Customer Reviews: Pac Man World 2
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4.4 out of 5 stars
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on May 16, 2002
Being a fan of 3D platformers I felt it was my obligation to pick Pac-man World 2 up. ... However, I never expected it to be as good as it was.
Graphics 9/10
The graphics are really nice. I know people keep saying that these graphics are bad, but they are using a lot of the Gamecubes power. After playing it for a long time, I never saw a choppy frame rate.
Sound 7/10
It nothing special, but it doesn't get annoying. It's not as good as SA2: Battle's music is.
Control 8/10
Actually moving Pac-man around and jumping isn't a problem. The problem comes with poor camera angles and occasionally you will also have touchy controls. The slightest move can send Pac-man to his doom. This isn't that common, but the poor camera angles are. They can get REALLY annoying in some cases. At one part of the game it took me ten tries to get through a spot because of bad camera angles. (It's a good thing every time I died I could get an extra life. That way I could try as many times as I wanted.)
Gameplay 9/10
This game has six worlds, each with at least 3 levels. There are also six bosses. Each of the levels are pretty strait-forward. You just get to the end. That's the easy part. To get a 100% you need to collect all the fruits and pac-dots. This gets really hard on the later levels. You can also do time-trial mode to attempt to clear a level as fast as you can. Then, try the arcade, where you can play all the old pac-man games if you collect enough tokens.
Fun Factor 9/10
The touchy controls and poor camera angles do lower this score, but the game is still fun. It has plenty of levels and then adds a ton of replay value to all the levels. It even has a multiplayer mode for the arcade games. (The regular game lacks an multiplayer mode.) Pac-man World 2 combines elements of the original pac-man with modern 3D platformers to make a fun game worthy of [the price].
Here is how my scoring system works:
Graphics: 10%
Sound: 05%
Control: 25%
Gameplay: 30%
Fun Factor: 30%
Pac-man World 2 got the following scores:
Graphics: 9 (.9)
Sound: 7 (.35)
Control: 8 (2)
Gameplay: 9 (2.7)
Fun Factor: 9(2.7)
Final Score: 8.65 rounds to a 9!
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on June 1, 2003
You've likely played Pac-Man in the arcade, or at least have seen Pac-Man do his stuff in the arcade. Well...this is not the same game as what you've played in the arcade. This is a Mario style adventure game that is a little on the easy side, but really fun.
There are many levels spanning the whole of Pac-Land. This includes levels in forests, glaciers, and underwater. There are lots of fruits and dots to collect, and also tokens, which can be used to unlock classic Pac-Man games, like Ms. Pac-Man. You can also play original Pac-Man like mazes within the levels, which can then be played at any time.
The graphics are quite good (at least on the Gamecube version, which is the only one, I have played). The music for most of the levels seem to be based on a single tune, but they change it around enough so it almost sounds like a whole different tune. The quality of both graphics and sound is very good.
The levels have the basic adventure game things like simple puzzle solving, jumping to platforms, and bouncing off enemies, but the levels are all different enough so as they aren't boring or repetitive.
Although I said at the outset that it is a little on the easy side, it is by no means simple to the point of not being challenging. There are plenty of places that will test your abilities.
Overall, this is a first class adventure game that you would do well to add to your Gamecube collection.
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on March 2, 2003
My four year old son loves this game. He has been playing it for several weeks and I can't believe how much he loves the old arcade style "mazes". I bought him a GameBoy Advance Namco Museum, and was surprised at how much he loved the old games, he chose Pac Man World 2 after seeing the case. The music and graphics are wonderful, the action is virtually non-controversial (yeah, I know, you do squash some bugs and other creatures) and your kids don't have to be able to read to play the game. We also like Disney's Magical Mirror and Spyro... hoping to get Namco Museum and Hot Wheels for GameCube next.
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on April 29, 2002
Pac-World 2 is a platform game based on the popular arcade character. As the storyline goes, the ghosts that continually haunt Pac-Man have unleashed an ancient evil on the Pac-World, and you, as Pac-Man, are the only one who can stop it.
The goal is to get through the levels, attempting to eat all fruit & dots on each level. Through the game, you will encounter different styles of mobility, including ice skating & swimming. As is the norm for platform games, after you have cleared a few levels you will encounter a 'boss' character, represented here by Pac-Man's regular crew of ghosts.
Gameplay can get a bit frustrating at times; jumping seems to take up around 75% of the actions in this game, as you will have to jump on rooftops, from branch-to-branch in giant trees, from platform-to-platform over lava pits, and more. Still, the controls are easy to pick up, and you never get a feeling of being hopelessly stuck in the game; it's just a matter of being able to time the jumps right.
An added treat in this game is the addition of some of the older Pac-Man arcade games, which require you to collect certain amounts of tokens througout the game to unlock. Included are the original Pac-Man & Ms. Pac-Man & PacMania (a Tetris-like game), plus some other bonuses. Also included are semi-hidden bonus mazes, which put you in a 3-D version of a regular Pac-Man style maze. Complete the maze without losing 3 lives & you will be able to replay the maze at will.
All in all, this is a solid platform game that will certainly make Pac-Fans happy. Hardcore gamers might find it to be a bit short & repetitive, but will still enjoy renting this one.
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on February 23, 2002
If you are a Pac-Man fan than this is a must have. Namco's Pac-Man World 2 brings traditional Pac-Man game elements into a 3-D world. The graphics are similar to Luigi's Mansion.
Pac-Man World 2 even has an arcade mode where you can play blasts from the past (80's) but inorder to perform this, you must collect tokens; so you even get rewarded for your progress. This is tons of fun for the entire family so let the Pac-Man fever sweep you off your feet!!!!!!!
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on December 23, 2004
This games extreme 3-D graphics, non-annoying music, easy control, and all out coolness brings up this score dramaticaly. The big meltdown of the 5th star was the horrible auto camera angles. You have no control and sometimes it looks behind you, therefore you have a pretty good chance of bringing pac-man's doom if you move forward. You then must start the whole dang level over. That is very annoying and slows your progress down.

The gameplay is easy. Some levels regretably are almost unbeatable, but hey, what's a game without some challange? You'll love rolling pac-man around trying to beat a level or acting stupidly. This section I have no complaints.

The graphics are amazing. I have never experienced a choppy place in the game and I never hope to. Don't worry, it IS a 3-D game. You'll never have to think twice about this aspect of the game.

Sound is pointless to explain. Who cares? If you don't like music, turn the sound off!

Here's my overview:


Nothing is wrong!

Camera: 0/10

I despite the camera

Gameplay: 8/10


Overall: 8/10

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on March 29, 2002
I never played #1, and am only somewhat a platformer fan. I also though the idea of Namco pushing their PacMan license was cheezy and there was no way this game would be any good. All the reviews I'd read praised it so I decided to buy it because the store was out of Bloody Road (thinking I would probably end up selling it off used). I'm glad I got it! This game is A LOT of fun. It's well designed and the developer deserves kudos for making the PacMan thing work. This is a great 3D platformer and reminds me a lot of Super Mario 64.
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on March 18, 2002
Pac-Man World 2 has over 20 levels. You can Ice Skate, Rev Roll, Bounce, Swim, Kick Flip, and even ride a Pac-Marine! You can even play Pac-Man (original), Ms. Pac-Man, Pac-Attack, Pac-Mania, and 3-D mazes, too! Not to forget the Jukebox. This game is recommend. The only bad thing is...I won it in a day... It is very fun. It is way worth the 50 bucks! Buy it! I started to give-up my hopes on this game before I rented it...Don't make the mistake I almost did! Oh, I almost forgot the story...The Ghost Gang stole the Golden Fruits from Pac-Village and unleashed Spooky, who has been living under the tree. The storyline is almost like a cartoon! If you win it, you can still play the arcade games. Buy it.
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on March 19, 2015
This review is to represent the game not the piece of crap seller who sent me a completely destroyed disc and labeled the product like new ( you F@#kin idiot ) this game is amazing simply because i remember playing it endlessly when i was a kid. Has a simplistic format with very addicting gameplay along with creative levels and is just a lot of fun. I highly recommend this game against the other pac man series that have been released. Just be warned not all sellers have legit descriptions. Buy confidently though many people are honest from my past hundred purchases.
review image review image review image
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on December 31, 2003
This Christmas we got a GameCube, and several games... Pac-Man World 2 was an impulse buy from the $20 rack at Wal-Mart. Boy, was I glad I picked it up! It almost instantly became our favorite of the 3-4 games we've started out with. We've had a great time playing, and although from time to time we will get stuck on a particular screen (I must have played the end of the ice skating screen... the part where you start by going into a cave mouth complete with fangs and finish with a long jump over a bottomless canyon... I must have played it 50 times before I made it over the canyon!) but I've never gotten fatigued trying to get past or through something. Maybe, as a few other reviewers have said, it IS a little on the easy side... I would definitely not say there's no challenge at all, but for people who aren't hard-core gamers it could be just what you're looking for. Fun stuff to do, nothing truly frustrating (some of the boss levels were tricky, but never seemed impossible), and the chance to play classic maze Pac-Man on your GameCube!
This is an excellent first GameCube game. Even my 3-year-old likes to go to the pond level and swim around, or go to the Pac-Village and jump on roofs for a while!
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