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on December 13, 2006
I owned a Treo 180, but after many years of service and a lot of duct tapings, solderings and super-gluings, the Treo 180 was due for retirement. I'd been planning on replacing it for a while, but since Palm seems to crank out a new smartphone every three seconds, I was having trouble deciding on which model to buy. I wanted to get a 700p but since there were no CDMA networks available in my country, I settled on a 650. The Treo series of PDA phones are no joke, they have always been top-of-the-line products. The 650 is no exception. It's an excellent PDA and an excellent phone with few flaws.

Since I could write a book on why this product is so great, I'll just list its few flaws:

- The headset port is on the bottom of the PDA...the worst place for it to be.

- Instead of a dedicated power button, the 4th hard button is now the power button. WHY!?!?!

- Palm has been promising WiFi drivers for this PDA since it's launch, none have been delivered so far. Don't tell me about the finnicky, overpriced Enfora WiFi sled...

- The Media program's viewing abilities are very basic. Three levels of zoom, pics come out looking badly pixelated when resized, videos taken in low-res mode are shown in a TINY box. A different photo viewing app might be a better choice. TCPMP is a better app for video playback.

- The button layout sucks for gaming. You'll end up accidentally hitting the Home and Menu keys often.

- More built-in memory would be nice. It's not bad now, the NVRAM system gives you 22MB of user-accessible memory, and the Treo has 10MB of dedicated RAM where programs are loaded to and run. And this PDA is QUICK. I'm a very impatient person, and I've never been irritated by having to wait for something on this PDA yet.

- The screen and keyboard backlights cannot be independently controlled without extra software (such as keyshades or KBlightsoff). The keyboard backlight is rarely needed, it would seem to be only common sense to include such an option. When switched off it saves a HUGE amount of power.

- The camera's picture quality isn't great, but it's on par with most high-end cell phones. BTW, the Sephia effect is great for taking pictures in the dark.

- The LED is pointed directly into the user's left retina like a frickin' laser beam. There is freeware available to turn it off if the irritation is too great.

- Doesn't come with a spare stylus. Every device that uses a stylus should come with a spare stylus. No matter how careful you are, it could slip out of your fingers and into a storm drain.

- In a few instances some functionality (mostly keyboard shortcuts) has been sacrificed for user-friendliness. An annoyance to power users like me.

- The biggest annoyance...on the Treo 180, if you held one key on the keyboard and pressed another, the characters would come out in sequence. This allowed the user to type more quickly by rolling the thumb from one key to another. Try this on the 650 and only the first character comes out. This makes the keyboard a bit more user-friendly to newbies but it can hamper the typing speed of thumb keyboard veterans such as myself. Not a big issue, just an annoying limitation.

Well there you have it, a full list of what's wrong with the Treo 650, an otherwise outstanding device. IMO, all those problems put together don't justify giving this product less than five stars. I have no reliability problems (I have the latest firmware) and like I said, it's QUICK. Dissing this device is like dissing a supercar because it's hard to get into and the boot is too small, and I would recommend the same solution - look at an entirely different product. So, if you want a simple, fashionable phone just for everyday communication, move along smartly. If you want a no-nonsense feature-packed lightning-fast PDA phone, make sure you consider a Treo.

I highly recommend the following accessories: JAVOscreen Treo 650 screen protector, Sandisk Ultra 2 SD-USB card, 2.5mm-3.5mm Headphone Adapter. You might also want to look at a pen/stylus combo and bluetooth headset.
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on September 9, 2005
OK, amazon invite me to write my review of my purchase, the Treo 650 PDA Phone (Unlocked).

hum... I would have a lot to write, but i'll try to be precise!

The Treo 650 it's a phone and a PDA, so:

PDA: I actually prefer The Windows Mobile PDA (Pocket PC), but this Palm OS would survive! If you want to purchase this phone, i would recomend you to wait for the Motorola Q with Windows Mobile.. it looks prety cool. Or the new Palm Treo 670 with Windows Mobile (Pocket PC) as a Operating System (isn't it ironic? it's like Apple realese a computer with Windows!!!)

Phone: well, it's cool.
Display: Great resolution!
Camera: not as good as a real camera, but better than a lot of phone with integrated camera!
Size: it's big for a Phone, but it's really small for a PDA Phone. Much smaller than my old Dell Axim X5.
Multitasking: No multitasking, just one app at a time :-(
Battery life: great, really great! it last many many days, even using the phone!

The thing I don't like about the Treo, is that it comes with a lot of gaps on it's function, like poor sound (fixeable by VolumCare Software), The System Crashes continually, but it recover by it self, so there's no problem either. lack of programs for audio, video, games, etc, etc... there are not too many programs for Palm, as for Windows Mobile.

ok, I couldn't be precise. sorry! any question, you can also mail me, at [...]

see you!
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on October 19, 2005
The treo650 could have been an almost perfect device (just add wifi to it, and possibly change the keyboard). However, there are numerous drawbacks to it that all buyers should be aware:

a) The phone sometimes turns itself off w/o telling you (havent been able to figure out the cause).

b) Alot of people have issues with the sim cards becoming damaged or not connecting properly resulting in calls that drop.

c) The bluetooth sound quality is pretty bad

d) The new flash memory format used in the 650 results in many apps either breaking, crashing the phone, or subtle bugs.

Palm seems to be aware of all these problems and have substantially redesigned its new pda models (the TX solves most of the software and memory issues). At the moment, I've decided to just use a blue tooth phone with the TX rather than an integrated device.
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on January 6, 2007
I bought a Treo 650 completely unlocked because I live outside US, first it was good, everything worked fine UNTIL I started using the phone for the first time. It's really painly to use, because keys are very tiny and it's very easy to press what you don't want, besides that, even when I was using anti-scratch films on the screen, it always was dirty because when you use the phone against your head to speak it gets dirty with marks of your ear.

But as this wasn't completely painfull, the phone got locked once a week at least, sometimes I tried to make a call and it just didn't dialed until you turned it off and on again, like a soft reset, sometimes I was using an application and it just turned off and on again without hesitate or asking, I really NOT recommend buying this equipment nor Amazon or any other online or physical store.
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on February 6, 2007
This was a replacement from Amazon for the original order a month before this. The first unit started giving voice trouble due to fault in the ear-phone jack. Continous use of corded ear-phone confuses the hardware even when the ear-phone cable is removed and then you cannot hear anything or the party at the other end hear you. Once you have this problem, the handset will only work with the corded earphone. Did some research on the web of Treo users and found it as a common problem.

Moved to a bluetooth headset with the new instrument. Working well so far. The phone overall is good; but this hardware problem on a new phone is not acceptable and worthy of a brand like Palm.

Amazon Service was great; the replacement was smooth; and customer service and user experience was what I tell my friends "Amazing Amazon".
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on June 23, 2006
At first I was pleased with the capabilities of the device; phone, a real Palm, upgraded screen. Time has tempered my opinion. Buggy, poor audio quality, slow browser, tricky to upgrade especially if you're Macintosh-based and an OS that has not substantively changed in years. A great (and costly) disappointment.

UPDATE: After 18 months, the speaker quality steadily deteriorated and my outgoing conversations became inaudible. The connection for the charger no longer functioned reliably and the batteries had to be charged in the base unit (had several friends who experienced similar breakdowns). Now only works as a Palm Pilot, and a heavy one at that. Would have to reduce the rating to a 1/2 star if I could. A truly inferior product. Stay away from the Treo! Would think twice about the 700.
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on March 19, 2007
This is my first PalmOne phone and I really love it. It gives me everything I need in one phone. I got the phone so I can have all my contacts in one place, and so far it works well.

Great features:

* Easy Keyboard

* Buttons are at your access via short cuts

* Camera is great and so is the video

* It has Bluetooth technology

* Internet access (Paying through your phone provider)

* VersaMail - download your emails to your phone

* Overall to me it was easy to get use to

I would buy a Palm phone again. I love to have everything all in one phone.
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on July 28, 2008
This phone was supposed to be new but when I received it, the box was heavily damaged, it did not include the software the literature said it was supposed to, or an instruction manual. It was also dinged up and either shut off for no reason, or rebooted for no reason. Also, if you buy it, make sure you print your receipt from your email because I did not receive a receipt in the shipment either.

I have just contacted the seller on how to return this and I will update my review to include that information once I receive it.
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on August 23, 2007
I received the product in a timely manner. Started using it without a problem. Slipped in my SIM card and bingo! Got all my data from my old Palm from the laptop backup, no problem. Shortly after, I noticed that several keys weren't working. Particularly annoying was the right upper case and Return key, as well as the m and o keys.

Sent the product back, was promptly refunded and ordered a new one. We'll see!
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on October 11, 2005
Got my unlocked GSM Treo 650 about 3 weeks ago and have been using it since. Although it's a little bigger than my old Nokia, I really like having all my contacts at my finger-tips.

I haven't had any real problems with the unit: it does reset itself once every few days, but I have a lot of 3rd party apps on it.

For the most part the unit is fast, efficient and the interface is well thought out!
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