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TOP 500 REVIEWERon September 16, 2015
When receiving this pan, there are a couple of steps that aren't immediately made known, and these are very important to follow before making your first paella. Of course everyone will remove the sticker and most will wash the pan. BUT.... be sure to wash this pan with extremely hot water and lots of soap, making sure to flood the pan and wash it with a stiff cloth or a 3M cleaning pad, inside and out. There is a factory film on there that is easily removed and should be, but it takes more than a quick rinse out. I think it's part of the production process or something to help protect the pan till it gets to you. It's not going to make you sick, but just doesn't need to be in your food.

Of course be sure to dry the pan immediately, preferably with a little heat to remove all traces of moisture before the next step. After the pan is dry, use a paper towel and rub a very light coat of shortening on the pan while it is still warm. I use Crisco. Then with a dry towel, wipe every bit of shortening residue off it. A slight film will remain. Do this inside and out to make sure it is well seasoned and protected from elements, and be sure to do this every time you use the pan for the next 5-10 times you use it. By then it will have started to build seasoning on it and you won't have to do it as often. However, I still put a little on my pan from time to time, and particularly if you know you aren't going to use it for awhile.

This pan is pretty heavy duty and will hold up for my lifetime and more so long as you aren't throwing it around or bang it up too badly. Treat it with respect and it will serve you well for a long time. There are dimples in the bottom of this pan, and this is pretty typical of most top quality paella pans. I have never researched it in depth, but I have heard from several sources that it helps create the socarrat. “Socarrat” is that delectable, scrumptious crust that forms at the bottom of the paella pan when the fat is rendered, the liquid absorbed, and the rice has reached its peak.

This pan is highly recommended for beginners and paella experts.
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on February 21, 2012
This pan cuts the mustard test. It's been used on weber bbq grills and my home range. The paella that I make consists of 25+ ingredients and is intended to feed a voracious audience.

I bought this knowing well that my friends may have high standards. That's fine with me. Paella should be celebrated amongst friends and strangers.

I've used this pan sparingly, since the size is so darn big. But, I recommend it if your entertaining a lot of guests and expect a few others to bring some extra dishes for others to munch on while this is being prepared.

One thing to note when feeding an army. Cut your protein in smaller 'bite' size pieces and let all your fatty goodness/meats do their thing.

Here's a list of standard paella ingredients.

Oil/Butter, onion, peppers, garlic, roasted Peppers, tomatoes (use cheese graters), roasted peppers, string beans, pimenton, paprika, chorizo (thinner is better), chicken, fish, clams, muscles, shrimp, scallops, (if fancy, lobster, prawns, jumbo shrimp) parsley, salt, pepper, clam juice, broth (cheaper to use the stuff in cubes/base vs. cartons), saffron (use pestel and mortar), lemon and alioli.

Expect longer cook times if using medley of seafood from frozen.

Expect hungry guests if the expectation is known that paella is on the menu. Watch Alton Brown and youtube clips of how traditional paella is made and as Chef John (food wishes) closes each video, 'ENJOY".

Made with love and prepped primarily the day before saves a lot of energy when the dish comes together.

P.s. Pass on 'seasoning' the pan. I wash and store when not used because I'm making this dish twice a year at most.
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on April 14, 2016
Great quality. I just returned from spending the winter in Spain, where I cooked paella many times. I ordered this pan to augment the three smaller pans I already own and I was so pleased by the weight and depth of this pan. Perfect heavy gauge steel that distributes the heat nicely, with the many small dimples that add to the heat distribution. This pan is at least twice as deep as my other pans and will easily serve 8-10 hungry people. The label was easily removed with a few drops of olive oil that I allowed to soak in for an hour. My pan has not rusted yet, I expect it to and this is easily removed with a bit of oil on a green scrubber, a good rinse and dry in the oven, followed by a coating of new oil. Cooked a nice paella with a perfect cremada- the layer of savory, crusty rice that forms on the bottom of a good paella. I am very glad I purchased this Spanish made pan.
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on May 1, 2015
Great product, bought the 31 1/2 pan and it is really good, the only thins that i see different between this and the made in spain ones that i have is that in this you can see some little marks freom the manufactur but not a big deal, it doesn't affect the performance at all, and it truly tick, commercial grade comparable to the pata negra ones.
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on December 24, 2014
We are at the stage of our life where we pick out our own Christmas present and "surprise" each other. My paella pan was an early bird special since the dinner parties demanded at a large main dish. The pan fits onto our grill and I covered the handles. The first one we made was near perfect - the broth evaporated as I added the chicken, sausage, shrimp and the smoked veggies and sweet pimenton put it over the top. Everyone was eager for the "crackly" portions around the sides and on the bottom. Easy to wash, sturdy, my grade = A
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Did my research on the different paella pans from different online merchants and decided to get this from Amazon because of the price and my prime shipping. The quality was better that expected and the 18" size is heavier than I first thought. I immediately seasoned the pan by first taking off the one sticker in the middle of the pan, washing it, drying and oiling it. Put it on the gas stove top to bring the oil to smoke a little. Cool the pan first, washed it again, dried it completely and applied a thin layer of olive oil with paper towel.

Cooked paella this past Sunday and was pleased with the outcome. The pan isn't exactly flat but as long as you keep the pan level on the charcoal 22" round grill by adjusting the grill itself, the oil will be centered in the pan. It was an easy clean up and will be using it again this weekend.
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on June 15, 2015
Look up instructions on "how to care for a carbon steel paella pan" and do everything it says. Very sturdy metal and welded/riveted zinc handles. The bottom of the pan has a slightly dimpled texture but cleaning it is easy.

I was able to feed 18 adults making Paella as a main dish with this pan. If you're making paella, the best advice I can give you is buy paella rice! There is no good substitute.
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on February 7, 2011
I have wanted to buy a paella pan for years, since I love to cook and paella is my husband's favorite dish. This year for Christmas, I finally treated myself to a good paella pan. I confess I wasn't paying attention when I selected the size of the pan and that it is HUGE (as in, won't fit into my oven), but I like it so much that I read up on how to use two eyes on top of the gas range and the paella comes out fantastic (even if I do say so, myself). I can either serve a dinner party of 6-8, or freeze half of the finished paella for another time--it's great even after freezing! I am very pleased with the quality of the pan, and was happy with the packaging and shipping time.
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on August 21, 2015
I am about to use my pan that looks great. We are having 20 people for dinner and I really with that someone would put a recipe on that would give a bit of the amounts of what they used. I am using lamb and no seafood. One review said that you could use up to 5 cups of rice in this pan. That is what I am going to try . I have made my mix of spices to b rosemary, thyme, paprika, saffron , salt and a bit of pepper. Veges are onions, garlic, smowpeas...maybe white beans....I will write and let me know how it goes...Any other users who have some helpful suggestions I would love this to be in your review.
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on December 5, 2009
For his 16th birthday, my son asked me if we could serve paella at his birthday party to his friends.
I said yes, except for one thing, the list of guests between friends and family went up to about 24 people, and I only have a paella pan which only serves 10. One paella pan was not going to do the job for this birthday dinner. So I scramble online in search of an additional pan to be able to make enough paella for everyone. This new paella pan I bought is much better that the one I've had for years, and it did the job wonderfully. The paella cooked well and displayed beautifully. The pan size is just perfect to serve 12 people or more, you can cook about 4 to 5 cups of rice easily, along with all your vegetables, party size chicken drumsticks, pork, shrimp and mussels. It all fits great! Everyone enjoyed dinner and I was a happy camper. :-)
I highly recommend this product.
Have fun making your paella and enjoy your new paella pan if you decide to buy it.
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