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on January 4, 2014
This is my first arcade stick ever.

When I was a kid (and people still played at arcades, can you believe that?), my parents had a Street Fighter II arcade cabinet in their restaurant. That game made me an instant fighting game fan. Since then, I've always played with a pad, whether it be the Playstation controller or Xbox controller. I took a chance on this stick after reading the reviews, and I can say that I NEVER WANT TO GO BACK TO A GAMEPAD EVER.

Right now I have MvC2, MvC3, SFA2, SFA3, SSFIVAE, BlazBlueCS, Soul Calibur IV, and SFxT and the gamepad is very responsive. After about 10 hrs of gaming, I only had 1 problem: the stick didn't respond during an online match, I had to unplug and replug it for it to work. Otherwise, I love the fight stick, the stick has good feedback and the buttons feel nice. My only gripe is that I wish the buttons were concave instead of convex.

Also, this game doesn't work for all games playable on the PS3 (haven't tried any PC games). MvC2 did not recognize my fight stick which is a big let down. This stick is great for a beginner's first stick, but hardcore gamers would probably look elsewhere.
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on September 21, 2014
Cheap and good fighting stick, I mean wow!!!!!! man!!!!!! I have a qanba and also have a korean stick, and let me tell you this in US the arcade rooms are dead so you need to stick with your fighting game community or sadly online, and this stick is really awesome at least for me I have huge hands and it works really good my main fighting game Tekken and my main character is Nina Williams, I have trouble with my others sticks trying to do Ninas WS+1 X4 believe it or not I have better execution doing Nina's wall carry with this stick than the others, honesty I'm not going to spend my money again in expensive sticks I'm sticking with hori now and forever with this version if the next version is not good you dont need to worry about cause the stick is cheap, wait for another version and problem resolve.
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on October 2, 2014
A lot of people on will tell you that you need the Qanba Q1, and they aren't wrong. Here is why I bought the Hori despite SRKs opinions:

Hori makes great sticks, and this 6-button stick is just another example in a long line of value. I've bought their Tekken stick on Xbox 360, and another one on PS2 back in the day. They are a Japanese hardware maker that has great workmanship, and their sticks are very easy to mod if you feel you need to. The buttons are convex (think of a spoon turned over), just like I like them. The stick also has a turbo mode, as well as a switch that tells the joystick whether the lollipop should function as the D-Pad, left stick or right stick. I thought that feature was especially useful after using it for PC gaming, where older emulators sometimes rely on D-Pad movements instead of analog (I'm looking at you Capcom Vs. SNK 2).

*EDIT: This stick works on PC out of the box. If you find the stick non-responsive, try adjusting the switches for the lollipop to see if that changes anything for you

The button arrangement is also not distracting, meaning everything is within reach. The cord is very long compared to even my corded Xbox-360 controller, so I can easily sit on my couch with plenty of slack. I'd recommend sitting Indian style if you're having trouble grounding it on something sturdy. The rubber bottoms are a nice thought, but they don't really work they way you'd think they should.

The most controversial aspect of this stick is the lollipop stick, but the Qanba has the same thing. It comes down to what you're used to. Old schoolers like me probably love the American tear drop, and this will take some getting used to. You'll soon find that the switches are very responsive, and the stick works very well. The key, I find, is to hold it like a martini glass and make small but precise movements. I even plugged it into my Raspberry Pi to run MAME. Pi detected it right out of the box, and I was able to begin programming buttons immediately.

I'm not trying to be a pro SFIV player, so this stick is perfect for my needs. If you're reading this review already thinking of ways that the Qanba is better than this stick, just go Qanba. For the price, I have to disagree with This stick is a sleeper, and you're sleeping on it.
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on October 5, 2012
I ordered 2 of these & i put it to the test, reading how many mention sanwa parts & all, i played mortal kombat, ultimate marvel vs capcom 3 & even tekken 6 & i had trouble pulling off moves at first because i am more used to playing with the dualshock controller but after a few weeks i got used to it & its just a matter of getting used to this really, i can pull off even more moves on some games like tekken & ultimate marvel vs capcom 3, when in mortal kombat in the other hand i can pull off moves also but i pull off the same moves as if it were a regular controller but anyways this V3 fighting stick is so awesome! its not too huge or small & the buttons are in comfortable in design which makes gameplay easy! i paid $49 for each & now the price has increased, it increased for a reason but anywho, i highly recommend this arcade stick it makes gaming feel like my teenage yrs in the arcades. enjoy!
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on July 1, 2014
A year ago I bought the dreamGEAR Arcade Fighter for the Wii. I really enjoyed using that so I decided to get a stick for my PS3. I ultimately decided to get the Fighting Stick V3 because of the price and because it's by Hori who apparently makes good controllers. I also went into this purchase with more knowledge than when I bought the dreamGEAR Stick, so I can say with certainty that this stick is great.

I played Persona 4 Arena, Vanilla Street Fighter 4, BlazBlue CSE, Soul Calibur IV and Vanilla Marvel vs Capcom 3 with this stick. At no point did I feel that it failed me. Also for some reason it made MVC3 more fun. Now I still have not had the chance to use any high end sticks so I can't say for certain where the Fighting Stick V3 stands amongst those but, It is defiantly better than the dreamGEAR Arcade Fighter which I also bought because it was cheap. The joy stick on the V3 is slightly stiffer and there are only six buttons on the face. It is also slightly heavier and the rubber feet on the bottom are not glued to the bottom and also have holes in the middle to get to the screws. This stick feels less cheap than the dreamGEAR. It also works on PC which is the number one reason I originally wanted the Qanba Q4. The only complaint I had with this stick is that it has a square gate but it ended up helping me improve so that is now a huge bonus. All in all I have no regrets about purchasing the V3.
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on May 8, 2014
Added a Sanwa LB30 NS battop with an adapter easily.
Replaced the hori square gate with sanwa gt y octa gate fairly easily. Needed to drill holes in the gate, used screws from old square gate. The sanwa gt octa gate fits perfectly once you remove the stubs blocking the 4 threads. All u need is a the gate and a drill with a small enough drill bit.
Will replace hori buttons with obsf 30's when I can.

Bought this primarily for PC. Works with SF4 AE, skullgirls, and metal slug 3 on steam. Easily detected by MAME for arcade games with some config. Must use rear USB or USB ports with passthrough. Windows 7 did not recognize the stick if I used a USB that connected to the USB header on the mobo. Use the rear or a front USB passthrough, I use the 3.0 port on my corsair 600T.

It is very light, but has rubber feet to keep it from
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on September 6, 2014
This stick is definitely for beginner, I just started playing with a stick instead of a controller and I can pull over more target combo and huge combo on SSFIV AE I couldn't do with a controller. Overall the stick handle a beating really well with my sister and I mashing on it constantly the button are still really responsive and the turbo switches on top are still stiff like brand new, but I got to say the square gate that comes with this stick does feel a bit loose and the springs need a little stretching. Plus this work on the PC just by plugging it in and i can play old PS2 games like Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and Capcom vs.Snk 2. PCSX2 even recognize the controller so no need to download DS3 programs.
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on December 28, 2013
So, this fightstick is a decent fightstick. I ordered it so people playing second player at my house would have a fightstick to use but I didn't want to shell out $100+ on a fightstick. I like the fightstick, it's a great little thing. It's not as good as my main fightstick that I use, but it's still better than a standard controller or a fightpad in my opinion. The only problem I have with the item is that, on the details page itself, the button setup along the top shows triangle square R1, which wouldn't make any sense, when it actually comes square triangle R1. I didn't notice this discrepancy until after I ordered it but I opened it and it had the button setup I felt made more sense. Other than that, my only complaint is that it only has 6 buttons instead of 8. Overall, good fightstick for the price.
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on September 25, 2013
I have been using this stick on PS3 and PC for about 3 months now. I've been playing fighting games for about 20 years (I was 11 when SF2CE came out for Genesis) and after using gamepads almost exclusively for most of those years (except when in an arcade if you remember those), I have to say that this stick is simply awesome. I play tons of different fighting games on emulators on PC and this game has literally extended the play value of several games because it has allowed me to execute techniques that were never possible on a gamepad (I prefer the Playstation's gamepad fyi.) I'm primarily a Zangief/Hawk player and being able to execute some clever tick grabs like never before is quite satisfying indeed.

The build quality of the stick is quite excellent. I feel like the stick has actually gotten better with the wear I've put on it. Having a square gate, with some wear it is now a smoother experience doing 360 moves (really only 270 degrees in SF2, 225 in SF4). The only moves I have difficulty with using the square gate would be double fireball motions for super moves. You can certainly do them, I just have some difficulty with consistency with the square feel. DP motions are excellent and charge characters awesome as well.

My kids have also dropped it a few times (much to my dismay), even face down on the stick from about 3 feet off the counter. This thing doesn't even care. It still looks and works like new. The buttons don't have quite the arcade feel and snap, but they are certainly very responsive and they more than do their job.

TLDR: This stick is an awesome quality and by far the best performance-to-price ratio fight stick I could find. It is very durable, fits nicely on my lap while I sit at my PC, and controls great on even the most finicky of fighting games (I'm looking at you SFA2!)
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on April 29, 2017
I'm not a fan of 8 button fighting sticks. I feel as though the extra set of buttons just get in the way. So, I've decided to give this stick a shot, and am very satisfied. I love the clean & minimal aesthetic, and it works perfectly with the Brook PS3 > PS4 adapter. Highly recommended.
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