Customer Reviews: PUR 2-Stage Water Pitcher Replacement Filter, 2-Pack
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on September 14, 2008
I have been using the 950Z filters for the past 6 months or so with my PUR pitcher. These filters start to clog up (all of the water does not flog from the top reservoir to the bottom reservoir) after only 25-50% of the rated usage.

UPDATE 4/1/2014. This is an update to my original review back in 2008(!)
I have continued to use the PUR pitcher and these filters. Most of the time the filters work. About a month ago, I had another one that quickly stopped working (about 1 week of use).

I tried the remedy suggested by PUR, as documented by "Edward from Twlight", Theropod-X, Ruth, and others of resoaking the filter, shaking it, and tapping it on the sink. I am pleased to report this has the filter working just fine. It is unfortunate that I discarded a number of filters before learning of this fix. So while the product is not perfect, it deserves better than my original one star review. Just that fact that I am still using it after nearly 6 years says it can't be that bad. I would say it is about 3.5 stars. This periodic problem with a filter is my only dissatisfaction. Many thanks to those who researched and shared the remedy.
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on January 9, 2007
I've been using this filter for many years now and we feel good that PUR filters filter out more unhealthy stuff in the water than other brands do. However, the new design for this replacement filter doesn't come with the red moving reminder (for you to know it's time to change the filter) anymore. I don't know the reason why PUR would give up such good design. Now they tell you to just change the filter after a certain time. I still think the reminder design is more accurate since it goes by how much water that's gone through the filter, not by how many days.
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on September 2, 2012
This is just an FYI for Amazon users . . . the product I received was NOT a "2 stage" PUR water filter as I had wrongly assumed it WOULD be (I compared the filtering capabilities with the ones I received with this order versus the box I still had of the TRUE "2 stage" PUR water filters. But . . . belatedly, I reread the title of the product being offered for purchase MUCH more carefully and, the blame is TOTALLY on me, so I misread it, so here is the title of the product: "PUR 2 Stage Water Pitcher Replacement Filter" . . . admittedly, the title does NOT say that the FILTERS here are going to be "2 Stage", but, it turns out that these are ONE stage filters, which will (DUH!) obviously FIT in a "2 Stage Water PITCHER"! . . . so yeah, just "caveat emptor" (buyer beware), that you are, indeed buying ONE stage filters for your TWO stage water pitchers! . . . I will keep these one stage filters and use them, but in the future, I will be careful to better research my next PUR TWO stage filters! . . . final btw . . . of course these one stage PUR filters WILL work perfectly, but I wish they would have been more clear on the fact that what you are buyin' is not "two stage" . . .
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on January 27, 2006
I'm currently a college student living with 5 other guys and we use Brita filter at the apartment. When you cook with Brita filter, you can't taste a thing, but when you just drink the water, it taste like tap/toilet water. It also leaves those black stuff (part of the filter) on the bottom of the container. Personally, that's just weird and nasty, but maybe people like eating those filter-particles.

Back at home, my family use Pur water filter and I have to say, you can definitely taste the difference. I think that the water filtered by Pur taste like Fiji water. It's awesome. Instead of buying those ridiculously-good-looking bottled Fiji water, I bought huge water containers and take water filtered from home to my school apartment and just drink it myself.

The only downside of Pur water filter is that it costs more than Brita filter. Being an Economics major, I calculated the cost of water per gallon (filtered). With each filter (Pur or Brita), it filters 40 gallons of water. Pur cost $24.99 for a 3-pack (, this means that it costs $.208 to filter a gallon of water (excluding the cost of water itself). Brita filter cost $15.99 for a 3-pack (, this means that it costs $.133 to filter a gallon of water (36% cheaper than Pur). Although it costs more, I still think it's worth the money. I rather spend the extra $.075 per gallon of water than to drink toilet water.
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on March 5, 2015
I usually don't write reviews but these filters were so horrible that I had to.
I purchased a pack of four. It has been less than two months and I'm already on the third filter! None of the filters lasted more than two weeks. I have been using the same PUR filters for three years and they have worked perfectly. THESE PUR FILTERS ARE DEFECTIVE! I am in a location where I am unable to purchase new filters so I am now forced to buy a months supply of bottled water or buy a completely different water filtering system. I purchased enough filters that, according to manufacturing, should have lasted me 8 months not 2 months. Because I regularly purchase PUR filters, I thought I knew what I was getting. I now wish I would have a read the reviews. Please, do not make the same mistake I did in purchasing these. WARNING! Do not assume that these are the same PUR filters that you have grown to trust!

The picture is the amount of water filtered by filter number 3 , which was placed in the dispenser one week ago, after 5 hours! In case you can't see it clearly, the top is completely filled with water but less than an inch has been filtered.
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on September 4, 2012
Two of the three filters did not work. Checked with PUR customer service and their policy is to mail back the filters (at my expense) and then they would send a replacement. not only do I have to deal with the issue of receiving a low quality product....but now I'm supposed to pay double shipping? And on top of that, according to them, this was a one-time courtesy?? Businesses that do not stand behind their products are not worth the headache. Look elsewhere...
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In my recently deleted review, I praised these PUR filters for their performance and the Automatic Safety Monitor. Removing the Monitor has now made the filter much less reliable.

PUR claims in an email reply that consumers prefer the calendar sticker to the Automatic Safety Monitor:

"Hi there,

As of June/2006, the PUR 2 Stage Pitcher filter no longer has an indicator life monitor; there is now a calendar sticker you put on the pitcher.

I'm sorry you are not enjoying the improved version of our product. Many consumers have contacted us praising the new version and telling us how much better they like it. A lot of testing and research takes place before a new product enters the market or before changes are made to an existing product. We test our products very thoroughly, not only to ensure the safety of our products, but also to determine and prove the benefits of the new or upgraded model.

Change is difficult because there are always loyal consumers who like a product just the way it is. Unfortunately, it's usually not practical to manufacture both the old and new versions of a product. Nevertheless, I will certainly share your comments and experiences with our PUR Brand team.

Have a great day.

PUR Team"

The newest reviews here are a more realistic reflection of how the average and once-loyal PUR customer feels. A calender sticker doesn't know the difference between a single user, a couple like my wife and me, and a thirsty family of six. People who rely on a PUR pitcher or dispenser for health reasons must now be especially careful to monitor the filter life themselves. Throwing out a filter before it needs to be replaced is expensive and wasteful. Using a filter past the end of its life will put impurities back into the water.

The filter's overall performance is on a par with competitors but the Automatic Safety Monitor was PUR's strongest selling point. Sad to say, Procter & Gamble has turned the innovator in water filtration into another also-ran.
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VINE VOICEon December 12, 2011
I used to love my PUR 18 cup dispenser, but now that the filters have changed, it is a waste of money. They should have changed the listing when they changed the design. It is false advertisement. I bet the ratings would be much worse. If you read the newer reviews, I bet most of them are negative. I find it interesting that the price didn't go down, but the filters went from lasting a couple of months down to a couple of weeks! At least that is how long it lasts for my husband and I. We don't drink enough water, so it might not last that long for others. It isn't just the lack of the red indicator on the filter, that was a convenient feature, but it isn't necessary when the filter just shuts down now. It goes from working just fine to simply not working. No water gets through no matter how long you wait. It probably is cheaper to buy bottled water. I am going to be getting a new filtration system as soon as I can figure out what other brand is worth buying.
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on October 3, 2013
I've been using PUR water pitchers and filters for close to ten years. I have three different pitchers (two small, one large), and each gets used on a daily basis. Obviously, I've used many filters over that ten year period, and during that time occasionally I'd get a filter that would not properly filter water after a few fillings. Less than --guesstimating-- 1% of the filters were 'defective.' However, recently, that is in the last six months, nearly EVERY filter I've used has had this problem. Some straight out of the packaging will not filter a full pitcher of water without taking the filter out of the pitcher and rinsing it repeatedly under water, and then reinserting it into the pitcher. Other filters, like the two I replaced just three days ago, are not filtering properly after only three-four fillings. (And yes, of course--I have always followed the 'conditioning' instructions prior to using the filter.) Some filters--regardless of how many 'rinses' I give them, will not filter a full pitcher of water and I've wound up throwing them away and starting over with a new filter. This has become a very costly procedure.

I contacted PUR's customer service and politely explained this situation, asking them for a remedy, or at the very least, I expected a reply. That was over one month ago. I got an auto-response return email saying they'd received my email and would reply. Thereafter, nothing. No a word in response.

I'm done. I've got four more 'new' filters that I'll try to use it, as painful as that has become. And today, I will purchasing some Brita pitchers and filters as replacements. I'll be tossing the PUR pitchers in the garbage, because that is where they belong.

Update March 16, 2014: After writing this review, I continued to research the problem. Many people have this same problem, and apparently Pur customer service had advised some of those who complained to "whack" the clogged/slow filters up against something hard, like the inside of the kitchen sink, a couple of times. I tried that and it did work on one of the filters. For awhile. It clogged up/slowed down again after maybe five or so fillings.

In another review, someone suggested directly spraying water into the two small holes at the bottom of the filter. I tried that too, and it worked for maybe two or three fillings. But it gave me an idea. I took a toothpick, and pushed it into each of those tiny holes, and gently rotated the toothpick before removing it. That appears to work well. I have since tried this procedure on two other filters that were very slow or wouldn't filter the water at all (again, brand new--straight out of the package), and once I do that with the toothpick, the filters work perfectly for the entire time (40 gallons, I keep track of the fillings).

I have now found a work-around. I won't upgrade the star rating of these filters, however, because I don't think Pur should make its customers do this much research and spend extra time AND money, simply to make their filters work properly. Furthermore, there are many people who will never figure this out, who will never see this review, or any other review suggesting fixes, and who will simply waste a lot of money on these filters. It's not right.
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on January 3, 2013
I've bought replacement filters for years. They were able to work for quite some time, which is good because I don't use a lot of filtered water.

The new ones, as many other people have found, now stop flowing after a month. This seems to happen regardless of how much you actually use them, in my experience.

I bet the company would say "we're just ensuring that you have properly filtered water." really?

I imagine someone with a spreadsheet figured this would be good for sales, to have the filters stop flowing after a monnth. I'm going to find another solution from a different company. Goodbye Pur.
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