Customer Reviews: PS3 500 GB God of War Ascension Legacy Bundle
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on March 12, 2013
Unfortunately, my aging PS3 finally bit the YLOD dust - which is what happens to early generation PS3 units that tend to overheat easily. My PS3 gamely held out through long recent sessions of Far Cry 3 and Skyrim, but finally chose to cash in its chips

Fortunately, it did so the weekend before the GoW4 Acension bundle was released.

That's how I found myself ripping open my new console's packaging, earlier this afternoon. (Thank you, Amazon, for guaranteed launch day delivery!)

Of course, after 7 years as one of the best all round multimedia hubs/gaming consoles of all time, it is hard to say much more about the PS3.
Yes, I was impressed by the compactness of this super-slim version.
Yes, I actually like the red color - which isn't as pink as the photos suggested.
Yes, I love the quieter fan and its cool operating temperature.
Yes, I hate the new spring loaded disk tray*

*Although: this loading style is a lot safer when things go wrong. I had a scare when my old PS3 died with my rental game still in it. Luckily it lived long enough to eject the disk.

With that out of the way, let me focus on the question that I struggled with while making this purchase decision:
Should I wait for the PS4 or buy this PS3 bundle? Or even better - should I wait for a price drop on the PS3?

Here's how I answered this for myself. Hopefully this will aid your own decision (even should you come to a different conclusion than I did.)

I chose to buy this PS3 500GB bundle at this time, because:

#1. The PS4 will likely not be widely/easily available until June of 2014.
Remember that the PS3 followed a similar tortuous path from announcement to availability. And, note that not even a box was actually displayed at the PS4's announcement.

Updated June 12: Well, I have my preorder in for a PS4. Fingers crossed on whether I'll get mine on launch day. PS3s were going for absurdly high prices for a while after launch. Hopefully, Sony has planned ahead this time :)

#2. The PS4 will possibly launch with an absurdly high price and debatable quality.
The PS3's launch price was around twice that of the PS2's (though Sony sold them at a loss), and initial versions also had questionable quality (e.g., heat issues.) The PS4 with its stock PC-style architecture might keep prices lower, but it likely won't be cheap, and likely will be plagued by early adopter woes. It might even be June 2015 before things stabilize.

Updated June 12: The launch price is much lower than I'd feared. Thank you, Sony!

#3. The PS3 platform has a few more years of life left
Early on, the PS4 will be limited by available content and might even lack backwards compatibility. In the meantime, the PS3 is an excellent bluray player, a highly capable streaming media platform, and I can imagine at least another couple of years worth of gameplay out of my current stockpile. Not to mention that new PS3 hardware (super slim models, rad colors, and Hard disk sizes), and big name games (GoW Ascension, AC4, new Skyrim DLC, etc.) are still being launched for this platform.

#4. This particular bundle is actually not bad
While not a killer deal, this bundle is nothing to sneeze at. We are talking about a brand new game from a major franchise, a rather nice limited edition color with matching controller (a decent red rather than a vague pink), 5 additional games, and a 500GB hard drive.

#5. When you gotta go, you gotta go!
The price of the 500GB PS3 will dip in the coming 8 months, possibly landing near 2012 Black Friday prices.
However: My PS3 is dead. Neither the price cuts on the PS3, nor the PS4, are here. I need to watch Blurays and play games today.

In conclusion, I must say that it was hard to come to this decision. If the PS4 is released next month and is dirt cheap, or if the price of this bundle is halved, then I'll kick myself.

But, for now, I'm enjoying this bundle!

As for *GoW Ascension* - the graphics are simply amazing, and the sound quality is awesome. The game is unabashedly about its gorgeous combat, and does not even make a feeble attempt at dredging up a story. My wait for any hint of a story is eased by simply enjoying this game as a spectacle.

As others have stated - none of the games come with cases or printed game material. And the DLC download coupon expires on Mar 31.

Sorry, gotta run - I have to continue my date with Kratos and the Furies.

Happy Gaming!
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on March 13, 2013
Having been an Xbox owner for the last few years and I wanted to pick up a PS3 to check out all of the exclusives I had missed, especially God of War, so it seemed like this bundle was made just for me, since it included all of the GoW games, and it was freaking RED. The hard drive is very spacious, much larger than the 120 gig one I have on my Elite Xbox, very sturdy construction, and I am glad they did away with the old style disc drive and have installed a top loading drive. This is great as I never liked the old one, not to mention my son broke my ex's PS3 after he jammed two discs in there.

There is one thing I do not like however. The games themselves do not come with proper cases, just card board sleeves. I could of let this slide for the Saga set, but Ascension was just released, it was the main attraction for this bundle! I suppose some people don't care and don;t get me wrong, the games are amazing. I just personally like to have cases for easy storage. Still, I would recommend this to anyone who wants an attractive PS3 with a large hard drive and A LOT of games to come with it.
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on April 19, 2013
First off, the value with this bundle is excellent, the entire god of war series + a collectible console for 299.99 is great. Console works as advertised and is not nearly as loud as some people will tell you. You can hear the disk drive working in a very quiet room but its NOWHERE as bad as the first gen Xbox 360. Now onto the bad and the reasons for the 4 star rating.

I was quite upset that the god of war games that came with the bundle came in cheap sleeves and not in actual cases. It totally throws off your game collection if displayed on a shelf or rack. Unacceptable.

The new top loading disk drive won't win any awards, it feels cheap and like it would easily break if you close it too fast or too hard. Although I'm sure it could take some punishment it just feels like a HUGE step down from the auto disk loaders of the previous models.

Overall if you're looking for a new ps3 this bundle is the way to go. The pros outweigh the cons when it comes to value.
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on March 27, 2013
bought this to replace my old PS3 that finally started to wear out after many years and many military deployments. I love pretty much everything about it, I'm not very picky. The only thing that kind of upset me was what a few others have mentioned. All the games are in cardboard sleeves! I'm still kind of old school and love to have all my blurays, dvds, and games displayed on shelves. I'm pretty upset I spent 350 dollars and they couldn't supply me with plastic cases.
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on June 26, 2013
This is my third PS3 system since launch. I had a 60GB launch model and a slim model, but both eventually kicked the bucket (I don't believe in extended warranties, I feel it's always better to replace an item with a new model instead of getting a refurbished product). I needed a PS3, and this was the best option available.

Included in the box:
-- Super slim PS3 in red
-- Red Dual Shock 3 controller
-- 3 game discs (God of War 1+2 / God of War 3 / God of War: Ascension)
-- 4 Redeemable PSN codes (for full games God of War: Ghosts of Sparta and God of War: Chains of Olympus / God of War: Ascension Online Pass / 30 days of PlayStation Plus / 2 playable characters in PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale)
-- Cables (Mini USB to charge controller, standard analog AV cable, power cable)
-- Documents and warranty card

In terms of hardware quality, the system itself is unbelievably light, it weighs less than my stand-alone Blu-ray player. The plastic feels less than premium, but I assume that was a concession to be made in terms of the weight and venting of the system. It runs whisper quiet. The only potential issue in regards to build quality involves the way the optical drive is accessed. Instead of feeding the disc to the system like previous models, there is now a drive cover on the top of the system that slides to the side. In other game consoles, there was usually a door that popped up and then clicked down. This is completely different, and the sliding mechanism feels questionable in terms of durability. Time will tell. The discs connect to a little black circular hub similar to the previous generation PS systems.

The value in this bundle is worth the price. If you want a new PS3, and are OK with your system being red, it's a no brainer. For $30 more than the standalone console, you get and extra 250 GB of storage and approx $80 worth of games (assuming you fancy God of War). Go for it.

**NOTE: The PSN downloads for God of War: Ghosts of Sparta and Chains of Olympus are a combined size of about 17 GB. The other games are included on their own discs.
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on July 8, 2013
I rarely write reviews on Amazon, normally just passing along my two cents to the masses on Facebook or simply by word of mouth. However, this had to be one of the BEST deals I ever had the pleasure of buying. At the time I purchased my LTE GoW PS3, the entire bundle was $299 with free, two-day shipping through Amazon Prime. I wasn't expecting too much from it, merely wanting to play some of the Playstation exclusive games I had been missing out for so long. Although this system isn't backwards compatible with my massive library of PS2 games (unlike my Xbox 360, 1st generation which will still play SOME but not all of my original Xbox games), I really can't dog on it too much.
Let me rewind and begin again by stating that when the PS3 first came out, I was irked by the price point of the system and the lack of games presented with it. With the PS2, I was Sony's slave, especially since I've always been an RPG fanatic and the library of games it had available, along with its ability to still play all of my PS1 games, only helped to make me cringe at the overall accessibility of its newest sibling. I turned to the Xbox 360 and was instantly impressed by everything it had to offer. The exclusive DLCs, its online community and ease of online matchmaking, and its growing library of games. Meanwhile, the PS3 progressed at, what I felt, at too slow of a rate, and the price point still seemed way too steep.
The times have changed, though. And although Microsoft held the crown for such an amazing array of XBox Live exclusive games and content, I really wanted to give Sony another go. I purchased a Vita at launch, and even though I already owned a PSP, what I loved most about the Vita (even though it still has a sad library of games to purchase off the shelves) was the Playstation Store, and all the games it offered. The price point and library of PS1 games sold me instantly, finally allowing me to replay some of the greats on the go. But it was when I bought the PS3 GoW bundle was it where I became Sony's whipping boy all over again. The Playstation Plus is by far my biggest love. And with this particular systems enormous 500 GB hard drive, I am able to download and play as I choose. And not just sad, poorly made and reviewed titles, but the biggest hits from its beginning, up until even only months before! $50 a year nets you 12 free games to download for the PS3 each month, along with 6 free games for the Vita. And they're yours to play, delete, and redownload as much as you like, as long as you keep your subscription active. Xbox Live is now trying to get on the same boat, but its attempt almost feels patronizing... or mocking. 2 free games a month, and so far, it's been Fable III (which can be bought new for like $10 almost anywhere) and a boring indie Tower Defense game (I feel Tower Defense games are much too casual and belong on iOS or Android mobile devices). I didn't even get to the part about the Playstation Stores constant deep discounts, sales, and free content that can be found on almost a weekly basis. AND the fact that most USED PS3 games are ultimately less expensive than Xbox used games. Did I mention the collections? Classics like Assassins Creed 1, 2, and Brotherhood, all in one package, or Devil May Cry 1-3 in HD. Sony listens to its fans and bundles the classics from Playstation 2 with love, including bits and pieces (behind the scenes videos, HD updating, etc) at a price point that any true hardcore gamer would appreciate.
And who gives a crap about Xbox Avatars, when there's Playstation Home! An entire virtual world, much like 2nd Life, where you create your own life-like persona(not some bobble-headed, cartoony avatar), own your very own virtual apartment to be decorated with mind-boggling array of goods (where you can invite your other online friends to roam around to chat and brag), and have the ability to explore a mass of different worlds, each with their own free games and rewards. It's satisfying to play in the virtual casino where you can chat with other players over a game of Texas Hold Em, Blackjack, Roulette, or even Bingo. Or explore Abstrego's Labs from Assassin's Creed, and even Diagon Alley/Hogwarts Express/and Hogwarts itself in the Harry Potter-themed worlds of Pottermore.
This review has become long-winded, but I just wanted to point out the several benefits of actually giving Sony a second look. This bundle truly rekindled my love for console gaming, and at the same time, somewhat regret how much attention I gave to my Xbox over the past few years, when I could've been seeing both sides of the rainbow. The repolished versions of each God of War game (including the PSP exclusive titles) resparked the old flames in my heart that had sputtered out a few years back. Not to mention, the playable demo that was included for The Last of Us (which NO gamer should go without playing). And if you're an Xbox owner and have never tried the Uncharted games, then you're really missing out. Especially Uncharted 3. It is a brilliant, edge of your seat entertainment, kind of game.
I hope this review was helpful. HAPPY GAMING TO YOU ALL!
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on May 15, 2016
I am having a few issues getting some of my God of War Games to download. However this is an AMAZING PS3. Well worth my money! The best part is ITS RED! It comes with all of the God of War trilogy except they don't have the original casing. That isn't a problem for me. You will receive expired promos just because this package isn't new. Despite that though it is a fantastic purchase and I highly recommend it for anyone that is looking for a nice PS3 as well as a great game trilogy to try out.
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on August 17, 2013
A brand new PS3 design and a collection of every God of War game for 300 dollars? Wholly worth it. It's an extremely generous offer and is one that anyone new to Sony's line of gaming should dive in to. Everyone knows that these games are great, so it's an awesome way to start off with your new PS3.

The PS3 itself is very awesome looking. The red color is a bit darker than shown on the box art, which I actually appreciated. The controller isn't a shiny red either, it's a dark faded color that looks extremely cool.

My only complaint with the system itself is that it can get a bit loud sometimes if it's not in the right position. I'm not sure if this is because of the sliding disc door or what, but it can get a bit annoying. The problem is fixed by repositioning the PS3, though, so it's not too hard to avoid.

All this said, I have to say I'm pretty disappointed that the God of War games come in cardboard sleeves. I would've been fine with the older ones packaged this way, but God of War: Ascension should get an actual case due to the fact that it is a BRAND NEW GAME.

I feel very ungrateful for complaining about this, but I think it's a known fact that console owners like to be able to display their collection somewhere. These cardboard cut-outs just don't cut it. Per usual, it's not impossible to fix (print artwork, order empty cases), but it's still a bit annoying, as I don't think it would cause too much effort just to put them in a plastic case.

If you can get over that fact easily, this is a great bundle. I'm personally very happy with it (other than the packaging ordeal), so I would definitely reccomend it to anyone looking into purchasing a PS3.
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on August 19, 2013
This is perhaps the best PS3 bundle ever.

I was worried that the vouchers I received for the PSP games were about to become outdated, due to delivery times, and we were out of internet for a few days.

However, once I regained the connection and without much hope, I load them - more than 30 days after expiration - and they worked no problem. An excellent console, a set of excellent games, and a beautiful red finished, for a more than fair price.
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on June 20, 2013
We bought the God of War bundle for multiple reasons, first, we love God of War, we liked the memory offered on the game system and liked the special edition color.
It was a great value! It took a minute to learn how to navigate as it was our first PS3 system. The first day was spent mostly doing updates... But, after that it's been fun for the whole family.
The graphics are amazing! We love accessing Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and the Playstation Plus from it as well as watching our Blu-Ray discs on it.
I would suggest for online game play and downloads that you connect your internet directly to it vs via the wifi as it's much quicker that way otherwise using the built-in wifi is great for streaming videos.
Highly recommended!
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