Customer Reviews: Paleo By Season: A Chef's Approach to Paleo Cooking
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on December 11, 2014
Recipes ARE accessible for home cooks BUT many have steps missing -- cauliflower dumplings that don't require squeezing the moisture out before hand = a gigantic mess. Be prepared to consult recipes online to make sure they didn't miss something. Disappointed :(
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on July 10, 2014
I do not eat according to the Paleo guidelines, but many of my family members do. I bought this book to share with them and I have been amazed at how relevant this book is for Paleos and non Paleos alike. Even if you aren't a strict Paleo, one cannot deny the fact that the best way to cook and eat is fresh food from local sources during peak season. This is a great book to choose recipes and prepare them according to the recipe or as inspiration for other recipes using what is in season. In particular, I cannot wait for the Anaheim Chiles and Red Bell Peppers I have growing in my garden to ripen so I can make Peter's Stuffed Anaheim Chiles (page 88). I love that most recipes are composed of simple ingredients treated with a wide variety of techniques over a broad spectrum of skill levels. There are as many recipes that can be prepared quickly for healthy after work meals as there are elaborate gourmet menus to impress friends and family on Sunday night. It is a great practical resource too with information from cooking temperatures to butchering a chicken to kitchen equipment. The artwork is impressive and inspiring enough for the book to reside on our coffee table. Although the ingredients can all be obtained at your local farmers market the flavors, techniques, and recipes come from around the world. I recommend this book to anyone.
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on July 8, 2014
My boyfriend just brought this beauty home to me and I LOVE IT. I've been mostly paleo for a few years now, love clean eating, love cooking, but don't really have time to spend all day in the kitchen. These recipes are simple with easy steps, simple ingredients, and most importantly look delish! It can be hard to find good, simple Paleo recipes that aren't totally weird but aren't super boring either. Every recipe in this book honestly looks fantastic, whether you're cooking just for yourself, family, or guests. Simple is the way to go in my opinion, and this book is filled with recipes that are just that- simple and doable. There are a number of other features about this book I love- essentials of a kitchen, difficulty ratings, helpful tips, a picture index, and more. I highly recommend Paleo by Season! Yes you can find a recipe for pretty much anything and everything online, so why spend the money, right? Because there is SO much organized between the covers of this book and it's nice to actually have it all right there in your hands in one place.
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on July 15, 2014
Paleo By Season is not for those who don’t cook or don’t like to cook, but it’s for every cook out there with a will to experiment and get better and try new culinary adventures. Each recipe is rated for difficulty and a lot are easy to pretty easy.

In the mainstream, paleo is known as the caveman diet, and this image brings to mind a lot of meat. However, paleo is all about nutrient density and I’ve been eating more vegetables now than ever before in my life. In Paleo By Season, there are a lot, and I mean a lot, of vegetable recipes. I was delighted by the Bacon & Shave Brussel Sprouts Salad and the Sweet Potato Hash. I can’t wait to try the Shaved Asparagus and beet Salad and the Carrot Lemongrass Soup.

Meat is one of the reason I bought the book sight unseen. Pete’s Paleo is known for its bacon after all! The book was in the house a mere week and already I had tried the Pork Belly and the Brined and Pan-Seared Pork Chops. I also tried the Thai Ginger Pork Sausage and my husband liked them so much, he wants me to make them into a hamburger patty next time.

I will have fun in the coming weeks with Paleo By Season, as waves of local vegetables are coming out. For the first time, we bought a half hog and a half cow so we have several cuts of meat just waiting to be grilled, seared, brined, braised or sautéed. I just can’t wait!
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on November 28, 2014
Being an avid cook, this book inspired me to become better and to understand the seasonal component to cooking, cooking paleo too. However, it really doesn't offer cooking techniques, much of the book is still just "recipes". There are some useful techniques for hitting the farmer's market, or the CSA box, which I found helpful. I'd recommend this book to someone that already has a grasp of cooking techniques and is looking to branch out of the "I need a shopping list" and just get fresh ingredients and make something amazing. Will inspire and educate, but not for the first time paleo person.
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on July 9, 2014
I was so excited when I got this cookbook! I am not 100% paleo, but appreciate the thought behind it and try to make healthy, delicious food for my family. There are so many amazing recipes in this book. They are all explained extremely well and are even labeled with degree of difficulty. I am excited to make all the sides-as they all look delicious and extremely manageable. On a side note, the photography is absolutely incredible. I actually have it displayed on my coffee table. It inspires you to make clean dishes that will make everyone happy!
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on June 10, 2015
Let me be forthcoming and say that I've made only a single "recipe" from this cookbook (if you can call it that given that it was a salad recipe) because after looking through it several times and feeling completely uninspired I've decided to return it. I was a foodie and aspiring home cook long before I was paleo so I was so excited when I discovered this cookbook, which I had hoped would bring both worlds together and give me some new ideas for dishes that would take advantage of the local produce with which I cook almost exclusively. Unfortunately what I got was yet another paleo cookbook full of recipes that often were so simple you could barely consider them recipes or recipes that barely made use of seasonal produce.

On the "too simple" side: the roasted spaghetti squash for instance, or a basic marinara sauce, "braised" onions, etc. Oh, and let's not forget the strip steak recipe, which is literally to season your steak and cook it. On the "not really seasonal" side there are 3 braised meat dishes that make use of absolutely nothing seasonal, but rather only dry spices although in some cases they are least used in other dishes that do utilize seasonal produce. Then there's the beer butt chicken. I guess it's worthy of being included in a paleo cookbook because he uses cans of hard cider instead of beer? There's also too much repetition for my taste. There are 4, count them 4 burger recipes, and 2 meatball recipes to boot. How many recipes for ground meat shaped into ball or patty form does one need?

Not to be completely negative, the photos in the cookbook are quite beautiful and there's a lovely photo index at the back of the book. There also were some recipes that appealed - the carrot pistou, the shaved asparagus & beet salad, and the grilled eggplant & cantaloupe to name a few - but there simply aren't enough of them to allow this cookbook to take up precious space on my shelves. I suspect that for folks who are more well versed in eating paleo than they are in seasonal cooking then this cookbook may be a nice option. But for someone who is already fairly adept in the kitchen and who has been sourcing food locally/seasonally for some time, I'm not sure this will give you the bang for your buck. For the latter, I'd say your better off picking up an Alice Waters cookbook or even my favorite seasonal cookbook, Andrea Reusing's Cooking in the Moment (, which has plenty of recipes that are already paleo or easily adaptable by changing the type of cooking fat or switching from soy sauce to coconut aminos for example.
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on July 10, 2014
This book is BEAUTIFULLY done. I'm pretty weak in the kitchen, but the author holds your hand through the process and makes even intimidating recipes look do-able! The fact that this book focuses on food quality and sustainability while acting as a kitchen 101 course makes it like no other cookbook out there. I can't wait to showcase some of these recipes at my next dinner party.
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on October 18, 2015
Paleo by Season is full of tips and tricks by a trained chef. It is set up differently than most cookbooks I've seen. It starts off with an intro and the author's story plus some info on essential kitchen tools. However, he also includes how to sharpen your knife, how to butcher a chicken (2 ways) and how to fillet a fish. Then the recipes are split up by seasons rather than categories. He starts with spring then summer then fall then winter. For each season he includes a map showing what is in season in different locations in the US.

There is a chapter on condiments and a guide to mushrooms, a graphic on the different cuts of meat for beef and pork, plus roasting times for various vegetables. Lastly, there is a focus on CSAs and he includes a chapter on recipes centered around a sample CSA box. He also provides links to CSAs around the country.

He indicates the level of difficulty of a recipe by 1-4 dots, 4 being the hardest. Many of the recipes seem simple enough since he really focuses on letting the ingredients shine, especially bc they are in season and at their peak in taste and quality.

My only complaint is that in the kindle version there are many font issues. It's hard to tell when a chapter begins and ends bc some chapter names aren't bolded or highlighted in any way. It might just be me, but that kind of thing really bothers me.

Overall though, I learned a lot and feel more confident in the kitchen.
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on October 24, 2014
I'm not joking, this book is fantastic. You can really tell that it has been written by a chef and not a home cook. As most Paleo cook books have really been produced by bloggers and fitness gurus (nothing wrong with that), they often lack the little extras that make it a truly fun culinary skill again. This book teaches you how to butcher chicken and fish, how to efficiently run your kitchen, what tools are best and how to maintain them and how to everything from the basics like stocks to complex chef dishes that will impress. To top it off, I was especially impressed by the list of ethical farms at the end of the book for every State in the USA. Sadly, I'm in Australia, but anyone in the USA could benefit from this greatly. Thank you Pete for your sharing your passion with us.
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