Customer Reviews: PUR CR-5000 Two-Stage Water Pitcher with Flavor Cartridge
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on August 12, 2007
For the last few years I have been hooked on those flavored water beverages. I would buy them at my local bulk seller and would drink all of them down in about a week or two. Now, knowing that this was a pricey habit I tried to find another way to get flavored water on the cheap. I tried putting lime juice in my water, it was good but did not have a great taste that I was looking for, I also tried adding some of those sugar free syrups to my water but that effort was fruitless as well. When I was at home one evening I came across the Pur Flavor Pitcher and it all came together. This thing is great it was on sale at my local super market and picked one up for little green. The included flavor, raspberry, is really good, but my favorite is the peach flavor. What is great about this product is that you can adjust the amount of flavor your beverage has so if you feel like sipping a fresh raspberry you can, but I find that just one squirt is just fine. The water by itself is also quite crisp and refreshing compared to my local water that tastes metallic. If this seems worthless, please second guess yourself because it really isn't. It is a cheap, easy, and delicious way to enjoy an ice cold glass of flavored water without spend a ton on those bottled flavor waters.
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on September 2, 2007
(I've only tried the pitcher, so this review has nothing to do with the faucet mount version.)

This is not a bad concept for a product. In fact, I think now that PUR have made the first step, perhaps other companies (and even PUR themselves) can start improving on it and making it better. However, this particular product is simply not there yet and I do not believe it is worth the full price.

Purified, filtered water is an essential thing in every household. I've had a Brita pitcher for a long time, the "Grand" model, and I've enjoyed it immensely. I still have it. However, when I saw the new PUR Flavor Options pitcher, I was intrigued. I've often wished there was an easy, healthy way to add flavor to water. Sure, there are powders and syrups, but this particular idea, that the flavor is an option right within the pitcher, ready to be dispensed at the push of a button, seemed pretty awesome to me. It just so happened that I had a gift card I could use to purchase it, and so I did.

The first problem that was apparent right away is the size of the pitcher itself. After using the Brita Grand pitcher, which is fairly large and holds up to 10 cups of water, this was a real downgrade. This product is being targeted to families, naturally, but the size of the pitcher simply won't cut it in a household of more than two people, and even then it's a bit of a bother because you will have to refill it very often. The shape of it IS very conducive to small households and people who can't spare any kitchen or fridge space, but for me, personally, the downgrade in size was a big letdown. Granted, this is a problem that was personal to me and I realize I could have known this before buying-- it just didn't dawn on me until I actually owned it just how small this pitcher is, for me. So if you're looking for a pitcher that will hold a good amount of water, this is not for you. I hope PUR is going to release this product in larger sizes in the future, although from what I've seen of PUR, their pitcher variety is already quite limited compared to Brita.

The other problem-- and this is a big one-- is the flavor. To be quite candid, it's not very good. Again, this is SUCH a personal issue that some may obviously disagree, but in my experience, which included the raspberry and peach flavors, I was very disappointed. The raspberry was by far the worst-- if you don't put a lot of it in the glass you won't notice it's there, but if you put enough of it to actually taste it, it is sour, synthetic, and leaves a nasty taste in your mouth. I can't stress the aftertaste enough-- it is bad. I am very health conscious and care about what goes in my body, and this product tasted so synthetic that I just felt bad swallowing it. It doesn't really taste too much like raspberry, either. The peach is a LITTLE better but again, it just doesn't taste right. I didn't feel like I wanted the flavor in my water. This was a big letdown because I was excited about it before trying it out, and I was hoping it would grow on me, but as I've owned this product for a week now I find that I push the flavor button less and less.



Go to your nearest convenience store. Purchase one of the flavor packets, the ones that go in the pitcher, WITHOUT buying the pitcher. You can buy all three options, or just buy one if you don't want to waste money. Go home, take out the flavor packet, pour yourself a nice glass of water (hopefully filtered and cold). Then hold the packet facing downward into the glass, and push on the soft rubber surface next to the nozzle. It will squirt out the flavor. You can now try it for yourself as much as you like without shelling out upwards of 30 dollars for the entire product.

I am returning the pitcher tomorrow. If PUR improves upon it, I'll investigate again. Until then, the size of the pitcher is a problem; the FLAVOR, however, is a disaster.
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VINE VOICEon September 13, 2007
the cartridges do not last long enough for the price, even when they function properly. I am on my third cartridge. The first one worked well enough, but it only lasted a few days for my family of three. The second cartridge didn't work at all. The third cartridge dispenses about half of the time the button is pressed.

A few warnings:

---be prepared to push the flavor button several times to get any flavor at all
---the claim on the package that each cartridge can flavor up to 75 servings is absurdly optimistic
---the cartridge easily becomes dislodged from its resting place during use
---the pitcher must be refilled incessantly, as its filtered water compartment is quite small
---if you try to pour water while there is any water in the unfiltered reservoir, the lid will fall off

The good news is that the taste of the flavor additive is pretty nice, if you're accustomed to diet beverages.

I was hoping to keep a few water bottles out of the recyling bin or landfill and perhaps save a bit of money while doing so. I'm returning this product. I'll probably buy something similar in the future if a more reliable model is developed. Great idea, PUR, but poor execution....
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on September 17, 2008
I came on Amazon knowing that people would be complaining about the flavor dispensing. Why? If you leave the flavor lid DOWN then the flavored liquid collects in the reservoir and you end up wasting a lot of flavor (it collects and solidifies). I ran into that problem early on, but the solution is extremely simple: flip up the lid of the flavor area before you squirt. Then, as you pour, squirt, and all of the flavor will go right in your glass.

This really isn't the greatest product for kids. They will undoubtedly use way more flavor than is necessary. Nor is it ideal if you have plan on having more than three people rush the fridge for water at the same time. And it is true that the flavor cartridges will not last as long as advertised if you give each glass two more or squirts. Of course, only one squirt is pretty weak compared to typical bottled water. (Then again, I'd say that the bottled stuff is too strong.)

I have to give this three stars because it was poorly engineered, for the aforementioned reason. A simpler solution would have been to skip the flavor reservoir step. You could flip up a cap to get to the button, that way you wouldn't accidentally push it and get flavor everywhere.

Anyway, once you get it working the flavor is good (raspberry and lemon, anyway, haven't tried the others), you save money, and your not lugging around cartons of bottles and dealing with extra recyclables.
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on June 20, 2008
I've owned this pitcher for two months and I haven't had any of the problems mentioned in the other reviews. The filter lasted for 1.5 months and I love how the indicator light went from green to yellow to red so I knew exactly when to change it. The flavor cartridge also lasted about 1.5 months (using 1-2 times a day) and the flavored water is comparable to flavored bottled water. The pitcher fits perfect in our fridge and drinking a pitcher a day gives me my daily allotment of water. Also the water tastes very crisp and clean. I'm so glad I decided to purchase this particular pitcher because it works great and I no longer need to buy bulky cases of bottled water.
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on August 14, 2011
It's a water filter + pitcher. Compared to some other filtered water pitchers, I prefer the taste of Pur over Brita. My friend bought a Mavea but I don't like the taste.

The plastic seems strong but appears brittle. I will update if I ever bump it and it starts to crack like some reviewers have. I took off a star because I could swear it was made to break.

The water tastes just fine, too. Compares to my parents' Hinckley Springs water service in terms of taste.

The pre-soak is very simple. Not a difficult process whatsoever.

The raspberry flavor is not bad at all. It does taste a bit chemical, but it's just flavoring and it likely is artificial. A couple reviewers also seem to think that the flavoring is poison because it contains propylene glycol. It's an FDA approved food additive. It's not poison. The flavoring is composed of some acids to add tang, some preservatives, flavor, and water. Not rat poison. I don't know why people bother to review the additive if they're not going to buy it and just talk bad about it.

Good product. Will see how durable it is in the future.
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on July 31, 2009
I pretty much only drink flavored water (although i do enjoy Blue Mtn Dew & Coffee) so i thought I'd buy the cartridges and the pitcher to save money & cut down on my plastics consumption in an effort to do my own part.

i have had little to no problems with this product and will continue to buy these cartridges as long as they are on the market. :-)

**The very minor problems i have had with this product include:

-the short life of the cartridges...they lasted about a week each, BUT i was drinking nearly a pitcher full (or more) a day, so that's actually pretty good seeing as how i like to add quite a bit of flavor.

-it takes a while to get used to, because you can't easily tell how much flavor your adding, but once you get use to it that stops being a problem.

-Lastly, the raspberry cartridge that came with the pitcher did not want to work at first BUT None of the other cartridges have done that to me.

**The Bonuses that i found when using this product include:

-Using less plastic bottles

-creating less trash/waste

-no longer having to carry heavy packages of water bottles into my home

-They freed up a lot of fridge space, witch is nice even though my fridge is fairly large

-multiple flavors to choose from (i recommend strawberry) and you can switch them out whenever

-the water tastes great weather you use the flavor cartridge or not.

One thing i am slightly undecided about:

-if you want plain water-don't push the button...well ok this will work as long as there isn't any flavor sitting in the flavor catcher waiting to meet up with the water. it's a little easier to dispense the flavor when some is sitting in the catcher...but it makes it harder to get plain water

this is eaisly fixed however by doing 1 of the following:
1-clean out the catcher before trying to pour plain water, its easy but you can waste alot this way

2-pour a glass of flavored water for you, someone else, or for later

3-Or just don't let the catcher stay filled up when not in use


i reccoment this product to anyone that drinks a lot of flavored water
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on May 19, 2008
I love my pitcher! Really easy to use, fits in the fridge. Takes the slightly off taste and odor right out of the water that comes from the tap. It does take some rinsing to get the carbon taste out of the filter, but just keep trying.
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on October 15, 2009
I bought this pitcher as a test to see if I would drink more water if it was filtered, and also to save us from lugging home the 24 packs of bottled water. We have a name brand under-sink filter (NOT reverse osmosis) that we've had for years, but the water still had a funny flavor. I like almost everything about this pitcher - it keeps the water chilled in the fridge, makes it palatable to both my son and I and has that added flavor cartridge bonus. Based on another review, we do lift the little silver flap on the pitcher before we pour to allow the flavoring to dispense without any issue, but that works great. I'm on our 3rd flavor cartridge and have no problems with clogging issues - we've had lemon and raspberry and both are good. We do have to squirt about 5-6 times in a typical large glass or metal bottle to get any flavor, but it's not an issue for us. I have 3 metal bottles from Target that I just cycle through so that I always have a clean one. Works great for us and my 8 year old son definitely prefers this over bottled water. The only downside is that it does not hold a lot of filtered water, so you are refilling it often, but it's slim so it doesn't take up much fridge space. One last thing - you can buy the flavor cartridges and new cartridges at your local Target store, and I like the fact that it alerts you on the pitcher when it's time to change the filter - don't need one more thing to keep track of :-)
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on November 29, 2007
It's a fine water pitcher and that's it. I now take the flavor packs out of the lid and just squirt in the flavoring by hand. Great idea, bad execution.

5 stars for the pitchers.
1 star for the flavor packet.
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