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on January 4, 2016
These diapers work great. At nighttime, make sure to fasten the tapes as high as possible across the front of the diaper. There is a lot of absorbent material in the front of the diaper. If you fasten the tapes to low, the top of the diaper tends to roll over exposing some of the absorbent material and your baby's clothes will get wet if they pee a lot at night. This is not an issue for us during the day because we change the diapers often enough that it does not get as saturated.
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VINE VOICEon September 25, 2010
The material in these Pampers are supposed to make them thinner but more absorbent. It seems to good to be true, and I think it is. The diapers are indeed thinner and more flexible than the older Pampers and other brands. They are less bulky on baby, which is nice aesthetically and probably comfort-wise for baby. But I have not been impressed by these diapers' absorbency or leak prevention. Since I started using these, my baby has woken up from naps with pee leaks on her tummy (she sleeps on her stomach). This did not used to happen. With these diapers, I have to be sure to change them very frequently or she will have a leak. Not that I advocate leaving wet diapers on babies for long periods of time, but these diapers just don't seem to cut you any slack on forgetting to watch the clock. I wouldn't dare use these overnight, I'm sure my daughter would be swimming in pee in the morning if I did. I use the Huggies Overnights for bedtime and they keep it all in for 11 hours at a time.

I've also found that this thinner design just feels flimsy to me. I've felt like the diapers feel wet on the outside much much sooner than they should. And I guess this is a good thing- but it is very hard to tell when there is liquid in them because they don't seem to "change" much when they get wet, like some other diapers. I think I actually prefer a little diaper swelling just so I know by touch that is is time to change.

I guess I don't see that these diapers offer any advantage over other brands, unless you really hate how bulky other diapers are. I, for one, just want my diapers to hold in baby waste effectively, and I feel that these don't do as good of a job of that as others. I'm going to go back to using Huggies.
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on June 9, 2013
We have been on a quest to find decent diapers for the last couple of months. This is our second child, and we did this same song and dance with our first child trying to find a decent diaper, for a decent price. We started with the expensive brands, (Huggies and Pampers) and upon the realization that Luvs was made by P&G and were essentially the same diapers as Pampers, we switched to Luvs. They have been great diapers for 4 years, until recently, which is the reason why we are searching for decent diapers again.

Before I continue let me just explain what I think constitutes a good diaper;
1)Thick and absorbent.
2)Tabs that are easy to use, do not rip off, and stay where you put them.
3)A decent amount of elastic around the legs, not too much, not too little.
4)A no-pill exterior of the diaper (This is somewhat less important, but if you have a kid who scoots around on their booty, it looks kind of gross.)
5)Fun characters. Again this is at the bottom of the list because it really isn't THAT important, but if your kids hates getting their diaper changed you can show them the character and sometimes it works to calm them down during diaper changes. My son falls into this category, he has GI/allergy problems, and absolutely hates getting his diapers changed because we have to do it a lot. Which is also why its important to have GOOD diapers. It gets tiresome cleaning up my son, and the mess from a leaky diaper.

After almost running out of diapers, my husband ran to Target and picked up a package of Baby Dry in size 6. We decided to try Baby Dry because we were subscribed on Amazon, and expecting a shipment in the next few days. I have used one diaper on my son, and I am shocked at the quality! They are thin, cheaply made, and the elastic in the legs that keeps the mess inside the diapers instead of outside the diapers, is pretty much nonexistent. (If you like these, I would strongly suggest you SAVE your money and buy Luvs, they are the same in quality and construction and at a fraction of the cost.) I personally don't like these diapers, and I cancelled my subscription. We've decided to try Pampers Cruisers next.
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on January 6, 2012
Pampers work great on my baby.

I've tried both Huggies and Pampers brand diapers because I wasn't sure which would fit my baby better. My son peed and pooped out of every single Huggies diaper we bought. He is a long and skinny baby (he weighs a lot, just not a lot of baby fat yet) and so we had issues with the Huggies we purchased. I've been using Pampers ever since he was born, and honestly, unless he has an absolutely explosive day, he does not soil out of his diapers. The diapers really draw the moisture away from the baby and into the diaper.

These diapers fit well on skinny babies. If you have issues with these diapers, try Huggies, because those tend to work on babies with a bit more baby fat to them, on their legs and tummy area.
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on April 4, 2017
We like the Huggies Snug and Dry starting with size 3 and above over Pampers because of the elastic band on the back. This is fine when the kids poop standing or while playing, but when they are sitting in the car seat poop can travel up on the back.
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on March 21, 2012
The package contains 246 diapers, so you're getting a great deal right?


I hate this item. I had been putting my daughter in Pampers Swaddlers from day one and love those! We ran out of diapers so my husband and I used our 'backup' diapers which are the Walmart brand. When I got the Baby Dry diapers I was thrilled. I was so thankful to stop using the cheap ones and having to do my daughter's laundry every day because of leaks.

I was sad to discover that these particular diapers are the same as the cheapies. Only I consider it worse that they have the Pampers name on them but are worthless. I'm not even exaggerating here. My daughter is tiny, and she was wearing a diaper for 20 minutes in her carseat and it leaked. When I take off the diapers after she gets up in the morning, they have practically disintegrated. You honestly would be better off with cloth diapers or just continue using the Walmart brand and saving yourself money.

Better yet, don't even stray from the Swaddlers. Not only was my daughter soaked from the diaper leaking through her pajamas, her tiny behind was also soaked because the '12 hours' of protection had failed to pull moisture away from her skin. She got a rash within the first day of wearing these. Very disappointing. I love the Swaddlers, I can rave about those all day if you let me. I had found a lonely Swaddlers hiding in her diaper bag but it was a size too small. "To heck with it; it's still a Swaddler!"

It didn't leak overnight like the Baby Dry did.

All in all, I would recommend if you want to try the product (or any for that matter) try it in small numbers first. I did complain to Pampers and they have agreed to make it right by giving me some coupons to use on my next few purchases. I feel like I was taken seriously and that they really care about their customers' satisfaction. Best of luck to all you reading this!
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on April 22, 2017
Never had issues with pamper diapers. We only use pamper for our son and won't use anything else. Good buy on subscribe and save.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on September 4, 2013
I have been a loyal pampers user, using Pampers Sensitive Swaddlers and now Baby Dry. Out of the 222 diapers in this case I have used 100 and 35 of them have broken open and spilled out balls/gels. I am resistant to try using the rest as they spills are causing a rash on my child. I change my daughter 10 times a day, so this is no an issue of the diaper becoming too heavy. I have a case from Target that I bought to replace and am having no issue. I do not know if these are old, defective or were subjected to extreme heat or some other condition but the case is defective. Upon trying to return it would cost almost $17 to return, so not even worth the effort and risk that I would get another defective case. I did previously have these on Subscribe and Save. I make on estimate 20 purchases a month on Amazon and this is the first time I have ever felt compelled to write a review as I am so disappointed.
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on October 18, 2011
I have 2 aging cocker spaniels whose bladder control isn't as reliable as it used to be. Size 6 fits well. We use these on them during the day if they're alone at home, and at night while sleeping. Keeps them from using the kitchen floor as a bathroom.

*Update 2012:
Still using these and but switched to size 5 as it fits better (and it's also cheaper!). Also works as a make-shift "pee-band" for male dogs- use them on my mini poodle who also has difficulty holding for long stretches.
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on December 21, 2012
I love swaddlers, so after finally getting to the end of the initial stash of pampers from the baby showers etc, I started purchasing them. They cost more than other diapers, but oh well I was hooked.

I got the grand idea in my head that "Oh, baby dry? they must work even BETTER than swaddlers, DRY is right in the name!"

Wrong. In a swaddler my kid could pee 2-3x and no leakage. In the baby dry, I don't know what it is about them, if she got to peeing a second time? Good lord get that thing off of her quick or she's going to leak or please no zues, oprah, or a tiny baby jesus, don't let her poop because it IS coming out the back even if I have her in a size too big without the back rolled down.

I ened up using these as Daycare diapers, because there she got changed ever hour (No worries, I usually check her ever 2 hours max or at the first whiff of poop at home but that wasn't enough for baby dry)

Not ever getting those things again and if they're gifted I am regifting.
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