Customer Reviews: Pac-Man Party - Nintendo Wii
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on November 24, 2010
Our family really loves Mario Party 8, of course nothing compares to it. Mario is the bomb!!! But this game is really neat and plays much like Mario party 8 (at least we think so). It's alot like a board game. I will admit in the beginning I was a little confused, but once you give it a chance and play a few different boards and spend some time getting to know the game, you realize how much fun it really is. The confusing part for me was that when its your turn to go (you don't always see your man moving). It took some getting used to but the mini-board on the side of the screen shows your man moving when its not his turn to see him move. Also, your running and eating cookies (pac-dots as I call them) so, you never really know where your going to land since there is no distinct spaces on the ground like what you have in Mario party 8. This way, I think it keeps you interested and surprised. But its all good, the mini games are really neat and is a welcome change from playing the same mini games over and over in Mario Party 8. I am a pac-man fan!!! I have played pac-man when I was growing up, so it was nice to see the original pac-man game on here (like an extra bonus) along with dig dug and galaga. I would definately give this one a try. I pre-ordered it for the pre-order price, in the end I think it was around $40 something. I'm not sorry either. IF you could get it cheaper go for it!!! Also, about the wii controller, it works good with the game just as it does in Mario Party 8, but I would definately recommend a classic controller for the pac-man, galaga, and dig dug bonuses (it plays better with the classic controller). Have an open mind and remember to play it a few times before making a judgement. The first time we played, I played 5 times (different game boards). Some game boards are longer than others, so if you don't want to play a longgggggggggg game you can play a short board. I like that feature. HOpe all of this helps.
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on March 22, 2013
This includes Pac Man, Galaga and Dig Dug. All three translate well to the Wii and are fun to play even being as old as they are. I found the main "party" game is a bit repetitive and boring after a while, but my 11 year old loves it.
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My family (me, my husband, and my daughter- age 6) play a few rounds of Wii Party or Mario Party 9 instead of watching TV every night. It's been great fun, and so I thought I would add to the mix of games by trying out Pac-Man Party.

This game is a weird mix between Monopoly and Mario Party. The currency in "Pac-Man Party" is cookies, and you earn cookies by moving around the game board and claiming bits of land and building castles on that land with your colors. Like Monopoly, each time you make a lap around the game board, you earn more cookies, except in "Oac-Man Party", your cookie value goes up based on how many castles you own. When you land on someone else's castle, you battle them for ownership by playing a mini-game. The other players compete as well, but they play for bonus cookies.

I have to admit, it took us a few laps around the board before we figured out what we were doing or what the game was about, but it was still great fun. The mini-games are easy to pick up, and vary enough so that different players will find different games they excel at and everyone gets a chance at winning. (beware: no practice mode on any of the mini-games, so the first time playing is sort of confusing as you figure it out.)

For the price, this is a *GREAT* game. It's colorful and relatively easy to pick up. It's perfect for families, parties, or young children. I will say that I can't imagine two 12-year-olds sitting down with this game and doing serious battle- it's very lighthearted.

If you love Wii Party and Mario Party and are looking for another Wii "board game" to add to your collection, you'll love this.
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on August 11, 2014
Very nice family game, the games are easy for the kids (+5) and enjoyable enough for adults.

I do have mario party and I love it but this one isn't so bad and honestly I find my kids enjoy how easy the mini games are for them compared to Mario Party.
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on March 22, 2013
Pac-Man Party is, for the most part, a cheap knockoff of Mario Party 8. The gameplay is practically EXACTLY the same, and a lot of the minigames look like they were lifted directly from Mario Party 8 and given Pac-Man characters.

For starters, the characters look NOTHING like their classical least the Mario characters bear SOME resemblance to their 8-bit counterparts!! For one thing, Pac-Man has legs and arms...uhhh....and all of the ghosts have weird hairstyles and they range from fat to impossibly skinny.

Some of the courses bear a lot of resemblance to the Mario Party courses, such as the haunted course in this game being almost exactly the same as Boo's Mansion in Mario Party 8. Even a lot of the minigames are lifted directly from Mario Party 8 and given a Pac-Man twist. One example is the one where you have to shake the soda bottle as hard as you can to see how high up you fly. This is an exact ripoff of the one in Mario Party 8 where you shake the soda CAN to see how high the soda blasts up. R-I-P-O-F-F. Each round also starts with a "miniminigame" to decide how many spots you move during that round and overall these games are very tedious and kind of a waste of time. Each course also has a "boss" so to speak and they appear after you pass a certain spot a certain number of times. These "bosses" have nothing to do with the main adventure at all and ultimately seem like a waste of time - the battles last almost 5 minutes for practically no reward. Oh and the time it takes to play one board is around 60-90 minutes whereas in a Mario Party game one board takes 30-45 minutes. 60-90 minutes per board is way too long.

The graphics for this game are okay...they're not all that great but I've seen worse. We recently upgraded to the Wii U, and typically Wii games look slightly upscaled in quality when played on the Wii U but SOMEHOW this game manages to look WORSE when played on the Wii U. The music is really cheap and mostly comprises of a 10- to 15-second loop repeating over and over again, getting really annoying. There is only one song for minigames and you won't believe how annoying it got.

All in all, Pac-Man Party is a more confusing, more boring, and a cheap knockoff of Mario Party 8. The only reason I'm rating the game 2 stars is because my brother likes it so it will at least captivate the young ones.
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on December 30, 2012
I've played a few dogs over the years with Pac-Man attached to it (what was the name of the game with the slingshot?), and I've been blown away by others (Championship Edition DX for XBOX is still addictive). This game is a perfect addition, especially for someone like me who is introducing my kid and my nieces and nephews to video gaming.

The game plays similar to Mario Party and like games, but there's unique ways to "roll the dice" to advance around the board. At first I didn't get the concept of "building castles" but after a few turns it begins to make sense. While the adventure and board games are fun, the real fun is the ability to battle in the mini-games without having to unlock them. Plus, it doesn't hurt that the original Galaga, Dig-Dug, and Pac-Man are all packed into this game. There's also much controller variety, from aiming and shooting to actually controlling characters with the d-pad.

For an old school gamer with a 4-year-old son, I would definitely recommend this game, not only for the young gamers but for adults as well
(and FYI, I picked this up for $15 for Christmas, which I think made this a win-win).
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on March 28, 2012
party mode plays like a monopoly type board game. players take turn on mini games to decide how many moves to make on the map. empty spots on the map will yield a castle when a player lands on it. collect spaces next to a castle and it will merge into a larger structure. every time you land on your own castle you get points. if another player lands on your castle they will challenge your ownership with a mini game and can take some of your cookie points. cookie factory is home base for everyone to collect points every time they pass through. there are 5 maps with boss fights that all players must participate. the maps are very well designed with lots of attention to detail. the mini games have a wide variety resulting in good replay value. everything is modeled in 3d. textures are vibrant and colorful. audio is excellent utilizing familiar pac-man arcade sounds.

the included classic arcade games are a bit difficult to play with the d-pad of the wiimote. a joystick like the one on the nunchuck would have worked better but you cannot customize the control to use them.
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on February 24, 2016
I am glad that Pac-Man has made a resurgence. This is a great party-style game for children with different worlds and mini-games. The computer characters can be set to different levels, and the ability to make the game as short or long as possible is great. Being able to set the amount of cookies makes the game fun and allows any skill level of player to keep the game going long enough to beat the boss. I play with my eight year old brother and it provides hours of entertainment.
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on May 21, 2014
Many different options of play with this Pac-Man party Wii game. I bought it as a gift thinking my daughter would find it fun and I was right. She really enjoys this game and I can say I do also. It's not the same as when I was young but it still is fun.
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on May 30, 2016
My son asked for this video after seeing the movie Pixels and it has lots of different games on it aside from the traditional pacman. He was very happy with it and I was very happy to get it for him seeing as this was a birthday present. I can even see my husband and I playing this one. Money well spent.
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