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on May 30, 2015
Awesome Material!

The above two-word review was written by me in haste a couple of weeks ago. I immediately realized Paid to Think is a great book of extraordinary value. Jay Abraham featured it on his website and he wrote a Foreword to the book. But I also realized that I could not write a review that would do it justice to Paid to Think until I had finished reading it. Sounds like a simple task. It is not. Paid to Think has just over 700 pages! After an effort to digest its central theme and message in a brief read-through I realized I would never finish this book. Some books of remarkable depth and strength can never be finished. They will be revisited time after time, and they will never fail to reward the recurring visitations with fresh insights. David Goldsmith has created the “must have” leadership book for this day and this generation.

I feel compelled to give the prospective reader a few take-aways from David’s work. David’s principle concept, Enterprise Thinking (ET), makes the invisible visible. ET eliminates corporate siloed thinking. ET is a global leadership style of synergistic value. You cannot repair the past, you can only create the future. Perhaps the best take-away is the declaration delivered by David’s tae kwon do master coach when he awarded David his black belt: “Now you are beginner students. Now you will learn tae kwon do.” After 35 years of studying management theory I am able to understand what that master meant.

As Jay Abraham stated: “What Peter Drucker did for current management theory and practice, David Goldsmith has done for modern day leadership with Paid to Think". I would be remiss if I did not disclose the reason I revisited this review. Immediately after I posted my two-word effort I got an email from David. He wrote: “Thank you.” I thought, Here is a man who lives his truth.
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on June 17, 2013
Yes Paid to THINK is a big book, but I can't imagine how it could be any smaller - this is the comprehensive guide to what is truly important in the disciplines of management and leadership. Read it, highlight it, and flag pages, because it is designed as a kind of toolkit that you can draw from today and over the course of your career.

This book is different from any other book I've read on critical leadership thinking, because it doesn't just tell you what to do, it teaches you HOW to do it. All those other books that tell you only what to do or simply provide interesting concepts only get you so far. However, when you finish Paid to THINK, you don't question how to duplicate the ideas, because you learn exactly how to convert your ideas and your leadership style into results!

We all know leaders' need to consider the right things and to use smart processes, but how do we truly know if we actually are considering the right things and using the smartest processes at any given time? Even the most successful leaders will attest that making these determinations can be challenging, but I've found that Paid to THINK takes the mystery out of both. The author, David Goldsmith, offers what some call "an MBA in a book", and it's apparent that he not only sees things others miss, but he has developed very specific tools and instructions to enable readers to see opportunities and capitalize on them. The content is transformational for anyone who is in a leadership position and those who aspire to be.

If at first you are intimidated by the size of the book, trust me, you shouldn't be. Once you read the Introduction and first two chapters, you get a basic foundation for the rest of the book, and you can then jump around from chapter to chapter depending on which material you think is most relevant to your present challenges. If you are tired of searching for answers in business and leadership/management books, you won't be disappointed after reading Paid to THINK. It will confirm your belief that your real value is to think and make great decisions (if you worked your way up from middle management then you know the truth in this), and it will show you what to think and how to turn your thoughts into realities. Make one of your decisions a commitment to read this book now. Your team will thank you!

Beverly Babb, CAE
Former Executive Director of the Global Speakers Federation
President of AdamsChandler, a practical project management firm
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on July 14, 2015
well written set of tools that anyone can use to improve the trajectory of their life, or their career .Universality of approach is refreshing for a business book ...probably because it is really a life book . Read it and use it AND if you get the chance ( as I did ) spend a day with David as he goes over practical applications . well worth it
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on April 21, 2013
As a matter of disclosure, I read this book as one of the selections for the Credit Union Leaders Book Club group on LinkedIn. In addition, I serve as one of the moderators for the group.

This book, by David Goldsmith, is not one of your typical 200-250 page tomes on a business related topic that has been popular for the past several years. This is a detailed explanation of the Enterprise Thinking process and how it can be incorporated across the four key areas of strategizing, learning, performing and forecasting. The book is rich in graphics, examples and exercises to help the reader integrate the process. An advantage is that the graphics can be downloaded from the Paid to Think website.

Strategizing is divided into chapters encompassing Developing Plans, Creating New Products and Services, Establishing Alliances and Leveraging Technology. I found each these chapters especially intriguing in that they caused me either think in a different way or give organization to the thought processes that I have used in the past.

Learning contains chapters on Acquiring New Knowledge, Enhancing Global Awareness and Watching Competition. As Learner is my strongest characteristic on the Strenghtsfinder profile, I found this section provided me with several new ideas to expand my quest for knowledge.

Performing has chapters that address Leading the Charge, Empowering Others, Innovating Everywhere and Selling Continuously. Yes, this section of the book is about leadership. While it contains several points that I have read in other books, blogs, etc. I still found the ideas and concepts of interest.

Forecasting was a single chapter on Forecasting the Future. It provided me with some additional organization and processes for thinking about the future for myself and the organizations that I work with.

The last chapter in the book is devoted to implementing the ideas and concepts contained within the chapters.

The book is well researched with extensive notes and a glossary that addresses the terms used by the author.

This is the type of book that you will need to go back and reread chapters as you implement the process of Enterprise Thinking in order to make sure that you are not skipping any of the steps.

I recommend this book for individuals who are truly serious about expanding the way they think and are willing to spend the time and effort needed to do it.
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on January 19, 2013
Paid to Think is different than other books on the same subject. It immediately focuses you on the important issues, and constantly reminds you that your job is to THINK, strategically and tactically. For me, this was the right author at the right time with the right subject material as I was taking on a new position in government where I would have to fix all the wrongs of past administrations and to develop a less bureaucratic organization. Dave's focus on how to develop a strategy and follow through with the execution is well developed and works. This book has everything in it that you need to be successful. Reading alone will not accomplish your success, but execution of the process spelled out in great detail in the book will. This is definitely a book that you will want to keep with you and will use often.
Thank you Dave Goldsmith!
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on December 15, 2012
The first time I actually saw this book was not yet put on the shelf at a local bookstore here in Jakarta, Indonesia. It was actually on a pile of new books that will be placed by the bookstore staff on the new books section. I saw the thick yellow book and the title already gave me an 'aha' 1-second moment that I wanted to look inside. I was fascinated by the intro and a bit of chapter one and really interested to read more from first impression of the down to earth and simple language of the book but still delivering important key concepts. The next day, I wanted to buy the book and it was sold out. All copies of the book were sold out at that local bookstore. I called every single bookstore in Jakarta and the stores either said the book isn't in stock yet or it was sold out. I decided to directly order from Amazon. To my surprise the delivery to Jakarta, Indonesia was faster than expected and this book was in my hands. I've been trying to find a book that explored the way of thinking or elaborated on the art of thinking up onto execution. This book is it. I carry the book everywhere I go and to the office and back home. I'm only on chapter 4 and the book has already given me so many rich ideas of how to tackle 2013. I highly recommend this book to anyone (employees/entrepreneurs) who really want to learn the process of 'how to think' and how to put it into practice. I always believe that simplicity is the highest form of sophistication and this book has definitely been written by sophisticated authors. This book will be your game changer.
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on March 20, 2014
This is one of the truly most inspiring and detailed books on leaders. The amount of information and guidance is so vast that you will have to read it again (and you will want to read it again!). The concepts and tools provided allow anyone to lead a project, people, department, personal career progression, etc. David guides you through the entire process of leading along with real-life examples, stories, etc. to help you understand how the tools are used and how they provided so much benefit. You will also start thinking in the future instead of always working from the past. Put another way you become proactive instead of reactive. I've personally seen this transition and it has provided me with several benefits, both career and personal. I work more efficient and have a better work-personal life!!
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on March 20, 2015
when i first picked up the hard copy at an air port few months back, i thought the author was bluffing. But when i saw the review from Jay Abrahams, i was pulled into buying the book. I under stood The concept of creating a plan to achieve success. I will try to put more systems into my work and will try to become Enterprise Thinker. It gave me ideas about how successful people react to situations. The truth is they do not react. They create systems and let the systems handle the situations.

I thank the author for sharing his insights.
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on May 9, 2013
Paid to think was such a great find and useful book for me. As an entrepreneur, two people had tremendous impact on my view of the world, the first was Michael Porter and the second was Elijah Goldratt. Michael Porter gave me a forest view of the business world that was helpful while living in the developing world and Dr Elijah Goldratt's Theory of Constraints, in particular the thinking process and logic trees taught me the true meaning of fanatical focus. Paid to Think, I believe has the ability to be the next game changer by the shifts it will be able to create. The mix between business mastery and personal mastery will inspire people to push beyond box thinking as well as be the go to book on desk for a long time. This book is huge btw but I cannot once say that I read a chapter and found it not helpful to my life.
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on January 29, 2013
This book stands out for two reasons: (1) it describes a coherent and persuasive thesis of how organizations should be led (2) it explains in great detail how to implement this thesis in the context of every imaginable activity within an organization

I am a scientist currently working in Singapore. Most of my reading is science-related and few business books pique my interest. This one stood out because of its intriguing title and I was not disappointed. Far from just a treatise for business organizations, the principles in this book are highly relevant to research groups or anyone seeking greater clarity of thought about organizations for that matter. Indeed, the parallels are striking and research team leaders will greatly benefit from the breadth of insights described in this book. A great read.
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