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on October 5, 2012
My experience with this Palm Pixi has been rather positive after a year now. Viewing its features and its failures through the lense of its very low price, I give it five stars. If it cost 10 times as much as many smart phones do, my affection would be more limited. It is not without problems, but they are manageable. I feel I got more than I paid for. I like how small it is, and it's easy to hold; I've never dropped it. It looks good. Feels well made too.

The WiFi feature works well for me, since both my home and workplace have WiFi. Thus I rarely need to use over-the-air data. Getting email on the Pixi is therefore convenient almost anytime for essentially free.

The telephone app works well enough when I don't accidentally dial a number when simply attempting to view those calls I've missed. No one complains about the audio quality they hear, nor would I. With monthly service plans of as low as 2.50/mo. or 12.00/mo. at Kitty Wireless/Page Plus, this smart phone is even more affordable. Incredibly affordable for as low as $30/year! I imagine this phone would serve well for limited purposes for kids who didn't text very much.

Watching YouTube videos on the Pixi is very easy. The Pixi's little speaker inside is loud enough to be clearly heard. Thus the Pixi is even useful for playing music with apps such as Pandora or "Slacker Radio" or "TuneIn by Radio Time" or "Internet Radio." The Pixi earphones are also pleasant sounding even if not very comfortable; maybe you need bigger earlobes?

I like the GPS apps too such as Mapping Tool (Pro) which allows saving aerial photo base maps to the Pixi's memory and from then on not needing WiFi or over-the-air access to locate the position and drawing a track during travels. These other apps are fine too: BFG Maps, Trip Advisor and "Where's My Car." On the other hand I hate the HP Maps/Bing app that requires downloading and reinstallation every time; what was HP thinking when it dumped this poor excuse for a map app on us? Well, even Apple's iPhone 5 has a bad gps mapping problem. Fortunately we have other partial choices if we don't want to download the native mapping app that HP switched us to. For most travels, I still use my Tom Tom GPS.

My only problem with Angry Birds Lite is that it is somewhat addicting. But there are times a few minutes with it are delightful.

I've had to replace two Touchstone-adapter backs due to delamination problems that are annoying and can't easily be remedied by any glue I tried. But that's a small price to pay since replacement back covers are affordable. The Touchstone wireless chargers are very cool, instant and easy to use. I bought more than one so they're convenient and I never run out of power each day.

Yes, the Pixi is slow. And it needs to be turned off and back on every few days to prevent it from complaining that there are too many apps open at once, even when only one is open. That's easy enough to do though. And the keyboard is a delight for something so small. So, one year later and I'm still happy with this phone.
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on March 22, 2012
Bought this phone as part of our plan to escape the EVIL CLUTCHES of Sprint. Got two nice smartphones without contract and set them up on pageplus (which runs on the verizon system and gets service anywhere they do).

The Pixi plus is just a great little phone with an easy operating system. It came new in a sealed verizon box from unlockedcellphonekings. Great to deal with them also. This is a great little smart phone that allows you to toggle data on and off without any crazy searching through menus.That's a plus becuase we wanted one that my wife would have access to the internet in emergencies for directions etc, but not have to use data all the time.

We set the pixi plus up on the $12 a month (250 minutes/250 texts and 10megs of data) plan on page plus. Overages are only 20 cents a meg..so this phone was perfect and 100X better than a dumb phone. Nice touch screen and full qwerty.

So with this an the omnia II I bought for myself (29.99 plan 1200 minutes/3000 texts and 100 megs of data which I can toggle on and off with the nodata application) we have cut our cell bills from $149 to $42 a month!!!!....with full verizon service and no contract!!!!

This is an awesome pageplus/verizon phone and was really PERFECT for what we needed. FRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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on February 14, 2014
If you are having trouble getting the App Catalog to install don't give up! It took me at least 1 day and many attempts but I did get it download and install. Go through the date change steps outlined in other reviews and with persistence I'm confident it will eventually work for you. You may have to go back and forth on the date a few times. Also try July 19 instead of July 1, 2013. Since I've been able to update the app catalog I've downloaded several apps with no problem.

For the price this phone is a bargain. Combined with the Tracfone BYOP program it's beyond worth it. A smart phone for less than $10 a month?

Since I've never owned a true smartphone, Samsung or iPhone, the Pixi is an upgrade from my Samsung 390 no doubt, so I will not have complaints about apps or the app store selection. To me they are great.

*Easily connected to my gmail account.
*I added my contacts from my previous Samsung by emailing them to the Pixi.
*The wifi set up was seamless and works great both at my office and at home. Since I am on Tracfone this is great as I don't use any minutes for internet connections while using wifi.
*Battery life seems marginal. I've been doing lots of changing, adding, setting up and it has drained fast. Not sure how it will respond with just texting/calling.
*Call quality is acceptable but I'm not a fan of talking on any cell phone, I think they are all bad. :D
*The bluetooth is only for connecting to an audio device, it's not for connecting another device for exchanging data, etc.
*The camera is awful. Do not buy this if you want quality pictures from a phone.
*Still waiting and hoping the google maps update will work, so far I'm just getting the exclamation point.
*You cannot run a lot of apps at once.

I've only been using the phone for a couple of days and this is just my initial reaction. I mostly wanted to tell anyone who has not been able to get the app certificate to update to be patient and keep trying.

Edited to add: Maps did update in less than 24 hrs. They are Bing maps, not google. So far I am 100% for apps updating even if they do it immediately.
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on October 18, 2012
Recently I lost my iPhone. I went to the Verizon store and was told it would cost me well over $500 for a replacement iPhone since I had not bought insurance nor was I eligible for an upgrade yet (just another 3 1/2 months to go). Even the other "cheaper" brand models of smart phones cost several hundred without the discount of being a new subscriber or being eligible for a phone upgrade by having fulfilled 20 months of my obligated 2 year contract. What to do? Welcome to the Palm Pixi (or as I like to call it the Poor Mans iPhone).

The Palm Pixel only costs about $40 brand new! That being said I had very low expectations for this thing, after all I really only need this thing to get me through the next 3 months until I am eligible for a new phone through Verizon again. Sometimes I get a little annoyed that the touch screen isn't super responsive, that the operating system can seem a bit sluggish, that the camera is only 2 megapixels, or that apps periodically crash, and then I remind myself that this thing ONLY COST $40! The fact that this thing can do anything more than make phone calls ought to blow your mind away! I also love that it has an 8gb hard drive to hold my music and I can use it as an mp3 player when I commute to/from work. Heck, just a couple years ago an 8gb touch screen iPod cost over 6 times the amount of this and it still couldn't do nearly as much.

On a side note involving Phone insurance, DO NOT GET IT! I say this as someone who lost his phone and could have benefited from having it. Phone insurance through Verizon costs about $7/mo. Over the course of a 2 year contract that will cost you about $168 whether you lose your phone or not. If you do happen to lose your phone it will cost you an additional $100 deposit (basically you are paying upwards of $300 for a "Free" replacement phone). With the extremely low prices of cheaper model smart phones like this Palm Pixi you are much better off to forgo their insurance route and if worse comes to worse you pick up one of these cheapo models to hold you over until your contract expires/ you are eligible for an upgrade.
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VINE VOICEon October 2, 2011
I am writing this review just after purchasing my second palm pixi (for my daughter) and am thinking quite seriously about a 3rd & 4th. It is a terrific phone for what I paid: $36 from the OEM shop (notated as there are several different marketplace sellers). My experience was very good, phone arrived fast, and new (other reviewers commented on having trouble activating used phones). The package included a wall charger and usb charger.

I'd like to thank many reviewers who pointed to pageplus! what a fantastic deal, and very nice people too. Regards activation, it took a bit more time as the msin # was not on the box and had to be retrieved from inside the phone, under the battery (not a huge issue, just took a bit of extra time). I will also note that the 12 cents left after activation is *before you put any money in*. After activation I had just over 100 minutes, ample time to check the phone/ service/ coverage; all very good.

Back to the phone itself: as one with many (too many) cell phones... mostly from bad experience; poor service/ coverage etc I would compare this favorably to every other phone I have bought in this price range (e.g. the lg620g LG 620G Prepaid Phone (Net10) which is an adequate phone, but nowhere near as nice or fully featured as this phone. I would also compare it favorably to the motorola razor (not a very smart or solid phone) as well as several basic Nokias. The pixi is an early smart phone (as in pre-android). It has PDA features (contacts, task list) implemented as cards (basically ap icons) an MP3 & video player, which unlike on some other phones/ services, you can add your own music to my dragging & dropping. It also has a button to connect to Amazon's MP3 store. The phone has "synchrony" to connect to google, MS outlook and palm's website, which brings me to one important feature I *really dislike* : Your info will be stored on Palm's server. I personally hate the intrusion on privacy and am hoping for legislation to contain it. But, this is something you should know. It will limit how I use my phone! There are friends who also value their privacy... I can not will not put them in my contact list, so that cripples the phone somewhat for me. I also will not use an organizer function which posts my appointments to any web site. I am a psychologist, (there are real ethical issues here). I am hoping this is not a trend. If it is, I will be buying up last gen phones rather than succumb to the intrusion.
The phone also has a web browser (verizon's implementation) email connects, as well as popular social networking sites.

My complaints with this phone are few and mostly related to Verizon; the documentation is minimal at best (e.g. to transfer music, drag & drop... it does not say where. I put different songs in the phone window, and created a music folder within it, both were picked up by the MP3 player). I have not yet figured out if I can create ringtones on it, but know, at least that I can import them (some phones block this, forcing you to buy from the service). The user guide has more information on how to use gestures, unique to this platform, than other aps. or even the physical phone (when I needed to remove the battery to activate, there was no info on how to open the phone...) It was fairly simple, and info available out on the web, but why was it not included in the user manual? It seems the manuals (3 included) are more about disclainmers & safety warnings (don't listen to your music too loud, throw your battery in a fire: good one, submerge in water... so it is a process of discovery, finding out what all of the features are. It is not a complicated phone to figure out or use, but reasonable documentation is nice. Some of us *do* read the manual ;)

In brief: This is a great phone for what it is currently selling for. You can use it as a prepaid phone on cdma networks. It is a smart (not android) phone with PDA functions, a browser, MP3 and video player, a camera (which I forgot to mention earlier) which also shoots video (not very high quality, but then none of them are) and some features which can make set up etc easier for some as it uses synchronicity to pull down your contacts, to do lists... from other sites (if you give it permission). It also has aps and google maps on board (you have to enable google snoop to use them).

cons:Poor documantation/ user manuals, no memory expansion (but a good amount on board), have to agree to Palm's terms of use which will pick up information you enter. (Note: other "features" require giving permission to various services, but those can be denied, Palm's can not). I personally do not like being tracked or having my personal info distributed, sold... and will always opt-out. Fortunately most of these decisions are put in your hands (so you can opt to use google maps if you permit google, e.g. I have several of these features turned off or crippled on my phone, but still think it is a terrific phone for what it costs; best I have found so far.
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on October 15, 2011
I'm so impressed with this little phone! I've never owned a smart phone, and so I can't compare it to any others.
A couple of months ago, I lost my LG chocolate that I got for free when I renewed my Verizon contract, which expires in 12/11. I considered renewing my contract for another 2 years, but the options were very different from 2 yrs ago when I last renewed my contract. Then, you could get most any state-of-the-art phones for free with a contract renewal. Now, there are only 1-2 free non-smart phone options for free with a contract, and the state-of-the-art smart phones cost hundreds of dollars WITH A 2 YEAR CONTRACT RENEWAL. Without a contract, non-smart phones start at over $200, and smart phones can be over $700. I was in sticker shock. After just losing a phone that I really liked (perhaps stolen?) I worried about having an expensive phone, having it be vulnerable to theft, and trying to replace it again with the prices ever increasing.

And so...I was delighted and incredulous when I saw the Palm Pixie for sale at $39. With a price like that, I felt there wasn't that much to lose to give it a try. I was also drawn by the fact that it is a no contract phone, as I don't get cell coverage where I live, and figured getting a prepaid plan when my contract runs out would save money (.95/day for days you use the phone + .05 per minute).

I have been blown away by the phone's capabilities. The sound is clearer than my old phone, the tiny QWERTY keyboard and the touch screen take some getting used to for an older technology user like myself, but are very useable once you get used to them. I love the smart phone screens, and actually enjoy their ease of use. I've never had a smart phone before, so I don't know how it compares to others, but I love it!

I feel like I wasn't clever enough to talk Verizon out of forcing me to have a data plan ($30/mo) with this phone. I can see many other people have had luck with this, and I'd love to get some pointers. In the meantime, I'm really enjoying the Internet connection, and listen to music frequently. The little speakers are okay, and it has a standard earphone plug (I used one I got on an airplane).

I plan to go "no contract" when my contract expires, and save $$$. Fees and prices of cell phones continue to rise, and more elaborate and expensive services get added all the time. I'm grateful to Palm for offering a product with such amazing value. I notice that the cost of it has increased from $39 to $44 just in the month since I bought it, so if you're considering buying one, do so soon. I'm buying a "back up" in case mine ever gets lost.
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on November 8, 2012
I have had a iPhone 4, Blackberry Pearl & Bold, Windows 6.5 device, 2 Android devices (one Samsung one Motorola) & have had plenty of time to fool around with Windows 7 phones.
& I have to tell you WebOs is the best operating system out there. It's such a shame is was ended.

The only way the other OS systems beat this phone (not including Blackberry) is
1) Apps
2) 3rd party accessories
3) Media ( Camera & Video )

If those 3 things are not high ranking on your hunt for smart phone, any webOS device is the phone for you.
1st off, it's under $50 dollar so even if your iphone or android phone breaks, it's good to have a substitute while you wait for a new one.

Because the Apps aren't there, its easy to say it cant do as much as the other top OS *NOT TRUE*

For only $.99 You can put preware on your WebOS device. Essentially this is hacking your phone. There us almost now danger in bricking your phone. And if by some fluke you do, there are easy ways to get your device running back to normal.
But by hacking my phone, I made it's signature of that of an iphone, so when ever I go to a site it will bring up special options only for an iphone.

I was even able to get Google Maps on my device.

The OS system is a real underrated gem and everyone should try it out. If you email a lot this phone is great for you. The keypad is awesome and makes it easy to blast out long text or emails.
The OS string point is multitasking. You can have several apps running in the background and easily switch them with a flick of your finger literally.

If you hate it... $50 out of your pocket. oh well... But you need to try it.
I'm writing this review after a year of owning it. I have had no problems.
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VINE VOICEon October 7, 2011
is easy to work with to boot. I had trouble at 1st because I didn't have my pin number from Verizon and Page Plus is hard to reach at night, but I called them at 9am Central and the wait time was a few minutes. In fact, I called them back two other times before ten on the same day and total wait time with 3 calls may have been ten minutes! My two new phones at $36 each were ported from Verizon within an hour.
The phone is great for the money, the PagePlus plan cut my bill in half from Verizon and I have a smart phone that connects to my WiFi and that is all I need. Remember, though, that you need to click the green phone dialer and then tap the verizon wireless icon on the top left of the screen, tap preferences, and then scroll down and turn data completely off-unless you want to use the 3G Data.
I don't need 3 or 4G, especially for those ridiculous prices. Kitty Wireless has a very easy to follow set of instructions for setting up the palm pixi on their site too, but I chose PP cellular for the free port.

So far so good! I will update this review as I use the phone more and also update how PagePlus Cellular coverage is working out. One tip to add to other great tips given on this product site would be to make sure when you add minutes through the toll free number for PagePlus or if you call customer service that you turn your phone off first or the minutes won't load. Also, go ahead and call the company you are currently with if you are porting a number and get your pin.

Love the phone!
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on November 21, 2011
The phone is conveniently small, touch screen, WiFi, Hotspot,web browser, webOS, bluetooth, tons of apps and other downloadable content including updates, headphone port, volume buttons, speakerphone mode, good reception, 8GB, MP3 player,USB charger that can be charged on CPU or the wall outlet, video player and picture viewer. You can drag & drop music , video and photo files to the device. (yes, any song or mp3 file that you add to the ringtones folder can be used as a ringtone) and let's not forget the great camera. The camera is wonderful and even has a flash bulb above the lens. Video quality is excellent, and the picture quality is nice too. It doesn't feel like it's made of cheap material at all and it has a full QWERTY keyboard just below the screen and the gesture pad. The speakers are great, and they are almost as loud as laptop speakers. Basically, it has about all of the features that you can ask for and there's too many to list here. To make a long explanation simple, it's a mini-computer. Wonderful upgrade from my last phone but............

The activation process was a nightmare. The Page Plus customer services reps were rude, semi-hostile and unable to spell my billing address or able to interpret what I was saying. And yes, they spoke English and so did I. It's ridiculous how many times I had to repeat myself, and slowly read out serial numbers, phone numbers, credit card numbers and addresses. Last I checked, customer service reps were not supposed to address customers with bad attitudes. I had to call them like three times after doing like 100 other things to figure out how to complete the aggravating activation phase. Anyway, I guess you can't win both. A great phone with great service is just too much to ask I guess. The price is out of this world for a device like this, but I guess bad service is a part of that price.


After two months of using this product and service, I can say that the phone is great but the service is garbage. I hate Page Plus. Every time I want to add text or talk time, there's some kind of issue that requires me to contact them by phone to resolve. I'm honestly thinking about going back to my crappy old flip phone, or seeing if Verizon will offer a prepay service for this phone. Everything was clear and crisp with Verizon prepay service, because you would get exactly what you pay for. This is not the case with Page Plus service. They are very questionable, and you never know what to expect when you pay for their service. I'm tired of these issues. They will not let your additional minutes or text time roll over after expiration, they will not let you add on to your current plan and to have to deal with them so frequently is just unneeded stress. One way or another, I will go back to Verizon even if I do have to pay extra for the data plan. At least I'll know what I'm getting for my money with Verizon. Page Plus is a nightmare, and if you don't believe me just look at what other disappointed customers had to say about them. I should have done the research before I trusted them.
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on March 23, 2011
I picked this up off contract as I've never had a smartphone and wasn't ready to plunge for an Android device. I find that the physical aspects of the Pixi are outstanding. I absolutely love the rubbery feel to the back of the device. It is also very small... but for some I can see as a negative. For me, it is great. It slides EASILY into my pocket and I can forget it's there. This means that the screen is also very small. The touch is very responsive and while the keyboard is also very small, they are exceptionally easy to type on.
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