putting it near somewhere where the ps3s vent isent covered so it has space for air to curculate i also love the fact that the wireless controller can be charged with the usb cable that you plug into the system, then disconnect the controller when its full it recharges but there is no battery to replace, its probibly a small battery in the controller itself that you dont have to replace(no compartment to open to get the battery out) so if your interested in this bundle, for the price as well as the HD space and awesome game, i suggest you get this now while its this cheap (or untill it stops selling)
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on June 2, 2017
Got PlayStation 3 was supposed to be new and boxing was ripped up and tapped all around it. Will not do Business with thisSupplier . If you are looking for good merchandise go some were elsewhere this is what it looks like
review imagereview image
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on June 8, 2014
I wanted to play GTA V and it does that well enough. Last of Us seems like a good game. They always advertise the ps3 standing up but you have to open the top cover to load the disk, so laying it flat is the best way to go. If you ever used a Nintendo or a Genesis or a Xbox or a Playstation 2, it's pretty much the same thing as far as how you store the thing. It comes with one wireless controller. It doesn't come with an HDMI cable. You can surf the web if you're connected to the internet, but it's a chore to type anything into a search engine using the controller. You can transfer music, photos and video files to the hard drive using a flash drive. Downloading anything from the Playstation store is really slow if you connect to the internet using the wifi. Looks like ethernet cable is the way to go. The ps3 has a huge library of games and most of them are cheap somewhere online. Most games on Amazon are between 15 and 20 bucks. I'd say right now a ps3 is a bigger bang for your entertainment buck than a ps4 due to the lack of games for the ps4. I'm happy with my purchase.
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on September 1, 2016
This lasted less than a year, of very little use. My wife and I usually watch a movie a week on it, and I played a few games over the winter. Now it won't play blue rays at all, and keeps playing normal DVDs at half the screen size. Every other consol I've had I played more and it lasted way longer. I still have the same NES, N64 and GameCube I did as a kid, and they all work. Brand new PS3 lasted less than a year, very disappointed...
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on December 8, 2015
Overall, I love the superslim PS3. And I love the sliding disc cover, because it's more manual - less chance for things to break. You can open it manually or with the button. And less chance of the disc getting stuck in the machine, because it's on the top, not inside. The only thing I did not realize is that the superslim is apparently the only version of the PS3, that has to have an hdmi cable to play blu rays. But since my tv is a little older, it does not have an hdmi slot in it, so I will be purchasing a converter for about $22 from amazon, so that should do the trick. :-) But I love everything about it otherwise. It's is very lightweight and I like the glossy black - it's sleek. :D
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on February 18, 2016
Ok, my first gen system that I had since 08' died and since there were 25 plus games left in my library I decided to up grade the system instead of buying the next gen console. I read all of the reviews and was only left to worry for the day when my new PS3 would burn out like the last. I have now moved on and have enjoyed all of the content I wasn't ready to get rid of. The system is amazingly quitter then the first gen and the top loader is not as cool as the motorized disk reader but you have to give and take. On a side note, the stand for it does not come with the system but can be purchased for less than $10. I expect to enjoy this system for another eight years just like its predecessor.
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on September 10, 2014
It arrived on time and undamaged. The price was great, and I opted for this model because my brother wanted to try "The Last of Us". The only thing I did not like about this purchase was that I couldn't find a proper image of the PS3 I ordered. My brother and I were shocked to see you had to slide open a panel to insert discs. If I'd have known, I probably would have selected a different model. I'm worried because the kid who will also be using it tends to be rough (behind our backs!), and the sliding cover may be broken. I guess I should have read the customer comments beforehand. So all in all this was a good deal. I just wish I'd have known about the disc part.
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