Customer Reviews: PaintShop Pro X6 Ultimate (Old Version) [Download]
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on July 3, 2014
"I tried to install software and received the message: THE SERIAL NUMBER HAS NOT BEEN ENABLED. PLEASE CONTACT THE VENDOR WHERE YOU PURCHASED THE PRODUCT TO HAVE THE ISSUE RESOLVED. I was given a number to call but got a recording stating that the mailbox was full.
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on July 9, 2014
The software arrived promptly but in trying to install it I got a message that the software had not been activated. Amazon customer service directed me to Corel, the software publisher, for assistance. Corel's evaluation was: "These serial numbers are what you call POSA or Point of Sale Activation serial numbers. These mostly came from BestBuy, as you can see from the box, there's a sticker saying that it needs to be activated before installing. I would advise to return the product from Amazon or to the one who sold the program. This has been an issue recently where a user is buying a bulk of PaintShop Pro X6 from BestBuy and selling it in Amazon without having them activated." I tried to have Best Buy activated the software but they refused. I have since returned the software to Amazon (who agreed to accept the return) but my suggestion is to pay the additional cost and purchase the software directly from Corel.
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on January 9, 2014
I chose "Ultimate" package in order to get Perfectly Clear add-on.
I have made repeated efforts to install Perfectly Clear and Corel Creative Collection. No success. - I have a fresh Windows 7 Home Premium install. Should be easy as there is no dead weight.
Contacted Corel support. All I get is guesswork from them. Other customers are faced with the same problem, just google or read other reviews here. And no solution from Corel.
Money wasted. Ultimate = Basic.
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on August 5, 2014
UPDATE 4: I give up. After months of frustration I've decided to throw in the towel. Now all Corel does is load and not allow me to do anything. Everything I click gives an error beep. I have no interest in seeing if the latest version fixes anything because the version I paid for never really worked at a usable level. PhotoShop, PhotoShop Elements, gimp, Serif PhotoPlus are much more viable alternatives to use. It's so sad that such a great product was ruined by a company that puts ZERO care into their work. Corel should just kill this product or sell it to competent developers. I'm uninstalling this and never turning back.

UPDATE 3: Despite the adware (which I believe the complaints might have reduced), I decided to try to work with this. I really think that it's sad that a piece of software that has been around for years and has been put up as a commercial PhotoShop competitor runs much more slow than its open source counterpart. The UI may be better but all the loading and waiting kills that benefit. I'm going to try to see if I can deal but at this moment, I'm actually starting to appreciate the lightweight nature of GIMP. By the way, I switched to PaintShop Pro back in the day because PhotoShop was such a huge hog! How ironic!

UPDATE 2: I'm sorry, I just had to add that I think it's really low class for software that I *PAID* for to have embedded popup ads in it! If you want to advertise in software GIVE IT FOR FREE! I had written the review before receiving two popup ads. I'm sorry this is unacceptible! I lowered the ranking one point as a result.

UPDATE 1: I found a way to mitigate the sluggishness of the navigator. If you only stick to using the "Computer" tab in the navigator and don't catalog any of your images, the performance is okay. Even so, the navigator is still pretty bad. For instance, in the image viewer, there is no way to get to the editor. You have to exit the viewer than right-click the image in the explorer instead. That's just bad... REALLY bad. I've also found that X6 can be default to open directly in Edit mode. While not ideal, it is a step forward.


The reason I ranked it three is because while the editor itself has improved, the navigator is just as dog slow as it has been since X3. It is 100% useless. The idea is that you're supposed to be able to bookmark folders in the navigator that you can access quickly for editing and other tasks. However, the execution of this idea is so pathetic they should have not even bothered.

This software could be five-star but the bloatware really brings it down two notches. An ideal product would be just the editor and all of it's features alone without this albatross of bad software it is burdened to carry. If removing the navigator were an install option, I'd gladly welcome it.

Now the editor itself has really improved like I said. If you saw my X4 review, I had said that the context menus made absolutely no sense and the UI was designed by rank amateurs. This version appears to have addressed my earlier complaints. While not ideal, the menus are more sensible and contexts properly applied. The toolset is pretty sharp, I LOVE adjustment layers, and overall I'm impressed with the improvement on the edit side. Unfortunately, the excess baggage of the Navigator (Manage Tab) weighs it down. Just avoid it at all costs. I really wish there was a way to just rip it out. It's just that horrible.

To be honest the real reason I bought this was that the price was low enough (thirty) to take the risk given that the previous versions were horribly bad. I was also getting tired of using the kludgy interface of GIMP. The extras like FaceFilter and Perfectly Clear add to the value of the package but I would not pay much more than what I paid for it.

So in a nutshell here's why you buy PaintShop Pro X6:

1) Tired of the GIMP UI
2) Adjustment layers
3) Heavy discount

The bottom line is what price you're willing to pay to not have to deal with GIMP's quirks. You can get just about the same quality of image editing out of GIMP but some of its quirks are pretty unbearable. PaintShop Pro eliminates that burden at the cost of heavy bloat. Although it's not as bloated as PhotoShop the mother of all bloatware.
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on August 4, 2014
At first, I rated this 1 star because I was unable to install it. See my edited original review at the bottom.

This is the 3rd version of PaintShop I have used. There's a reason I keep buying it. While I do have Photoshop on a different system and, while it does offer more tools, it does so at a hefty price. PaintShop is inexpensive and easy to use but still powerful enough to get the job done.

I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 due to the installation issues and Corel's poor technical support. Here are some tips for anyone who faces similar problems. If you receive the "Unable to validate the serial number" error and know that your Internet connection is working, then the seller probably failed to activate the serial number. Either contact the seller or return the software and buy it from a more reputable seller. If you get the "Fatal error during installation" message, it may be because you have previously installed PaintShop. Simply uninstalling the older version probably won't be sufficient to resolve the issue, since traces are left behind in the registry. To resolve this, I edited my registry and removed all mentions of PaintShop. CAUTION: Editing your registry can cause Windows to stop operating properly, so be sure to create a backup before you begin making changes. After completing the edits and closing regedit, I used Glary Utilities Free 1-Click Maintenance section and checked all the boxes. I don't know if that was necessary, though. While some don't like registry cleaners, I'm a computer tech and have used this one probably over 100 times with nothing but satisfactory results. Nevertheless, if you're worried about it, skip it. I restarted my computer and attempted the installation again and had no problems with either disc.



If the problem is resolved, I will update this review accordingly.

I have used 2 previous versions of PaintShop and was pleased with them, so I purchased this one, thinking all would be well. However, I am unable to install the software. I receive a cryptic message stating "Unable to validate the serial number. An Internet connection is required to complete the installation." I do have an Internet connection and even temporarily disabled my firewall. Still, the installation will not proceed. I contacted Corel over a week ago and have received only 3 messages: the first acknowledged the creation of the ticket, the second and third both stated that they are awaiting further information (but they never asked for more information). I'm running Windows 8.1.

I think the problem with the first copy was that the seller (sold by a third party, shipped by Amazon) failed to activate the serial number. So, I returned it and reordered one that was both sold by and shipped by Amazon. The second one did not display the error mentioned above. Instead, it gave me an even-more-cryptic message, "Fatal error during installation." So far, I'm 0-2 with this software.

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on December 23, 2013
Still learning the product, so this review pertains to support. Corel encourages you to activate a membership, which gets you additional benefits including updates, tutorials, tips, and some free apps. After 2 days of trying and 3 sessions with support, I am unable to establish a membership and just barely got my version registered. They seem totally indifferent. Not recommended.
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on July 3, 2014
Coming from an experience developer and graphic artist I was astonished to hear from a Corel technician who inspected my new, high-powered computer and my computer's processes that I should quote: "go a little slower" if I don't want Paint Shop Pro X6 to crash". Wow. If adding a few images can make this software crash I don't want to hear from a Corel tech (after paying $25) that I need to go a little slower.
I have never provided a review on Amazon and generally don't like reviews, but I felt compelled to report this for future potential purchasers of this product. Otherwise, I like the improvements from old Paint Shop, but I can't have software crashing in this day and age. Careful......
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on December 31, 2013
I can not install Perfectly Clear and Corel Creative Collection. When installing these two packages error appears. FaceFilter3 works fine. After registration FaceFilter3 I got FREE dazzling bonus on the site reallusion.
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on December 5, 2013
This product is a disaster. Each of the three main items included in the download had problems installing: PSP and FaceFilter's installers both blew up part way through, opening an error window saying that the installation had failed, while in another window, it appeared to be completing. These two products will now start and run, but PSP is horribly slow. This is the 4th version of it I've owned, and unfortunately, it appears to be the worst. Can you say "overseas code farm"? The final product, Athentech Perfectly Clear will not install at all. The installer immediately blows up with an error saying it is unable to locate the product website!! If you try it again, it gets a bunch of security faults trying to access files in your documents area that don't exist. Real nice job. How do I get my money back on this worthless piece of crap? (Using A Win7 Ultimate system w/ i7 @ 3.6GHz, 16GB RAM and 1Terabyte RAID 1 HD)
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on May 7, 2014
I opened my new sealed box and it only contained disk# 2. I contacted Amazon who said to contact the company. I need to have purchased this from the company in order to be able to get a purchase # to get help from Corel. I spent my money and can't do anything without the disk to load the program and no one is willing to help.
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