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on February 21, 2015
I don't know what anyone is talking about because the bottom definitely allows for your headset and anything else to plug in as you can see, this product is great and looks better in person when it's on your controller, I freaking love these, even though it's kind of irritating to put them on because you think you're putting them on wrong haha
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on November 24, 2014
Awesome product. Very comfy on my hands. Love the colors!-
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on May 17, 2016
These bad boys have exceeded my expectations!

I was looking for something, Not too expensive to help protect my controllers from bumps & short drops - But Mostly because, to me, all the New Xbox One Controllers are So Dang Slippery!! Like Crazy slippery.

So I got these, they are skins, but not a thin-skin. They have several rows of like thin ridges that start around the outside of the controller handles towards the battery compartment. This really gives some nice grips & feel to the controller. They are especially comfortable, they don't make your hands sore or anything. I have terrible arthritis and these don't hurt my hands at all. Also, if you set your controller on the arm of the sofa or even arm of your recliner, it won't slip or slide off. (I've fallen asleep in my recliner with the controller still resting on the arm of my chair for the entire night.)

I've had these for almost a month now, I've not found anything negative with these.

These go on fairly easy. I turned off my controller, and started from the bottom left handle, pull it up snugly while pulling it, and the proper holes over the controller joystick(s), buttons, then I'd pull the part up and back over where it rests just under the triggers. Check alignment with your sticks, buttons and d-pad-- it all fits Perfectly! To change batteries, you will need to hold, move over a little on the back to put the battery cover back on (Not remove the entire cover). The stick covers are nice, they're not hard, they fit really well. I swapped the different stick covers around on the other controllers, to mix up colors.

I would like to see a few different mix of colors, like purple/black, red/green, red/blue, blue/green, purple/green, purple/blue... you get the idea.

I highly recommend these. Also, as long as the price stays nice (around $ 8.82 for a pack of 3) it's really great! Check the photos I attached to see them.
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on December 14, 2015
Great price and fast shipping. Simple slip-on case/cover, but very effective. I have 3 controllers. I did receive all 4 colors described. The silicone case actually added a nice grip and protection to the controllers. I too added pictures of the red one. The only slight thing is that you have to lift up the case to get the battery cover to fully slide out. But with my play and charge kit, I'm okay with that. I'm glad I purchased these. Plus, it's now easier for us to know who is player 1,2 etc. when multi-playing and after the fact of putting our controllers down.
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While the material and quality of the protective skin is decent it has a few major flaws that at the end really don't make this an ideal thing to have. First is that the resistance you get with the controller sticks as you get more resistance when you move them around which is annoying to say the least. When you move the controller sticks around the rubberized skin actually pushes back against the motion and thus you have to use a little more force then usual when making the movement not much but still it's a little annoying.The other is that if you're using the headset adapter with your controller this skin protector again gives resistance at that area where there isn't enough of an actual connection for the adapter to work.Another problem is that if you're using a third party controller charging base like Nyko and the like this once again gives resistance to the charging station base where as there isn't enough connection for the station to charge the rechargeable battery in your controller.

For the most part it fits the controller relatively well though a little loose at the usb area but not by much.At the end if you don't use the adapter and no third party controller charge station this could work for you but if you do use either of the mentioned products then pass this over.
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on January 16, 2017
My son loves these. Bought them for his Xbox One remote. They keep his hands from slipping off the remote when they get sweaty. The only issue I have is that the little grips for the thumb sticks tore. All of the red that I had when I placed them on the thumb sticks broke in half. I noticed that the red thumb grips wasn't stretchy like the black and blue, it was harder to get on. The red looked like old hard rubber, which I didn't notice until after I put them on the remote. Other than that the other grips are fine and so is all of the rubber covers for the remote.
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on June 17, 2015
I recieved the package in a timely and fashionable manner. The colors were as expected except for the "white" which is actually clear. The skins fit some what decently, and they require a bit of a trim around the bottom area where the mic or chat pad would be inserted. The top portion where the LB/RB buttons sit seem to sag and stretch a bit, but not very noticable. Overall the comfort level is decent enough. You can grip the handles with no slip and they do not seem to make you sweaty regardless of the length of time played. The only con was that the "white" was clear and the black wasn't noticable as it blended with the controller color and scheme. Other than that it's a great price and does what is intended of it which is to protect the shell covering on the controller from scratches and to keep your hands from slipping. It's a must have if I say so myself
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on January 11, 2015
They were ALMOST exactly what I had hoped for. My brothers and I wanted a way to distinguish our controllers apart from one another and these worked great. They feel great in your hands and also do not feel cheap. One of my favorite features is that there is no back covering the battery pack. We have rechargeable controllers so it works perfect. One of my main problems with the controller is the headset part. I myself am personally a very social person on xbox and I'm in parties very frequently, but this controller skin has a slight flaw in the design. The skin covers just enough of the controller that if you are using the microphone that comes with the xbox it will not plug in. I find myself peeling the controller skin away so I can plug the mic into the controller. It is a slight inconvenience to the skin that I can deal with. Other than that problem I am VERY satisfied with my purchase of these skins and do plan on doing future business with them in the future if I need to.
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on December 13, 2015
I'm actually pretty impressed by these silicone covers. I purchased the red/blue/white/black pack and the colors are pretty vibrant. I did see some complaints from other customers that the white cover isn't really "white" and that's true; it's much more translucent than the opaque color of the others.

They do seem to be made of a good quality silicone; they're thin enough where they don't alter the ergonomics of the controller but sturdy enough where you don't feel like you'll damage them during installation. They're comfortable and maintain their grip even when the palms start to sweat a bit.

I was worried they'd interfere with the face buttons or make the controller seem too bulky but, really, those concerns haven't been an issue for me. The controllers also still fit their stands with the covers installed.

My one complain would be the thinner parts that cover the top of the controller do fit a bit loosely, probably to give the user enough slack for an easier installation. It's not enough that it really allows the cover to shift on the controller but it is a bit of an eyesore if you're really critical.
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on August 17, 2015
My review is the the actual faceplate replacement set. I am extremely happy with not only the colors but the quality as well. It looks and feels just like the original faceplate. Is reccommend it to anybody looking to personalize their controller.
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