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on August 9, 2012
I have set up 5 foscam cameras over the last year, the first time it took me forever, now it takes about 15 minutes to get the cameras to do the minimum: send me emails when motion is detected and allow live monitoring.

The camera works well for security purposes i.e I don't expect HD imagery, but I get enough clarity to tell if it is my wife, my kid or a stranger. Actually this outdoor model decent resolution and accurate colors, the picture on the package does reflect what to expect, assuming adequate ambient light. Every now and then, the camera will flicker and the colors will go crazy for 1-5 minutes, it happens once or twice a week, not sure why

Bottom light: Buy WIFI I have experimented with several different brands and models of security cameras in the past few years, most of them are now in my junk drawer, WIFI this is by far the best design ..within my +/- $100 budget. The best as far as picture quality and ease of setup

Pros: reliable, looks sturdy, meets my basic needs, the first camera I configured over a year ago, and it has been pretty reliable. Another pro: phone APPS: IPHONE, IPAD and drone apps, tried several, they do work well

Cons: this fat pig tail with reset button, internet and power connection is awkward, I will use a junction box to hide it and to protect it from the elements. The software is antiquated and needs updating
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on July 16, 2013
They are great cameras they are outside cameras. They are night and day cameras. They produce great pictures. But they have large infant mortality. They die in the sun. They stop working or the picture is fuzzy or they stop working night time. The company keep shipping the returned cameras which you end up doing with the same issue over and over as the you keep getting bad cameras. It is hard to use them in commercial interests or at home as you have to keep shipping them back. Amazon is great. If they improve the product quality and stop shipping the returns then you would have great cameras.
I finally found the issue with these cameras. it will not work as a certain angle or tilt. if you have one that will not be found or disconnects, then change the angle. if it stops working then internal harness or board is loose or disconnected.
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on March 30, 2014
They work and I can access them from my phone and have photos sent to my email. Let me talk about the things I don't like.

I have one on my porch and one facing my driveway. These cameras do not provide a wide point of view. The one under the eave of my 2 story house is barely wide enough to cover the width of my driveway. Unless someone is parked in my driveway, in a certain location, it's almost useless. The one on the porch works well, but it again, is so narrow that it makes it very difficult to position. I can either get a picture or video of an individual walking up to my porch or I can get a photo/video of them standing on my porch. It's not wide enough to get both. There are cameras out there that can accomplish both.

The camera that faces my driveway flickers at night time, rendering the motion detection useless. One night, when it first started doing this, I got 120 emails because the pictures would change from dark to light all night long, making the camera thing there was motion, so it would take pictures and email it to me. I've read some tips on line, but nothing fixes it. Supposedly it has something to do with the sensor trying to adjust to different light situations or something like that. But it only faces a slab of concrete so it's not like it's really looking at the front yard or or the approach to the front porch. Ugh, make a wider lens Foscam and come up with a solution to the flickering camera, it's extremely annoying, Please!

I honestly don't think these cameras are great for getting security camera footage on a normal residence. My lot is a half acre, but it's lens is not wide enough to cover any real area. If you were aiming at something that was a couple hundred feet away it would be decent, although the night vision would be useless at that range.

If you want to watch a specific location (I'd say at 50 feet, it's about the width of a normal 2 car driveway) then these should work great for you. But if you want to cover wider span, keep searching for a different camera.
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on May 29, 2014
Foscam cameras in general work as advertised right out of the box. However, I have had two out of ten that failed within the first few days, and none that have lasted more than 2 years. I use 8904 Wide View and 8905 Narrow View cameras for outside installation.

A little more information about the field of view in the Amazon listings would be helpful in determining which one to purchase.
Don’t expect to be able to identify a license plate number from 50 feet with these cameras their range is more like 15 feet. You can identify cars and people to about 50 feet and the alarms will detect movement of a car to about 75 feet using the cameras detection. This can be improved by the use of a professional software package. You can improve night view of these camera by using a standalone IR light such as the 96 LED Night vision IR Infrared Illuminator by OKBEA available on amazon, it reallr improves performance.

One would have to do a cost study to determine the cost of replacing these cameras with the cost of professional wired cameras which cost in the $300 to $500. I use Snology Survelance station and have one wired Professional wired camera with adjustable Zoom and Focus.and use the Foscam as secondary cameras for areas with less probability of access. For now I plan to replace Foscam cameras with new Foscam models when they fail. I finally realized that the cameras draw more current than advertized and they were burning out the little plugin power supplies
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on January 7, 2014
These provide a good quality picture, good night vision, and a pretty good interface at what seems to be a pretty good price to me. You have to make sure you keep up on the firmware updates to fix issues though. They are constructed of generic components that I am pretty sure used by many other camera manufacturers, so the only thing that differentiates them is their price and firmware. There have been firmware issues since the beginning, and in many instances I had to troubleshoot my own issues, and then posted the solution on their forums for others to read. At this point, I am on firmware revision .53 and the only remaining issue is an issue of how it detects light changes. There is a setting that is supposed to compensate for differences in light (clouds going overhead, etc) so that it doesn't detect light changes as motion, but it doesn't work. Apparently though, there is a component update available that requires some DIY electronic work that will fix it (also, supposedly the ones being sold now already have the fix in place). You can also use some window tint as a make shift shade on the lens to help. I use these in a remote location and have utilized both the email and ftp alerting options. Both work equally well. Just make sure you clear any spiderwebs that may be spun on them, or you will be getting thousands of alerts a day.
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on October 23, 2013
I wanted to set up camera's at my front door and garage. Did not want spend a lot a time running wires an tearing up walls. I did a lot of research and shopped around. I decided on this camera for it wireless capability and the features included. I also read some horror stories. I do not put much weight on the bad reviews when most of the reviews I read are good ones. I received these in the mail and read the directions carefully and several times prior to setting up. Pretty straight forward. I am an IT guy so I knew I would figure it out if I ran into any issues. I had each camera set up in 15 minutes. Don't know what others had problems with. It was all cut and dry. I spent more time mounting the camera's. I wanted to place them in the right location and did not want them to be belatedly visible. These are large camera's, but when you consider the wireless and the software inside, not a bad size. I have been adjusting the settings and I am satisfied with this camera. I was able to set up monitoring via the website on my cell phone and iPAD. I even splurged and got the foscam app for them both after I played with it for a while. I get clear pictures when motion is detected. That is what I was looking for. I will need to get the additional software to save video feeds. That is something I will worry about in the future. I would recommend this camera to others. Great price and great features included.
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on January 11, 2013
UPDATE: my dad moved the cameras, and BOOM they were not functioning correctly again. I called foscam and although I waited on hold for quite a long time (prepare to be on hold for atleast 30 min), I received wonderful help from a tech named Leo. He remote entered into my computer and fixed the issue at hand (both cams had the same IP address). I am no tech wizard, but their helpful computer gurus can help you through any problem.

I bought these cameras for my father for christmas. I did a ton of research about wireless security cameras before purchasing and decided that these seemed like the best quality for the money. I was apprehensive about the installation of these units because of the reviews. I am relatively computer savvy, but I don't know much about port forwarding and static IP addresses. The directions are not the best. They are super universal, and if you don't have a linksys router, you may find yourself lost very easily. I set up these two cameras on a ATT Uverse router. I got about 3/4 of the way through the installation on my own, following the directions included in the package and various googled forum posts on the topic. I went to set up the second foscam cam on my system and it caused the first camera to go black. I couldn't figure out what I did wrong, so I admitted defeat and called FOSCAM US tech support.

I waited on hold for about 20 minutes, but I was eventually connected with a nice guy by the name of Felix. I told Felix what I had done (and hadn't done), and he told me he would help me. Rather than simply answer my questions about what I had done wrong and needed to change, he remotely connected into my computer and fixed the issues and finished the entire setup for me while I watched on the screen. He was extremely helpful and professional. Felix could have simply answered my question and sent me on my way since I did not buy any installation help from FOSCAM, but he went above and beyond to help me understand how to connect these up so I can now confidently add on more cameras to this system in the future.

I did not realize the level of technical knowledge needed to set these up, but foscam tech support was very thorough and helped me complete the setup. I would recommend this camera to anyone who wants to be able to watch their business or home from away. It is a well built camera and my experience with their tech is nothing like some of the problematic reviews I've seen below.

A few words of advice for those having issues remotely connecting into their cameras: I initially tried to use port 80 and 85 for my two cameras, but Foscam tech ended up using ports 8088 and 8089, which allowed me to easily set up the foscam pro app on my cell phone as well.

Please do not be afraid of these cameras if you have any sense of IP addresses, port forwarding, and firewalls. You can figure it out with limited frustration.
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on January 2, 2012
The good:

It is well made for the price. The external housing is either cheap metal or very good plastic. It does come with the mounting gimbals and they are adequate. I bought the add-on and it wasn't really necessary.

Assembly? Go to the website. The documentation is a lot easier to read there and far more detailed. Especially if you want to set up the advanced features. The software that it ships with is easy to use and you can get the wired version working quickly.

The daytime picture is *** good. Within 15 feet you could easily do a facial recognition. At 400 feet you can tell its a person and a dog walking by.

The Bad:

You must have an older router or one that can be rolled back to 801g/h. I have an N series and it can't be rolled back so now I need to figure how I want to do wireless. Check your router first! You'll need to assign static IP's too.

Also the power cord is too short as are the network cables. Maybe 5 ft. on the cable and 3 ft for the power. Night time picture is not so great.

For the price I am pleased and would buy it again.
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on December 20, 2013
First off I orderd 2 tof the FI8905w but received 2 of the FI8906W instead. After installing the cameras the first issue was the wireless range is very limited. Second issue was the cameras video will become washed out where reds become pinks and most other colors are just some shades of grey. The first day everything seemed fine but the next morning the video color was washed out. I took the cameras down from where they were mounted and did a hard reset then did a setup on them and then remounted. The color was back to normal. The next morning the same issue which I took them down again and did anohter reset and setup. The next day the same thing with the video color washed out. I've been using them with the washed out color but just bought the Avacom M1080W and plan on installing them this weekend. I'll followup with a review on the Avacom to see if they work any better.
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on August 16, 2012
I have 2 of these Outdoor models and 4 of the indoor models. I guess my only complaint would be they don't have the PAN option, but I knew that before I purchased them. I am an IT Professional and I realize that non-IT oriented folks may not be very familiar with the setup at first as it seems confusing. Foscam includes a video tutorial on each step of configuring any of their camera's. If you use this video, anyone can install and configure these camera's in 10-20 minutes. Follow the video and don't skip steps!! The mounting was easy and the picture is acceptable for my needs. The units were a little larger than I expected... maybe they make smaller versions of this item?? Anyway, the IP viewing from a browser or IPAD/IPHONE works great, no complaints there. Since I have routing experience and work with remote security at my job, it was a little easier for me to setup this feature, but again, watch the video and these features will be explained in detail.
The APP is $6, but well worth it as it has many options/features available. Other than that, they don't have the 2 way audio or panning capability, but if you need those features you can purchase the indoor wireless units which also works fantastic. That's all I have to say right now, but again, great product!
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